View Full Version : Khorne Horde w/ Festus

11-04-2011, 23:58
So I am playing in a 2.5-3k game this weekend with a friend of mine. His list is probably going to look something like this:

Ultra Killy Chaos Lord on stead
lvl 2 tzeench sorc

25 warriors, khorne extra hand weapon
25 warriors, knorne, extra hand weapon

Horde of 50 Chosen halbreds/great weapons, Tzeench (festus will be in this unit)

5 marauder horsmen

Im not really worried about much except for the unit of Chosen. Im not totally sure how to deal with them except for maybe not to deal with them at all.

I run and OnG list, probably going to look something like this

Blorc Lord AFS, 3+ armor, 4+ ward
Blorc BSB 4+ward
lvl 4 Savage shaman (or maybe normal..)
lvl 2 ng shaman
lvl 2 ng shaman
ng big boss, great weapon
ng big boss, great weapon
ng big boss, great weapon

Horde of 100 ng nets spears command
2x 30 ng nets spears command each with 1 fanatic
20 blorcs warbanner
2 doomdivers
Giant spider

if the games goes to three ill probably add 6 trolls and another unit of ng.

I feel like if i can kill festus i should do ok as that gets rid of the 5+ regen. But other then that im at a little loss. Any advise would be much appreciated

12-04-2011, 00:07
You can't beat that Chosen unit really; stick the NG's in to tie it up, deploying 5 wide to keep steadfast and keep the general and BSB nearby; throw all you attacks against the characters just to try and get some points. Use the rest of your army to take out the rest of his (which should be easy considering you'll have about 2300-2800pts (depending on game size) to take on his 1500-2000pts.

Also, might be worth pointing out to him that as a friend he should have some semblance of a care as to whether you enjoy the game.

And BTW, Festus regen. on the unit likely going to be moot as they have a good chance of getting the 3+ ward save.