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31-03-2011, 16:51
So been playing around with my Ard Boyz list and am almost down to the final product. Wanted to post it up here so other people could break it down verse there armys. So critque away. Sorry for the spelling its the middle of the day here and Im on auto pilot with out my spellcheck.

Enough of this, get on to the list!!!!


Grimgor Ironhide - Well why not I love him and he loves to bash skulls (Da Ardest Boy der is)

Wurzzag - Great all around Wizzard and an awsome model. Cant wait for those 6s to turn up and more squigs to be made


NG BSB with Charmed shield - Cheap and hidden in behind the lines (with the ever so usful 2+ extra watch out sir)

Gobbo Big Boss with GW - just incase the gobbos get out of the leadership bubble (Grimgor likes to charge)

4 NG Big Bosses with GWs - We all know what there for

Savage Orc Shaman with da Head - well Wurrzag needs that 4+ and 5+ on the savages aint dat bad neder


85 NGs with Spears, Banner, Nets - Awsome unit and a real head ache for most armies (No musicion cus da cant be herd ova da Waaagh! anyways) (Will be 90 with the 5 gobbos bosses and that should work as well as 100)

38 Savage Orc Big Un's with extra Choppas, Standard - took out the big stabba. It will be there for looks but thats it.

20 NGs with Bows, Standard, 3 fanatics - There there for a bunker behind my lines for the BSB. They will Sit a inch or two behind the trolls to throw the fanatics through the trolls for the 6d6 Ouch moment.


39 Black Orcs, Standard with +1 Leadership - WS 5 and Hate everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! LD 10 for the trolls and NGs No Flaming in the army but With all the hatred in this unit it shouldnt matter much in the end + str 7 is always nice.

10 Trolls!! - We all know why


3 Mangaler Squigs - They are awsome Arrow attracters, if put on a week flank will prove difficult for most people to deal with.

So tactics are Place the Bunker behind the trolls, Grimgor Next to the trolls and the other two swap them around where they will do best. Mangalers are either going all on one flank or mixed around based on the opponents setup.

Comments welcome!!!!!!

31-03-2011, 17:00
I think a savage lvl4 would serve you better than the special character and back up. I also like giving them the potion of toughness just in case.

No need for the charm shield on the bsb, all cannons will be pointed at Grimgor.

3 fanatics might be a bit much for a bunker, and you don't want to have to worry about them hitting your elites. I'd take 1 or nothing.

Being ItP and with Grimgor I really don't think the black orcs need +1 ld. Think about changing to flaming banner.

Manglers might be a bit risky for ard boyz. Depending on what you face they could be awesome or useless.

If you cut out the elements I mentioned you could either fill up with dependable chariots or even another block.

31-03-2011, 18:10
Mr. Mal Ive thought of most of that to, The 3 fanatics wernt in the first list but play testing has them working out very nicely. They are a risk.

Ive been Playing around with Different SO lVl4 Builds but ive come to love the 6 spells that Wurrzag brings and his rerolls on Miscasts Im going to play around with it a bit more and make a final decision later.

The Flaming Banner is nice but the Trolls with a re-rollable 10 and the NGs would benifit more with the +1 Leadership. We have all seen that double fail on 9s. As there are no watch towers in the prelims Im not to worried about the re-rolls to wound With all the str5/7 attacks most regening things wont bother me to much and Hatred will make that first turn agenst them a bit better.

Chariots are one thing Ive been playing around with to. My 7th lists would always have them and my last book 8th lists were maxed out with them but Ive found that 3-4 mangalers is somthing very distracting to almost every player Ive faced and will cause amazing damage if left alone.

As always Solid advice from a Great Green Skin general and I will take it into account before Final list decisions

01-04-2011, 00:39
i am bringing wood elves to ard boyz so i lose anyway :( jk;)

01-04-2011, 02:46
I like it, I'll play it against my buddy's woc list and let you know how it goes.

01-04-2011, 20:18
I've never played in an Ard Boyz tourney, but this is my 2 cents given my limited experience playing O&G:

I'd be tempted to get a block of NG archers with a Spider Banner BSB. If you play any armies with big nasties, this unit could take care of them. Otherwise keep them behind your lines for the re-rollable Ld.

I'd be tempted to take Azhag the slaughterer, not sure if he's Ld 9 but he's on a monstrous mount, so his Ld has an 18" range rather than 12". Plus he has access to non-greenskin magic.

I'd probably grab a couple naked Lvl 2 NG shamans for added casting potency.

Grab trolls for a hard-hitting hammer unit, keeping them within the Generals Ld.

Maybe some blocks of black orcs for reliable, non-animosity flankers. Savage Boyz are nasty, but given they're frenzied and light on armor, not sure how durable they are on the table.

NGs should just be there to use their nets.

Doom divers are great for taking out heavily armored targets, and so are chuckas.

02-04-2011, 03:13
Thanks for the 2 cents Slayer, Most of the things you are Sugesting are good solid tactics for O&Gs. Azhag has his uses but being a huge target is one of his largest down falls, in truly play most people will just target him turn 1-2 and no more general.

If you havent tried 100 NG spearmen I sugest you try it. It is very deadly and a wonder to see other generals trying to think up ways to get around/through it.

Not really looking for advice on changing the List, I am playing around with a few things but list has been preforming very well in all test games.

P.S. If you havent checked out Da Warpath you should if your playing with O&Gs