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06-04-2011, 19:02
So my Orcs and Goblins are starting to come together, trying to keep a little Savage/Forest theme (the NGs are lead by Forest Goblins and painted in camouflage coulours)

SO Great Shaman (Fencers Blades, Lucky Shrunken head, lvl 4) = 290

Hero: 452
Savage Orc Big Boss (BSB, Armour of Silvered Steel, Luck Stone, Great Weapon) = 154

Orc Big Boss (Boar,Shield, Spear, Armour of Fortune) = 110 (General)

NG Shaman (lvl 2, Dispel Scroll) = 110

Goblin Big Boss (Great Weapon) = 39

Goblin Big Boss (Great Weapon) = 39

50xNGs (HW&S,Netters, Standard) = 205

38xSavage Orc Big Uns (AHW,Standard) = 428

49xNGs (HW&S,Netters, Standard) = 202

Special: 633
6xTrolls = 210

Boar Chariot = 85

Goblin Chariot = 50

Goblin Chariot = 50

9xSavage Orc Boar Boyz (Spear, Shields, Standard, Champion, Standard of Disipline) = 238

Rare: 290
Arachnarok = 290

Plan is to overwhelm on one flank with the Trolls, Spider and the Boar Boyz while the NGs/SO Big Uns hold the center and the chariots provide a little extra help.

Whould I be better of with some warmachines instead of the chariots?

With a re rollable ld 7-8 the centre should be able to hold while the General provides some much needed ld boost for the spider/trolls (hence the banner and Big Boss in the BB unit)

What do you ladz think?

09-04-2011, 10:27
Would I be better of with a Rock Lobba instead of the Boar chariot? Any other ideas?

09-04-2011, 11:44
Nice List. Im an O&G player myself although I have not played the with new rulebook yet (I shall soon). Are you sure you do not want any fanatics in your NG units? I think its a missed opportunity, even having one in each can sometimes give a huge advantage (and theyre fun too). I must admit Ive usually had little success with the boar charit, the rock lobba is more useful, with some luck you will deal massive damage. Id take one.


11-04-2011, 12:08
Yeah, I think Im going to drop the Boar Chariot for a Lobba, not sure about the Fanatics. At 25/each the cost starts adding upp rather quickly. I think Id rather have one wolf chariot than 2 Fanatics.

11-04-2011, 12:48
Lobba is very effective, perhaps a mangler squig and/or Doom Diver for some killy goodness?
Are the Boar boyz worth it? I've played two games against Chaos, and I prefer some hard hitting units with staying power (40x black orcs in Horde did pretty good)
Fanatics are tricky, especially with big units, as they can move into your own troops.
I rather go for Wolf Riders, they can disrupt the enemy and are cheap units, I'm going to try them in the next game. What do you give the Savage orcs? Two choppas gives them a lot of attacks, my 40 Savage Big 'uns killed a lot of Marauders... and held on pretty good, until they got the Chaos Lord in the flank ;(

11-04-2011, 13:57
The SO Big Uns have Dual choppas.
Not sure whether the boars are worth it or not, with the banner they can function as a rather expensive bunker but also dish out a little pain when needed. That and they are the most recent purchase so Id rather not drop them :P

11-04-2011, 16:59
1) Savage Orc Boar Boyz CAN NOT take magic standards - so drop the item!

2) Not so sure on having an Orc Big Boss as your general - I'd drop a boar boy to upgrade him to Savage Orc status! Doesn't seem 'right' as the army is almost pure Savage/Night Goblin - not to mention he'll get an extra attack for his frenzy! :D

3) Seeing that your General is going on a boar and will be running up with the Spider/Trolls I'd almost be tempted to combine the Night Goblin unit into one big unit, full command, netters, 1 fanatic and combine the 2 NG big bosses into one Warboss - they get better ld that way and will take forever to shift! :D The unit champ is there to take a challenge in behalf of the NG Warboss.

4) Boar Chariot is golden! It's T5, str 5, and hits like a ton of bricks! Get the chariot into a flank, cast the signature Goblin spell on it and it's now armor piercing, re-roll hits AND wounds - CRUNCH!

5) Lobbas - so/so, they funtion ok but not amazing. They do give you that option of hurting a high toughness unit with D6 wounds but they are too unpredictable - I just take 2 chukkas in their place and leave it be - the Lobbas come out in bigger games were I can spend a few points on them.

6) Savage Orc Boar Boyz - well apart from 'no magic banner' they are a great unit! I would keep them back, engage with the core units and tie the enemy down, then I'd hit hard with the boars/chariots from the flanks to break the enemy!

It's a tried and tested (and best of all), bloody tactic that plays to the strengths of the army! Plus by having a banner in the unit adds another point of fortitude on the army! More importantly it keeps the general closer to the lines so they all get his ld bonus.

Personally speaking I like to keep my general on foot and with the ladz and the BSB - but that's just a playing style preference, nothing wrong with him mounted (and he is cooler that way!).

Have fun Greenskin!

11-04-2011, 17:00
(and ps - it's more of a Savage/Night Goblin theme than Savage/Forest! There are not any Spider Riders! Looks more like the local Night Goblin tribe have brought in the Big Beefy Spider to help them out!)

11-04-2011, 18:25
I have been considering merging the blocks of NGs but just two infantry blocks seems a little, I dont know, little? :)
As for the no Spider riders part, while I do miss them I have converted the Wolf Chariots to be crewed by Forest Goblins with long legged spiders as mounts. If I merge the NG squads I will probably use the saved pts (55+another 10) to get myself some spider riders. I guess droping 10 NGs would give me enough pts for that as well as upgrading the Orc Big Boss.

Oh, and on one last note Savage Orc Boar Boyz most certainly CAN take a banner :P

11-04-2011, 21:54

I'll check it out again tonight!

11-04-2011, 23:24
"1) Savage Orc Boar Boyz CAN NOT take magic standards - so drop the item!"

Yes they can. It's SO on foot (the non-bigun variety) that can't take a banner. All boar boys (savage, orc, regular, big'un) can take banners up to 50 points. Just looked at the new O&G book on this one.

As far as the banner choice, ld is not bad, flaming would be the other consideration. I assume discipline is to help prevent baiting. Seems easier to send accompanying wolf riders and/or wolf chariots to tackle diverters. Flaming is nice vs hydras (I2) and trolls(I1). Not good against abom-save that for the spider.

I'd make the hero for the sav orc boar boys just a hero and put the gen in with the Savage orcs to keep him in the center of the line. Could make the Shaman the general-LD 8 isn't great, but really not bad with the BSB nearby.

I'd trade in the 2 gobbo heros for a 2nd NG shaman. I've found that between the mushroom and the stealin' ability, they tend to (almost) generate their own dice. Plus a better chance to get great spells like Itchy nuisance.