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Boss Zagstruk
04-04-2011, 18:20
I havent had a functioning army in about a year, i sold my main one. Since then ive never had time for the hobby, i always intended to start fresh but never got round to it. Im looking for a power armoured army for a modelling project and friendly play. I like iron hands, sallies and blood angels but i cant even seem to build a list im happy with. Ive became fussy in my old age (im not even old). Perfect examples is the new grey knight codex, ive been excited for it for 2 months yet i cant seem to find a list im happy with. I love this hobby but im stuck in a rutt. Can anyone give me any advice to help me find my way back into the hobby? Thanks

04-04-2011, 18:45
My favorite army is Blood Angels. They have really beautiful models (sanguinary guards, death company, dreadnoughts furioso....). They have several builds form mech heavy to all jump pack and even a daemon prince (I mean Mephiston ;)) and a lot of plastic kits.

And finally they have the Death Company, my favorite unit in the game (yes this a totally biased opinion :))

I say go for Blood Angels, if you don't like them do what a lot of players are doing, use their codex for your "insert random army name" count as:D

04-04-2011, 18:45
find a color scheme that you enjoy and play 'geriatric* marines'?

*sorry, couldn't resist. meant to say 'generic marines'. build your force and use your marines to represent whatever you feel like fielding at the time. For some reason black is always popular for that sort of thing. :shifty:

04-04-2011, 19:41
3 tips:

The first tip is find a model/unit you're just absolutely enamored with and build around it.

The next two tips are ones that a lot of people hate but are true/handy none-the-less.

The second tip, is if you do go the space marine route, to create your own chapter and colors/helraldry.

The third tip is, again if you go the space marine route, only buy models that can be used in any codex.

It's what I've done and minus a few models that are codex/army specific, i can freely flip back and forth between Blood Angels and Crimson Fists (my own chapter based off of these chapters/codexes that is) at will and keeps me interested/playing.

04-04-2011, 20:36
i know you want to play as the imperium(power armored armies) but:

tyranids are a super fun army to play as. they have some of themost interesting and unique units in warhammer 40k,

like the deathleaper, which is considered invisible to any shooting attack that is more than 18 inches away from it, since it uses a super night fighting rule where as its just 3d6 to see, instead of 3d6x2 as usual.

ymgarl genestealers are almost too much fun to use. they can move, run and assault when they show up on a previously selected piece of terrain, making them a huge threat to anything, and having the option to move run and assault all when they show up is huge. youre guarantee to do major damage with ymgarls

the doom of malantai can kill entire terminator squads just by being within 6 inches of them, as well as any other type of model. the unit makes a leadership test on 3d6 and for every point they fail the leadership test by, a single model dies, so tectical marines have LD8 i think, so if they roll a 5, a 4 and a 6 for the leadership test, thats 7 points over their initial leadership, so 7 models outright die, then to be even more awesome, the doom of malantai gains the wounds that were taken from the tactical marines and since he killed 7 models and has base 4 wounds, hed have 10 wounds, since the maximum amount of wounds you can go to is 10.

tyranids are so much fun for 40k, and like you said, youre looking for an army for friendly games and modelling. well alot of the models for tyranids have to be converted, which can be llots of fun and is one of the reasons i like the tyranids so much,
theres: harpys, shrikes, tyrannofexes, tervigons, tyranid primes, parasite of mortrex, doom of malantai. all of these models must be converted, since theres no actual plastic model for them, so your tervigon or harpy or doom of malantai will always be different from everyone elses.
i never liked conversions for the imperium, since it doesnt take alot of thought or creativity to convert it.
trust me, tyranids are a very fun army to use, and can still be competitive with the right army list.

i also play dark angels, theyre a fun army to use, since they are divided into deathwing and ravenwing. deathwing are a faction composed exclusively of terminators for troops and dreadnoughts for elites and land raiders for heavy support. these armies are plenty of fun, but if youre not careful, you can be easily outnumbered in larger games. the ravwnwing are a faction composed exclusively of bikes for troops and land speeders for fast attack. theyre a bit more tactical to use since the bikes come in small units of 6 maximum and the land speeders arent very strong with their armor value of 10 , but can still be very effective if you make good decisions with your models. i win almost every game i use them in since theyre bikes, making them extra fast.

but anyways, what you wanna play is your decision. if youre set on playing imperium, ignore what i said about tyranids. maybe do some research into the dark angels if you like.