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11-04-2011, 22:56
I have a solid block of my beastmen army done, 30 bestigors, 60 gors some minotaurs and stuff. However I have no idea what to do with my ungors I have 30 of them to put together and I don't know how ot run them. Currently for my characters I have a doombull, gorbull bsb, great bray and a normal bray. I'll be going into town tommorow to get a beastlord and maybe another bray or bsb.

Havent done any adding up yet but a rough list in my head would be with what I have now...


2 Brays

Gorebull bsb

5 minos

30 bestigor

30 gors with ahw x2

6 ungor raiders x4

Now for another list should I drop the doombull and gorebull? and run a great bray plus 2 normal brays? then get some beastlords/wargores? and should I run the ungors as solid blocks or raiders again?

11-04-2011, 23:16
I'd give them handweapons and run them as a steadfast block.

12-04-2011, 02:11
I would use them with handweapons and just leave them as a bunker for your shamans. Otherwise just use them as a paper weight.

12-04-2011, 15:15
I'd run the Gor 40 20. Options for watch tower, ambush or shaman bunkerage.

With such a large unit of gor you won't need steadfast ungors so you can stick to the 4 units of raiders you have planned.

You may also want 1 more minotaur so you needn't chose between a champion or Look Out Sir!

12-04-2011, 17:28
I'd give them handweapons and run them as a steadfast block.


Or as Raiders (4 groups of 5?)

I actually don't play Beastmen (yet), but I lurk the Herdstone a lot and this seems to be the standard setup of Ungors.

12-04-2011, 17:42
Either use them as a bunker or take a big cheap unit just for the ranks, then combine them with a hammer for the kills.

12-04-2011, 21:18
I use them as a deep steadfast unit to tie up nasty units for a turn or two. That means handweapon and shield for the parry save.

13-04-2011, 18:36
40 ungors deep ranked are simply awsome. similar ranked units are crap statwise and don't have primal fury while elites are not as deep ranked so you can make sure it stays put till you get a damaging unit on their flank.

also raiders have some utility depending opponent. i've had a 5 ungor strong unit kill 2 warmachines and an engineer when fighting empire. i'll let you do the math

13-04-2011, 19:36
I've had 10 ungor raiders kill a block of 30 zombies over a few rounds. Was pretty funny.

Ungors are a funny unit. They have average stats (below average leadership) with a good combat special rule. Against a lot of chaff (slaves and non-net goblins) they fight like elites and have lots of ranks. Against solid combat units, they're cheap enough to maintain steadfast for a bit. So long as they're in the leadership bubble, ungors do pretty well for themselves.

13-04-2011, 19:37
I finally found a use for mine as skirmisher bodyguards if running Lvl 2 shamans.

13-04-2011, 22:46
30-40 are a good mage bunker (especially near a Shard of the Herdstone). 40 is steadfast and good for holding things off your flank.

Also it's the one unit cheap enough to experiment (or sucking) with Ambush.

I'm building a couple small 10-man units of Ungors to see how they perform. My intent is trying 20 w/ Ungrol. I expect them to suck compared to Harpies though but at about 1/3 the cost, and essentially the price of a single Razorgor.

If you don't have 10 Raiders they are handy too.