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31-03-2011, 23:58
The High Elven Archmage, Pelenore, surveyed the lightly wooded terrain. There was an ancient and crumbling Chaos ruin to be cleansed and she was determined to do the job. She had with her nearly two-score Swordsmasters from the Tower of Hoeth itself as well as her retinue of Spearmen from her own house. Her apprentice by her side and the mystical artifacts at her side, she feared no evil. She knew the legend of this place: strange noises, galloping hooves and the tendency of the locals to disappear. She was not afraid.

She let a smile dance briefly on her lips. "Let fly the pennons." She ordered her battle standard. "If there are truths to this haunted myth, we'll break the scions of darkness wherever we meet them.

As one, the High Elves raised their banners and the proud trumpeting of their musicians made a clarion call to challenge those near the shrine.


The Warhoof was nursing a hangover - a bad one. He was grumpy, along with his favoured sons. Half his herd were even completely sober. He had already made plans to march on the nearest Empire town when he felt his pounding head get split by the sound of a brass band echoing through the forest.

By the time Ghorros found enough of his head to fashion a crude replacement, he saw that his favoured sons were already stirring.

Nobody bothered Ghorros when he was hung over. The sire of the Centigor race let his heart swell with pride. He shouldered his overly phallic weapon, Mansmasher, and got to his feet. "You know what that sound was, boys?" He asked, dropping the club with a menacing smack in to his hand. "That was the sound of somebody about to get their ass beat."


So I had the opportunity to go to the local gaming store today and have a game against a very solid player who has allied with me before. I was looking forward to facing his high elves as he was a decent player. He had brought a 2000 point list and cut down to 1500 so I could practice with my Tempus Fugitives army, so if the numbers aren't quite there, that's why. I didn't care if his core didn't quite make it and agreed to let him field his army regardless. Good practice, I thought. Here was his list:

High Elf Archmage with Lore of Life and some wand that gave casting bonuses.

Level 2 Mage with Lore of Shadows
BSB - unknown what he had as I never fought him. The army did have +d3 casting dice, however. If the Swordsmasters could take that, they probably did. If not, the BSB had it.

20 spearmen with full command
20 spearmen with full command

30-40 Swordsmasters with full command in horde formation.



Uther Pendragor, the King of Beasts
Beastlord on Razorgor Chariot with Sword of Strife and Chalice of Dark Rain

Gorlin Warhoof
Level 2 Shadow Shaman on Razorgor Chariot with Skin of man

5 Centigor with the immortal king of all things cool, Ghorros Warhoof.
5 Centigor with Musician


Rare: Ghorgon


The board was set up with a broken old temple on my right hand side, a forest in the dead center of my deployment zone, a forest on the left flank and an old pub on my far left flank. He had a large hill stretching across his deployment zone. On his right was a forest and far right was a forest.

I won the roll off for determining sides. I chose the side with the forest in center in case he had any shooting. Turns out he didn't, which rendered my chalice irrelevant to add insult to injury, we rolled 'Blood and Glory' for our scenario. On 1500 points, that meant he had to kill just my general and I had to kill at least his deathstar Swordsmaster unit and the BSB and general and one spearmen to win, or else push the full 6 turns and win on victory points. I sensed doom.

He deployed dead center, daring my no-missile-weapon army to come get him. Everything he had deployed with the Swordsmasters center except the mage, which was in my left hand unit of sspearmen.

I deployed a unit of Centigor on the far right and far left. The lord deployed to the right of the forest with 2 Razorgor. Only the first Razorgor went dead center.

For spells: he got Throne of Vines, Stoneskin, Regenerate and shield of thorns on his Archmage. He got Pit of Shades and Miasma along with Occam's Mindrazor on his Mage who got a bonus spell due to some magic item.

My Bray Shaman got Miasma and the Enfeebling Foe.

My bray shaman set up 13 inches on the flank of his right Spearmen.

Turn One

I won the rolloff for turn one. Seeing he had no missile weapons meant I didn't have to worry about being picked off. I advanced towards his flanks on all ends, with the exception of my single Razorgor going straight up the middle in the vain hopes he might charge it with his swordsmasters, I would flee and then hit him on the flanks gloriously with my Ghorgon and Razorgor chariot so he wouldn't be able to reform when being hit on multiple fronts.

Left hand side, the Ghorgon and Ghorros Warhoof's group(Who rolled Hung Over as the fluff indicates) advanced with the Ghorgon on the further side, aiming for a flank charge on the spearmen.

On the right hand side, the two Razorgor, the Razorgor Chariot and the sober Centigor unit that now gloriously had initiative 4 against the High Elves ASF... And still rerolls. They advanced as well.

I rolled 11 dice and channeled with my one shaman. I ended the magic phase as nothing made a difference if I cast it that round and I didn't want to blow up my Razorgor chariot. In fact, I would channel successfully nearly every magic phase this game - I failed twice to channel and do you know what I did in the magic phase? One spell. The whole game. The Archmage beat me down with magic.


High Elf turn 1

The high elf player didn't take the bait. He knew my flank charges were devastating. Instead, he shuffled backwards with the spearmen and angled out - he was now forcing me in front arc with my scouting Shaman.

Magic, I dispelled throne of vines. He successfully regenerated his swordsmasters and cast shield of thorns on his spearmen on my right flank.

Beastmen Turn 2

I advanced again, this time setting up the Ghorgon 14 inches from his spearmen, the Centigor with Ghorros about 14 inches and moved the razorgor about 12 inches away from his swordsmen in the center. Surely, he had to charge it. It was worth 55 Victory Points! Pay no attention to the Ghorgon and Centigor angled in.

On the left flank, I brought my centigor closer. 32 inches I'd moved and now was much closer. Gorlin, my Shaman in chariot hightailed it to about 14 inches away from the spearmen on my right. The Razorgor advanced to 14 inches with one waiting with my Lord chariot at another angle about 14 inches away at another angle. I was waiting for him to charge so I could flee, then hit him in the flanks.

Magic: I dispelled Shield of Thorns.

High Elves Turn 2

He was not having those flank charges. He backed up, now to the wall. Barring a charge, I was going to have to make some charges of my own or risk a 0-0 stalemate. Unfortunately, he'd backed up so several of my charges would fail.

Magic: He dispelled throne of vines, but he cast shield of thorns on my left flank Spearmen and regenerate on his unit and stoneskin on the righthand side.

Beastmen Turn 3

Tricksy Elves! How I hates them. My opponent knew me and knew Ghorros would rather lose a battle than accept a 0-0 tie. The manliest man in Warhammer wasn't going to be scared off by a skirt with pointy ears. Still, with his 2 1/2 inch shuffling, I was outside of ideal charge ranges again. Curse them. I rearranged my battle line and marched the stinky Razorgor right in front of his elves, about 1 1/2 inch away, angled so if he charged, I'd hit his flank in my turn. I didn't charge on the right hand side, I didn't charge and joined his shuffling. T7 elves were not going to be caught.

Magic: I dispelled shield of thorns and throne of vines.

High Elves turn 3

Brought to the edge, there was no more dancing to be done! He was caught and would need a darn good magic phase to stop me charging in turn four.

Fun fact: this turned out to be the 3rd turn in a row he got 12 dice to cast. I dispelled Throne of Vines. He cast Shield of Thorns on the left hand side and Okkam's Mindrazor and Stoneskin on the unit to the right.

Beastmen Turn 4

It was time to man up! Ghorros was disgusted with this dancing around and declared a charge, as did the Razorgor and the Ghorgon. The Ghorgon rolled double 1s and stumbled forward. The other two easily got in. The Thunderbolt from a Clear Sky crashed in to the unit of Spearmen like a fat guy in Vegas crashing in to the buffet.

Magic: everything but Shield of thorns was dispelled that could be dispelled. I know. I know.

Combat: Glorious, Glorious combat! I issued a challenge with the Sire of a Thousand Young and their champion accepted. I rolled a failed primal fury, but thanks to being hung over, I rerolled and got double 1s! The Sons of Warhoof entered a Hate-filled frenzy!

And were promptly cut down to a man. ASF and some bad armour rolls meant only Ghorros remained in his unit and the Razorgor. Mansmasher caused 6 mighty wounds to the pointy-eared SOB and left a fine jam of Elf Champion on the ground. Between the Razorgor's attacks and stomp, we killed 3 more! We Won!

Still steadfast, they stuck around.

High Elf Turn 4

Fairly confident of his one flank, where only a wounded Razorgor and Ghorros was around, he decided to go hunting. The Swordsmaster's turned to my Lord, Centigor, 2 Razorgor and Shaman. For the first time in the game, they saw something other than a single Razorgor! He didn't charge with his Spearmen as a filed charge would open up the flank to a whole heck of a lot.

Magic: He suddenly remembered throne of vines and I let him have it from the turn before. He rolled 3 hits and failed to wound and then rolled double 1s. This round, he only had 6 dice to cast with and I had a whole dispel die to work with! WOO!

He failed to cast Occam's and ran out of dice. One bad turn...

Combat: he wounded Ghorros 3 times. A hush fell over the crowd. Could this be it for the greatest Beastman who ever lived? The three dice fell from my hands. Sweat dripped off our foreheads as they clacked across the table with a sound like rolling thunder.

Ghorros survived, albeit wounded. In the end, Ghorros and the Razorgor lost by 2. The Razorgor fled, but Ghorros passed on a six, rolling a five and completely uncaring.

Beastmen turn 5

CHARGE! One bad magic phase was all it took. Everything but the Centigor on my right flank charged his spearmen. All were well within range. 2 Razorgor, a Beastlord with the Sword of Strife and 2 Razorgor Chariots slammed the spearmen.

The Ghorgon crashed in to the spearmen.

The fleeing Razorgor didn't rally.

Magic: I got my one spell off this round, which was nice. It wasn't miasma. I lowered the strength of the Elf Spearmen fighting Ghorros. To 1. It didn't make a difference except to make me feel better as even 1 point off would have them wounding on 6s.


GHORROS SURVIVED! 5 hits, of which 2 came up 5s left Ghorros unscathed. My opponent asked if I'd roll 2 dice to see if my spell made a difference. A 1 and 3 came up. A half-dozen spears glanced off the Warhoofs iron hide and he and the Ghorgon with Thunderstomp took away steadfast. They won by a huge margin and Ghorros chased them down.

On the right flank, the charge did 10 impact hits, 9 wounds and then the Shaman and Lord killed everone else but the mage. The 2 Razorgor killed the mage but good. Everyone followed up and pursued off the board despite everyone being gone. Only the Centigor was still on the board.

High Elf Turn 5

Despite knowing I was only going to walk around him if he turned around to face the bulk of my army, he advanced to 8 inches away from my one remaining Centigor unit. With leadership 7, I saw what he was doing: force a test so I couldn't just walk around if I failed, then gloriously charge on the last turn.

Magic: he cast some stuff. I wasn't charging the unit of death, however. Why stop it?

Beastmen turn 6

I brought my army on. The Centigor unit passed the test to march move and walked around his massive Swordmaster unit.

High Elf turn 6

If he turned around, it was still game over.

Final count:

600 for banners and kills for me.

0 for High Elves.

Victory to the Warhoof!


Ghorros snarled. 4 of his sons lay slain. For what? The death of a single elf-witch and a few-score elves? They were nothing in comparison to his sons.

Ghorros contemplated. The elves fought with discipline, forming back to back to face a foe they could barely see. In an instant, more than half of the Elves had been snatched by his sons and disappeared in to the forest. The elves would not stay with such horrendous casualties and nothing to show for it.

The warhoof visibly relaxed and turned to his greatest son, Uther. "Let's check these elves for wine, boy."

01-04-2011, 04:18
Great battle report, good playing by you and I hope these continue as they are amazing reads.

01-04-2011, 04:54
Certainly sounds very interesting. I was curious though, how is it that he was "shuffleing" backwards? I know in 7th, we used to be able to "turn / move / turn" for a slide in a direction, but with the absence of the Turn maneuver in this edition, My pals and I have all assumed the scooting to be out the window.

01-04-2011, 06:24
Certainly sounds very interesting. I was curious though, how is it that he was "shuffleing" backwards? I know in 7th, we used to be able to "turn / move / turn" for a slide in a direction, but with the absence of the Turn maneuver in this edition, My pals and I have all assumed the scooting to be out the window.

Page 26 of the big rulebook - moving backwards.;)

You can shuffle backwards at half your move.

01-04-2011, 06:43
Haha, truly epic battle report. I never thought you would win that. Your army being no ranks at all but you pulled it out! Really nice!

01-04-2011, 08:35
Awesome battle report! You have a really interesting army too.

01-04-2011, 09:44
I love how you pick and choose your fights, using mobility to push the pace and dictate the battle. I think people, in all the commotion over big regiments and how cavalry can't be relied on to break things on their own, forget the merits of simply having a high Move score.

Congratulations with a fine victory! Always a pleasure to hear how the G-Dawg is doing.

01-04-2011, 11:35
You certaimly have one of the coolest army composition I've seen for Beastmen. And you outplayed him quite nicely!

01-04-2011, 13:11
I may have squealed with delight when I saw Moar Ghorros happening ... Well played man, way to deny the deathstar and kill when able. Dig the new ultra-mobile list, even if there is a lamentable lack of centigors (forgivable @ 1500 I suppose).

- Salvage

01-04-2011, 16:18
Way to go!
Definitely interesting list lol.

01-04-2011, 18:49
Great report however I just thought I'd let you know Blood and Glory rounds up for break points, so in a 1500pts game the break point is 2, so you actually auto-lost this game.

02-04-2011, 19:17
these battles rule!

07-04-2011, 21:38
Nice report!

Those 500 points i dropped... all of my shooting =L oops. Bit of a mistake there!!

Though I did have to smile when I discovered that I tecnically auto won earlier today. Even though it was possibally the most un-satisfying win of my whole warhammer carreer!

08-04-2011, 11:46
Nice report!

Those 500 points i dropped... all of my shooting =L oops. Bit of a mistake there!!

Though I did have to smile when I discovered that I tecnically auto won earlier today. Even though it was possibally the most un-satisfying win of my whole warhammer carreer!

Hahah! Well, I'm not going to claim a win I didn't get. You deserved it. You're a great sport at these things.

For those who don't know, I checked the book and realized, 'Yep. I technically lost this game the moment I put my troops down'. This last Thursday, I ran in to the gaming store and said 'You won! Last week, you won without losing a single model.'

I was excited.

If it makes you feel better, I was sadly disappointed you had no shooting. You remember that shuffling Chariot right off the bat? His whole job was to charge shooting, and he had the Chalice, which helps shut down shooting.

*shakes fist* Next time, Elf Boy... Next time.

09-04-2011, 00:29
I love these reports. i never have the guts to pull the trigger on a Ghorros list but someday i will! lol

I love the solo razorgors. its become a favorite of mine.

12-04-2011, 21:10
Woohoo more Warhoof!

14-04-2011, 00:54
Wow I thought you were boned! Great report, Great army and great victory!