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ago syb
12-04-2011, 00:26
So I went halfsies on an island of blood kit and now I've fallen in love with the skaven. I'm not committed yet, but before I go crazy and spend a month's "for fun" money on a kajillion plastic ratmen, is this list good? I've done some research but this would be my first try at fantasy since 5th or 6th edition @_@

Screaming bell, no upgrades :[
30 clanrats for said bell with shields w/musician
poisoned wind mortar
50 naked slaves w/musician
50 naked slaves w/musician
50 naked slaves w/musician
40 stormvermin w/champ, storm banner, musician
warpfire thrower
2 doomwheels
2 warp lightning cannons
1 warlock engineer with doom rocket

I've got something like 40 points left over, no idea where that should go or retool the list. I'm all for suggesting clanrats over slaves, as it's less models I'd have to carry, but slaves just seem better at what they do (that is sit there and die)

13-04-2011, 04:11
IMO, your Clan rats should number at least 35, and the stormvermin can probably be dropped to around 30 (I run 32 in my list). In a list like this, I don't know if 3 large blocks of slaves is really worth it. Where slaves really shine is in armies with an HPA or 2, maybe rat ogres, and more shooty-ish things. I don't actually run any slaves at all in my normal lists, but run 2 blocks of Clanrats, 1 of stormvermin, and 1 of plague monks if I have the points to spare. If you do want to run slaves, I'd forgo either the Stormvermin or the Clanrats, and get Gutter Runners. And I never run Clanrats without full command.

No upgrades on your Grey Seer will cause him to, well... not be all that good. Skalm and several warpstone tokens at least will make him more effective.

At 2k, I also find it hard to justify 2 doomwheels. I don't run with 2 until I hit 2500 points, and then i load them both on one flank, to deal with any big gribblies that may be across the table. If theres no gribblies, then they kill warmachines...

No BSB hurts... You'll still have SiN and steadfast, but that reroll is amazingly valuable. And if you ever lose steadfast, you'll be thankful you have it

15-04-2011, 00:10
I agree with pretty much everything above, get some gutter runners with poisoned slings, and scout them, the bell's unit it good, just need a full command, i'd give the engineer an energy condensor for warp lightning

40 stormvermind I'd drop to 2 units of 20 and take doom-flayers

ago syb
15-04-2011, 03:32
thanks for the comments, much appreciated :]

06-05-2011, 03:23
yer i agree with those other comments

Mr Wizard
10-05-2011, 11:31
BSB is a good idea. Especially with slave units, you really don't want them breaking if they're shielding your less hordey formations. Also, if you're not set on the Bell, I find it just attracts war machine fire like nothing else and will invariably be destroyed before it's in range to do anything fun. Then again, I play against a few Dwarf armies, so I should really have seen that coming. Grey Seer on foot is still pretty damn potent.

Loving the idea of 2 Doomwheels. Just make sure they don't blow each other up before they get to eat anything. Doomwheel + Hell Pit might be a bit safer. For you, at least.