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11-04-2011, 09:39

This may seem like a really basic noob question, but I've heard and read a lot about how you can use units to redirect and was wondering what exactly this means, what the advantages of the stragety is and how do you achieve it in a game?

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11-04-2011, 10:55

If you asked in 7th ed, you'd have a long thread about it. Basically the idea was you could use throwaway units (think slaves, skinks, etc) to force an opponent's hand. I.e. sitting about an inch away from his front at an angle - he either charges you, and watches his expensive unit go off to the side of the battle and then spend another turn reforming, or refuses and his unit doesn't get to do anything.

In 7th ed redirecting your chargers basically didn't happen. Enemy in the Way was the only rule on it, and that was only if your target was directly in line with your initial charge.

However, in 8th ed, that's all changed. Enemies can use musicians and other free reforms and redirecting charges in order to basically not care. You can still use a throw away unit to deny a turn of charging, but it won't put them out of position nearly as much, so its an expensive way to get a turn's relief - especially as charge distances are so much more unreliable now. Originally you could say with certainty where and with what facing the enemy unit will end up, and position accordingly. Not any more. Obviously, still worth doing on some occasions, but its usually not worth points, especially as flank charges are so much weaker.

Redirecting charges... I will leave to someone else. Its not exactly complicated tactics anyways.

11-04-2011, 19:37
It still works against frenzied troops though.

As well as having to test to restrain from charging the nearest enemy, they also must pursue and must overrun. So you can let them charge a unit on a silly angle to force overrun exposing the frenzied unit's flank. Or you can hit them in the flank, lose but not get wiped out and they have to pursue out to their flank...

But in general, you can't control enemy units movement like you could in 7th. And that's a good thing.5 man units of skirmishers shouldn't be the most powerful and useful units in any warhammer army.

11-04-2011, 19:48
You can still redirect by putting a throwaway unit in front of your opponents unit at an angle so that if they over-run/pursue then they go away from something for valuable. However, you have to Hold with the redirecting unit in order for this work. So, it's at best a temporary solution, unless you have multiple redirectors. I played a game at the weekend vs a Skaven player with 6 warlock engineers, so I can tell you that redirecting is still very much alive in 8th edition.l

Lord Solar Plexus
12-04-2011, 11:57
Redirecting is a rule that allows the charging unit to assault someone else if the first target flees.

Putting a unit in front of an opponent at an angle I would rather call diverting. If you have cheap diverters, it can buy you some time to get another round of warmachine fire off, as even though the enemy can reform, he will only have moved an inch or so.