View Full Version : WoC nasty horde session in progress

04-04-2011, 15:33
Ive got a 2000 point tournament this weekend and intend to go for point denial and whoop some enemy units while im at it. I don't want to go for the choosen horde but I do like the idea of big horde chaos uinits so hows this list?


Sorcerer Lord (Shadow)
Level 4, Talisman of preservation, Infernal Puppet


Exalted Hero
BSB, Tzeentch, Talisman of endurance, shield, Fire banner


30 Chaos Warriors
Halberds, Khorne, musician, standard bearer

30 Chaos Warriors
Shield, Tzeentch, musician, standard bearer

32, Khorne, musician, standard bearer, Great Weapons




BSB in the Khorne unit and the sorceror in the tzeentch unit. Only concern is major spells. Could swap shadow for tzeentch and go all out nasty for the gateway?

04-04-2011, 20:05
The BSB cannot take Magic Items and a Magic Banner..one or the other. Personally, I don't like Shadow with WoC. We need spells that can reach out and touch someone in my experience and usually don't need to rely on buffs and hexes to win combat (we do need to stop those spells however). In a tournament I would rather have Tzeentch, Heavens or possibly Death magic, for the damage/destroy type of spells.

Otherwise, I like the 30 man units of Warriors, I don't like the Marauders with them however. It's going to be targeted and pretty worthless in my opinion. You also could use banners on your warriors (Blasted on Tzeentch and Flaming on Khorne are good choices), use the extra points for either a Chariot, beef the warriors and/or add some Dogs to the list. You don't have enough points for Knights unless you completely rework the list.

04-04-2011, 21:40
Yeah the bsb.. silly me. I did actually mean to throw that on the khorne unit. Shadow seems to work well for me so ill keep it however I was tempted by tzeentch. The only reason I dont is I feel dirty with gateway.
I agree the maruders could be a waste. Im going to trial the list on Thursday and see how it goes.

04-04-2011, 22:05
Let us know how it does do, I'm running two 30 figure units in Ardboyz (1 Tzeentch HW/Sh and 1 Khorne AHW) and am curious how they perform. I'm also trying to build a list at 2K for Throne of Skulls and was wondering if 2 units like you're running will work at that point level. 2K is really tough for WoC in my opinion and I'm looking for any edge..lol.

07-04-2011, 23:09
If you have the Infernal Puppet take the Black Tongue. If you want to protect the mage more buy a magical sheild.

Your BSB isn't very killy. Chaos beats stuff up well :)

You don't have the Banner of Rage in your army?!?!?

Chosen are awesome. Especially with Favour of the Gods and a Warshrine buff or two.

Gateway is kinda OK. It's not that great odds to remove the unit. Better is the Eye of Tzeentch so you can steal your opponents spells.

Khorne Marauders isn't really points denail as they kill and die in droves.

I recommend maybe all Tzeentch?