View Full Version : Chaos Dwarfs - Indy GT rules

11-04-2011, 10:57
Hi all,

I have decided to tinker with a new army while I play my other WHFB armies and get used to 8th Ed rules etc.
This army will be a labour of love, only to be played in Gaming clubs against friends (due to the unofficial rules and alternative models etc).

I am going to be starting a Chaos Dwarf army using he Indy GT rules. I have tried finding the Ravening Hordes rules but cant get them anywhere.
I am using the Mantic Games Abyssal Dwarf models along with some GW bits and the AoW lord mini.

I will post my first list when I get home this evening but I am aiming to include models/units I have so far:

High Priest of Hashut
Chaos Dwarf Overlord

Chaos Dwarf Warriors (25)
Chaos Dwarf Warriors (25)
Annihilators (Blunderbusses) - 2 units of 20ish
Hobgoblins (40ish)

Death Rockets x 2
? Obsidian Guard (20)
Hobgoblin Spear Chukka x 2 or 4

Earthshaker Cannon x 2
Chaos Hellcannon

Thats what I have already and I will try to work in to a playable list.
Any help, criticisms, comments, suggestions will be gratefully received.

Thanks guys