View Full Version : Orcs and goblins 1700pts

31-03-2011, 17:25
So this is my 1700pts army, i still have about 108pts left. So some help would be nice:)

Orcīs & Goblins
Orc warboss: Additional Choppas, Armour of fortune:
Orc Big boss: BsB, Talisman of preservation, Ironcurse icon:
Night goblin shaman: Lvl2,Channelling staff

39 Orc Boyz: FC, Shields: 308pts
24 Orc big unīs: Musican, Standard, Additional choppas:
40 Night goblins: Musican, Standard, Shields, Nets, 1 Fanatic:
30 Night goblins: Musican, Standard, Shields, 1 Fanatic:

1 Orc boar chariot:
2 Spear chukkas:

Doom diver:
Rock lobber:

So what you guys / girls think??