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Big Boss Scholes
28-03-2011, 23:13
Hey guys, can someone help me out designing a Shooty/anvil list? maybe a few miners for good measure

Cheers J

29-03-2011, 06:25
Anvils are only really worthwhile in big games, they have the potential to die very easily. Shooting is also an easy trap to fall into with Dwarfs by taking too much, the combat troops are one of the best things Dwarfs have going for them.

Big Boss Scholes
29-03-2011, 18:35
Its for a campaign, thats the only reason, i need to to be all guns and the anvil, fluff reasons, gunners defending the anvil

30-03-2011, 07:46
Anvils pretty good at 2000 points - try this:

This was before 8th so you could drop some points and beef up the shooting units by a rank or two and add shields to thunderers!

Runelord: Anvil of Doom, Two Runes of Spell Breaking, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Stone and Rune of Preservation
435 Points
Thane Battle Standard: Rune of Guarding and Strollaz Rune
175 Points
Dwarf Warriors: 20 with Great Axes, Shields and Full Command
245 Points
Dwarf Longbeards: 10 with Shields
Thunderers: 10
Quarrellers: 10
Trollslayers: 10
Miners: 20 with Full Command and Steam Drill
Bolt Thrower with Engineer and Rune of Penetrating
Bolt Thrower with Engineer and Rune of Burning
Grudge Thrower Rune of Accuracy and Rune of Burning
Organ Gun

30-03-2011, 12:25
Drop the Bolt Throwers and take a cannon with the rune of forging and rune of burning.

Then, take the rune of burning off the GT and replace it with 2 runes of penetrating.

With the organ gun, at 2000pts these are all the war machines you'll need.

The Longbeards need to be bigger, and the warriors wouldn't be worse for going up to 30.

10 Trollslayers won't do much. If you want a cheap speed bump, a 50 Dragon Slayer with no kit will do the job for guarding war machines.

I'd prefer to see the BSB with the Master rune of gromril and a rune of resistance, leaving 25 points for another rune.