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30-03-2011, 10:03
If you cast The Burning Head or Flame Storm so that they effect a unit that has already been hit by Fireball, do you benefit from the lore attribute and add D3 to your casting total?

The wording seems ambiguous due to the words "cast at" which imply that the spell doesn't have to target the specific unit but merely has to be cast "at" the unit so that's it's effected by it. Clearer wording would have been "cast upon," had the attribute been intended to only work with spells that target specific units. Furthermore, if The Burning Head and Flame Storm do not benefit from the lore attribute, that only leaves two spells which do; this seems underpowered, although not necessarily unintended as GW has a below average track record of balancing things.

Please add more relevant information to this discussion so that we may perhaps reach a consensus regarding GW's "1000 monkeys at a typewriter" writing style.

30-03-2011, 10:37
Unfortunately the FAQ doesn't help with this one. The wording seems similar to Lore of Heavens whose attribute I believe was errata'd as the way it was initially written implied that you could cause hits on fliers by unsuccessfully casting things at them.

I'd say that the intention of the Lore of Fire attribute however is at least a little clearer, and likely intended to give the bonus to The Burning Head and Flame Storm, so long as you declare what you're aiming at, and can reasonably do so (i.e - no aiming at something four feet away to get a bonus against something actually in range).

I'm not sure that cast upon would be any clearer, as that implies that the spell may have to be successful before it would gain the bonus, which of course wouldn't make much sense. Really it should say targeted at, since +D3 to cast is no use to anyone if you actually need to cast the spell before you get the bonus :)

31-03-2011, 07:20
I would say 'yes'. If I cast Fireball at a unit and then cast Burning Head so that it went through that same unit, I would expect the Lore Attribute to kick in and grant me +D3 to my casting total. Same vice versa.

Flame Storm is a little different. If I cast Flame Storm first, then I would grant +D3 to anything hitting a unit that was hit by the Flame Storm (note, this is after the scatter). When casting Flame Storm, I would grant it if the unit I initially place the template over, before scattering, was the victim of a Fire spell earlier. Whether the template stays there or not is irrelavent at that point. At the time of casting, I can only know what I'm targetting, not what is actually hit.