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Col. Tartleton
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He had arrived aboard a grandiose starliner upon that barren world called Tallarn. Tall and slim, and of swarthy complexion, he had identified himself as an agent of the Adeptus Mechanicus with ample recommendations from distinguished bureaucrats. The men of Tallarn, a tall and stiff people of strong conviction and short temper, found him an enigmatic figure. He lectured extensively and toured the numerous self-sufficient under cities which filled the bowels of the sulfurous world. His lectures were filled with strange devices which hummed with arcane energies which he explained to be sacred relics of a lost age. Unusual among the Technomagi of his order, he was a skilled orator and promoter of the mysteries of the machine. Those who saw him were soon consumed with a thirst for knowledge of ancient days and their sleep became restless with visions of unnatural artifices and an unsettling and unblinking eye.

His admirers grew in number and he began to lecture less, becoming a prolific writer of letters. He maintained a network of correspondence with a host of devoted followers who in turn wrote to one another and to those who sought their wisdom. In time, when he again travelled among the Tallarn, he was accompanied by a great host who looked upon him with awe and knelt before him. Even those clerics of the Ministorum, of the Ultraorthodox Tallarn Synod, held him with reverence and held his great faith in the Omnissiah to be superior to their own. It seemed wherever he went he accrued magnanimous praise and respect.

In time it became clear that he was not…

++An excerpt from the badly damaged Volume VI of the Accounts of the Fellahin ++

Of all the worlds I have traveled to none is more unsettling than the Fortress-World of Cadia. The Cadian is a pale skinned, blond, and violet eyed giant, with the shortest among their number well above two meters in height. Their vast Kasrs, from which they draw their fierce Kasrkin Legions, are enormous winding mazes of choke points and shooting galleries. Each Kasr, of which there are thousands, is home to millions of constantly drilling soldiers and untiring armorers. From birth they are raised to kill and die in the name of the Emperor. They are born into the Regiments they will die in and from their childhoods train with advanced lasweaponry. While the attrition rates are terrible among the Youth Legions who bear the brand of the White Shield, those who survive to maturity are premier among soldiery.

The warped region of space known as the Ocularis Terribus remains an ever present vermillion stain upon their sky. It is only due to a barely understood Geller field of pre-Imperial design that the Cadian Gate remains clear. This narrow corridor of space acts as the sole passage out of the Eye of Terror. It is through this Cadian Gate that the unending armies of wretched and unutterable gods can launch their horrific raids. As such the armies of Cadia wage an eternal war against the never-ending hordes of mutants, heretics, and traitors that vomit forth from the Eye. In addition to the billions of Cadians who defend the world, nine tenths of those born on Cadia will see decades of service throughout the Imperium in the Foreign Legions. According to the Munitorum, all told, over a million regiments of the Imperial Guard bear the badge of Cadia and countless more are modeled upon them. Few races of men can boast such a legacy of heroism.

++The Introduction to Historiographer Eudekiel Shival’s work: Travails in Segmentum Obscurus++

Catachan: For many the name summons forth images of savage jungle warriors.

Catachan is truly a Deathworld, her surface is riven with miles deep canyons formed by geological fault lines. These canyons are kilometers deep and thousands long forming a spiders web of steep slopes. At the bottom of these are saline seas choked by acidic rains that drain from the surface. The slopes of these canyons are nearly vertical, but they are heavily populated. The people of Catachan carve their dwellings into the upper faces of these cliffs. The lower regions of the valleys are blue hued from a permanent mist of ozone. At the surface are verdant jungles surrounding large geothermic vents which dump billions of tons of carbon and sulfur dioxide into the air which cause both the acid rain, and the rich environment for plants. The jungles of Catachan are made up of massive trees, the canopies of which are as much as a mile high, and home to all forms of fierce and exotic indigenous creatures. The trees produce just enough air for humans to breathe, but the flesh eating flora and terrifying megafauna make any sort of permanent settlements in this part of the planet futile.

However among the people of Catachan are the insane nomads known as the Catachan Devils who choose to inhabit "The Green." It is unclear just how many dwell within the jungles, but when the Munitorum raises new regiments they answer the call by the hundreds of thousands. They uniformly carry large cleaver like blades and wear dirty crimson bandannas dyed with their own blood. Their appearance varies from gaunt and naked sallow-skinned savages who have spent years in the pitch black of the "ever-dark", to errant young men itching to prove themselves to the shadowy brotherhoods. Almost nothing is known of what transpires within the jungles, and rumors of cannibalistic rites and brutal blood feuds of these diabolic warriors continue to fascinate the citizens of the Imperium. Countless Imperial nobles have disappeared into the Jungles in search of adventure. The Catachan Devils are highly sought after by those Imperial Guard Generals who seek the most deranged killers mankind can produce. On Catachan madmen are in no short supply.

++ Surveys of the Galactic Core ++

At the height of the First War of the Beast we were joined in the defense of Hive Helsreach by a Korps of the infamous Kriegers. According to High Command they hailed from a world even uglier than our own, and were looking forward to the fight. I had joked to the Colonel that a few days against the greenskins and they would change their tune. He informed me very seriously that these Kriegers were unafraid of death. I had laughed at the time. He said they were all volunteers, so I responded they must be insane, and that I didn't want them fighting anywhere near my company.

Nevertheless they arrived en masse. Many millions strong, they formed a defensive line over 300 kilometers wide and 20 kilometers deep. It was as intricate a fortress as I have seen, crisscrossing trenches of a grand scale that protected man and tank alike, vast thousand man bunkers, perilous redoubts, cunning heavy gun emplacements, and endless mine fields and forests of razor wire. It did not matter though, I had thought, they were up against the better part of half a billion battle hungry 'skins. Yet somehow the reports insisted they did not give an inch of ground, and in some places they had actually made gains. It was not more than a few days before we were moved up to reinforce them. Teiwaz Company, my command, was the first to join with the Kriegers. They were a solemn lot, dressed in faded black greatcoats and ventilators decorated with silver totenkopfs and the holy Aquila. To some surprise, not that unlike the uniforms of our own brave soldiers.

However I took an instant dislike to them when I noticed that they only called each other by serial numbers. They barely spoke, prayed frequently, and when the Orks came they had charged out to face them with bayonets. I had seen such bold insane courage only in men who wanted to die to make amends for some grave sin. Intrigued, I spoke to a man who identified himself as the watchmaster of his shift. After some persistence he informed me that they were fighting to make clean the crimes they had committed against the Emperor. Thinking them Penal Legionnaires, although made unsure by their discipline and clear expertise, I inquired as to what heinous crimes they had done to deserve volunteering for this. He told me that just 1,500 years earlier, Krieg had turned against the Imperium and after 500 years of atomic purging had been mase clean enough in the last thousand years to seek their redemption. I have never laughed so hard in my life. In fact my laughing drew Ork fire, and I was shot in the arm, which I'd later lose to amputation. After being evacuated, the entire position, including my company of nearly 600 men, was wiped out to a man by Ork Kommandos. That Krieger saved my life that day, and I will never forget him. Bloody fanatical bastards.

++ From Memoirs of the Great War: The Defense of Hive Helsreach by Captain Uriel Xavier of the MMVII Steel Legion++

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Not sure were to start... simply wow! You have a poetic way with words and you describe the subjects in such a way with near enough perfect accuracy. If I were new to the 40k universe I could say I'm up to speed with the Cadian Gate right away from your writing. Nice work. I'm very interested in more from the first character. Very well built up and with a nice twist right at the end that topped it off. Keep it up...

More? :)

Col. Tartleton
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Yes hopefully lots more. This is the fluff accompaniment to the rules section of my attempt to play with 40k. These will be included in my Guard Codex.

Im about to do the warriors of Catachan, Steel Legions of Armageddon, and the Death Korps of Krieg.