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05-04-2011, 05:39
Hey friends.
Ive got a local tournament (8th edition rules) coming up in acouple of weeks and wanted to run this list by you.

General: 160pts
Herald of Tzeetch with Flames of Tzeentch and Winged Horror

Core: 264pts
10 Pink Horrors
12 Pink Horrors

Special: 375pts
3 Screamers
3 Screamers
3 Screamers
3 Nurglings

Rare: 205pts
3 Flamers
Beast of Nurgle

Total: 1004pts

Obviously it is a shooting based army. The Screamers and Herald fly around strategically and do as much damage as they can without being in danger (works best against melee heavy forces). The Nurglings are a small and short wall or can scout to disrupt other shooting armies. The Beast of Nurgle is there for it's extreme hardiness, send him in to take a beating and hold them back as long as possible.

This list has won 2 and lost 1 against a very tough and fast moving melee WoC army with a huge amount of trolls in it. The match I lost was due mainly to mass 1's and 2's on far too many spells and flamer missiles (that is what I tell my brother, the enemy general.)

Any and all advice is welcome. My main worry is how it will fair against another shooting heavy army.

05-04-2011, 06:09

It's feels strange to see a beast of nurgle and nurglings with so many Tzeentch units :)

Maybe try to give spell breaker to your herald, always good to have a "dispel scroll".

I would like to say get rid of the nurgle units and add more Horrors but since you're saying your list work it's probably not useful.

05-04-2011, 07:07
I really agree with the fact that it is weird and out of theme of the tzeentch army but this list is to do as well as I can in this upcoming tourney. The beast I have found very valuable against melee heavy armies due to his hardiness. Use him as a wall to slow your opponents hard hitting troops. The nurglings are there for a similar reason but also to use their scout ability against other shooty armies to really threaten their front lines. Basically to adapt to situations by absorbing damage :) what better use for rotting piles of diseased daemonic flesh.

05-04-2011, 08:09
I agree, when building a tournament list you make no concession and take what you need.