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13-04-2011, 13:42
So I have chosen to expand my miniature range to include a new army. I chose perhaps one of the most limiting armies possible... A completely Khorne themed army.

Meaning no casters of any sort, and I only want elite warriors - as anyone not wearing chaos armor would have been killed on sight!

So here is my list:

01x Valkia the Bloody - General (410)
20x Chaos Warriors - full command, MoK, halberds (380)
20x Chaos Warriors - full command, MoK, halberds (380)
10x Chaos Knights - full command, MoK (480)
01x Chaos Warshrine - MoK (160)

I could take forsaken, war hounds, spawn, Scyla Anfingrimm, chaos chariots, heroes, chaos warriors, chosen, warshrines, or knights.

Since spawn/Scyla are craptastic and chaos chariots can't be taken in regiments I am left with heroes or hounds as anything boosting the overall effectiveness of the army.

I could take a bunch of hound units to aid with covering for magic/shooting until my blocks come..

In a larger game I'd like to take chosen as they have very good synergy with Valkia and the warshrine: they start with two EoG rolls and Valkia allows them to reroll AND they cannot get rolls of 2 or 7 AND the shrine can toss on more bonuses (with Valkia allowing more rerolls!).

Any advice/suggestions? Other than the fact that magic heavy armies will stomp me into the ground?

13-04-2011, 20:13
Here's a more competitive list:

12 Chaos Warriors - MoK, Halberds, Musician, Standard
12 Chaos Warriors - MoK, Halberds, Musician, Standard
12 Chaos Warriors - MoK, Halberds, Musician, Standard
12 Chaos Chosen - MoK, Halberds, Musician, Standard
07 Chaos Knights - Musician, MoK
07 Chaos Knights - Musician, MoK
06 Chaos Knights - Musician, MoK
01 Chaos Warshrine - MoK

Total 2498.

Any thoughts?

15-04-2011, 13:27
Two units of 5 'token' hounds are a lifesaver! for 60 points they are a must for me. If you take a chosen block make sure you give them the terror banner and favour of the gods. this enables them to ignore results (2,7,10,11) while being able to modify the result by one, and re-roll with Valkia. Obviously you will drop some things to get that but apart from that the list looks good! You can mount the pressure on from turn two, send the warriors up the middle and use the knights on the side to stop anyone escaping ;)

15-04-2011, 17:10
For your second list, I'd merge the 3 units of 12 Warriors into 2 units of 18, just for a bit more staying power.
As also mentioned, you need to try and get a block of Chosen in there, with all the bonuses that Valkia would give them. Warhounds are always a good idea, too, in any WoC army.

Other than that, I love the theme :-)

15-04-2011, 17:40
ill second chosen, you should fit in a unit of maybe 16, merge the warriors units together and add some hounds.