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05-04-2011, 15:10
So i recently found a bunch of empire models in my bitz box and started painting a few of them. So i decided to expand on what i already had and wrote a list and came up with this.

Archlector: War Altar, Van horstmann's speculum, AoMI, Rod of Power and a great weapon.

Captain: BSB, Full plate armor, Talisman of Preservation. (goes with Greatswords)

Captain: Warhorse, Barding, Full plate armor, Sword of sigismund, shield. (goes with the Knights).

Warrior Priest: Dawn armor, Great weapon. (goes with Halberdiers).

Battle Wizard: lvl2, wizard staff, dispel scroll.

30 Halberdiers: Full command, shields.

30 Spearmen: Full command, shields.

13 Handgunners

13 Handgunners

9 Knights: Full command, razor standard.

30 Greatswords: Full command.

Great Cannon


Steam tank.

Total of 2500p.

Out of this i already have the cannon, 20 spearmen, 16 handgunners and 1 knight.

All comments are greatly appriciated.

I got some questions aswell, is it possible for the Archlector to join a unit with his War altar?

Torpedo Vegas
05-04-2011, 15:45
I think you have too many Characters. I'd drop the Captain going with the Knights. If you really want someone with them, give them a mounted Warrior Priest for hatred.

Spearmen are the weakest troops we have in small numbers, I'd just call them halberdiers. Making those handgunners detachments will add some extra charge resistance to your state troops. I think shields as a whole are a waste, if you want shields, just pay for Swordsmen. They are tougher and have a higher weapon skill.

I personally don't care for the Steam Tank anymore, it doesn't pay off as much nowadays. I'd drop it and use the points to up your Core troops to 40 men each, get some detachments and grab an extra cannon or mortar. Redundancy is a very important thing.

And you haven't listed the Greatswords unit size or what they have, you seem to be implying that you have them if BSB is anything to go by.

No, the Arch Lector on a War Altar cannot join a unit.

05-04-2011, 16:43
I either planed to use the handgunners to cover one flank or as detatchments.

The Tank and the knights i plan to run down one flank.

It's a good point about the mounted Captain and by using a Warrior Priest instead would be better.

I did check that the characters are within the limit. Though that Wizard was added last minute.

electors champion
06-04-2011, 21:52
i dont see much point in the knights id drop them and go for 2 units of 5 naked. even then probably just one. theyre support troops now not linebreakers unfortunately. and the tank does work extremely well lore of life has been changed, regrowth is wounds now not models so you can heal the tank with that. the captains quite good though cheap and hitty. also handgunners cant hold the flank they will be up against fast cav, block infantry, heavy cav, skirmishers (which will make a mess) and you will almost certainty lose to all of them. our handgunners just dont hit hard enough to make up for being crap shots. again theyre best for supporting fire not for holding lines.