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09-04-2011, 20:41
Well, I wasn't really sure where to post this, but this seemed to be the most appropriate forum area to post this in.

So anyways, I was thinking of starting up another 40k army and I'm stumped as whether to choose the Dark Eldar or the Imperial Guard. I'm not looking for fluff or anything here. I'm looking more for how they play on the tabletop, what their advantages/disadvantages are, which army has more powerful weapons, etc.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

10-04-2011, 00:44
for me IG is funnier than the DE. you can adopt various and different strategies, from the infantry blob list to mechanized, veterans, ordnance and so on. i like the idea of the simple man who, with only a poor armour and his courage, can face the horribleness of chaos, tyranids, orks and various aliens. the DE have a difficoult gameplay style that i don't share and like, but this is a personal judgment. i don't play nor DE nor IG, so i cannot analize in a deep way their peculair features, but i think that the world would be a better place with more IG armies^^

10-04-2011, 04:45
IG is stronger, but DE look better. :p
But even if you would choose DE: I would wait till the 2nd wave of the DE.

10-04-2011, 05:06
I play both Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard.

I find the Dark Eldar to be a more fun army to play with because they participate well in all three phases of the turn; Movement, Shooting and Assualt. In the movement phase you are moving lightening fast Raiders, Jetbikes, and Hellons. In the shooting phase you are using your Dark Lances and splinter weapons which are excellent for taking down monsterous creatures. And the assualt phase is an absolute joy thanks to the open topped transports allowing for an assualt on the turn the unit disembarks.

The Imperial Guard on the other hand tend to be much more static. You'll do most of your action in the shooting phase. Make no mistake, it is certainly fun to drop a few small pie plates on the table, but you won't feel as involved as you do with the Dark Eldar. You'll find most of your tactical decisions revolve around what to shoot at, whereas with the Dark Eldar you are making decisions on where to movie and who to assualt. Imperial Guard can basically forget about the Assault Phase. I would give the nod to the Imperial Guard for having the more advanced weapons.

This is totally up to the individual. I like the tanks of the Imperial Guard. With that said, I really do enjoy the extra attention that the Dark Eldar seem to have gotten recently. Their models are just abosolutely gorgeous.

Hoped this helped, you can't go wrong with either one really.

10-04-2011, 12:02
I have both armies... If im playing for fun, im usually using guard. I enjoy yelling "Corpses for the Corpse God!"

But DE are much more strategic. they are fragile and there have been many games where ive made a single mistake. as simple as moving something 4" instead of 6 and being out of an assault that i needed to happen, or placing a vehicle to far in the open, shooting the wrong thing or just forgetting to out right move a unit.

normally most armies can comeback from small mistakes. DE cant with out an uphill battle. this makes the army fun in a unique and challenging way which i quite enjoy.

in a nut shell, guard can be played in the cookie cutter style top tournament list, other then that they are a bit harder. DE on the other hand, are always different but will never fail to amaze you on the crazy things they can pull off.

10-04-2011, 15:42
I'd recommend you play DE(this is coming from someone is a die hard IG player) as they look nice and they are alot cheaper than IG to play......I statue all those new IG players who have to put up with 10 man boxesets and a poo starter box.

DE my friend, they are effective, have dead sexy models and you dont have to buy that many of them to get an army together

10-04-2011, 16:32

IG is one of the most competitive armies out there but guess what? Every one of those lists is parking lot.

I know a guy with a IG list with 10 Chimeras, Manticores, Vendetta cheese on cheese who never lost the past 13 games but all he does is... parking lot. Why move when you can stay still and shoot your heavy weapons?

He spent like $1000 on an army just to be able to play ... parking lot. >_>

Dark Eldar is much harder to play than IG and needs much more strategy than just shoot everything and has better models. Also Dark Eldar players are much more rare than IG players.

10-04-2011, 17:11
I'm looking more for how they play on the tabletop, what their advantages/disadvantages are, which army has more powerful weapons, etc.

If you want an array of powerful special weapons and some seriously heavy firepower on fast skimmer vehicles, play Imperial Guard.

If you like using mechanized infantry, or huge foot mobs with strong lasting power and lots of dakka, go with Dark Eldar.

10-04-2011, 18:39
If you aren't confining yourself to highly competitive tournaments, Guard. For variety.

Outside of the very top tier highly competitive lists, both DE and Guard can run any number of different lists.
There is far more to IG than a tank park- Air cav, all infantry- including assault infantry and mixed, as well as fully mechanised are all very good builds, but are either slower to play or more fragile than full mech guard.

The advantage is, these are all core builds, that use heavily overlapping models, and will not be invalidated by codex changes, core rules changes, or 40K equivalent of 7th ed Daemons.
Plus, Guard armies can be a modellers paradise, due to the range of stuff you can use.

11-04-2011, 01:41
If you want an array of powerful special weapons and some seriously heavy firepower on fast skimmer vehicles, play Imperial Guard.

If you like using mechanized infantry, or huge foot mobs with strong lasting power and lots of dakka, go with Dark Eldar. SgtTaters, isn't that backwards? :cool:

11-04-2011, 01:51
In terms of raw competitiveness, IG will probably be better, but DE are still a very strong army (IG happen to be their great achilles heel however). However, it's hard to compete with slapping down 15-20 unsquadroned tanks and 75-100 infantry in a 2000pt list, very brutal, and looks cool as hell. That said, DE are still a solid competitive army, so unless you're looking to play nothing but 'Ard Boyz games (where IG *really* good due to the high points limit) then I wouldn't use this as a basis really, both should do you just fine.

In terms of what you can do with the armies, the IG may be a bit more flexible simply due to the sheer number of units, DE variation will typically depend on what Troops you end up using, thus dictating the rest of your list.

With regards to visual effect, that's highly subjective, but if you are only looking at GW core kits, DE will probably look better overall. Cadians desperately need head swaps, and catachans look...awful. If you are looking at lots of conversions and FW or 3rd party kits, you can go literally anywhere with IG to any extent you wish, they can be made into whatever you want.

In terms of cost, a DE army will be significantly cheaper in almost every respect.

In terms of how they play, IG typically will be purely shooting, with a heavy emphasis on long range. Lots of autocannons, blast templates, multilasers, and the like. Often you'll see either 140-200 infantry or double digits of AV12/14 tanks and skimmers. Nobody can field the same volume of infantry or tanks (or both) that IG can. Blob platoons are an exception however. Close Combat generally is not a place this army likes to be. Many games you'll have turns where you don't move a single unit. IG armies can often sustain huge casualties and still be mostly functional, losing half a dozen tanks and forty infantry in a single turn is enough for many armies to be nearly tabled, while an IG army can stick through it and win quite often.

"Casualties are acceptable, Failure is not"

"What I cannot crush with words, I will crush with the tanks of the Imperial Guard"

These hold much relevance with how this army plays.

DE will almost always be heavily mechanized. While DE can pack in some decent long ranged firepower with lances, they don't have much long ranged anti-infantry firepower, and their infantry are best in close range firefights or assaults. Speed is essential, and almost everything is always moving, and moving fast. This army does not like taking casualties, and is much easier to hurt than just about any other army out there, but is also better at exploiting local superiority than almost any other army.

DE are an army that wins by overwhelming one area of an enemies force and keeping their opponents from bringing their entire army to bear against them, they must divide in order to conquer.

11-04-2011, 07:30
More people are interested in a pickup game with a DE player than the drudgery of fighting a parking lot full of tanks and melta-vets. It may just be my opinion, but player against guard is dull-you know exactly what they're going to do every turn, it just comes down to the dice.

That's not to say Guard can't be interesting, but most lists I see (I play tournaments and pickup) are pretty similar, which is a shame. The book is so good (or over-powered, you might say) that its hard to make a truly terrible list. Also, Blood Angels tend to trash guard and they're kinda popular right now...

Dark Eldar vs. Blood Angels is a fun fight.

11-04-2011, 11:31
It may just be my opinion, but player against guard is dull-you know exactly what they're going to do every turn,........ but most lists I see (I play tournaments and pickup) are pretty similar, which is a shame. ......., Blood Angels tend to trash guard

This points out one thing.

If you're going to be a Guard player, don't be an average one, using predictable lists. It doesn't stretch you, and makes for very difficult games when you run into an army designed to counter it.

This isn't universal, but very often, people who have only recently got into Guard tend to have those unimaginative lists and tactics. This is at least partially to do with the sheer time and money it takes to build a Guard Army, and mech heavy ones are quicker and somewhat cheaper.

People who have been playing Guard for longer, and especially since the Old codex and or 4th ed, tend to have more models, and so be more adventurous with lists, and hence with tactics. People are understandably reluctant to just buy and paint another 120 infantry, and convert some rough riders, and, and and..... Low guard points values means it costs much time and money

11-04-2011, 12:09
i do both as well...

DE are way better if you want a 'refreshing' experience i have had only a few games with them under the new dex and they are very nice. even if 'raider' spam is the way to go it plays very different and while i was having fun i forgot to jump my wyches out:mad: still my inubi made a big mess :evilgrin:.

they are fast and can hit hard, (flicker field for the win!). It just depends on your mindset i cannot help having thoughts of dark laughter when the incubi come out to play hmmm methinks this week i had better scare someone with them. Most of all you will be probably the only one playing them in your area (thats my situation) so folks will be more willing to have a game...

11-04-2011, 12:37
Dark Eldar.

Win or lose, you look good doing it.

11-04-2011, 19:22
On the tabletop:

Guard - you'll generally win games, but you probably won't strain your brain too hard in most games. Guard games tend to come down to target priority and rolling lots of dice.

DE - you'll win games if you make good moves, and most every game will have you straining your brain a bit. DE games tend to come down to positioning, target isolation and focus fire, and mobility.