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Dark Aly
31-03-2011, 21:00
Righto- A friend of mine wants to give fantasy a go, so I'm going to use two of my armies to create fairly balanced and fluffy 750 point lists that showcase the greatest variety of rules in the simplest way.

Step up men of the empire

Captain= 79
Armour of meteoric iron, great weapon
(may be a little too tough for this matchup)

Wizard= 100
level 2
(I was thinking light as it's not too strong but has some useful spells)

23 Halberiders= 127
Standard, musician

20 Spearmen= 132
Shields, standard, musician

5 Knights of the white wolves= 115

12 Handgunners= 96

great cannon= 100
(mortar would be better, but a cannon will probably not dominate the game but still be effective)

TOTAL= 749

Com' on lads, get ya choppas owt :shifty:

Orc big boss= 109
Armour of destiny, great weapon

Night goblin shaman= 50

24 Orc Boys= 188
shields, standard, musician

29 Night goblins= 152
nets, standard, musician

5 Wolf riders= 55
Short bows

squig heard= 90
9 squigs, 6 gobbos

3 trolls= 105
(showcase psycology, but might be a bit too tough; but Ld8 stupidity may stop that)

TOTAL= 749

So the main question is can you folks think of anyway to make these armies fairer (verses each other of course) and contain as many different unit types as possable?

01-04-2011, 03:24

I'd say that you need to stop worrying too much about fairness and having balanced armies. I understand easing a new player into the game but you can only do that so much with listbuidling and it sets a bad president.

Now that I've gotten my soapbox speech out, here's few ideas.

Use whatever Lore the Empire Wizard is modelled as. It encourages thematics.
Orcs are about brutality. Consider dropping the Orcs to twenty of somesuch to fit upgrade the Big Boss to a Warboss.
Trolls may be a good way to showcase psychology but they tend to be a huge investment as this point level and will definitely be the early target of magic and that cannon. It might be worth substituting them for some of the nifty orc warmachines (a pair of bolt throwers perhaps) or even some chariots (something not yet demonstrated.)

02-04-2011, 00:18
Your Orcs should really have a BSB too. It's a big part of the game that player will need to learn.

02-04-2011, 02:01
Drop the trolls and give one of the orc characters that terror causing item for psych

02-04-2011, 02:23
If this is a learning thing, keep the trolls for monstrous infantry and stupidity rules.