View Full Version : DoC 'Ard Boyz List Attempt 1

12-04-2011, 14:02
This will be my first 'Ard Boyz and as it is fast approaching, I tried to throw something together with the models I've got. Here is what I came up with:

HoK AoK, Firestorm Blade 140

HoK BSB, Icon of Despair, Obsidian Armour 250

HoT MoS (Shadow), Spellbreaker 165

HoN Staff of Nurgle, 165

30 Bletters, FC, Icon of Endless War 415

50 Horrors, FC, Icon of Sorcery 645

50 Plaguebearers, FC, Standard of Seeping Decay 655

6 Flamers 210

5 Flamers 175

5 Flamers 175

At my disposal I have:
4 more models I could add to the Bletters (how picky are they about wysiwyg? 3 of them are extra command models)
20 more horrors with an additional command
2 more plaguebearers
5 bloodcrushers with full command
Big Bird
Daemon Prince
10 Fleshhounds
5 Seekers
6 Furies
12 Daemonettes
5 Screamers

Any C&C is welcome. I have thought about dropping 1 flamer and 2 core inf models and buying a changeling for the horrors, but I'm not looking to buy a bunch of stuff this week. :rolleyes: