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12-04-2011, 07:58
Okay I've finally tested my 'ard Boyz list, against an excellent Empire player.
Its always hard to get a good win against him, I managed a Minor Victory on Scenario 2 (200 to some 600 or 700 pts is a Minor, won by 250 pts or something)

Scenario 2 probably advantaged him the most - no Line of Sight shenanigans from Scenario 1, no Lightning Storm to remove all 5 of his war machines on scenario 3.

So the test was a good one for me too and I pulled through even with 2 errors on my part!


Grimgor, Orc Great Shaman (4+ ward, reroll miscast result)
NG BSB (naked), Lv 1 NG shaman with scroll and ironcurse icon, lv 2 NG shaman
2 Goblin Big Bosses on Giant Wolves, Spear, armor kit, one with charmed shield, the other enchanted shield.

99 NG - Nets, Spears, Banner
59 NG - Nets, Spears, Banner, 3 Fanatics
8 Wolf Riders - Spears, Shields

40 Black Orcs, +1LD Banner
12 Big'uns boar boyz - spears, shields, Flame banner
6 Trolls
1 Wolf Chariot

1 Manglers
2 Pump Wagons - +1S, Flaps, +1D6 move

Arch Lector on War altar with Dawn Armor, Shield, the Toughness Tests sword
BSB with 1+ Armor, luckstone and not sure on weapon
Lv 3 Life mage with scroll
Lv 3 Shadow mage with the Power/dispel dice rod thingie

30 Swords + 15 Halberds
30 Swords + 15 Militia
30 Flagellants
10 Knights with Flame Banner, Great Hammers

10 Inner Circle Knights with +d3 move banner, lances
23 Great Swords
1 Cannon
2 Mortars

2 Helstorm Rockets

Sorry in advance for some blurry pictures, I was just taking pictures when I remebered to, not slowing the game to take better pictures!

Deployment as seen on those 2 pictures, including Vanguard (Sneaky tactic right there: Fast Cavalry characters deployed on their own to threaten and hunt war machines! :D )

Empire Deployment:
Knights - Flagellants in front of Cannon & Helstorm on a hill, Swords with Shadow Mage, Militia Detachment, Mortar, Great Swords with BSB, Swords with Life mage, Mortar, Halberd Detachment, Arch Lector on War altar, Helstorm, Great Hammer knights

His army is extremely well painted and entirely themed from the old Ulric army in Storm of Chaos - his 'Great Swords' are all metal models which hold Hammers, his War altar is simply amazing, everything is perfectly themed. Too bad all that doesn't matter at 'ard boyz ;D He did get 5th place for painting at the Adepticon (and his 40k team army got best theme, though its not his army as far as I'm aware, still he was part of the team with it!)

Okay enough about him, now for my super "just assembled army"~

Fast Cavalry on the left, vanguarded up, he charged me right away - Trolls (Mistake #1 way too far from Grimgor, I never realized that when I put them there haha) - Pump Wagon - Pump Wagon - Black Orcs + Grimgor - Large NG unit - Chariot - Mangler - Fanatic Bunker with Great shaman - Boar boyz all the way to the right

and the 2 goblin big bosses vanguarded ahead, out of charge reach for turn 1 (plus I doubt he wanted to break his battle line right away to charge me near the middle!)


Turn 1 - Empire

He got first turn obviously as he already made a charge when I took pictures O;

He proceeds to move forward a bit, with everything except War Machines of course,

Magic - didn't do much really, destroyed my Chariot, NG did not panic

Shooting - Cannon Misfires, no shooting next turn eight. Helstorm misfires, can shoot next turn. Mortar kills Black Orcs 6 dead and the other Mortar direct hits in the middle of my Night Goblins. Ouch! 22 dead. Helstorm misfires - no shooting next turn.

I got lucky with his bad luck... O_o

Combat - Wipes my Fast Cavalry, overruns into Trolls (hah! ITS A TRAP!)


Turn 1 - Greenskins

Animosity FAILS on Boar Boyz - They do not get to move D:
Pump Wagon #1 charges in the Knights, Pump Wagon #2 falls short (I should've gone for 4d6 move instead)
I move everything up as much as possible, goblin big bosses on wolves prepare for their next turn charge on war machines. Though the one on the right I had to get right there next to his detachment - so I knew he was gonna get charged.

Magic - I try to teleport my Fanatic Bunker into his flank for fanatic missiles - but fail to get double 6, he dispels. Didn't have enough dice for anything else.

Combat - Impact kills 2 Knights, He kills 1 troll, I kill 5 Knights with 5 Vomit :D and he breaks, I catch him with both units, trolls move the equivalent of 2 Stupidity turns, whew! Slowly catching up to the General!


Turn 2 - Empire

He reforms Flagellants to face my pump wagon and trolls
He moves his Misfired cannon which cannot shoot

He charges my goblin boss on the right, which I opt to flee through the Arch lector - blocking his detachment in front of the war altar - yay I'm safe.

Magic was rather poor on his part - nothing of importance again

Shooting got me a few more black orcs killed, ugh D: already down to 27 + grimgor - Not as many night gobilns died this time, thankfully - no misfires btw.

No combats


Turn 2 - Greenskins

Animosity is fine this time
I charge his cannon, one pump wagon suicides into flagellants to reduce them in number a bit
I fail to rally the fleeing boss but he doesn't run too far.

Everything else moves on up, Trolls move a magnificent 1 inch forward - stupid stupid.

Magic - I rolled 3.... BLARGH. Nothing happens.

Combat - Pump Wagon kills a handful of crazed men and the cannon is destroyed. And of course my suicide kill is Mistake #2 - it allows him a free reform toward my goblin boss who just destroyed the cannon and going for another war machine, oops.. gotta learn not to do that! O:


Turn 3 - Empire

Crazy Flailing Men charge my Ronery Goblin boss and overrun off the table
Halberd detachment moves 8" onto my Mangler, killing it and losing 9 of their numbers and on top of that he got close enough to release fanatics.. damn, too soon! D: He doesn't move up, he backs up... Damn gunline styles!

Magic - he shot 2d6 s4 at my big boss, which I somehow survive with only taking 1 wound.

Shooting - More direct hits on Night gobilns D: the unit is getting 'small' almost at half strength! Lost more Black Orcs as well.. so annoying.


Turn 3 - Greenskins

Animosity is fine

I charge my goblins into his Swords + life mage, no support can help him for now and the charge reaches! :D excellent

Pump Wagon goes into Helstorm rocket and destroys it

Big Boss on the right is rallied, I move boar boyz and night goblins up - I'm blocked by Fanatics which moved in front of me of course... -_- Trolls get to move 4" this time, stupid stupid.

Magic - All in! 6 Dice is all I have, 6 Dice is what I throw: double 6! BOOSTED FOOT OF GORK. That unit of 10 Knights you see, on the right, with Great Hammers - they only have 2+ armor save, so why not? Scatter gets a HIT, 5 Dead. 4+? Got it! Oh huh lets try on this unit of Great Swords, they're too close to my Night goblins! scatter 1" into what I would qualify as the most optimized way to place the template, weird huh? 17 dead! Ouch. That's payback for all your Mortars and Rockets!

Combat - I fluffed, so bad, on my spears attacks and bsb attacks didn't even wound the T3 mage... D: I actually lose combat but I hold. Oh yeah I netted myself of course....


Turn 4 - Empire

His flagellants are back on table, he moves his militia detachment right in front of my black orcs - not a charge, just blocking my way. Frustrating!

Arch Lector moves into position to flank my black orcs, Great Swords + BSB flank my Night Goblins, Halberds move into the woods avoiding my NG and Fanatics. His 5 knights move back toward the center, cowards!

Magic - This time, it was devastating, he got 12 dice. Hex and Augment time! I'm down to WS1 from Miasma, his swords get Pha's protection thing so I'm at -1 to hit him - I need 6s to hit his unit! D: Not good, not good.

Shooting - kills 2 more black orcs and he hits the other night goblins for some more kills too - lost a good chunk there.

down to half starting strength on black orcs and haven't seen combat yet!

Combat - Well, I of course fail to do enough wounds on his swords - he has 5 ranks. I'm down to 5 ranks, I'm no longer Steadfast, he breaks me - but FAILS to catch my unit. Okay my BSB is dead - but its ok - my important unit is still alive! My lv 2 got killed in combat btw.


Turn 4 - Greenskins

Animosity forces me to declare a charge on the knights which I of course fail to reach (he fled)

Black Orcs charge the Militia and destroy them, overruning like a inch short of the great swords which had defeated my night goblins.. CURSES! D: I NEEDED to reach them... Trolls manage to pass stupidity and move on up to be in the LD bubble!

Pump wagon veers out of control and goes near table edge... how useless -_-
NG block rallies and goes 5-wide 10 deep for obvious steadfastness (Grimgor is still close enough)

My fanatic bunker manages a charge on the war altar - I needed 8, rolled higher! :D

Goblin big boss fails a charge on helstorm, meh.

Magic - Everything goes wrong D: Miscast on 3 dice to teleport my boar boyz - My shaman dies right there. No more level 4. My level 1 takes the last 6 dice and casts Sneaky Stabbin' on the Night Goblins that charged the Arch Lector - time to destroy that chariot.

Combat - I manage 3 unsaved wounds on the war altar, good enough.
Already wrote of the Black orcs failing to overrun into great swords + bsb :[

Turn 5 - Empire

He "sidesteps" with reform + move, his great swords away from me. His swordies move in front of my NG Column but don't charge it. His Knights rally. He moves his helstorm in front of my boars to stop me from charging his knights again.

Flagellants also moved up a bit. The other sworsdmen on the left stood there.
Halberds moved near the middle.

Magic - He fails to meet cast value with his Life Mage - No healing on the war altar at all this turn, yay. He throws his remaining dice for Occam's Mindrazor on the Swordies my Black Orcs will be facing - I let it go anyway to dispel his arch lector's RIP spell

Combat - War Altar is destroyed... I win combat.. he rolls a 3 (he needed 4 or less) on his break test, dammit, I had his general! D:


Turn 5 - Greenskins

Black Orcs charge the S7 Swords, Trolls managed to not roll 11/12 for LD10 Stupidity and charge Flagellants along with the Flanking Pump Wagon. Boar Boyz charge the Helstorm Rocket, middle night goblins charge the swordies.

Magic - What Magic? All my shaman died :[

Combat - Black Orcs suffer like 3 dead to his 10 S7 Attacks, pfft. I destroy him - and I think I made an error here, are Hatred units forced to pursue? I'll go read this later. But I reformed into a useless position cause it was so late in the game anyway.

Flagellants down to 2 men after 10 Impacts, losing 2 trolls and then the last 3 with their 9 attacks - killed 9... wtf amazing rollign there! :D Pump wagon got destroyed though. And I forgot my stomp which probably would've killed the last 2. Meh. Its okay.

Middle: arch lector takes a wound, doesn't break cause he isn't losing by as much now and his bsb is near.

night goblins break the swords and I didn't catch him.

Boar boyz overrun but not close enough to hit anything, oh well.


Turn 6 - Empire

He charges my boar boyz with his 5 remaining knights
He rallies swordies and his BSB from the great swords charges my NG unit to help his archlector.

Magic - Curses! Double 6 on -D3 S strength sees my Big'uns reduced to S1(2)... :/

Shooting - killed more NGs for the heck of it.

Combat - Flagellants are finished off, victory reform to charge his swordsmen.
Knights break my Boar boyz but he fails to catch me (whew) I rolled 12 haha. I'm outta there!

Arch Lector + BSB lose by 1, they both hold.



Turn 6 - Greenskins

stupidity LD10

There's that 11 I was expecting. Trolls move forward instead of being able to charge.. ~_~

Black orcs + Ng in center charge the remaining great swords. He flees, I catch him.

Boar boyz - no musician, LD7 - RALLIED! whew.

Remaining wolf big boss suicides into halberd detachment (fluffed my attacks ]: )

Arch Lector + BSB hold against my NG


Game End.

What a crazy game.
I'll have to control my trolls better, but I'm pleased with the list.

99 NG - 23 Remaining
59 NG - 26 Remaining
40 Black Orcs - 10 Remaining + grimgor - Time to go recruit more Immortulz.

In the end I lost:

[270] Orc Great Shaman - Lv 4, Talisman of Preservation, Earthing Rod
[80] Night Goblin Shaman - Lv 1, Dispel Scroll, Iron Curse
[85] Night Goblin Shaman - Lv 2
[56] Goblin Big Boss - Charmed Shield, Light Armour, Spear, Giant wolf
[56] Goblin Big Boss - Enchanted Shield, Light Armour, Spear, Giant wolf
[65] Mangler Squigs
[75] Pump Wagon - Spiky Roller, Flappas, Out-Rigga
[75] Pump Wagon - Spiky Roller, Flappas, Out-Rigga
[50] Goblin wolf Chariot
[55] Night Goblin Big Boss - BSB
[100] BSB Slain
[50] 2 Banners captured

He lost

[75] 15 Free Company
[300] 30 Flagellants
[100] 1 Cannon
[230] 2 Helstorms
[100] 4 Banners captured
[304] 10 Inner Circle Knights with +d3 move banner, Lances & Shields, Musician
[254] 23 Great Swords - Banner, Musician

Not exactly sure on inner circle knights pt costs - I think its right.

Seems I win by 338! If I calculated everything right - though I think we had calculated 100 less but whatever, its still a Minor Victory (200+ pts for this scenario)

I destroyed his unit carrying the Blood-Soaked choppa (Flagellants core) and he failed to catch mine though I lost the choppas, but still he would get no bonus scenario points since he didn't destroy the unit. Btw my 99 NG unit had that thing - it gave me +1A and +1S, you can see how dangerous that is on this flagellants - S6 first turn, with Frenzy and sacrificing one or two to get reroll to hit and the 2nd one gives reroll to wound.

Of course that scenario would be perfect for Savage Orc big'uns, but I'm fine with my 99 S4 NG with Spears which get 5A per model (2A front, support rank, horde, spear rank) if I get charged ;D

I've altered my list for the tournament, dropping cavalry and chariot for another black orcs unit with flame banner and another mangler, also power scroll on the lv 4 and power stone on the lv 2.

I'll make a cleaner report of the tournament games~

And lesson learned: I have to pursue and catch those annoying broken units! ]: would've scored an extra 400 pts if I had pursued both sword units.

12-04-2011, 14:34
I don't know if that list was ard boys (either of them really) but a good fought game.

Nice that you got to show those empire boys the pain of templates :D

12-04-2011, 16:30
What is and what isn't a 'ard boyz list is up to interpretation.
I have dirty tricks in mind with the list I made - things I would definitely not use in friendly games.

But yes I softened my list up.

As for his list, well, it may not look like it, but because of how he plays - it doesn't really matter, he will handle most opposition unless its the over the top stuff like 50 chosen + 4 warshrines.

12-04-2011, 16:37
Don't think for a second that I doubt the skill of the players, and don't think I wasn't more happy to see more balanced lists when I opened this thread.

My remark was more on the title of the thread :)

What tricks do you have planned for this list? (Feel free to pm me if you don't want it out in the open.)

12-04-2011, 16:42
The fast cavalry heroes vanguarding on their own is a great silly trick to hunt war machines early on - they just don't expect you to field those heroes on their own instead of in the Fast cav unit on the left flank so they put war machines more to the right or over protect the war machines on their left and deploy other war machines on the right and then you can reach them easily.

Power Scroll teleporting a fanatic bunker in the flank of a battle line to possibly hit several units is also something I'd never do in friendly games.

Though I might use the Power Scroll on something else as well, but just the teleporting of a fanatic bunker, 1" away from the enemy, is a bit unfriendly :D

For round 2 I will definitely go with a harder list

12-04-2011, 17:23
Urm, big bosses on wolves don't appear to have the fast cav special rule, ergo, no vanguard (as far as I can see, please tell me which page it's on if this is fair game).

What's going in your harder list?

13-04-2011, 08:32
Under Character Mounts: Giant Wolf: Fast Cavalry

Thus I vanguard.

And I'm not sure yet what I should build for Round 2. No idea what to expect in an entirely different gaming area~ 6 hours away from my place.

13-04-2011, 12:54
oooh, juicy (I'd looked just about everywhere else it might possibly be and couldn't find it!)... actually I have a wolf mounted big boss looking at me with puppy dog eyes (the goblin, not the wolf)...

13-04-2011, 16:29
Some other combinations of war machine hunting goblin missiles:

Mask of Eeee! - with that, you might panic the war machine, it won't move but if you then fail your charge at least it can't shoot

Opal Amulet - 50% chance to ignore the first cannon ball shot at you!