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02-04-2011, 23:49
So we just played a mock ard boyz with the scenarios and all that. There was 6 of use: 2 Lizardmen, 1 Dwarf, 1 Dark Elf, 1 Vampire and 1 Skaven(Me).

We rolled up the random scenario and I got my brother(Dwarf player) for the first scenario. My list was

Grey Seer w/ Skalm, Extra Warptoken, Opal Amulet, Power Scroll
Warlord w/ shield, wizard hat
warlock w/ brass orb, pistol
warlock w/ doomrocket, pistol
plague priest w/ level 2, dispel scroll, flail, potion of strength
bsb w/ stormbanner, shield
4x 50 slaves w/ shields and musicians
2x 40 clanrats w/ shields, fc, wft
30 plague monks w/ plague banner, fc
5 globadiers w/ bombadier, death globe
hellpit w/ spikes x2

he had

anvil runelord
40 longbeards w/ great weapons
50 warriors w/ gw
26 thunderers x2
organ gun x2

This was the scenario where you have meeting engagement but you can only see artillery dice x3. Basically I deployed all of my slaves as screens and then ran forwards with the hellpits, which ate all the longbeards and then overran into the longbeards which they killed but then the longbeards killed one and brought the other down to one wound. The anvil killed that. The slaves hunted down all of the thunderers and the doomwheel killed his cannon. I used curse of the horned rat on his anvil lord and killed it. At the end, he had 2 organ guns left and thats it.

The second game was against lizzies. He had

EOTG preist
warspear chief
40 saurus
12 skinks x4
10 temple gaurd
6 chamelon skins
6 cold ones
2 salamanders

This one when very well. On turn 2 I COTHR his slann+ temple gaurd unit into oblivion with one blast. My slaves killed all of his skinks and my hellpits killed his steggies and sallies. The Doomwheel killed his Cold ones and my hellpit flanked the saurus horde and broke it in 2 rounds of combat.

My last game was against dark elves. He had

dreadlord on a dark steed
dreadlord on foot
supreme sorceress
couldron of blood
54 corsairs
20 rxb
5 shades
5 cold one knights
15 black gaurd

This was the most annoying scenario ever... We got the lightning storm twice which killed both of my hellpits and warpfire throwers. Luckily I got COTHR off on his horde twice, and once on the black gaurd unit. I fed the hydra two units of slaves and then flanked the depleted horde with slaves and broke it. All he had left at the end was a hydra and his couldron.

I ended up with 68 points. The dark elf player had 39, dwarf had 32, lizards that I played had 30, other lizzie had around 20-22 and the vamp had 3.

Thanks for reading!

02-04-2011, 23:55
Yep, double hellpits works :D Way to pull it out in the third mission without them ;)

How'd you like the wizard hat? I've run it on a warlord before and decided it was pretty horrible for skaven, but I guess at 3k you've got the points spare so why not.

Also, you can't 13th the anvil lord, as it isn't classified as Infantry. Something to keep in mind for later.

- Salvage

02-04-2011, 23:57
Oh really? Darnit!

And I'm not really a huge fan of the hat, but I feel I never really needed it. I think the time when that one spell is really crucial then it will defiantly be worth it.

03-04-2011, 00:03
Now that is a scary list!
Definitely would not want to face that lol.

03-04-2011, 13:40
Well done on the winning. But that list is horrible! Glad there is 'Ard Boyz this side of the pond!

03-04-2011, 14:10
Thanks for the comments on the evilness of the list!