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Van Horstmann
06-04-2011, 17:45

My normal gaming group are trying to organsie a "Triple Threat" tournament therefore, i thought i'd post here and see if anyone has any specific rules, ideas and tips to help things run a little more smoothly.

All advice is greatly appreciated regarding turn sequence etc.........

Many Thanks


06-04-2011, 18:05
If you've got the big rulebook, there's the Battle Royale scenario in there which puts forward suggestions for a multi-player game. I've played it a few times and they work quite well and put a different spin on the game.

06-04-2011, 18:09
An even number of opponents can be ideal since to some degree the armies will pair off, otherwise it'll almost always end up being 2 on 1, which while it can be fun it's easy for the odd man out to be a poor sport.

06-04-2011, 18:11
A lot of it comes down to who you get involved. Three-ways can be rather complicated in that someone usually gets more attention than the other two. This can lead to one person being the center of the whole thing, leaving the other two relatively untouched at the end making for less of a menage et trois and more of a two-on-one. Some people don't mind it, but others can end up resentful afterwards so I would make sure everyone who wants in is ok with that otherwise it can lead to problems.

From a pure rules stand point, I have found that the easiest method is a central objective and the winner is the one controlling it at the end. Assaults are only fought when a model owned by the player whose turn it is is involved. For simplicity firing into combat should not be allowed, but randomizing hits should be either on a 50/50 basis or a rough percentage (by increments of 18% so a single D6 per shot is used to keep everything rolling, unless you have other dice handy that can be rolled like D20s or D10s) does work too if you want to allow it. Templates would in that case just affect models covered and be required to cover as many enemy models as possible and that at least one model from both sides must be touched. Kill points can work to if you they are tracked as they happen and are only given to the player who makes the kill.

07-04-2011, 00:37
My group always played for an off centre objective, but it had a central position relative to all the players. We would have like to deploy from corners, but we used such large armies that it made it unfeasable (3000 pts) on the 4' x 8' table we used. We would often cut it down to a 4' x 6' table for our games, however (ie. we set up books or such to make a new edge).

Deployment was one guy had a 1' by 3' zone on the centre of the long edge and the others had 1.5' by 2' zones at the corners of the opposite long edge. The guy in the middle thus could get all his forces mobile easily while the others were separated from eachother by distance (and so usually only met at the objective) but had a harder time managing their forces with the thin deployment zones.

The goal was placed so that its centre was 2' away from everyone's deployment zones. Play for 6 turns. If only player has units within 6" at the end, then he wins. If more than one player does, then one of them needs twice as many points in units (based on original point cost) to win, otherwise it's a tie between those present.

Everyone had their own turns and things went easy enough with a few difficulties here and there. Magic was the hardest, and we haven't played this kind of game in 8th to try to work around the new rules. I know I dislike the battle royal method (never did like the Lord of the Rings turn system). What I would do now (and this is completely untested) is consider the two other teams in a 3 way battle as 'desperate allies' as describes on p138 of the rulebook and divide the dispel dice that way, maybe with +1 die each since they aren't friends at all. It makes the casting player a little stronger since there is no love lost between the other forces, and they would love to see eachother smashed to bits as much as the caster failing his spells, but it keeps things simple, which is always necessary.

07-04-2011, 09:07
One team of two against the third player works fine.
Relative points values are scenario-dependent
(especially with using the 6th edition scenarios).