View Full Version : Warriors of Chaos 3k vs Empire

29-03-2011, 12:50
Friendly game on Friday against a pal with his Empire. I have never tried 3k before so I feel out of my comfort zone. I am used to 2.5k :)

Sorcerer Lord
Disc of Tzeentch
Enchanted Shield
Infernal Puppet
Talisman of Preservation
Third Eye of Tzeentch

Festus in with:
24x Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch
Full Command
Banner of Rage

2 x Hellcannons

1 x Chaos Warshrine

50 Marauders of Khorne
Full Command
Great Weapons
Light armour and shield

5 x Marauder Horsemen of Khorne
Full Command

6 Chaos Ogres of Khorne
Full command
Great Weapons

10 x Chaos Knights of Khorne
Full Command

Any assistance is appreciated.

Many thanks.

Dante blackfur
29-03-2011, 19:27
Looks fine except for the "Friendly Game" part :p