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07-04-2011, 15:27
Can a character in a frenzied unit (i.e Doombull in a Minotaur unit) grant his unit immunity to the Berserk Rage rule by charging solo since the unit can't charge as a character has left that turn? The rule simply says the test is done 'during the charge sub-phase', not at the beginning.

The two arguments would be this:

-Doombull charges out. All charges are declared. The player whose turn it is decides that now is the time he will test to restrain his frenzied units etc. He doesn't have to test for Minotaurs as a character charged out this turn so no charges are possible.


-Beginning of turn. The Doombull wants to charge out of the unit but since the Minotaurs are able to charge at this point, charging the Doombull out would be the same as deciding the Minotaurs would not charge and thus requires a test to see if the whole unit doesn't just charge as one.

I know it is a confusing question but it came up in my last game and we rules that it was a valid tactic. This was a Battle Royale scenario, it was the last turn, and his Minotaurs were on an objective. Rather than even have to test, he simply charged out with his character to guarantee his Minotaurs would stay put on the objective.

07-04-2011, 16:31
I'm just going to offer my opinion here.

It seems to me that the unit is under the compulsion to charge until it either declares a charge or successfully tests to restrain. And it seems to me that you should first decide whether or not the unit will declare a charge before you consider declaring charges with a character within the unit.

This maintains the "integrity" of the Berserk Charge rule.

On the other hand, I can't see any rule that says which charge you have to decide on first: the character's or the combined unit.