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02-04-2011, 23:13
Supreme Soceress LoS
-lvl 4, Sacrifical Dagger, Opal amulet, Guiding Eye

-Pendant, Ironcurse, Armor of darkness, GW

-Ring of Hotek, HA, S, Cloak of Hag Graef (halves strength of ranged shots), Repeater xbow, Dark Peg

Sorceress LoFire
-lvl 2, Tome of Furion (+1spell)

Lokhir Fellheart

20 Crossbowmen
-Shields, M, Banner

25 Crossbowmen
-Shields, M, banner

24 corsairs
-FC, sss (frenzy banner)

2x 5 harpies

2x 10 executioners

20 Black Guard
-FC, Banner of Murder (AP)

2x Hydra

So, the idea of this list is to sit back and make hordes more manageable. With my shooting or be mobile around smaller but harder hitting units. I will use harpies to screen my important units from incoming gun fire.
My master on the peg will be my wizard escort, he will fly next to their wizard and just walk around with them so they are more hesitant about casting.
Lokhir will hopefully be able to make up more points since dark elves can do a ton of damage but will take quite a bit in return. Also, he will make those throw away units worth something.
The executioners will sit beside my Crossbowmen units to provide flanking support when they get hit.
Hydras will draw fire but provide active CR for my corsairs and Black guard.


03-04-2011, 22:48
ive not written an ard boyz list myself but ive been through many dark elf ones on druchii. So, the list is totally different to any others ive seen. i would take out the exec units as they will just die before they hit and are very easy vp for armies with small arms fire. Second, this list needs the banner of eternal flame, pretty much every ard boyz army has one, and just looking at this army a hellpit abom would have pretty much everything in it. I would advise dropping the 2 units of execs and getting a unit of 18-24 witches with the flaming banner, works amazing at killing monsters and butchers light infantry. Thirdly i would swap lore of fire for dark magic on the lvl2 as it provides much needed shooting protection through 3 of the spells and spells 5 and 6 combine amazingly with the hexes in lore of shadow. The 2 hydras is good but i would have expected to see 3 in an ard boyz list, the master is great and doesnt need changing. Finally i think your army seriously lacks anti armour so a unit of cold one khights or a cob to give units killing blow would be a good investment for the list as execs wont cut it in such small numbers (and the cauldron should be in this list anyway as its one of the best things in the dark elf list). Just my thoughts

04-04-2011, 00:33
Too many small units to pick off for easy V.ps. Also, don't understand the use of the Ring, its really not that effective anymore, and anyone with shooting -again- will be able to pick him off for easy V.ps.

04-04-2011, 03:21
Cannons will be S5 against him, cannons no longer have "Ignores armor save" so he will get his big armor save against it.

Bolt throwers will be S3, they are more dangerous than cannons if they wound due to Ignore armor save

any other shooting will be S2~3 and easily saved.

04-04-2011, 13:24
The master with the ring is useful. Just because the ring isn't broken anymore doesn't mean it doesn't have its place. If the lord was on foot I might agree with you but with him able to fly a 24 inch bubble around that will force enemies to be hesitant in the magic phase, he will be annoying. Also, since magic goes first, it may keep me from the terrible magic for at least turn one whihc will allow me to whittle units down. Or they may just go all out on different spells they may have only thrown 2 or 3 dice at.

I wasn't sure of lore of fire or dark but I think I agree with dark being a better support magic. The executioners were just something to try out but your probably right about being too easy to pick off.

I would run the cauldron but I don't have the points alocation. 750 max for heroes and I need 200 pts at least but I have 150.

Don Zeko
04-04-2011, 15:01
I would run the cauldron but I don't have the points alocation. 750 max for heroes and I need 200 pts at least but I have 150.

So drop Lokhir, then. He's fun, but way too expensive for what he does, especially in an ard boys list.

04-04-2011, 17:50
I'll probably drop Lokhir, the only reason why I took him was so his unit could handle the 100 man throw away unit.

100 goblins comes out to about 300-400 pts and they are just there to absorb damage. Lokhir's unit could make short work of them, especially with his rule of getting an extra attack per enemy rank (14 attacks in the first round of combat with frenzy). When they flee, reroll their highest dice due to the corsair rule and then runt hem down. That throw away unit just became a good 600-800 pt swing in my direction. Especially in 'Ard Boyz where every single point counts, I figured that would help me stay on par or better than my opponent.

Or, if the corsairs are getting shredded, I can fly lokhir near some warmachines or near archers. Then force LD checks through combat and turn those cheap gunline units into juicy VP, or he just becomes a target for all their ranged attacks which is also fine.

He just seems to have so many options in a game that is decided hardcore by VP. Ontop of that, we are very easily to be crushed by our opponents so we will lose a ton of VP while gaining a ton of VP. He gives me a slight edge in the combat.

Don Zeko
04-04-2011, 20:17
I don't know about that. Bear in mind that he's a toughness 3 elf with a 4+ armor save and regeneration. On average, it'll take 48 Goblin attacks to kill him. Those gobbos will be fighting in 4 ranks and presumably directing everything at him, so that's 4 rounds of combat before he'll die. You've got an awful lot of goblins to kill in 4 rounds to break steadfast. I just don't see how he's better than the many, many, other things that you can spend 250 points on. Another Hydra will certainly kill more gobbos, and cost 75 points less to boot.