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29-03-2011, 14:51
Hi guys
ok so with myself moving back to Ipswich in the near future for a few months im looking at gettin into Warhammer Fantasy...i started out around 12 years ago when the Mordheim box came out...then realised i wanted Guns, Aliens and Stallone in my games and moved onto 40K...
However now i see this as a perfect opportunity to get into Fantasy as ive always wanted to do so...just enver really tried hard enough
I also will mainly just be working...and at the gymn meraning i should have plenty of time to paint and game etc...
My first port of call will be GW Ipswich when i arrive in ole blighty...but im having a little trouble deciding what army to take...now ive always liked the following
-Empire (average dude fighting for his home)
-Warriors of Chaos (big scary man in cool armour)
-Dark Elves (the Epitome of Elf-kind...sadistic yet still arty)
-Skaven (whats not to like about rats that walk lie men?)

and have the army books for empire and Dark Elves....im leaning towards the elves more and more however...i already have models from each of those armies (40 odd Chaos Warriors, a fair bit of empire infantry, malus some warriors unbuilt and a chariot for Elves and shed loads of night runners for skaven...) so i just want your ideas and thoughts to guide me on my way...

If i were to play DE what would be my first purchase? (but bare in mind im not made of money guys haha)


29-03-2011, 15:19
If you're made of money, you should not go with Dark Elves...
Why not? In my experience Dark Elves take a minimum of core, and a lot of specials (either that or a gunline, but gunlines are booooooring)... and ALL their specials are metal... the 5 models for 15 quid type of models...
If you really want to play them, I'd propose looking for second hand models, I got lucky and got a full army for about 25% of the price GW asks. ^^

Skaven have A LOT of models.. as in, it's a horde army. For me that was a turn off since all those freaking rats look the same...

I'd go for Empire (a nearly all-plastic army) or WoC if I were you.

29-03-2011, 15:43
Start with whatever you prefered to start with in 40k. Personally I like a box of troops so I can start getting a feel for what i want my guys to look like but my friend just goes straight for his general. It boils down to preference really. For dark elves you should decide if you want spearmen or corsairs, it just boils down to how fast you want to fill out your core before you get to the good stuff and those are the DE kits that are plastic. If you go empire though i'd get greatwords. Youre going to want a unit in your army and they look pretty cool too.

Ultimate Life Form
29-03-2011, 15:57
Skaven are really cool but definitely not for small wallets.

29-03-2011, 16:07
Beastmen! failing that Warriors of Chaos. I am in no way biased by my own choice in armies. In all seriousness, WOC are cool, and are pretty forgiving. Also, unless your going marauder spam, they are pretty cheap to build. Battalion a good deal for once.

29-03-2011, 16:23
Yeah ive looked at all the Battalions and the only two that strike me as value for money are the Empire and WOC ones...the DE one just seems to "elite" the same as the entire of their army...im now trying to decide between Empire and WOC....might go for a Marienburg esque army in Empire or a Slaanesh themed Warriors army....cant decide though..as im new to Fantasy which would be a better start?
I have the Empire Army book so i guess they would be...have alot of minis too...well a few heroes and lords, 5 metal Greatswords and some free company.....but for the WOC ive got 42 Warriors (20 with Shields and Hand Weapons, 10 with 2 Hand Weapons and 12 older minis with Halberds), a Chariot, a Spawn, the Crom model (slightly converted so as to not look like Crom and the Khorne Champ...old one on Skull Pile...


29-03-2011, 16:30
Yeah ive looked at all the Battalions and the only two that strike me as value for money are the Empire and WOC ones...the DE one just seems to "elite" the same as the entire of their army...

Try VC, I got 3 battalions for VC and that's just the basics of my army. ^^
Or dwarfs, or beastmen

And the problem with the DE battalion is actually that it's not stuffed with 'elites'.

I'd go with Empire anyway, which I actually already did the other week... :p

29-03-2011, 16:33
Thats a solid base for WOC. Run 20 with shields with mark of Tzeentch, 18 with 2x hw with mark of Khorne, Use Spawn and Chariot to convert Warshrine. Already pretty sorted. Get a Sorceror or 2 and some Marauder Cav, maybe some Chosen and you'll have 2400pts very quickly,

29-03-2011, 16:49
Ok....so im gonna go with Empire...ive read a few tacticas (mainly just ones in WD and on GW site as i cba to look through all the ones on here....) im not looking for a massively competitve army...more something thats fluffy...but still has a chance of winning if played properly....any pointers Sinnertje?


29-03-2011, 17:14
First piece of advice. Don't get tactics from GW. Ever.

30-03-2011, 12:10
Haha yeah ive now kinda gathered that...they dont make any sense to be honest...but what would people on here recomend?


30-03-2011, 12:32
Whatever the Empire specific forums called?