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11-04-2011, 16:00
Hey, I'm entering a friendly local tournament soon (2000 pts) with my vampires, but havnt played them in 8th ed. Any comments welcome, I will be playing any of the following: Orcs, Brets, Empire, Wood Elves or Ogres.

Vampire Lord 305
Cadaverous Cuirass
Blood Drinker
Infinite Hatred

Mannfred The Acolyte 185

30x Crypt Ghouls 248

40x Skeletons 380
Full Command

30 x Grave Guard 435
Full Command
Banner of Barrows

5x Blood Knights 410
Full Command
Banner Blood Keep
Balefire Spike

Total 1963

I'm not too sure what to do with the leftover points, maybe a scroll or something?
Thanks in advance

11-04-2011, 16:34
Yep, scroll on Mannie should be ok.

Anyway, if possible I'd suggest swapping out the skellies for Ghouls. I had been using one of each, as you plan, but in the end the ghouls prove much more effective. I'm sure a lot of people will back me up on that. Use the points from the skellies to get as close to 2 units of 40 Ghouls as you can.

Graveguard are fine (glad to see no Drakenhoff in there...particularly if you're playing "friendly"), Blood Knights are too (I'm assuming the lord is going here?). All in all it's a decent list that's not OTT at magic or combat (no regenning GG and an average lord). So good luck!

12-04-2011, 08:06
Yeppp the lord will lead the Blood Knights, hopefully destorying anyting in combat whilst raising the knights up as they die.

I was planning on the ole' Drakenhoff in the Grave Guard but the 300 odd points it would be was too much , I thought I'd prefer the hard hitting Blood Knights instead

12-04-2011, 22:12
skeletons arent all that good in 8th and 40 is a bit excessive maybe replace them with 30 ghouls and but a cheap necromancer with dance macabre.

personally i am not a fan of a combat lord but its your choice but can i plead that you take crown of the damned on him a 4+ ward save is always nice especially for a combat character and the stupidity shouldn’t be a problem with LD 10 and a BSB nearby.

and great weapons for the grave guard all the way and having banner of barrows is always nice.

over all a nice list cant really complain, just tweak

13-04-2011, 07:58
great weapons for the grave guard all the way and having banner of barrows is always nice.

Yeah I can see how in 8th Great Weapons are probably so much better for GG (especially if I do run Drakenhof) but I mad all the GG sword and board back in 7th so for the time being I'm gonna have to use them like that