View Full Version : Bloodletter Bonanza! 2k of Khorne Daemons.

28-03-2006, 12:59
So I find myself dusting off my Khorne Daemon army after about a year of not using them. There is a 2000 point tournie coming up soon, and I'd like to try them out again. Only problem is, my army was designed for 2500 point games, and I'm struggling to make a good, competitive 2000 point list.

This is where you guys (hopefully) come in. This is a list of models that I own, and that I can compose the army from. So, this is what I have:

Herald BSB mounted on a Jugger

20 Bloodletters - Full Command
16 Bloodletters - Full Command
16 Bloodletters - Full Command
3 * 5 Flesh Hounds

3 Bloodcrushers

Chariot of Khorne

Thats my 2500 point army. So what should I drop to get it to 2k? This is what I'm thinking of taking at the moment:

Bloodthirster - 650

20 Bloodletters w/ Full Command, Unholy Icon - 405
16 Bloodletters w/ Full Command - 291
16 Bloodletters w/ Full Command - 291
6 Flesh Hounds - 96
6 Flesh Hounds - 96

Chariot of Khorne - 170

What do you think? I'm kinda hesitant to leave the Herald out, but considering he is mounted on a Jugger, I'd need to take the Bloodcrushers to accompany him, and that unit costs 495 points. Which is a fair chunk of whats available.

Do I need this much infantry? I figured that I'd be better off taking all my solid infantry blocks that will take serious effort to kill, rather than skimping on them (3 *12 or somesuch) to take the Crushers.

So yeh, what are your opinions? Shower me with army lists! I'm really stuck on this one...

16-04-2006, 20:33
lower the amounts of bloodletters in the units:D

16-04-2006, 21:37
Actually, this is rather fine, a Daemonic Legion cannot afford to use small units due to Instabillity, with small units, they'll die a lot quicker and then have a lot harder time aggainst standard infantry blocks if they loose a total of 2 ranks in a single combat due to some bad rolling.

However, with both a Bloodthirster and a Chariot, I'd drop the Bloodcrushers in favour of a small unit of Bloodletters to let you take a fourth unit of Flesh Hounds

22-04-2006, 21:14
A blood thirster is awesome but almost as good and over 200 points cheaper is a fully decked out daemon prince with mark of khorne, daemonic splendour, blade of ether, might of khorne. He has less attacks and less strength, well pretty much less everything but he does have a few advantages.

1) he's not a large target so you can surround him with furies to screen him or make sure he doesn't get charged when he doesn't want to be.

2) he ignores armour and with s6 he's the perfect heavy cavalry killer. (hit on 3's kill on 2's unless its brettonia), I find it's a bit better than killing blow.

3) he has a better ward save but I guess it's cancelled out by the huge number of wounds a blood thirster has and it's normal 4+ save.

All in all it's not as good as the blood thirster but for 410pts it's abetter bet for your 2000pt list I'd think.

23-04-2006, 08:47
I agree with reaper a greater deamon is definatley too expensive in 2000 pt games and a deamon prince is a much better option, this way you could drop the 20 bloodletters to 16 and then possibly fit in some bloodcrushers, ....much more competitive!!!!!