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28-03-2006, 08:30
Hi all, now I finished painting my Blood Angel force I decided to continue with my High elves, I neglected them a bit. The army is meant for fun tournaments and stuff.
The idea of the army is first shoot a lot and then counter attack the remains. I think it'll be quite a match for almost every opponent, but I'll have a hard time against bretonnia, as it is fats, well armoured, blessed and get loads of attacks on the charge and I lack the strength to survive a cavalry charge. But anyway, here is my list, have fun with it tearing apart :)


-lvl 4, jewel of the dusk, seer, ring of fury, dispel scroll
With the banner of sorcery carried by the sword masters this mage will have 8 to 10 power dice every magic phase, along with the ring of fury this single model will be able to do an amazing amount of damage (at least I espect her to)

-Helm of Fortune, sword of battle, Heavy armour, shield
3+ re-rollable save and 4 S4 attacks, will do fine i think. Will join my spearmen

Core Units

19 Spearmen
-FCG, spears, LA, shields

16 Lotheren Seaguard
-FCG, shields, bows, spears, LA

10 Archers
-Longbows, HW

10 Archers
-Longbows, HW

6 Silverhelms
-FCG, warbanner, heavy armour, shields, lances, barded elven steeds.

Special Units

15 swordmasters
-FCG, banner of sorcery, great weapons, heavy armour

6 shadow warriors
-longbows, HW

Rare Units

-2 crew, hw, LA

-2 crew, hw, LA

points: 1999

models in army: 90 (yay, loads of elves!)

28-03-2006, 09:04
I suggest exchanging the Lother Seaguard into ordinary Spearmen. You'll want to be able to react to your enemies movement, setting up your combat units to counterattack once they reach your line, and as such you'll be moving your combat units around a lot. This will limit the uses of the bows the Lothern Seaguards carries and as such they'll be somewhat wasted. Your 20 Archers and 2 RBT's is a lot of ranged attack without these aswell.

You should also considering dropping the champions in your Spearmen/Lothern Seaguards units as the additional S3 attack won't matter much when you're allready dishing out 10-15 of them. For the same reason I also think you should change the equipment for your Commander; An additional attack is not as useful as an extra strength as you'll allready have a large amount of attack but lack any real punch. Give him Sword of Might and Enchanted Shield instead of the Sword of Battle, leaving him with a 2+ re-rollable save and 3 S5 attacks.

You might want to put Musicians in your Archers units so that you can more safely flee from charges with them and expect to rally afterwards.

28-03-2006, 10:50
A second unit of cavalry would indeed be good. I allready have dragon princes and I will surely add them in higher points. The nature of this force is to wait and counter charge, so the silverhelms will be hiding for some turns, until their time comes. Anyway I think all your tips are useful :) and I will be do some more army building I let you guys know the result when I'm done and some more description of how I intend to play with it.

28-03-2006, 17:00
very good use of core units!

28-03-2006, 20:27
One small thing, can you combine helm of fortune and enchanted shield as they are both magical armour? Ans as far as i know you may only have one of each magic item type (1 armour, 1 weapon etc.). I have seen helm of fortune and enchanted shield more then one occasion together, am I wrong or something?

29-03-2006, 09:45
It actually states in the rule book that enchanted shield can be combined with other magical armour.

30-03-2006, 05:08
Yes it does, I allready read it yesterday, I feel retarded for never knowing >.< in all the 4 years I play now.