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03-04-2011, 12:18
Hey, I haven't played 40k for time and have been tempted back since not alot of people in my LGS play fantasy and I'm getting bored waiting most of the day for people to turn up. I want to concentrate on one army, I have picked up some Dark Eldar and Tyranids for painting projects. But I can't make my mind up so was hoping you guys could be helpful. I currently have models for both armies, I almost have 500pts for each and hopefully I want a competitive army

Tyranid Prime
A pair of bonesword, Adrenal glands, Deathspitter & Toxin sacs
Hive Guard Brood x2
Venomthrope Brood x1
Zoanthrope Brood x1
13x Hormagaunt
Scything Talons & Toxin sacs
13x Termagant

I want to get a 1000pts. I've read a few people have complained that nids take a big hit this edition but ever since Starship Troopers I've liked the nids. with the HQ are tyrants jst massive point sinks at this stage

Dark Eldar
Baron Sarthonyx
5 Hellions with Helliarch & Agoniser and CCW
10 Kabalite Warriors with Splinter Cannon & Blaster
Raider with Flicker field
Ravager with Flicker field

I want to have a 1000pts army but I'm so tempted to wait for the next DE release and go for a Urien Rakarth and his shambling horde list... damn GW and noting have vast sums of money X_x