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03-04-2011, 00:06

Sorcerer Lord
Lvl 4
Mark of Tzeentch
Talisman of Preservation
Enchanted Shield
Disc of Tzeentch
Total: 370


Exalted Hero
Mark of Tzeentch
Golden Eye of Tzeentch
Book Of secrets (Shadow)
Disc of Tzeentch
Battle Standard Bearer
Total: 220


50X Chaos Warriors
Mark of Tzeentch
Standard Bearer - Blasted Standard
Total: 878


30X Chosen
Mark of Tzeentch
Chosen Champion - Favor of the Gods
Standard Bearer - Wailing Banner
Total: 695

6X Trolls
Total: 270


Chaos Warshrine
Mark of Tzeentch
Total: 150

Total: 205

Total: 205

Army Total: 2993
Model Count: 91

At 3k this is a very small army, though as all things WoC it is very hardy.

03-04-2011, 00:27
Always great to see Mono-God WoC lists posted :-)

The first thing I would say is the BSB stands out as a very risky setup with the BoS on him....Especially as you have 2 potentially miscast-causing Hellcannon's, and no Infernal Puppet. Added to the fact he will get shot to pieces by everthing and anything. Stick him with the Chosen for more protection, give him Collar of Khorne, Ironcurse Icon and a Halberd.

The other question I have is whether the point cost per model is worth all those extra ranks and/or horde attacks for the Warriors unit. I tend to run mine 18/24 with Standard and Musician, and they munch through almost anything. Anything bigger than that is generally a waste of points. My humble opinion only, of course. The same sort of theory could apply to the Chosen.

Everything else does seem pretty optimal, though. This should be a very competitive army.

03-04-2011, 09:58
H-O-L-Y ****. 50?

I think that your Mage could use puppet. At the expense of some warriors.

Take some hounds. 3x5 are just versatile throw away units, sit em on flanks to avoid the jump, so you can charge on your own terms.

I comend you for not running double/triple shrine. However, I think the trolls could be better converted into another shrine. And then 95pts of more chosen.


03-04-2011, 17:31
I like the trolls because they will be a mild threat.

Take 1 more shrine so your chances for a 12 are much higher on turn 1.

Take the puppet also. I don't know if you avoided it because everyone else runs one but its worth the points. It will force your opponent to rethink throwing 6 dice at that terrible spell.

The only thing I think could kill you is dwellers below since you don't get any kind of save against that. Especially if they lower whatever characteristic test is needed with shadow.

Gl man.

04-04-2011, 08:57
Once again I agree with thesheriff =P the troll was just to throw something different in there but you are right

So how about i drop the trolls
another warshrine
the puppet
and 3X 5 man wolf units?

putting me at 2,998

I kind of like my BSB ya he is risky but very fluffy
if not i'll just give him the talisman of endurance and call it a day

It will be a pain as the units are so large, but they fight well in any frontage. so the plan is to go 5 wide, train wreck into a nice unit, and spread out as i see fit.
so over all i think it will be good in the magic phase (was wanting a lvl 2 just to insure pandemonium, but oh well) with a +5 to the basic lore i can cast most of it on 2 dice and my dispel attempts are as good as the next guy's. We do have the most survivable guy around too. Shadow isn't to bad either

two str 5 templates = dead rank and file
also with high toughness, armor save, and ward save almost across the board they should make it into combat

WoC, nuff' said. ya i am no frenzied khorne guy but i sould surely be able to grind away at nearly anything

Well it is only 2 units and 6 strong single guys so i will deal with a lot of focus fire and flank hits, as i won't be able to handle multiple units easily. Also, as stated by PersonalGlitch dwellers and the like is going to suck especially if combined with debuffs.

I would break the units down but unfortunately i don't want to lose the power of the banners.

now that the iffy trolls are out of the way and i have iffy hounds, i feel that they will be shot to absolute pieces. though if you are wasting a 100+ point unit shooting at a cheap 30 point unit it just means my guys are one turn closer to your line right? and if they live, they should annoy war machines or small units right?

also the wolfs are fine because the are small but i am looking for a very compact force (model size) hence why it is a elite foot army. and without the troll it got a little smaller (though i will miss them =( )

So this list is still up in the air as i need most of the models, I only have a couple warriors and the disk Sorcerer

P.S. I liked Tzeentch in 7th before he became a power house =) lucky me