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30-03-2011, 07:44
I have a tournament to go to in 4 weeks and I currently play with the following list which to date has served quite well.

However comments and tactics on this board have given me a few ideas to take the army to a more stable and competitive footing but I would like some feedback before incorporating these ideas:


Dwarf Lord with Shield Bearers; Master Rune of Spite; Rune of Warding; Great Weapon; Rune of Stone

Runesmith with great Weapons; Rune of Spell Breaking; Rune of Stone

Engineer with Great Weapon and Rune of Stone

Rangers (10) with Crossbows and Great Weapons Standard

Warriors (20) Full Command with Great Weapons

Long Beards (30) Full Command with Great Weapons and Rune of battle

Thunderers (10)

Slayers (17) with 2 Giant Slayers

Grudgethrower with Rune of Burning

Cannon with rune of reloading

Organ Gun

Have at it good fellows show no mercy! :evilgrin:

30-03-2011, 12:30
Take the rune of reloading off the cannon and replace it with a rune of forging and one of burning, then put 2 runes of penetrating on the GT, take away the burning and put on a rune of accuracy. Together, these will have a good chance at taking of hydras/abombs in a single phase, or you take the regen away with the cannon, use the thunderers to kill it and then still drop a S5 rock onto an infantry unit.

I'm not really sold by Engineers.

If you can make the combat units bigger, I would. Also, I think another unit of Thunderers would be good. The trollslayers would be where I look to free up some points.

31-03-2011, 04:41
I am not getting why people are so keen on putting the points up so much on their warmachines. I am just not often seeing the same return from them. I guess a lot depends where you play but for me very rarely do they survive the game and while they usually do their points at least they 4 warmachines at 130+ each can easily net your opponent 500ish pints at the end of the game or earlier with scouts and such.

I get the theory just in practice we can't effectively protect war machines so why give away points?

Slayers are not going anywhere! I love them, they may be an albatross but theyre my albatross!

Do you think second unit of thunderers over the rangers?

Food for thought tmarichards appreciate it!

31-03-2011, 08:53
Playtest both the Thunderers and the ranger, see which works better. However, when taking rangers, I like the big units of Longbeard rangers with throwing axes- S5 can come in very nicely indeed.

04-04-2011, 03:28
Okay how about this with all of your feedback: :)

Runelord with 2 Runes of Spell Breaking; Mater Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance; Rune of Preservation

Thane Battle Standard with Master Rune of Spite and a Rune of Cleaving

Warriors (30) with Full Command and Great Axes

Thunderers (10) Shields

Thunderers (10) Shields

Hammerers (30) Command Banner with Rune of Grugni

Grudge Thrower with Engineer; Rune of Accuracy and Penetration

Cannon with Engineer; Rune of Forging and Rune of Burning

Cannon with Engineer; Rune of Forging

Organ Gun