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05-04-2011, 13:19
So I've been trying to figure out what would be the best point range to start assembling an army at, as my wife and I have just gotten into the game recently. Our goal is to play at around the 2000-2500pt range but for the time being we think it would be best to start a little smaller while we're still learning the rules. As a result we're going to start building our armies from 1500, and work our way from there.

So before I go out and make any more major purchases (I've already gotten buying/starting to paint the core units) I figured it would be best to ask for a little help on my general assembly. Feel free to criticize as much as you'd enjoy, there's certainly a lot to pour over when it comes to tabletop games so I'm hoping that I at least have a good idea when it comes to my army. So far I'm looking to run:

40 Clanrats (with spears and shields) -200
40 Clanrats (with shields)- 180
Poisoned Wind Mortar x2 - 130
35 Stormvermin (full command, storm banner, fangleader w/poisoned attacks)- 320
10 Gutter Runners (snare nets, slings, deathrunner)- 142
Tretch Craventail- 145
Hell Pit Abomination (with warpstone spikes)- 250

This list so far should leave me with about 133 points left over, which I was contemplating putting into a Warlock Engineer or two. From what I'm reading the HPA seems to be the cheesiest thing on the list, but I really enjoy the look/feel of it and would like to run at least one big monster. I've also noticed most Skaven players really seem to enjoy taking Queek (probably because he's awesome), but Craventail seemed like a more 'interesting' character to run with.

Any thoughts?

05-04-2011, 22:54
Hey there, I don't have much experience with skaven or 8th ed as of yet, but a couple of little details, adding command groups for the clanrats, or at least banners and musicians would help with the scenarios and for free reforms. Also poison is popular on the gutter runners to help take out warmachines. Otherwise, looks Ok to me, and an engineer would be a good choice, just so you can get some experience with magic.

06-04-2011, 01:53
Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely update my clanrats for banners and musicians, as the free reforms would be pretty helpful. I also wasn't entirely sure how useful the poison would be, though the idea is to clearly take care of those weapon teams/whatever that would be sitting in the rear.

Any suggestions as far as an Engineer? Is it worth upgrading him to a lv 2 caster, or just keeping him around for the doomrocket?

06-04-2011, 02:04
I always upgrade my Engineer to Lv2 and give him a doomrocket, which would fill up the rest of your points quite evenly. But adding commands on the clanrat units (which I recommend as well) leaves you with 93pts to spend on him.

Warlock Engineer, Lv1, warp-energy condenser and warplock pistol fills that exactly, and while he doesn't come with the pie plate of doom he can still throw out a decent amount of S5 at range because he should always be subbing in warp lightning, since the condenser boosts it by another two hits and gives you another chance to channel.