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06-04-2011, 03:59

Now that I've had a chance to read and ponder the 'Ard Boyz scenerios for this year, I made a list. Its got a mix of magic and fighty characters, and a few big blocks for combat goodness. The scenerios this year seem to favor close combat units and bigger blocks to meet in the middle of the board.

3000 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster

Vampire Lord (400 pts) (Vampire Lore)
General, Level 3 Upgrade, Crown of the Damned, Helm of Commandment, Dark Acolyte, Master of the Black Arts

Vampire Lord (350 pts) (Vampire Lore)
Blood Drinker, Ironcurse Icon, Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred, Red Fury

Vampire (200 pts) (Vampire Lore)
The Flayed Hauberk, Dawnstone, Ghoulkin, Infinite Hatred

Wight King (225 pts)
BSB, Drakenhoff Banner

Skeleton Warriors x19 (172 pts) (Vampire General goes here)
Full Command

Crypt Ghouls x 39 (320 pts) (Vampire Hero goes here)
Crypt Ghast

Crypt Ghouls x40 (328 pts)
Crypt Ghast

Grave Guard x29 (423 pts) (Wight King BSB goes here)
Full Command, Great Weapons, Banner of the Barrows

Blood Knights 9 (580 pts) (Combat Lord goes here)
Full Command, Royal Banner of Strigois

Total: 2998

Jack Shrapnel
12-04-2011, 16:02
Looks pretty good... one suggestion would be to find a way to get the flag of the blood keep instead on the blood knights... they're going to be the target of all the cannons, bolt throwers etc that people are going to bring to take out the big monsters... drakenhoff not as good in this respect as those that can will have some flaming shooting to take out those aboms.... that 4+ ward against all missiles from blood keep has saved me numerous times....

13-04-2011, 05:38
Too many Blood Knights for my taste, anything with High I and a decent W.S and Strength will tear through that unit, especially at Ard Boyz'.

For example, White Lions, MoT/N Warrior units with Banner of Rage, Black Guard with Armor Piercing Banner, Grail Knights, Slaves flanked by H.P.A, Swordmasters, Witches with Caldorun, anything else you can think of.

Perhaps spend the points on a larger bunker unit for your Lord, or more ghouls or even a Black Coach -though against the meta currently, it is a b*tch to fight in the early turns of a game tar pitting expensive units with flying its ward etc. . .

13-04-2011, 14:12
on the magic lord i would suggest forbidden lore over dark acolyte. an extra +1 to cast or know all the spells, trust me the amount of times my level 4 has failed to get the spells he needs.

blood knights, personly i wouldnt but i mean, its personal prefference.

and coaches are really good at sucking your oppents dice up (and yours:cries:) and when they fly and are etherial cant really be killed without 200+ trying to stop them so they allways earn there points back in some way.

i like the list though, when its 3000 points things tend to get really awsome. really fast.

13-04-2011, 14:58
I like the list, bloodknights are new, I usually see this list with a Black Coach or a Vargulf or even banshees, but I suppose everyone has their favorite frosting.

16-04-2011, 19:20
i like the list a lot, its a shame you couldnt get the points for a ward save on the vamp lord with the blood drinker but in most cases it probably isnt necessary. Unlike the others who have commented i believe blood knights are fantastic, you just have to pick your combats carefully which is the same with every knight unit these days. For my dark elves i have a tooled out unit of cold one knights which performs exactly the same role as those blood knights and it is one of the main reasons i win most games i play (and dark elves dont get a blood drinker lol). Against many opponents in ard boyz you might have to keep them back for a couple of turns so that your other units can engage with the core of their army so the blood knights can smash whatever awesome unit they have.

16-04-2011, 21:20
I cant really fault it. Other than rare. Is it too much of a risk against certain (more shooty) armies? Jezzails, hand gunners, organ guns will wither them down to small size.

true, Ive found the bloodknight 'freight train' to be lethal in 3k games. But a coach would also tempt me. Or, 2 units of 1 banshee/6 Wraiths would apetise me aswell.

I woudl probably lean against the coach (before itr become evil snatas sleigh, cannons love it). And, you usually are more reliant on magic than your opponent.

Tough call. But this is probably my only quiry with your list. Good luck from england!##


17-04-2011, 14:08

Thanks for the comments! So the 'Ard Boyz tourney was yesterday, and I placed 2nd! Was a couple points away from 1st. Not a bad showing.

Generally I wouldn't have taken the Blood Knights, instead opting for Varghulfs and/or a Black Coach (Not a fan of Wraiths). The Blood Knights were a choice I made because of the scenerios (specifically the third one) where a lightning blast or two would smoke most single models/small units.

Game 1:
Opponent was Chaos. No hellcannons, but lots of Khorne warriors to grind through led by Valkya (sp?). Unfortunately he didn't have the flaming banner, and his spell rolls were horrible (no gateway or pandemonium). He had also never faced off against Graveguard backed up by the Helm. It was a massacre. Good start to the tournament!

Game 2:
Opponent was Chaos...again! This time there were 3 Hellcannons to deal with, backed up by two wizards and lots of Tzeentch warriors. This game was rough. First turn he Gateway'd, Purple Sun'd and Hellcannoned my 40 man block of ghouls with the bloody choppa off the board. Needless to say it was a bit demoralizing. I pressed on and managed to have the upper hand by turn 4, but I got a bit zealous with my Lords bunker placement and he got a nasty over run into the unit. My Lord went Poof! I ended up with a minor loss at the end of the game cause my Graveguard failed to chase down one of his only two warrior units left (ya, he rolled a 12 for flee distance to my 10).

Learned something important this game...Tzeentch halberd warriors with +1 strength and attack is sick when they have the frenzy banner.

Game 3:
Opponent was Orc and Goblins. Big block of savage orcs, big block of black orcs with Grimgor, 3 units of night goblins with 3 fanatics a piece. 3 goblin shamans and a savage orc shaman.

This game was lots of fun. I used Raise Dead to unleash all his fanatics early in the game and proceded to get my Battle Standard bearer with the Graveguard onto the center point. Then it got interesting. A fortunate lightning roll on the random chaos event took out all the fanatics and lots of his models, while leaving mine relatively unscathed. The graveguard and Blood knights took care of Grimgor and his boys.

It was a bloody battle, and a last ditch Danse got my unit of ghouls with the vampire hero onto the center point on turn 4 (which was crazy luck) cause the game ended after that. It was a massacre for me, and put me into 2nd place.

Overall it was great fun, and I'm looking forward to taking the Vampires onto the Semi-finals.

17-04-2011, 17:45
How well did your Blood Knights do?
Were they effective at that unit size?
What were they good against and what were they bad against?
Well done on 2nd place, sounds really fun.

17-04-2011, 18:20
Well done mate, glad you placed well and had fun.

Similar Q+A to the above would be appriciated.