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04-04-2011, 02:07
So today was my challenge against Tim Cross with my OnG pitted against his WoC. My lists used were as follows:

Orcs & Goblins 2400pts Army List

Savage Orc Great Shaman Zotzod Brainzappa w/ Level 4, Fencers Blades, Lucky Shrunken Head
Savage Orc Warboss Skarfang Gobsmakka w/ Armour of Slivered Steel, Dawn Stone, Great Weapon
Black Orc BSB Gorbad Bloodspilla w/ Crown of Command, Charmed Shield
Night Goblin Shaman Nobgrot w/ Level 2, Dispel Scroll
Night Goblin Shaman Zodwort w/ Level 2

22 Savage Orcs w/ Full Command, Extra Hand Weapons
40 Night Goblins w/ Full Command, Netters, 3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins w/ Standard & Musician, Bows, 1 Fanatic

6 Trolls
5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz w/ Standard & Musician, Shields & Spears, Banner of Eternal Flame

Rock Lobber
2 Doom Divers
2 Snotling Pump Wagons w/ Spiky Rollers & Out-riggas
2 Mangler Squigs

Warriors of Chaos 2400pts Army List

Sorcerer Lord w/ Level 4, Enchanted Shield, Spell Familiar
Exalted Hero BSB w/ Mark of Khorne, Chaos Steed, Sword of Might, Charmed Shield, Dawnstone
Exalted Hero w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Book of Secrets

18 Chaos Warriors w/ Full Command, Mark of Khorne, Halberds, Banner of Eternal Flame
6 Chaos Warhounds
6 Chaos Warhounds
30 Chaos Marauders w/ Full Command, Mark of Khorne, Flails
6 Marauder Horsemen w/ Spear, Throwing Spears, Shields
6 Marauder Horsemen w/ Spear, Throwing Spears, Shields
15 Chaos Marauders w/ Mark of Slaanesh, Shields
12 Chaos Warriors w/ Musician, Mark of Khorne 30, Halberds

6 Chaos Knights w/ Standard & Musician, Mark of Khorne, Banner of Swiftness
Chaos Chariot
Chaos Chariot

As we were playing ETC rules the scenario was just battle line. Deployment looks like this:


Again all of my Orc characters went in the Savage Orcs and one shaman per night goblin unit. Tim put his BSB and Sorceror Lord in the Khorne Marauders and his Exalted on Steed of Slaanesh went in a unit of Marauder Horsemen.
My Level 4 got Gaze of Mork (4d6"/8d6" line, S4 hits), Fists of Gork (+3S +3A to shaman), 'Ere We Go (Rerolls within 2d6"), Foot of Gork (S6 template). My two NG shamans got Sneaky Stabbing (AP, Rerolls to hit & wound if in flank) plus Itchy Nuisance (-d6 M and I) and Gift of the Spider God (Poison) plus Curse of the Bad Moon (Magic Vortex). Tim's Level 4 got Harmonic Convergence, Wind Blast, Uranon's Thunderbolt, Comet, and Chain Lightning. His Level 1 with the book took Fireball. I won the roll for first turn and took it.

OnG Turn 1
Movement: Turn 1 everything moved up. No failures of animosity or anything interesting.
Magic: 6 dice to me, 4 dice to Tim. My first spell cast was GotSG on the NG Bowmen which was successfully cast. Next I cast IN but rolled a 1 on my mushroom dice, taking a wound. The Great Shaman then cast FoG and killed 10 of the Khorne Marauders with it before Gork wandered off.
Shooting: The first shots came from the NG Bowmen who killed 2 Marauder Horsemen. Doom Diver 1 fired on the Knights and killed a single rider, the second aimed at the Knight but scattered and instead redirected into the unit of Marauder Horsemen with the Exalted Hero in it. The Rock Lobba targeted the BSB and hit on target but 1 only rolled 1 wound. Bah. 1 other Marauder was caught by a fragment of the rock that shattered on the BSB's head and somehow died.

WoC Turn 1
Movement: The only charge was the Exalted Hero trying to charge the Savage Boar Boyz, but he failed. Everything else moved up, the most significant of the moves the Knights going their full 16" and the Marauder Horses staying 8.5" away from my Bowmen with their fanatic.
Magic: 10 dice to Tim, 7 to me. Tim began by throwing a mid-level FB at my Pump Wagon and fried the poor Snotlings after a failed dispel attempt. I then dispelled UT on one of the Manglers and finally let him cast CL on the Savage Orcs and it only killed 2.
Shooting: The Marauder Horsemen threw spears at the NG Bowmen but failed to kill any.

OnG Turn 2
Movement: My only charge was the Savage Orc Boars against the Marauder Horsemen infront of the NG Bowmen, but they fled and I chose not to redirect into the Knights. This caused the NG Bowmen to release their Fanatic but he only went 3" forward. The pump wagon went for an ambitious 18" charge on the unit of dogs but only rolled 17". So close boys! Everything else just shifted a little.
Magic: 4 dice to me, 3 to Tim. First spell I threw was CotSG on the NG Bowmen again which was let off. IN failed again, but not due to a poisonous mushroom this time... Just goblin incompetence. The final attempt of the phase was Foot of Gork again which failed to cast. Awesome magic phase!
Shooting: The NG Bowmen opened up on the remaining Marauder Horsemen and skewered 3 of them with their poisoned arrows. The first Doom Diver scattered 8" without a chance to steer back, but the second Doom Diver hit the Knights dead on and killed 3 of them. Not enough... The Rock Lobber then misfired for a turn.

WoC Turn 2
Movement: The Khorne Knights charged the flank of the Savage Boar Boyz with the Slaanesh Exalted in the front. The Marauder Horsemen failed their rally and bolted off the board. The first unit of dogs charged the Pump Wagon infront of them and copped a magic mushroom to the face for their troubles. The second unit of dogs ran onto the Mangler and killed it, somehow with 3D6 impacts I only killed 5. Bah. The remaining Marauder Horse unit ran within 8" of the NG block to release their 3 fanatics... sending 2 at the Marauder Horses I rolled a 4 and 5. Gj boys. The other one went about 5" forward. The 12-man Warrior unit moved forward into the building. The BSB went to hide behind a hill.
Magic: 7 dice to Tim, 6 to me. First spell was a CL on the Savage Orcs again causing one wound and not jumping. Next was UT on the SO which failed.
Shooting: The Marauder Horsemen tried to skewer one of the fanatics infront of them but failed to hit.
Combat: The dogs made short work of the Pump Wagon before it was able to strike and then reformed. The Knights and Exalted killed the Boar Boyz without even breaking a sweat. Quite embarrassing! Knights overran, Exalted reformed.

OnG Turn 3
Movement: Fanatics went all over the place, one going through the Marauder Horsemen but only killed one, and one going through the NG block and killing 4. FML. The Mangler ran forward 12" towards the left (and away from that solitary dog...). The Savage Orcs moved sideways 2", and the NG Shaman in the block bailed out the back after they had moved up.
Magic: 7 dice to me, 5 to Tim. First spell was SS on the NG Bowmen which was dispelled. Second was GotSG on the Bowmen again which was dispelled. Last was FoG which got off irresistible on 3 dice (Grrr...) which did 2 wounds to each chariot and killed 2 of the Khorne Warriors from the big block. The miscast result was a 5, which didn't kill any boyz or wound the Shaman. Yay!
Shooting: This was a successful turn of shooting... The Rock Lobba Misfired again, this time for 2 turns. The first Doom Diver followed suit, while the second Doom Diver finished off the Knights.

WoC Turn 3
Movement: Exalted charged the left Doom Diver. This guy is starting to get annoying... No other charged. Khorne Warriors move out of the building and the last remaining Marauder Horseman runs his way around to stare down the 1W NG Shaman. Eep. The dogs moved up to redirect the Trolls and the lone dog chased the Mangler...
Magic: 7 to Tim, 6 to me. UT on the Mangler was out of range in a game where you can premeasure... Good job Tim. :P Next was CL on the Savages which I dispelled.
Shooting: The lone Horseman tried to skewer my NG Shaman but missed.
Combat: Exalted did nasty things to my Doom Diver and reformed after he had pulled his pants back up.

OnG Turn 4
Movement: To get away from the Warriors my NGs declared a charge on the Slaanesh Marauders who fled, so I redirected into the Khorne Marauders. The Mangler made a bee-line for the big block of Warriors, the NG Shaman bolted out of the Warriors' way, and the Savages swiftly reformed as did the NG Bowmen.
Magic: 9 dice to me, 6 to Tim. First spell was GotSG on the Bowmen which was successful. Next was IN on the Khorne Warriors facing off against the Savages but that was dispelled. Next was the awesome FoG, which I had a canny plan to bring the Slaanesh Marauders under 25% with a swift boot up the backside from Gork but he had other ideas and only killed 2 of them with a collateral death in the Khorne Marauders. Finally, with my last 2 remaining dice, I gazed as Mork would do at the final Marauder Horseman who died in fear.
Shooting: The NG Bowmen opened fire on the Warriors and scored 5 wounds which were all saved. Bah.
Combat: The Khorne Marauders killed 7 NGs despite being netted, and the NGs only killed 4. Drawn combat... That didn't go to plan.

WoC Turn 4
Movement: The dogs charged the flank of the Trolls hoping that their Warrior brethren would get in the front but they decided to stick around for a cuppa before commiting. The Exalted charged the Doom Diver. The Slaanesh Marauders rallied (only with a BSB reroll though!) and the dog charged after the Mangler further. BSB ran off like a wimp.
Magic: 6 dice to Tim, 7 to me. First spell was UT on the lone NG Shaman (with the scroll tight in hand) which cast on a 13. I picked up 4 dice and was like "Oh yeah, average would be 18. Worst case I get 13 on the dot." Hello dice. 1, 1, 1, 2. I exclaimed in profanities at this point. Shaman died, taking my scroll with him. Second was wind blast on one of my fanatics which was dispelled.
Combat: The Trolls beat the crap out of the dogs, killing 3 and choosing not to pursue. The Marauders were netted to S2 and only managed to kill 2 NGs. The NG killed 3 back and won combat, chasing the Marauders down and stabbing their fleshy bits.

OnG Turn 5
Movement: NGs went for a game-winning charge on the BSB. I needed to roll 4 on two dice. I rolled double 1. Cue profanities. The Savages charged the Khorne Warriors before them. The Mangler finally made it to its target and ate 6 Warriors as it smashed through their lines. Mmm, yummy armour. The NG Bowmen attempted a swift reform twice on LD 9 and failed. Stupid dice.
Magic: 9 dice to me, 6 to Tim. FoG was the first spell but was subsequently dispelled. Second was EWG on 3 dice. IF. Goddamn. S6 on all my casters and goodbye remaining 4 dice.
Shooting: Rock Lobba, at least remaining consistent, misfired again.
Combat: Khorne Warriors killed 4 Savages. With 3 WS10 S5, 5 WS6 S8, 11 WS4 S5, and 1 WS6 S7 and rerolls to hit I killed a whopping 4 warriors. Go boyz! I still won combat however but the Warriors got away, one dying as they fled through the NG Bowmen.

WoC Turn 5
Movement: The Slaanesh Marauders took the advantage and flanked the NG block. The Khorne Warriors tried to charge the Trolls but a few hadn't finished their cuppas yet. The Exalted charged the Rock Lobba, at this point he was doing me a favour by destroying the broken contraption. The chariots then moved up to threaten my SOs.
Magic: 6 dice to Tim, 5 to me. 6 dice CoC, IF. Ut oh. Look at the blue crosshairs, that's where it went. The IF was the big template which killed 4 Marauders, 1 wound on the Sorceror himself, and 5 on my NGs.
Combat: Rock Lobba died. Big surprise there. The Marauders, though netted, still did 3 wounds and I could only manage 1 in return. The NG broke but escaped, the Marauders hot on their heels.

OnG Turn 6
Movement: Warboss Gobsmakka charged out of the Savages and ran the Warriors off the table. The Savages ran from the ever-growing shadow of the approaching comet. The NG Bowmen swiftly reformed and tried to run away... The trolls failed stupidity without their babysitters and stumbled forward 6". The Warriors wouldn't fail their charge this time... The Mangler then decided he wasn't full yet and bolted back through the Warriors, eating another 6 and leaving 3 in the unit. Maybe they wouldn't be charging after all...
Magic: Comet didn't arrive. I needed a massive magic phase to stomp the Marauders and/or BSB, maybe some other annoyance spells. 2 dice to me, 1 to Tim. FML.

WoC Turn 6
Movement: The Khorne Warriors didn't want to charge the Trolls but decided it was in their best interests to actually kill something in the name of Khorne this battle, and their frenzy carried them into combat with the stinky creatures. The Slaanesh Marauders combo charged the NG with the BSB.
Magic: The Comet came down. Casualties: Warboss Gobsmakka, 7 NG Bowmen who high-tailed it out of there, and 10 Savages. Tim tried to finish off the Savages with a massive fireball but I dispelled it.
Combat: NGs could possibly win or draw this if they didn't net themselves... Which they promptly did. Subsequent result, dead NGs. Trolls were feeling quite ill after the dogs they had eaten before and vomited on the charging Warriors, killing them all before a single Halberd could fall.

We tallied up the final VPs using both the current ETC rules and the experimental ones (50% for units fleeing at the end and 50% if a unit is under 25% at the end of the battle). Non-experimental the scores were 1379 to me and 1331 to Tim, experimental it was 1426 to Tim and 1397 to me. Either way, a well-fought draw. Comments and criticisms are always welcome. :)

04-04-2011, 14:20
"The Knights and Exalted killed the Boar Boyz without even breaking a sweat. Quite embarrassing! Knights overran, Exalted reformed."

Not really that embarrassing, you were completely outclassed. I would never expect savage boar boyz to stand up to khorne knights with a hero.

Thanks for the report. It was a hard fought draw.

04-04-2011, 17:52
Thanks for the great report - exciting game, loads of details, BC maps ftw!

- Salvage

04-04-2011, 20:46
Suffice to say I've subsequently dropped the Boar Boyz, as well as the basic NG Shaman and a fanatic to buy myself 18 BO with flaming banner, std, and muso. I think I'm quite happy with the exchange. :)

05-04-2011, 01:39
Great report. Clear and concise, easy to follow. Few things:

- You wouldn't have been able to S&S against the Hounds when they charged the Pump Wagon since they were within their movement rate.
- By the looks of your map he marched his Warriors into he building which he can't do.
- You need to take a Ld to restrain pursuit, you can't just decide not to (Trolls)

Tactically you played soundly enough, though not redirecting with the Boars into the Knights seems like an obvious mistake as well as going solo with your Shaman when the area was crawling with Fanatics.

I take it Tim was new enough to the game, judging by his list composition and defensive play style (with Chaos)? If you play with him regularly advise him to take ward saves on his characterss, especially if they are mounted in infantry units.

05-04-2011, 06:47
1) As the mushrooms are a thrown weapon, they have the quick to fire special rule which means they can always stand and shoot!
2) Map is a little off since I can't get the measurements precisely correct, so consider them as a guide rather than definitive of positions.
3) Pretty sure they were within 12" of the General so chose not to pursue because they passed their LD check. :)

I chose not to redirect into the knights because the boar boyz would die before getting any attacks in... 15 WS5 S5 and 5 WS3 S4 attacks should on averages do 5.2 wounds or thereabouts before I even get to strike, so I thought the better option was to smack them with Doom Divers instead and try to wipe them out.

The shaman bailed because I was intending on charging one of the units of Marauders the following turn but you're correct, I possibly could have moved him into the Savage unit instead.

Thanks for the feedback. :)

08-04-2011, 15:54
Fair enough, didn't know the spores were thrown weapons.

As for the Boar Boyz, you still made a silly move; since it was the Chaos turn you weren't going to be getting to shoot any Doom Divers at them, so all you did was give him an overrun much closer to your army.

09-04-2011, 00:58
It'll be a moot point in the next battle(s), they've been dropped for the addition of a unit of Black Orcs with Flaming Banner. Much better I reckon. :)

10-04-2011, 15:53
I agree...

10-04-2011, 18:34
Nice write up.