View Full Version : Suggestions For Plastic Inquistorial Henchmen

31-03-2011, 12:53
OK, I'm interested in creating an inquistorial warband, but I'm trying to limit the number of metal models I use. Simply put, I prefer plastics in every which way. They're lighter, they don't chip as easily, they're easier to convert...

So, I'm trying to think of ways to model each type of inquisitorial henchmen, but by kitbashing existing plastic models components. What's the thoughts?

Wytches for Death Cult Assasins? Possibly with weapon swaps from Imperial kits, using spare components & symbols from Grey Knight kits?

Space Marine Scouts/Imperial Guard as veterans with weapon swaps from Space Marine kits (bolters/plasma.melta etc?)

Space Marine scouts with plastic multimeltas/heavy bolters replacing an arm, possibly using the "bionic" space marine heads as servitors?

Does anyone have any idea of the compatibility of heads between kits - i.e. would Guardsman heads work on Space Marine Scout bodies? Marine heads on Guardmen bodies etc?

Are there any fantasy kits that could be useful in conversion work?

What do you think could work, what doesn't?

31-03-2011, 14:15
Are there any fantasy kits that could be useful in conversion work?

Empire Handgunners' monkey for Jokaero?

31-03-2011, 14:34
Empire Flagellants work pretty well as Psykers, Mystics and Acolytes with a few =I= parts and guns added.

I use Catachan bodies as the base of my plastic Servitors. The bulky muscles look better for them in my mind.