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14-04-2011, 02:31
I played in a local Indy GT this last weekend. I had really barely played any 8th edition at all until recently. I played like 6 or 7 games. 1 of those was a turn 1 loss, so not sure if you can count that. I went 4-3 or 4-2 depending on how you looked at it.

So with that little bit of playtesting, I went into the bash, hoping to at least not get shut out. So far in this indy GT I was 2-8 with greenskins and 2-1-2 with Dark Elves.

The rules for the tourney were no power scroll and no special/named characters. Comp was judge banded, 0pts for hard lists, 5 for medium and 10 for soft. I got a 5 for medium.

We did all scenarios from the book except battle for the pass which it seemed obvious that there was not enough space to do properly.

In addition there was 5 objective cards, you chose one before the game started and could earn +2 battle points for achieving your objective.

Battle points were: 15pts for a win, 10pts for a draw and 5pts for a loss.

You also got +1 pt for getting 500vps from the enemy, +2 for 1000 and +3 if you got 1500 or more.

So you could say lose, but if you killed 1500pts in vps from the enemy and got your objective accomplished, you would have 10 battle points from the game.

There was also max 30pts for painting and 32pts for sportsmanship for a max overall of 172.

Ok with all that said, here was my army list:

1. General: Graulz, Orc warlord
Lt. armor, great weapon
4+ ward talisman, glittering scales and ironcurse icon


2. Braun: Orc BSB
Shield and armor of destiny


3. Torgo: Orc Shaman lvl 2


4. Kemp-Fana: Savage Orc Shaman lvl 2
Shrunken Head


5. 45 Orcs w/shields and Full command


6. 34 Savage orc Bigíuns w/2 choppas and Full Command


7. 96 Night goblins w/shields and Standard/Musician
Nets and 2 Fanatics


8. 5 spider-riders: 65pts.
9. 6 Common Trolls: 210pts.
10. 2 spear chukkas: 35pts. Each.
11. 2 mangler squigs: 65pts each.
12. 2 pump wagons: 45pts each.
13. Doom Diver: 80pts.
14. Rock Lobba: 85pts.

Total: 2500pts.

Hereís a pic of my entire army in front of the Orc Fort that I made for the tourney.


First game was vs Wood elves with the scenario, Dawn Attack.

Hereís a pic after set up.


You can see that my orcs w/general got separated from my trolls and night gobos who needed his ld the most.

Iím going to try and do brief synopsis reports with some pics. I often forgot to take them, plus I had some come out badly since I apparently had it set to low light for some reason.

I won roll to go first. My objective was to keep my most expensive non-character unit above half strength by the end of the game.

Greenskins turn 1:

1. Failed animosity for my spiders. did pass stupidity for the trolls.
2. Magic was so low and with just the savage, I donít think I managed anything.
3. In shooting, a chukka killed his bsb outright.

Wood elf turn 1:

1. His shooting killed a couple of night gobos and did 2 wounds to my trolls. He forgot and show a regular unit at the trolls first before the firebanner guard shot. Hail of doom arrow also killed 3 or so orcs.

Pic after turn 1:


Greenskins turn 2:
1. Failed animosity from the orcs and spiders. The spiders were forced to charge a unit of dryads and failed the charge.
And failed stupidity for the trolls.
I tested to not charge my orcs at his waywatchers since I didnít want them off on their own without the support of the orcs next turn, since I was sure they would flee and then Iíd get hit by multiple units in his turn.
I did around 5 wounds to his treekin from chukka and doom diver fire.

2. Wood elves turn 2.
Wood elf fire now killed 2 trolls, they panicked and fled.
His characters also killed a few orcs with magical bowfire.


3. Greenskin turn 3.
My night goblins failed animosity but rolled a 6 so moved up more into the woods. I canít even remember what kind of mysterious terrain it turned out to be. Maybe the cause fear one or something.

My savages failed animosity and were forced to charge his waywatchers, but it was a failed charge, which was lucky with my mangler sitting right there.

I charged the night gobos at his dryads.

My trolls actually rallied.

In magic, I used hand of gork to lift my orcs over the river to avoid more dangerous terrain tests since it was a raging torrent.

In combat, my night gobos routed his dryads and ran them down. They pursued into a unit of glade guard.


Wood elves turn 3:

1. With a mangler in front of his sorc lordís glade guard unit, he couldnít just shoot at my trolls again. So first he shot his 10 strong unit at the mangler, but only did 2 wounds. So he had to waste his fire banner unit at the mangler as well. He did kill it, but it was a round he wasnít shooting at the trolls.

He charged his treekin and a hero kindred at my orcs. And his other dryads at my wagon.

2. My night gobbos passed fear this time(they had failed vs the dryads) even on ld5. So even without my general I was making ld4 and 5 checks for these 2 units.
He killed 3 or so night gobbos, but I killed around 7 or 8. I had expected the night gobbos to be flanked charged by that other small guard unit, but I guess he was more worried about the mangler. It might have been worth the risk to attack the night gobbos, use the lordís unit exclusively on the mangler and then just worry about the trolls later, who were so far away and ld4 for stupidity, that they were not a big threat to the lordís unit.

Anyway, that guard broke and fled, but outran the night gobbos. My wagon was destroyed, he overran to m spiders, who fled.

In the other fight, my lord challenged and his hero accepted. He did a wound to me, but I only did a wound back to him. He killed a few orcs, but I killed 2 treekin. The treekin broke, but the hero held his ground.


I forgot to take pics after this point, since we were now trying to rush to finish the game in time.

Greenskin turn 4:

Trolls failed stupidity.
My savages tested to not charge, since the mangler was right in front of them.
My night gobbos charged the fleeing guard unit and pursued them off the table.

Spiders fled off the table.

My mangler went through the waywatchers, treemen and treekin. I wiped out the watchers, did nothing to the treemen and finished off one more treekin.

My shooting did a couple of wounds to his kindred lord.

I didnít hurt his hero in combat and he didnít hurt me, but he did break and run this time. I didnít catch him.

Wood elf turn 4.
1. He charged his treeman at my orcs. He rallied his hero, but his treekin kept fleeing.
2. His shooting wiped out my trolls. Magic killed about 5 or 6 savages. I think he was using dwellerís below or something like that.
3. His treekin focused on my lord cause his objective was to kill my general. He did nothing, but I did 1 wound to him total with all my attacks. He held.

Greenskins turn 5:

1. My savages failed animosity and failed their charge they were forced to make. My mangler went flying off toward the right side of the table.
2. I was concentrating what magic I had(we rolled really low all game and magic paid almost no part in the game) and shooting on killing his lord who had one wound left.
I hit him with a chukka and rolled a 1 to wound and hit him dead on with my doom diver but rolled a1 for hits and a 1 to wound. The lobba then misfired and I rolled another 1, so it destroyed itself. Sigh.
3. He wounded my general one more time and I did a wound in return, he held again.

Wood elf turn 5:

1. He charged his eagle at my doom diver. Moved his guard units away from my night gobbos and rallied his treekin.
2. Dwellers this time killed about 9 savages, which was enough to bring them below half strength, ugh.
3. He wasnít able to kill my general and I wasnít able to kill the treeman. His eagle then wiped broke my doom diver crew.
We had to add up the scores since we only had about 5 minutes left and they gave us a bonus sports point for turning your card in before time was called.

When we added it up he was up by 46pts. So a draw. The last turn letting him get my diver and lobba took him from losing to almost winning with these crappy new vp rules. Which would have been stupid, cause this battle was clearly a draw.

The two things I wish I had done differently was just for one, tested my general and bsb separate from the orc unit for dawn attack, to try and get one of them close to the trolls and night gobbos. And 2nd been more aggressive with the savages. I just had a mangler stuck in front of them for a long time.

Final score:
Wood elves: 595
Greenskins: 549

Battle points: 11 for each of us.

Next will be Game 2 which was Watchtower vs Lizzies.

Gabacho Mk.II
14-04-2011, 02:45

Ok. How did the rest of it go?

14-04-2011, 04:35
The list has some weak points but I know from our other communication that you are still doing well with it so I can't blame you for mixing in some fun :)

For example it was those weak support unit that made this game into a tie as he picked them off.

Looking forward to more :)

14-04-2011, 04:52
yeah, I hadn't played enough 8th yet to really abandon the weak throwaway units yet.

My entire playstyle for years is to take lots of units and take cheap units and then not care if they died.

I'm not use to not doing that yet. In the future, I will have less support I think.

I'll try to get game 2 up tomorrow and try to get a report a day for the rest of the tourney.

Until then, here's a pic of the start of the game. I took it while he was starting his movement. This was watchtower, however we used a hill instead of a building. I won control of it, but didn't have a core unit of 20 or less models to claim it.


14-04-2011, 22:01
Ok Game 2. It’s watchtower and we are using a hill instead of a tower. I won control, but had nothing that could occupy it. He got first turn.

My objective was to successfully flee one time. Seems easy right?

Pic as he started his first turn.


Lizzie Turn 1.
1. Not much really happens. This river was a more calm non-dangerous terrain one. The woods were dangerous terrain however on both of them.

Greenskins turn 1.

1. I lose around 2-3 orcs to the woods. Otherwise I’m heading straight for the hill. My spiders are sitting at the edge of the woods ready to be charged so they can flee and get me 2 battle points.
2. My magic and shooting manage to do a couple of wounds to his carnasaur and krox.


Lizzies Turn 2.

1. He charges his sallies at my wagon. He moves a saurus spear unit into the building. And he shifts his skinks/krox so that if I charge them with my general’s orcs they would be way out of position.
2. His magic is again weak and does nothing significant. He destroys my wagon, overruns and draws out my fanatics, which both fail to make it to him.


Greenskins Turn 2:

1. My spiders fail animosity and are forced to charge his skink/krox. Ugh. They make the charge.
2. My mangler goes through his oldblood/carny and does 1 wound to each. I don’t quite know what happened to it after that, since it’s not showing up in my pics. My fanatics both tear into his sallies and send them running.
3. Otherwise I lose a few orcs to the woods again.
4. My doom diver and a chukka manage to kill the carny and the oldblood. A lobba lands on the saurus killing a few. Then a couple of warpath foot stomps kill many more. He’s down to 10 out of the 20 saurus + the scar vet.
5. My spiders are annihilated in combat. The problem is that this is pretty much the only unit that I wanted to have flee.


Lizzies turn 3:

1. He stays in the building and moves his eotg up for burning alignment.
2. He uses that to kill a couple of gobbos, a wound or 2 to my trolls and a wound to my mangler. He then used chain lightning to kill more gobbos, go into the trolls and do another wound and then into the mangler and kill it before running out of power.


Greenskins turn 3:

1. With his saurus depleted, I go after his krox with my general’s orcs. I think this was the only time all tourney that I called my waaagh! My wagon crashes into his depleted saurus. My last mangler has spun off who knows where at this point.
2. I was worried about his eotg sitting there that could flank my night gobbos or even hit them in the front. With my general and bsb now far away, I used hand of gork with IF to move them back into general’s range. The miscast wounded my shaman and killed a couple of savages.
3. My combined shooting kills his skink priest. Meanwhile my wagon only kills a couple of saurus before being smashed. My orcs kill a couple of krox and lose a few in return. I believe I only won by 1 or 2, he passes his test.


Lizzies turn 4:

1. His skinks/krox charge my chukka on the far right, which he destroys. His eotg moves up to the flank of my savages.
2. I tear into his krox again and he needs double 1’s to not break. He gets them.

Greenskins turn 4:

1. My savages charge his depleted saurus. I worry his eotg will nab the hill at the end, so move my night gobbos up as much toward the hill as possible.
2. My shooting continued to be great as I managed to kill his eotg and end the threat to him getting a last minute victory on the hill.
3. I get a warpath off on the krox/skinks and hit them like 4 times straight with minimal scattering and wipe the unit completely out. Then gork lets him stomp on me, which he uses to stomp on my savages, I think.

4. In combat, I finally break the remaining 1 or 2 krox and run them down. My savages wipe out the remaining saurus.

There’s really no way he can win at this point since all he has left are his saurus which he kept in the building and a lone scar vet.

So Victory to the greenskins. I get 18 battle points, I missed out on my objective again.

I'll get up the last 3 games over the next day or so.

Game 3 will be vs Beastmen using the Blood and Glory, Fortitude scenario.

14-04-2011, 22:10
A hill instead of a tower has it's own problems, but I'm glad you won.

Some beastmen lists really lack in the banner department so I have high hopes for the next game :)

15-04-2011, 21:29
Next up game 3 vs Beastmen. This will be a fortitude scenario. My objective now is to keep all my power/dispel dice users alive. But mainly I played that card because the special rule for it was that in turns 1-3 all enemy casters will miscast on double 6’s and double 1’s. But the double 1’s will not be IF.

Unfortunately he plays a card that nullifies my special rules. So much for that.

His army was in a lot of ways the mirror image of mine. He had better magic and initiative. I had better shooting. He had 4 chariots, while I had 2 wagons and 2 manglers.

In both cases we could win the game by wiping out one unit. He just had to kill my orcs w/general and I needed to take out his 40 gors, w/beastlord and bsb.



Beasts turn 1:

1. He moves his scout harpies to where they can charge my doom diver next turn.
2. He moves very little, since we both know one battle can pretty much win this.

Greenskins Turn 1:

1. My spiders charged a chariot. My wagons just couldn’t make it to his lines. My manglers were close to his bestigors.
2. I used hand of gork on my doom diver to try and save it. But my range was not good enough to really get it out of harms way. So I moved it close to my night gobbo’s so at least my fanatics could hopefully deal with his harpies.
3. Shooting took 2 wounds off a chariot and killed a bestigor or 2.
4. In combat, my spiders did 1 wound to the chariot, he killed 1 spider.


Beasts Turn 2:

1. His harpy scouts charged my doom diver, which released my fanatics. One couldn’t even make it to the doom diver to go through it and out the other side. The other one did and went through the harpies as well. I did 1 wound to my doom diver and then only managed to kill 1 harpy.
His other harpies charged a wagon.

In regular movement, he ended one ungor unit’s movement on one mangler and I killed 15. They panicked and fled. His other ungor unit landed on the other mangler and I killed 17. They panicked and fled as well.

2. He made my savages I think less toughness. Or the orcs. One of the two.
3. This time in combat, he killed 2 spiders and ran me down as I fled. His harpies did 1 wound to my wagon, I did 1 back for a draw. His other harpies killed my diver crew.


Greenskins turn 2

1. With my wagon blocking the way I couldn’t charge my savages at his gor unit. I should have charge his bestigors with my orcs and trolls, but I didn’t. I was being too cautious about separating my battleline. My unengaged wagon hit his gor unit.
2. I dispelled his toughness spell.
3. I tried to finish off his fleeing ungors but only killed 1 with shooting.
4. This time he popped my wagon due to being unstable. The one in the gor unit killed maybe 2 and then was destroyed.


Beasts turn 3

1. He charged his gors and one chariot at my general’s orcs. I held.
2. He charged his bestigors at my trolls. And his harpy scouts at my chukka.
3. His other harpies flew to try and block my savages from supporting.
4. He rallied 1 of his ungor units.
5. In magic he got off the toughness spell with IF. My orcs w/general now had -2T. Then he rolled 20+ for the strength spell, I rolled all my dice but it wasn’t enough. So now my orcs and general had -1S as well. Ugh.
6. In combat he killed 23 Orcs altogether. I only killed like 4 gors at the most and did 2 wounds to the chariot. I got the double 1’s on the re-roll from my bsb, so I would prolong the inevitable.

My trolls killed 9 bestigors, but he killed 2 trolls in return(flaming banner). I broke and was ran down. His harpies didn’t wound my gobbos and I failed to wound him. I lost by 1, but held.


Greenskin Turn 3.

1. My night gobbos charged his bestigors. My savages charged his harpies, since I had no real choice anyway.
2. In magic I only had 4 power dice and I needed to dispel 2 spells. I needed a 13 to get rid of the toughness spell, so I rolled all 4 for it, knowing there was no need to save 1 dice in the hopes that I would roll a 6 for it(I needed 8 total to get rid of that one) and I didn’t want to risk not getting rid of the T spell. I did dispel it, so I would at least only be -1T now.
3. In shooting my lobba landed right on his cygor and I rolled a 1 to wound. My chukka missed him as well.
4. Well it was down to this. I did the night gobbos first. I killed a few, but he killed a bunch of night gobbos. They held from steadfast however. My savages then ripped apart the harpies for some small satisfaction.

I issued a challenge with my warlord, which I should have done the previous turn. He just answered with a champ. I killed the champ, then he killed around 6 orcs this time. I took out around 4 gors. I needed a 5 with the re-roll this time. But failed to get it. I broke and he ran me down with his chariot to end the game.

I was broken at fortitude 3 now.

Loss to the Greenskins. Battlepoints = 5


Next day would be a Meeting Engagment vs WoC.

16-04-2011, 19:22
Game 4 vs Woc.

Meeting engagement. He only rolled a 1 for his slaneesh marauder horsemen. I rolled a 1 for my general, night goblins, spiders and a mangler. Ugh.

My objective this time was to kill a character in a challenge. I believe his characters were a lvl 4 tzeentch on disc, a lvl 2 nurgle and a khorne bsb.

He got first turn.

Woc Turn 1:

1. His hellcannon and gateway killed a few orcs and he did a little moving, but overall not much his turn.


Greenskin turn 1:
1. My trolls failed stupidity and made the river a raging torrent. Before I had been taking dangerous terrain tests, I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to do this for infantry, he told me you didn’t have to for infantry. I figured that made sense so didn’t take any.
2. I managed to hand of gork with IF on my pump wagon behind his lines so he couldn’t charge it. My savage shaman took a wound.


WoC Turn 2:

1. He charged his marauders into my orcs w/bsb.
2. He got the toughness spell off on my savages.
3. His hellcannon misfired. It then reduced his nurgle to lvl 0 and did a wound. It killed my savage shaman and reduced my orc shaman to lvl 0. His sorc lord was fine with a 3+ ward. So now I had no magic after just getting one magic phase.
4. The marauders were able to beat my orcs, but I held.


Greenskin turn 2.

1. I basically over thought things here. If I charged his marauders, I felt they would break and then he flees and I turn my savages and pursue with both leaving me safe from a flank or rear charge.

But if I charged his warriors, his 2nd warrior unit was set up to flank the savages the next turn.

So I went with option A and charged the marauder flank with my savages. I then sent my mangler through his 2nd warrior unit killing about 5. My wagon then hit his hellcannon.

When my reinforcements arrived, I moved up my night gobbos 4” which was enough to trigger my fanatics. One hit the warriors killing one more.

2. My shooting was abandoning me, as I managed only to kill 2 horsemen who were threatening my doom diver.
3. I did TOO well in combat. I completely wiped out his marauders. Killing like 20. This meant my orcs had no pursuit and my savages must overrun, which left them open to his warriors.

For the wagon, I forgot that impact hits being like shooting would not distribute to his crew. So I only did 1 wound to his machine while losing my wagon.


WoC turn 3:
1. He did rear charge my savages, who had to take it.
2. He charged my diver as well.
3. He tried to gateway my orcs but did only 2 S2 hits and killed nothing.
4. He ripped apart my savages, who broke, but outran his warriors and destroyed my diver.


Greenskins Turn 3:

1. I pretty much was down to really needing to break his warriors with a flank charge here by my orcs w/bsb. So I charged in.
2. I rallied my savages, then my manglers and fanatics were all whirling around and creamed his other warriors w/halberds apart, knocking them down to 4 models. I moved my spiders to redirect his horsemen away from my lobba.
3. I was able to kill the rest of his crew and make his hellcannon go beserk as well.
4. Unfortunately in the combat that matter, while I won it, I was unable to break him. I took a wound to my bsb as well in the challenge vs his bsb. He was able to combat reform to face my front.


WoC Turn 4:

1. He charged his halberd warriors remnants into my night gobbos and his khorne knights into my trolls and his horsemen into my spiders. His hellcannon landed on a mangler, but the mangler only managed to do 1 wound to it.
2. He tried to gateway my savages but failed.
3. His warriors tore into my orcs and I was unable to make much headway back(he had used his shrine earlier to give them +1 armor, so they were at 2+ armor save). Luckily I was barely steadfast, so I held and hoped my savages could do something to help.

My night gobbos and warlord wiped out his remaining halberd warriors, but his knights killed 3 trolls before I could strike back. Vomiting only killed 1 knight in return. My trolls broke and were ran down.

His marauders killed 2 spiders and I only got 1 back. I managed to make my break test.


Greenskin turn 4:

1. My savages charged the flank of his warriors in an effort to turn things back around.
2. Fanatics and manglers were all spinning around but really did nothing but hurt me and I think they did another wound to his cannon.
3. My shooting failed to do any damage to his knights.
4. My spiders did break this time, but outran him.

In the fight that mattered, even with my savages(who were no longer frenzied), I couldn’t crack that 2+ armor enough to matter. I also lost my bsb in the challenge(I made 2 out of 3 needed wards saves). This meant no re-roll. Both units failed and were ran down by his warriors.

WoC Turn 5:

1. His cannon landed on my other mangler. This time I did enough damage to destroy the hellcannon.
2. He cast gateway on my night gobbos with IF and then destroyed the entire unit with one roll.

Greenskin Turn 5:

1. It was over, but I was just trying to get some more bash points. All I had left was my 2 chukkas and lobba on the table. Both chukkas missed his warshrine and the lobba wildly overshot by 10”.
Massacre Loss to the Greenskins. Battle points = 6.

During lunch, I went to one of the vendors and bought new dice.


Game 6 was vs Empire. Regular pitched battle. My objective this time was to kill the enemy general. This was the only hard list I faced in the tourney, all others were medium.

He had 2 arch lectors, the general was on the war altar. A steam tank, huge unit of greatswords and 2 cannons, 2 mortars, plus 2 low level battle wizards. Along with 3 units of swordsmen with a couple of small archer detachments. I am assuming the 2 archlector’s and the mortars + tank are what made it a hard list.

Again I was stuck with another river to worry about. This was another raging torrent. My opponent didn’t think you needed to take dangerous terrain tests for it again with infantry, but at this point, I didn’t know what to think, so I just went to ask the organizers. They explained it to me in detail that I would have to, because I didn’t have the strider rule.

So I would be spending most of the game again taking dangerous terrain tests.

He won the roll to go first.


Empire Turn 1:

1. I lost 29 night goblins to a mortar and cannon. His other mortar killed around 6 orcs. He also did 2 wounds to a troll with his other cannon.


Greenskin turn 1:

1. My savages failed animosity, but then rolled a 6 to surge to within 1” of the building.
2. I moved across the river killing more orcs and about 15 more night goblins. Both fanatics came out but both failed to make it to the steam tank.
I moved my savages into the building.

3. I failed to get foot of gork off and my shooting was ineffective against the tank. I killed maybe 2 or 3 greatswords with my lobba.


Empire turn 2:

1. His mortars killed more night goblins and orcs while his tank shot steam and killed 2 or 3 more gobbos. One cannon destroyed a pump wagon, while the other one misfired shooting at my lobba and could not fire this turn.


Greenskin Turn 2:

1. My night goblins passed terror to charge his tank, I managed not to kill any of my unit doing this. I sent one mangler through the back of the tank and then over the war altar. It did like 1 wound to the tank and 1 to the altar.
My other mangler went through an archer detachment but again only killed 3 of the 5 and he didn’t flee. So since he didn’t, I sent my remaining wagon into the detachment. He didn’t flee, but I wonder if he should have since that would have killed the detachment most likely, but then would my wagon have to crash into the mangler? Or just stop an inch from it?

Finally I got my orcs out of the river with more losses and my savages left the building, ready to unleash havoc.

2. Shooting takes out a few more greatswords. But my doom diver misfires and is destroyed.
3. My wagon wipes out his detachment. My night goblins can’t wound the tank.


Empire turn 3:

1. His altar w/general charges my orcs.
2. He tries to concentrate on my orcs with a cannon and indirect mortar fire, but only manages to kill 2 or 3.
3. Another cannon tries to shoot my trolls but overshoots and misses.
4. His tank only manages to take out around 3 night goblins with is grind attacks.
5. My warlord challenges his arch lector, because I forgot the speculum exists. He does 2 wounds to me, I do 1 to his lector.


Greenskins turn 3:

1. I can finally get into real combat as my savages charge his cannon. I move my compulsory’s in a way to allow for a double combat. I move the random mangler first, who goes through the swordsmen killing a few, while the other spins through his greatswords and stops behind his mortar, killing a few greatswords. A fanatic doubles and dies, while the other spins back toward me. With all the uncontrolled stuff out of the way, I am free to move my wagon into his swordsmen. Now I can take out the cannon and hopefully overrun enough to take out those swordsmen in one turn.

I also charge my trolls into the tank’s flank.

2. I finally get a warpath off with IF and kill maybe 4 more greatswords before gork wanders off. I forget the spell in the miscast.
3. More shooting at the greatswords to whittle them down for a fight that should happen in my next turn vs the savages if all goes well.
4. Now my savages rip apart his cannon crew and overrun into the swordsmen’s flank. In the 2nd fight the combo of my savages and wagon nearly rip apart his swords w/battle wizard to nearly nothing. However since he got to fight after impact hits, he did manage to destroy my wagon first. He’s lost so badly though that he needs double 1’s and breaks. I catch him and pursue into a mortar. I fight the tank battle first, cause I fear for my warlord’s life. My trolls do nothing even with vomits(I lost one troll charging through the river).
My night goblins then roll and get 4 6’s for wounds. I couldn’t get one for my trolls. He makes all the saves of course. However then my troll stomps do manage an unsaved wound.

In the last fight, he kills my warlord.


Empire Turn 4:

1. He doesn’t reform his greatswords, nor does he bring back a sword unit which was way out of the fight. He just tries to charge his far left sword unit w/2nd lector at my trolls, but fails his charge.
2. His last cannon misfires and destroys itself.
3. His tank is able to grind, but he puts them at my trolls, which does no wounds. My trolls do another wound with vomit.
4. My savages rip apart his mortar crew and overrun into the greatsword flank. They have to end their move on a mangler and he kills like 7 savages.
This time he challenges, I refuse and my bsb is moved out of the fight. I can’t wound his lector, but do a wound to his altar, he kills maybe 1 orc.

Greenskins turn 4:

1. Now here we’ve completely lost track of the turns. He seems to here get a double turn, since we at the end think we only played 3 turns and this is turn 4. I told him and the tourney organizer when he asked how close we were to finishing, that I think we’ve lost track, he is sure we hadn’t.

He puts a lightning speed spell on his swords which I scroll. He has no shooting. He doesn’t try to charge this time. I have no idea how this was slipping by me, I guess in game 5, your mind is shot. I only remember this later, because I know what happens with the greatsword fight, that two combats are fought.

Anyway going into combat. I kill his arch lector, I do another wound to the tank. I kill some greatswords, but he is stubborn and then reforms to face me.

1. Now let’s go into what was thought to be my turn 4.

2. My last mangler flies way to the other side of the table. My last fanatic comes flying back through his altar and my orcs, killing some orcs and maybe doing one more wound to the altar.

I think I skip magic entirely since there's nothing I have anymore that matters.

I try shooting his remaining swordsmen, but really do nothing.

3. My savages kill all but 1 greatsword. I really wanted to take that stubborn away. He kills 2 or 3 savages with is bsb, last greatsword and lvl 1 battle wizard. He’s stubborn and holds(he does roll a 12 at first though, lol so close).

4. I think I do another wound to his tank and can’t kill the altar at the end.

So we add it up and it’s a minor victory for the greenskins. Most of my stuff took a ton of casualties but gave him no vp’s. While I got none from his greatswords or tank. I did kill his general for the extra 2 objective points, for the only time the entire tourney that I got those points.
The savages really tore through his battleline, while most of my army was never able to make it past the river to fight.

And I finally found out what spiders excelled at: Hiding in the woods for nearly the entire game.

Battlepoints 18. Total battlepoints 58. 2-2-1 overall.

His extra turn really didn't matter so much since he had no real magic or shooting, but it did mean that I should have gotten one more turn. Maybe I could have killed the altar and I am sure I would have wiped out his greatswords. That would have netting me at least one more battle point, maybe 2, but no big deal, since we weren't playing for anything important at this point.

So really I made no improvements on my overall 2-8 greenskin record at this tourney. But on the bright side I won as many games with the 8th book as I won total with the 7th book, in one tourney.

I figure since I had only very little experience with 8th to begin with and a new book to try and learn, that this was a good outcome.

In conclusion, savages and manglers are great. If I could take 10 manglers, I would. Also, buy new dice as often as possible.

16-04-2011, 21:59
buying new dice always help (or scaring the old ones, blend one bad die and let the rest watch you do it, then have the dice-powder in your dice bag, that'll make them shape up nicely)

fine reps, and nice pics all over. Glad to see someone using the crazy stuff like the manglers (close up pic?)

Don Zeko
16-04-2011, 22:43
Hey, those tables look familiar...

16-04-2011, 22:59

Here's a more close up pic of my manglers.


The one made from cow cold ones looks a lot better than the saurus coldones. But I didn't want to spend a small fortune to find 2 more of the cows.

I made the manglers with cold ones, tooth picks for the teeth, extra river troll bits for the horns and the upper maw on the one on the far left. Plus the faces are greenstuff and just regular plastic chain from a cheap bracelet.

17-04-2011, 14:46
cool manglers :)

17-04-2011, 15:33
Good reports!!! With more 8th experience do you reckon you would have done batter - beaten the WoC? :shifty:

17-04-2011, 15:47
The game against the WoC, I made the big mistake to charge his marauders with my savages, which didn't seem like a mistake when I did it. There was also the problem of losing all my magic in his 2nd turn, which was beyond my control.

So if I had taken those warriors, it would have been closer, but I'm not sure if I would have won. His gateway would have still taken out something. I'm guessing my orcs w/bsb and shaman as they were worth over 700vps. If so, he probably would have still won. I had no way to engage his disc lord or knights once they killed my trolls.

While to an extent that was an 8th edition mistake since he could have never made that rear charge in 7th, I probably should not have over thought things.

18-04-2011, 08:42
fun battle reports^^

i noticesd a few times you mention combats where you charged both did one wound yet said they were a draw..did you forget the +1 for the charge ?

18-04-2011, 15:06
I think we probably did.

I also only called my waaagh! one time all tourney, because I just kept forgetting it existed.

18-04-2011, 17:18
It's not all that common that it's even required to call the Waaagh, but it can be HUGE when it is (say for example the difference of losing by 1 due to musician and winning by 3).

Maybe to make sure you remember it make it a personal goal to call your Waaagh every game no matter if it's needed or not :)

18-04-2011, 19:16
I was trying to do that. I even printed up a card that said the following:



I had the card there for game 1, and don't know what happened to it after that. lol.

18-04-2011, 19:34
Probaly some one stole it :shifty:

18-04-2011, 21:02
I think it just got mixed up with all my other papers(we were suppose to bring copies of our army list for everyone in case they asked for it, plus objective cards, magic cards, errata and a copy of the tourney rules) after game 1 or 2, when I couldn't find all my greenskin magic cards, I tore through everything trying to find them, till I finally did find the cards. At that point though everything else I had was a mess and was all mixed up.

24-05-2011, 18:58
Played a game vs new Tomb Kings.


My army:

1. Orc Warlord, General. Lt. armor/shield
Talisman of preservation, crown of command, sword of strength


2. Orc bsb, lt armor.
Enchanted shield, 5+ ward talisman


3. Savage Orc Great Shaman. Lvl. 4
Shrunken Head


4. Orc Big Boss, Boar, spear/shield/lt armor
6+ ward talisman


5. Goblin Big boss, great weapon: 39pts.
6. Night goblin big boss, great weapon: 34pts.
7. Night goblin big boss, great weapon: 34pts.
8. 48 Orcs w/shields and full command

9. 36 Savage Orc Bigíuns, 2 choppas/full command

10. 97 Night Goblins, shields, st/mus + nets

11. 5 Wolf Riders: 50pts.
12. 13 Savage Orc Boar Boyz
Spears/shields, full command
Banner of the Eternal Flame

13. River Troll: 45pts
14. 2 Mangler Squigs: 65pts each.

Total: 2499pts.


The Tomb King army was something like:

1. Tomb king on chariot
2. BSB on chariot
3. Heirophant on skeletal steed
4. 2nd level caster(liche?) on skeletal steed
5. Donít know all their magic items, I know he had an item that wouldnít let me use my generalís LD or bsb re-roll. Something that caused terror and the banner that let him have the strider rule.
6. 20ish skeletons
7. 2 units of 5 horse archers w/full commands
8. 7 chariots w/champ and standard
9. Bone Giant w/bow
10. War Sphinx
11. Casket of Souls
12. Screaming Skull Catapult.
13. Tomb scorpion
14. 3 of the non-surfing snake things that come on in ambush.

He set up terrain and wanted everything to be mysterious even obstacles and stuff. I said I am pretty sure thatís all optional. He said it wasnít. Who is right?

He won roll to go first. My spells were, eadbutt, ere we go, hand of gork, fists of gork. I had placed a mangler in the river at the start, so knew it was a raging torrent and to avoid it at all costs.

Pic after set up:


Tomb King Turn 1.

1. In magic he casts a spell on his chariots to give them double movement, asf and something else. I let it go, cause I was worried about the casket. I only had 3 dispel dice too, vs his 8 power, so I really didnít have the dice to dispel anyway, other than hoping for double 6ís. He also gets a 5+ ward on his chariots.

He fails to cast the casket spell though.

2. He shoots everything he has other than the catapult at a mangler and only does 1 wound.
The catapult scatters to only hit 3 night goblins and 1 orc. It only kills 1 night gobbo and they pass their panic test.



Greenskin Turn 1.

1. I pass all animosity and my stupidity test.
2. I had thought his movement spell was remains in play, so was planning to dispel it in my magic phase. Once I know itís not, I move my savage boars to get them out of his chariot charge arc.
3. Magic sees me ugh, cast eadbutt with IF. Itís not even in range, even at 8d6. I only kill one savage from the miscast though.
He dispels my attempt at hand of gork.



Tomb kings turn 2:

1. We have a big discussion about this. My mangler is blocking his charge. He canít wheel around it and still hit my savage bigíuns. He feels that even though he canít charge the mangler, he can charge the savages and go through the mangler killing it and then continue on his move to the savages.

I donít think he can do this, cause I see the mangler as being a unit that is blocking his charge to the savages, just like if it was a unit of 5 wolf riders, he wouldnít be able to charge the savages on the other side of the wolf riders, because they would not be a valid target as the wolfs would be blocking them, just as my mangler is blocking him now.

We eventually roll off and he gets to do the charge the way he wants to. I would appreciate someone telling me how this works. Cause if you can just charge through manglers, thatís going to change how they work entirely.

He loses 2 chariots to the mangler.

He also lands a horse unit on the other mangler, destroying them and killing it.
His tomb scorp shows up, but not his snake guys.

2. He gets a spell off that gives his chariots +1 attack and heals a lost chariot.
3. Shooting this time has his catapult land on my night gobos killing 9. They pass panic again.
4. Combat is a mess. With his +3I for going through the river + extra attacks, he decimates my savages(even with me making a ton of ward saves). Thereís just so many impact hits and attacks. I lose 14 savages. I do take out 3 chariots in return though. And thanks to my great shamanís ld 8, I pass my steadfast check. But am no longer frenzied.



Greenskins turn 2:

1. Troll fails stupidity and wanders into the woods, which turn out to be abysmal woods.
2. I decide to charge my boars at his horse archers w/lvl 2. I debated keeping them up to help my savages in turn 3, but figure that with my night gobbos, they can decimate his center, so go for the sure thing, since my savages could break, run off the table with his chariots and Iíd be sitting there waiting for them to come back and hoping to get him later. I also charge my night gobbos at his skellies.

I lose 2 savages to dangerous terrain tests.

3. I had reformed and moved my orcs up to try and help those savages vs the chariots. I then try to hand of gork them closer, but donít roll high enough and there goes my magic phase.
4. I decline a challenge to my great shaman(boss died last turn in a challenge).
He only kills 5 savages this time, I do 6 wounds to his chariots in return. I win by 1, but with his bsb there, he doesnít take any extra wounds.

My night gobbos tear up his skellies and I win by 9. However, that leaves just 1 skellie left, so I canít overrun into his sphinx.

My savage boars pop his horse archers and lvl 2. I overrun into his bone giant. I lose another savage to dangerous terrain.



Tomb Kings 3:

1. His sphinx charges my boars who are fighting the bone giant.
His scorp charges my savages.

2. He gives a 5+ ward to everything in 12Ē off on IF. He rolls a 3 for miscast, but nothing bad happens. He lives and then only loses 2 power dice out of the 6 he has left. He then gets that +1 attack back to his chariots which heals one and gets another one back to boot. Ugh.
3. His scorp and bsb allocate attacks to my great shaman. His scopr wiffs and his bsb does 2 wounds, where I roll double 5ís for my ward(amazingly last turn when my savage declined the challenge all my wards I rolled were 6ís, so I didnít have to look up whether I would still get my 5+ ward if he declined the challenge).
I lose again, but hang on thanks to steadfast.

My night gobbos pop the last skellie.

Amazingly my savage boars kill his bone giant before it even gets to attack(with help from the orc boss). His sphinx then breath attacks, thunderstomps and has all itís other attacks at my savages killing 4. I still win by 2, so his sphinx takes 2 wounds.

He had forgot to roll for his snake guys, so rolls now and they will show up next turn(he didnít want to forget to roll again next turn).



Greenskins turn 3.

1. That hand of gork failure hurts as I am still about 15Ē from his scorp to help that fight and canít risk charging, so I just march them up. I do charge my night gobbos at his sphinx flank passing my terror test. Troll had failed stupidity again, still stumbling in the woods.
2. I get fists of gork off on my shaman. I hand of gork my orcs this time to guarantee they can charge next turn as long as his guys stay on the board. He dispels my attempt at ereí we go.
3. This time itís too much for my savages who had held off his guys forever. I am no longer steadfast and since I am not allowed to use my bsb or generals ld, I break and am run down by his chariots. However, neither his chariots or scorp roll high enough to leave the table. So are both there for my to charge next turn. Even better his scorp is not in the way at all of me charging the chariots.

All my attacks can only do 1 wound to his sphyinx who thundercrunches and thunderstomps my night gobbos killing 10. I lose 10-7, but am in general/bsb range and hold with both units. The night gobbos were steadfast, but the savages needed a 6 and got double 2ís.



Tomb King turn 4:

1. He reforms his chariots to face my orcs. His snake guys show up behind my orcs.
2. He gets a spell off on my orcs that makes them -1D3? Movement and have to take dangerous terrain tests to move. So I turn out to be -2M.
3. His catapult lands on my orcs but only kills 2. I pass my panic check.
4. Vs his sphinx even with all my attacks I only manage to do 1 wound to his sphinx. His thundercrunch/stomp combo kills like 14 more night goblins. I lose but stick around from steadfast and another low roll for my savages.



Greenskins Turn 4:

1. My orcs fail animosity, so I am forced to declare a charge. As Iím forced, I finally remember my waagh! So I declare my charge on his chariots with the Waaagh! Iím about 11Ē from the chariots, so it would have been risky with -2M, but since Iím forced to, I might as well waaagh! It up. This was the first time I remembered this special rule in over 8 games.

I roll double 5ís, so make the charge. Hooray. I passed my terror test too. I do lose 7 orcs to the dangerous terrain tests I am forced to take.

Troll keeps stumbling. I donít charge my wolves, I just figure itís not worth the hassel at this point, since the game is going to be decided on the other 2 fights.

2. I have no magic or shooting, so onto the fights.
3. My general and his general are in a challenge. My bsb is direct fighting his bsb. Other attacks! Itís crazy. I do 2 wounds to his bsb, 1 to his tomb king, he does one wound to my general. I finish off his last remaining regular chariot. Combined with my static combat res of 9(charge, 3 ranks, standard, bsb and +3 from waagh!, I rolled a 6 for that) and 4 wounds, I win 13 to 5. His tomb king and bsb crumble. I combat victory reform to face his snakes and scorp if they were to charge.

Since his sphinx can still pull this out, with me being out of my generalís range, we continue the fight.

My gobbos get off to a bad start, throwing the nets on themselves. His howdah does no damage. My night gobbos get to fight next at -1S. I do like 10 hits and 4 wounds on 6ís. He has armor and a 5+ ward still. He has 2 wounds left. He fails 3 armor saves and 2 ward saves, so crumbles to death.

We just end here as he really has noting much left and I should be taking out his catapult and casket next turn with my night gobbos(assuming I can combat reform them) and savage boars.

So victory to the greenskins.

Pic at the end of the game:


The warsphinx was tough as nails to fight. But he really didn't have an army beyond his chariots to back it up. I think if he had some big infantry blocks to go with it, it could have torn up. And I never want to see what 2 thundercrunches and stomps from 2 sphinx's do to a unit.

24-05-2011, 19:35
He set up terrain and wanted everything to be mysterious even obstacles and stuff. I said I am pretty sure thatís all optional. He said it wasnít. Who is right?

Obstacles aren't suppose to be mysterious but it up to your group to decide how you are going to handle terrain.

It was a good battle. The sphinx certainly is tough to take out and with all the crushing going on you won't be winning through combat res.

Good to see you posting reports again.

24-05-2011, 19:49
Where does it say it's optional though? This seems to be a case of one person feeling that since it doesn't say it's optional, it's mandatory and the other saying that because it doesn't say it's mandatory, it's optional.

And I would really like to see more ideas about the mangler issue. Or should I post that question into the rules section?

24-05-2011, 19:58
It is my understanding that you can charge through a mangler just like you can charge through a fanatic.

28-05-2011, 14:39
Great report! That is the problem with TK - without the charge and big blocks, they can be swarmed and simply overcome, espeically due to crumble, which a is very nasty rule! :D The warpshinx, though tough, shouldn't be targeted by stregnth 5/6 stuff - simply swarm it from sides, and with so many sixes, it will fall! :cool: Anyhow, great stuff!

28-05-2011, 17:41
Nice report.

Pg 142 1st paragraph delinetaes the terrain selection. Of course most people just do what they want but if you are looking for some RAW to not play with some of the more "creative" terrain then there you go.

28-05-2011, 18:42
Army looks amazing- the best part is the banner that days "Waaagh" mangler squids=amazing

28-05-2011, 21:07
I think you forgot a rule on the sphinx. Being a construct it ignores the first wound from combat res. It would've only taken 1 wound in turn 3. Of course your opponent is the one playing the model he should remember something like that.

28-05-2011, 23:51
I think he did remember and took a wound off it later. I can't remember for sure. I had no idea that was a rule though, cause I don't have the tomb king book.

I have a hard time remembering to call Waaagh!, which I did for the first time in 8 games during this game.

I called waagh! in game 1 of the 5 game tourney that is at the start of this thread, forgot or didn't have the opportunity to in the other 4 games, then forgot in a friendly game I played after, forgot in all 3 games of a mini-tourney I had in may and then finally remembered again.

I'm not sure what tomb kings can do, since they don't have a ghoul type unit like vc does to mass up for core.

I do think that a huge unit of those 4pt skellies would be pretty good. The main disadvantages I see to tomb kings are that it's too MSU oriented and doesn't have enough units to put banners on for blood and glory.

We rolled for blood and glory as the scenario, and while he had fortitude 7 like I did, he had 2 banners on his horse archers to get that. So he asked if we could re-roll and I did and then rolled 1 for pitched battle.

It's tough though with tomb kings cause the only worthwhile core unit with banner to take are skellies.

29-05-2011, 17:19
I'm starting to work on possible lists for TK now and feel like the army really demands a focused list. Your opponent seems to have gone for a little bit of everything and pumped in a lot of the new toys. It is easy to do with all the nifty support units the book has. It is kind of like orcs and goblins in that regard. It is easy to get lost in trying to jam in all the cool support units but at some point you have to actually have the big blocks to be supported.

If going combat or magic skeleton warriors are cheap enough to use in units goblin or slave style big.

29-05-2011, 18:18
Yeah, I tried to put in a lot of the new toys when the o&G new book came out. Like big stabbas, mixing pump wagons and manglers and medium common troll units.

Most of that has been dumped away now as I continuously creep up my 3 main blocks unit sizes up and up, while accepting that Malorian's idea of multi-cheap big bosses in the night gobbo unit is the way to go.

I may still need to find another 5pts to upgrade another night gobbo to regular goblin big boss. Having one means attacks are all focused at him to try and take out his LD7. 2 could mean opponents are unsure what to do, go all out for both big bosses or just try and ignore them.

29-05-2011, 19:50
you could always drop your river troll to a vanilla troll for a couple matches for the points. Doing that you wouldn't really even need to change models just tell your opponent.

30-05-2011, 11:31
Yeah, I think I am going to do that. My army is 2499 right now. So that 10pt drop gives me the 11pts for another savage big'un.

Also, dropping the ward on my boar big boss to the 6+ regen item would give me the 5pts for the goblin big boss upgrade.

30-05-2011, 11:57
And you shouldn't make terror tests when you charge a Sphinx. A unit with Terror only generates a Panic test to an ennemy unit when it charges, not when it is charged.

It looks like a lot of his units performed very bad : snakes, bone giant, scorpion, catapult ... That is a lot of points for very few actual results. He should have been more agressive with his Sphinx though.

Great report, thanks !

30-05-2011, 19:29
Well he sort of was agressive with his sphinx. He charged into the combat with his bone giant vs my savage boars.

It just made it so that he was then embroiled into the combat once my night goblins were able to join in.

The fact that his bone giant was killed before it could even fight back didn't help. Plus I think he didn't know that he couldn't thundercrunch cav.

I gotta say again. I don't want to see what thundercrunch would do to non-goblin type infantry, especially if you had 2 of them in the combat. I was losing about 10-12 night gobbos per turn between the crunch and stomp from just one. Imagine that happening to saurus or black guard or big'uns.

12-07-2011, 21:33
Here's the first of what should be 3-4 total battle reports I need to write and get posted.

Vs Ogres 2500pts.
1. Savage warlord, warpaint
Sword of strength, crown of command, armor of silvered steel


2. Savage Great Shaman, warpaint
Shrunken Head


3. Orc BSB, lt armor, enchanted shield, talisman of endurance
4. Orc big boss, lt armor, shield, boar, spear: 75pts.
5. Goblin Big boss, gw: 39pts.
6. Night goblin big boss x 2, gw: 34pts each
7. 37 Savage Orc Bigíuns, warpaint, 2 choppas
Full command
8. 47 Orcs, w/shields, full command: 364pts.
9. 97 Night goblins, w/spears and shields, standard bearer + nets: 346pts.
10. 5 wolf riders: 50pts.
11. 13 Savage Orc Boar Boyz: spears, shields, Full command
Banner of the Eternal Flame


12. Common Troll: 35pts.
13. 2 Mangler Squigs: 65pts. each


1. Ogre Tyrant: fencerís blades, 4+ ward armor
2. Slaughtermaster, Hellheart, Some sort of ward
3. Bruiser BSB
4. Butcher
5. 20 Bulls w/2hw and full command
6. 6 Ironguts
7. 20 gnoblars
8. Scraplauncher
9. Gorger

Scenario was Meeting Engagement.
My boars would be in reserve. His Tyrant and Ironguts would be in reserve. The hill in the center granted flaming attacks and magical attacks. The swamp forced all to take dangerous terrain tests and killed with no saves allowed, even multi-wound models.

I won roll to go first.

Orc turn 1:

1. Night goblins start off by failing animosity.
2. Troll finds out that the woods cause fear or something like that. My manglers move up in front of the bull horde.
I move up a bit and my savages come on the table.

3. In magic I fail to wound with eadbutt and brain burster and he dispels my hand of gork that I try to cast on my savages.
4. No shooting or combat.



Ogre turn 1:

1. No bicker failure.
2. He moves nothing, his ironguts come on and his tyrant comes on and joins the bull unit.
3. He gets +1S, +1T/stubborn and trollguts off on his bulls.
4. His launcher scatters off of my boars doing nothing.
5. No combat.
Orcs turn 2:

1. Night goblins fail animosity again, this time rolling the 2nd one. They would fight the savages, costing me a magic phase as well.
2. I charge my troll and wolves at his gnoblars. He stands and shoots but does no damage to the wolves. On mangler goes through his bulls killing 1.
3. With no magic, I dispel all his spells instead.
4. No shooting.
5. In combat, I kill a few gnoblars, he kills 2 wolves and passes his steadfast check.

Ogre Turn 2:

1. Still very little movement. His gorger arrives behind my savage boars.
2. He gets +1S back on his bulls and +1T
3. His launcher kills a couple of savage boars this time.
4. He kills another wolf, but I kill 3-4 more gnoblars. He passes his steadfast check again.

Greenskin turn 3:

1. Savages fail animosity and are forced to charge his launcher. They fail the charge.
Night goblins for the 3rd time in 3 turns fail animosity and then for the 2nd time in a row, roll the 2nd one and AGAIN fight my savages(I lose another 2 savages, for 4 dead so far from this) denying me a 2nd magic phase in a row. One mangler comes spinning back to me.

2. No magic or shooting.
3. I am down to my last wolf but win the combat thanks to my troll. He holds.
Ogres turn 3:

1. He charges my boars with his gorger, launcher and guts. The guts fail the charge.
2. Heís not able to accomplish much in his magic phase.
3. But in combat, his gorger and launcher kill 6 boars, while I do 2 wounds to the gorger and 1 or 2 to his launcher. I lose and I feel I am steadfast as I have 5 boars left. He says I am not. I am sure I am, but roll like I am not anyway. I break and run through his launcher killing 2 more boars, but I get away.

I lose my last wolf, but the troll still wins combat, but he doesnít break.

Greenskins turn 4:

1. I pass animosity tests, but now I have a mangler blocking a charge from my savages and I donít want my goblins going in unsupported, so I donít charge.
2. My boars rally.
A mangler goes back into the bulls killing 2.
3. Hand of gork is dispelled and I canít get eadbutt off either.
4. My troll finally breaks the gnoblars in combat, but the gnoblars get away.

Ogres Turn 4:

1. His bulls charge my night goblins and gorger charges the boars.
2. He gets his trollguts, +1T and +1S all off on his bulls.
3. He kills a couple more savages with his launcher.
4. He decimates the night goblins, who can only do a couple of wounds back, I also lose a night goblin big boss to a challenge by his tyrant. I stay due to steadfast however.

His gorger wins combat vs my remaining boars as well, who flee again, but get away.


Greenskins Turn 5:

1. I declare waaagh! And go into his bulls with my savages and orc big boss on a boar.
My troll failed stupidity so couldnít charge his fleeing gnoblars.
My boars rally again.
2. I use all my power dice to dispel his trollguts and +1T from his bull unit.
3. Thereís no challenges, my warlord and savages tear into his bulls, my big boss on boar does one wound to his slaughtermaster, who does one wound to my big boss.

However, despite all that, he still decimates my night goblins and kills around 17-20 more of them. I stick around due to steadfast, but have lost frenzy. Even my lone boar big boss sticks around.

Ogres Turn 5:

1. He charges the boars again.
2. His gnoblars flee off the table.
3. He gets trollguts and +1T back to his bulls. I just canít dispel them, when he can cast them twice like this.
4. I lose the rest of my boars to the gorger.
In the main fight, while I get to ignore the trollguts with my savages, since they are in range of the flaming attack giving hill, I kill 4 bulls and do a wound to his bsb, however I still have my night goblins decimated by the bulls, bsb, tryant and slaughermaster and I lose a 2nd big boss in a challenge. I lose by around 4, but I am still steadfast with the gobbos and savages.

My boar big boss flees. My night goblins stick around. HOWEVER, my savages roll 10 and then 11 for their break test and flee. They flee through the ironguts, which kills 2 of them.

Greenskins turn 6:

1. I charge my orcs into his ironguts.
2. I rally my big boss and savages.
3. I dispel trollguts again.
4. My orcs canít really do any damage to his guts, but he fails to do much to me as well. He doesnít break though.

At this point we are both eager to play Flames of War and thereís really not much point in fighting it out. I canít survive 2 rounds with my night goblins against those bulls now and even if I run down the guts in the bottom of turn 6, it will not be enough for me to win.

So victory to the ogres. If my savages could have stuck around, it could have been different though. Cause he was down to like 3 bulls out of the 20 and my savages should have been able to kill that many in 2 more rounds of combat.

12-07-2011, 21:54
That was some pretty crappy animosity rolls :(

Steadfast is based of ranks, not rank bonus.

Tough game.

Edit: Do you post flames of war battle reports anywhere?

I've never played the game but damn do I love watching them ;)

12-07-2011, 23:04
I've only played 2 games of flames of war so far and that first game, I borrowed everything from another player.

In my 2nd game which we played after this game, was only each of our 2nd games ever and we decided to play with little terrain, cause that was a new thing we would have to learn.

So with only the same terrain that was in our warhammer game that turned out to be a huge bloodbath. We both used identical 1000pt soviet eastern front armies for the game. By the end the difference in that game seemed to be that he moved his hmg platoon up and into the woods while I was leaving mine in a defensive position to protect an objective. So when his hmg's opened up, he all but wiped out an entire rifle/mg company in one shooting turn and an entire light mortar company the next turn.

By then my company commander was dead and I rolled a 2 for my company motivation test and the game was over.

After a few more games, I might start making up some battle reports for FoW. He wants to teach me Dust Tactics too. Which I might play, but I don't know if I will really get into a lot. 2 games is enough for now to try and remember how to play.

Aaron Chapman
13-07-2011, 14:18
Mybe I didn't understand you, but did you say in game #1 that your Trolls failed a Panic Test? (even though they are Immune to Psych?)

13-07-2011, 17:16
Yeah, back then I did not know that the new rule was that troll stupidity always made them ItP, unlike in 7th, where they were only ItP when they failed a stupidity test.

13-07-2011, 17:27
Vs WoC 2500pts.

This is the first of 3 tournament games. The scenarios for this were all storm of chaos based. However the tourney organizer, gave an opt out clause since this was determined last minute and a lot of the players there would just be steamrolled by magic heavy armies when they had not prepared for a magic heavy tournament.

But to opt out you had to do so at the start of the tourney and for all scenarios. So you couldnít say I want to opt out of scenario one, but then play scenario 2. Scenario 1 was making winds of magic 4D6, which I did not like, so I decided to opt out. So by opting out, all my games were just straight up battlelines.

Now for this first game, there is not much for a reader to leran from because there is a few problems here. First he took 3 warshrines, which I should have realized was illegal, but it just never registered with me. 2nd he took a power scroll which was illegal in this tourney. When he declared he was using it, I thought it was illegal and said so, but a couple people around us said that only special characters were banned in this tourney. About 2-3 turns later, we were informed that the power scroll was not allowed. By then it was way too late to do anything about it. The 3rd thing was that he apparently thought this was a 2250pt tourney and not a 2500pt one. So take out the warshrine and the power scroll and suddenly he had several hundred points less for games 2 and 3(I think he just upgraded/proxied his marauders to chaos warriors to make up the points difference).

So because of all that, the result of this game is heavily skewed.

My army is exactly the same as in the ogre battle report. His army was:

1. Sorc lord w/power scroll and 4+ ward, I think this one had the puppet.
2. Sorc level 2, donít know what he had.
3. Bsb with banner to make frenzy
4. 35 chaos warriors with halberds, shields and 6+ ward mark.
5. 25 or so marauders w/khorne mark and flails.
6. 5 marauder horsemen w/throwing axes.
7. 3 warshrines

On his first turn his shrines give the warriors +1 to armor save, stubborn, 4+ ward to stack with his 6+ ward for a 3+ ward total and +1T.

I already know then the game is pretty much over. There is really nothing in my entire army that can deal with that.


I'll give a different sort of synopsis for the rest of this battle. I'll post pics of the battle at the end.

My boars destroy his marauders, but I lose 9 boars in that fight. His power scroll purple sun kills 7 night goblins and 34 orcs in one blow. This changes even the little that I can do, since I was trying to set up night goblins to his front, orcs in one flank and savages in his other flank or rear and try and grind him down. But now that my orcs were combat ineffective, they just charge a warshrine, which breaks but gets away.

I move my savages through a building but then roll double 6ís for eadbutt. I roll a 6 on the miscast chart which he changes to a 4. I kill 4 or 5 savages and do a wound to my shaman, but my shaman survives. I then get my hand of gork off so I can set up a rear charge on his warriors which are tearing into my night goblins(along with one of his warshrines), but I roll IF again, which he is able to change to a 4 again. This time I kill more savages and my great shaman disappears into the warp.

To add insult to injury, by one night goblin, my gobbos lose steadfast and are run down when they break. In his turn heís able to turn to face my savages, so now I would be facing a frontal charge against 34(I have managed to kill a grand total of 1 chaos warrior with 2 manglers and 100 night goblins + 3 gobbo characters fighting them) chaos warriors, sorc lord, bsb and sorc lvl 2.

So I donít bother charging, we then find out that power scroll is banned, so he says just put the dead orcs back, this is nice, but the game is too changed by now for that to matter. He then purple sunís them again, killing 25 this time.





At the end I do charge my savages, but I look it over and I concede since I cannot conceivably do anything to those chaos warriors, who will likely kill most of my savages before I can even strike.

Horrible loss. If I had really thought I had a chance to win the tourney, I would have probably asked for a draw once it was determined that the power scroll was banned, because that forced me to change my entire plan. Also the 3 shrine powers made it near impossible for me to do anything to the warriors. I cannot believe that they allow 3+ wards on chaos warriors. No core unit should have a ward that good. Sometimes I think the 5+ ward on my savages is pushing it, but at least they have no armor and animosity to balance it out.

The next game is vs another interesting Greenskin army. It was probably the most fun game I've had in 8th, probably because magic played almost no part in it.

14-07-2011, 07:06
Tough loss to a very tough list--

14-07-2011, 12:43
Pretty cheesy army. Warrior of chaos is an interesting army to play against, but not when they pick all the super cheesy stuff they have in their arsenal.

Warshrines (ridiculous unit and ridiculous rules/profile/cost), Infernal Puppet + Power Scroll, 3+ Ward Saves everywhere, Frenzied unit that won't loose frenzy ...

14-07-2011, 17:08
With the 3+ ward and being stubborn at that point, I knew I couldn't win. +1T, frenzy and 2-3+ armor and S5 were all just icings on the cake.

This was a list though that Blood and Glory was created to stop. With fortitude 5, all I had to do was take out the marauders, which I did and then kill the bsb or sorc general. At that point the 35 chaos warriors would not have mattered.

Unfortunately the main scenarios have things like watchtower, which unless it's modified is broken to play. And battle for the pass, which is very difficult to play in a tournament because of space issues.

The other 4 are all good though for tournament play and help curb some of the worse builds.

14-07-2011, 20:38
Game 2 vs Greenskins.

His army:

1. Orc warboss(general) on wyvern
2. Orc warboss on wyvern
3. Orc bsb w/great weapon and 4+ ward
4. Night goblin shaman lvl 2, scroll
5. 24 savage orcs, full command 2hw
6. 24 savage bigíuns, full command, 2 hw
7. 20ish night goblins w/spears, command, nets
8. About 20 squigs and 20 night goblins
9. 2 units of 3 wolf chariots.
10. 1 unit of 2 wolf chariots.
11. 2 mangler squigs.
12. Arachnarok spider

He won roll to go first.

Evil Greenskins Turn 1:

1. He passed animosity
2. He moved his chariots up so be able to shoot at my manglers
3. He was able to get the poison spell off on his center chariot unit.
4. However he did no wounds to my manglers during shooting. He did kill 2 wolves and cause them to panic, they stayed on the table however.


Closer look at his spider lurking behind the ruined temple.

Good Greenskins Turn 1:

1. I passed animosity and stupidity.
2. My troll was about 13 inches from his mangler, so I could not kill it.
Both my manglers rolled about 5 to move, so barely moved forward at all.
I did rally my wolves.
3. I managed to get gaze of gork off on his chariots, which also hit 3 bigíuns. I did not wound the chariot, but did kill 2 bigíuns.
Evil Greenskins turn 2:

1. He rolled the 1 and 1 for his regular savages and they fought his regular night goblins, doing a couple of wounds.
One of his manglers was able to clip my night goblins, but just land short of my mangler. He killed 8 night goblins.
2. He was able to get his 3D6 S3 spell off on my mangler, which did 2 wounds. It was IF, so he wound up with a wound on his shaman.
3. He then tried shooting my manglerís again, but could not wound.

Good Greenskins Turn 2:

1. My orcs w/bsb failed animosity. I was forced to charge. I was about 15Ē from his chariots, so I thought, no big deal, Iíd fail the charge and keep my battleline mostly together.

So then I rolled double 6ís for my charge and now my orcs and bsb were completely out of my battleline. He held with his chariots, which might seem wrong, but since I was way out of line, he was sacrificing a unit to surround a much bigger unit later.

To add insult to injury, my boars fail animosity. Since you canít charge manglers, I donít think I had to charge him there.

2. I rally my wolves. My mangler with 2 wounds just crashes into the mangler In front of it, killing each other.

I think I can just turn my troll around and land on the 2nd one, but we are unsure if a single model unit like this, benefits from those rules, since it is monstrous infantry. Since we donít know, itís decided that I canít pivot freely, so canít land on the mangler as itís more than 6Ē away.

In desperation, I try hopping my other mangler to his mangler(it is right in front of my boars) but roll low again and canít make it to him.

3. In more desperation I try to hand of gork my boars. We are again unsure if you can hand of gork them if they failed animosity and were squabbling. We just roll off for it and it comes up that I can. I get the spell off, but he wisely scrolls it.

Iíve tried everything and canít get rid of that mangler. I think I may have even sacrificed my orc big boss on boar if I hadnít been squabbling.

4. In combat, my orcs w/bsb take out 2 chariots. He flees and I decide to pursue, just because I know Iím gonna be triple charged next turn anyway, so might as well get the +1Cr for charging.

His chariot gets away and I pursue into his night goblins. No one panics from the chariots breaking.

Evil Greenskins Turn 3:

1. He passes animosity.
2. He charges his spider, savages and a warboss on wyvern at my orcs. His general on wyvern charges my troll.
3. His remaining mangler goes through my boars, killing 7 of them.
4. I lost 10 orcs and my bsb to all his units. I kill some night goblins, but lose badly. I do manage to pass my steadfast check though, so hold.
He only does 2 wounds, so doesnít kill my troll, which I wish he had, since now the fleeing troll was blocking my bigíuns.

Good Greenskins turn 3:

1. I pass animosity.
2. I charge my night goblin horde into the big battle on the left.
3. I donít rally my troll.
4. Still not much magic to speak of.
5. In the big fight, I kill a couple of night goblins and savages, but lose about 7 more orcs. He still wins easily. My orcs are still outside general range and this time pay for it by breaking. I get away from his night goblins(the only ones to pursue).

Evil Greenskins Turn 4:

1. His warboss on wyvern charges my fleeing orcs, cutting them down.
His spider and night goblins, hit my night goblins in the front, while his squig herd hits my night goblins in the front.
His general on wyvern and a chariot unit hits my boars, who I had moved up to try and avoid his mangler.
2. In combat, he cuts apart my boars and wipes them out as they flee.
I throw my nets on his squigs this time since they have more and stronger attacks. In a challenge, I lose a night goblin big boss, but do manage to do a wound to his bsb. I lose bad, but hold due to steadfast, with help on the way.

Good Greenskins turn 4:
1 . Waaagh! Declared. Animosity passed. My savage bigíuns charge into the fray to try and turn this game around.
3. My wolves land on his mangler killing them both.
4. I get ereí we go off on my savages.
5. In the big fight, his bsb is now fighting another night goblin big boss. He flubs his rolls and I manage to kill his bsb.
My warboss kills 5 squigs, my savages kill many more. This is a hugh bloodbath on both sides. But thanks to getting +3CR for waaagh! I win the combat by 1. 25 to 24.

He fails every break test. My bigíuns chase and cut down his squigs and pursue into his savage bigíuns.

However my night goblins only roll double 1ís for pursuit and his spider gets away. His spear goblins, his savages both stay on the table.


The game is turned around, but they say we have to stop. My opponent says that since we are being forced to stop, this should be a draw, eventhough he is ahead on points and would get the victory. He feels that since a large part of his army is fleeing and that since in another turn my bigíuns would most likely take out his bigíuns + shaman, that I had done enough for it to be a draw.

Conclusion: Draw

I think we could have played another turn since there was another game still adding up their score after I had re-ranked my guys and was going to the bathroom. But also the 2 of us spent a lot of time in game talking about 3 editions of greenskins.

If there was a turn 6 it would have been up to his 2 wyverns to see if they could knock out my night goblins, along with whatever rallied from his 3 fleeing units.

I think if the spider and night goblins did not rally, which is possible needing 6 to rally, that I could have held out during turn 6. But if both wyverns and the spider and the savages were all fighting me, that should have been enough to remove my steadfast and then I break easily.

Anyway, this was a fun one. Lots of huge combats and no superspells that just wipe entire units away.

16-07-2011, 18:40
Game 3 vs Dark Elves.

His army:
1. Sorc lvl 4(general)
Sacrificial dagger, lifetaker, don’t know what else.
2. Sorc lvl 1(scroll)
3. Hag bsb(banner that gives +1M)
4. 40 spear elves w/command
5. 15 spear elves w/command
6. 20 corsairs. I think they had the handbows and command
7. 20 crossbows, w/command
8. 20 black guard w/command
9. 5 harpies
10. 10 shades
11. 10 shades
12. Hydra


Dark Elves turn 1:

I forgot to vanguard. I never remember to do it and when I needed to do it the most, I forgot.

He gets first turn and shoots my wolves with his shades. They panic and flee. My night goblins are in my warlord range, but roll an 11 and then panic and flee off the table as well.


Before that in magic he had given my savage orcs -1S and my orcs -1M.


Greenskins turn 1:

1. I roll triple 6’s for my mangler in the center and he’s dead right off the bat. This is going to be one of those games.
2. I dispel the -1S spell, but can’t get eadbutt off on his general.

Dark Elves turn 2:

1. He gets -1T on my savages, he miscasts and kills some spear elves and does a wound to himself.
2. His shooting kills my troll, does 2 wounds to my other mangler and kills about 4 savage big’uns.

Greenskins turn 2:

1. My boars fail animosity. Then roll the 2nd one and attack the orcs w/bsb. I lose one or 2 boars and orcs. Then both are squabbling.
2. My mangler then goes through the harpies killing them.
3. I don’t bother to dispel the -1T. That’s the best result I can hope for and he’ll just cast it again next turn if he wants it higher.

Dark elves turn 3:

1. He gets -2T off on my big’uns with IF. He does another wound to his sorc.
2. His crossbows, shades, lifetaker and hydra then kill over 20 savages and this is with a 5+ ward. They are now combat ineffective. His other shades kill my remaining mangler.
Greenskins turn 3:
1. My savages fail animosity again and are forced to charge, but don’t make the charge on his spearelves.
2. I move my orcs into a building. I get my warlord out of the unit and move him to face the hydra. I free reform my savages to face a building, but don’t have enough movement to make it in.
3. I don’t know if I can hand of gork into a building or not. He allows it, so I hand of gork my remaining savages into the building with IF, doing a wound to my shaman.

Dark elves turn 4:

1. He charges his hydra to my warlord, after he gave it killing blow with his cauldron, which was in range.
2. He charges his spear elves to my boars.
3. He then gets mindrazor off on his spears with IF. This kills his sorc lord, but the spell still works. He basically wipes them out in combat.
4. My warlord can only do 2 wounds to his hydra, then he killing blows my warlord and I concede.
This game is almost enough to make me quit 8th edition. I am so tired of 6 dice rolling IF spells that give me -2 and -3T or wipe out entire units with purple sun or gateway.
Greenskins have no magic defense, pisspoor spells of their own and it is magic that decides games.
I love greenskins too much to entirely quit, but I forsee playing a lot more flames of war in my future.

18-07-2011, 12:14
Tough loss indeed.

I don't really agree with your conclusions though. Luck was more the factor than magic in this case. You lost 500 points in turn 1 due to it, then you missed animosity at crucial moments. On the other side, he was pretty lucky to get all these IF with so few consequences. In the end, you missed everything, and he passed everything.
And I would also add the fact that his list was a pretty nice counter to yours. You had no shooting at all and very few magic, so he could stay back and whittle down some of your hordes, while preparing a gangbang on the survivors.
So yeah, 1+2 = huge loss, that's pretty sure.

Thank you for your reports, I'll miss them :(

18-07-2011, 16:49
I'll still make reports, because I plan to go to these tournies. I just have gotten tired of these superspells to the point that I will play a lot less warhammer and more fow. Maybe getting to play a 2nd game more will help me keep from being totally over warhammer, like I was in 7th. I gave it up in 7th edition for nearly a year because of the terrible rules in 7th.

I also don't think it is luck, because it's also not just this one game. There's multiple games in these reports where my orcs wind up with -2 or -3T and are suddenly worse than snotlings. Or when someone points at a unit and gateway's them away.

There's 9 reports here and in 4 of them that happened. Having magic with IF happen nearly 50% of the time isn't luck in my book. It's too easy to roll 6 dice and get IF.

Not having any real magic defense is horrible as well. I see countless other armies that can conjure up extra dice for their power and dispel pools in multiple ways, that greenskins can't. Even if that didn't help against IF, having extra dice would at least let you dispel the setup spells for what you know is coming. I can't afford to dispel the -D3 M or S spells now, because I know the -D3T spell or mindrazor or purple sun or what have you is coming up later.

19-07-2011, 07:08
Don't play turnies. You'll only see broken gunlines, broken WoC with some skaven and DE. Why waste money playing an unwinnable game when you can just have free fun with friends. Warhammer never was, will be or can be completely balanced. Last edition it was VC thenDE and skaven. Before that it was the Old arrow point Britts and the royal Britt Air force. With the money saved in not driving to and paying to enter Tournies, you can buy what you would win (If you could beat 3+ ward save core, let alone chosen.) Competitive is for sports where things are fair and balanced.

19-07-2011, 14:32
It's the magic spells that I can't stand. The first list wasn't a legal list, so I can't complain that it was a broken list, the last 2 lists were fine. Even the dark elf one would have been fine if you couldn't just throw 6 dice at every big spell or if at least miscasts worked the way they use to.

Having some magic defense in the greenskin book would be good as well. Instead of the 8 crap magic item nonsense.

19-07-2011, 17:35
That will change after all the books get updated, in about 4 years. The trick is finding units in your codex that don't care about Purple sun and dwellers. For me playing VC that means Blood knights. for you it may mean some units you may not like to use. Doom divers are potent, as are mass Gob heroes. WE have some fine OnG players here who make do pretty well, Maybe they can help you.

19-07-2011, 18:29
Pretty cheesy army. Warrior of chaos is an interesting army to play against, but not when they pick all the super cheesy stuff they have in their arsenal.

Warshrines (ridiculous unit and ridiculous rules/profile/cost), Infernal Puppet + Power Scroll, 3+ Ward Saves everywhere, Frenzied unit that won't loose frenzy ...

Ya being able to stack warshrine buffs is absurd & broken, rank and file should never have ward saves better than most characters.
I think tzeentch Mark should give a better armour save, only giving a bonus to ward saves if the armour save gets better than 2+.
And what kinda cheezy player brings the power scroll?

At least you won the moral victory for having a painted army.

19-07-2011, 18:42
It's the magic spells that I can't stand. The first list wasn't a legal list, so I can't complain that it was a broken list, the last 2 lists were fine. Even the dark elf one would have been fine if you couldn't just throw 6 dice at every big spell or if at least miscasts worked the way they use to.

Having some magic defense in the greenskin book would be good as well. Instead of the 8 crap magic item nonsense.

Ya I am afraid when they redo skaven and take away all the good magic item.
Further it is straight up BS that offensive magic has the complete advantage over magic defense. Nothing to stop debuffs. Nothing ?? Sadly I am going to have to find room in my list for that stupid overpriced feed back scroll and hope the enemy wizard does not have a ward save or the doom spell that is cast wins the game despite the death of the wizard.

And yet people are excited about storm of cheese spells. I do not get it. What it should have done is rewrite all the spells so the words "die with no saves" were 86 out of the game. I do not get it.

Your oppenent Orc oppenent had cool chariot conversions.

19-07-2011, 19:29
Even warshrine buffs would be ok if you had to take a new one each turn like eotg and the cauldron makes you do.

And if they went away when the warshrine died.

19-07-2011, 20:13
So reaaly the stupid Shrine needs to be erated or a new book needs to come-I do not understand why GW are not pumping out two new codexes at a time-lazy jerks.

20-07-2011, 09:55
Storm of magic is actually a better magic system.

20-07-2011, 11:08
How so? I have heard there's 4D6 dice, that doesn't seem better to me.

20-07-2011, 12:00
Hey Shimmer,

Love the reports, keep em coming.

With regards to the last couple of tourney games...
1. If a guy has an illegal list/item, they take it out and play. My buddy had 3 Manglers in his last tourney list, took one out to play. Don't feel bad if your opponent makes a mistake. Ask the TO to enforce it if need be. When a WoC does it I get extremely annoyed, their book is broken and to "oops an extra Warshrine" is BS.

2. Greenskins never seem to have average games, all good or all bad it seems, middle ground seems rare to me, don't know why.

3. Any Orc General that takes Wyverns and Chariots is Ok in my book, that list seemed ok to me.

4. You realize that the Shades (scouts) make the Dark Elves lose the +1 to go first if they have less units than you?

Make sure your opponents follow the Tourney rules, including time and finishing turns and you'll be fine.

El Antiguo GuardiŠn
20-07-2011, 19:13
Really nice army, and really nice reports.

20-07-2011, 19:45
Hey Shimmer,

Love the reports, keep em coming.

With regards to the last couple of tourney games...
1. If a guy has an illegal list/item, they take it out and play. My buddy had 3 Manglers in his last tourney list, took one out to play. Don't feel bad if your opponent makes a mistake. Ask the TO to enforce it if need be. When a WoC does it I get extremely annoyed, their book is broken and to "oops an extra Warshrine" is BS.

2. Greenskins never seem to have average games, all good or all bad it seems, middle ground seems rare to me, don't know why.

3. Any Orc General that takes Wyverns and Chariots is Ok in my book, that list seemed ok to me.

4. You realize that the Shades (scouts) make the Dark Elves lose the +1 to go first if they have less units than you?

Make sure your opponents follow the Tourney rules, including time and finishing turns and you'll be fine.

1. The problem was more that I didn't know that 3 warshrines were illegal until our game was over, so that wouldn't have helped. And we didn't know for sure that the power scroll was banned until at least 2 turns later, so we couldn't time travel that far back to really make things right. We tried, by me putting my orcs that died back, but I figured the night goblins who died were not enough for me to keep steadfast for another turn(however there was a warshrine fighting them as well, which may not have been there if there was only 2). But that didn't make much difference either, since I may have played completely differently if I had all those orcs from the getgo, as I would have likely flank charged the warriors with a full complement of orcs.

Which leaves it to the 3rd thing of him being a lot of points short since he appeared to think the points level was less than it was. So add that all together and you can only learn from that game that power scrolls are bad, warshrines are bad.

3. I really liked the greenskin list. It was funny watching us try and outmove each other with our manglers.

4. I didn't know that shades made them lose the +1 to go first. I don't know if that mattered at all. I can't remember what we rolled. I think he rolled a 6, so it wouldn't have mattered, but I will need to remember this for the future.

Gork or Possibly Mork
22-07-2011, 20:06
Shimmer have you considered that hex scroll that you turn them into a toad on say a cheap NG shaman.

I know it's expensive and won't work all the time but it works sometimes and can gimp someones magic quite a bit till you can get in there and start killing stuff.

Another option is adding a cheapish wolf big boss with the all your wardsave are belong to us item as an assassin.:D

Risky but it could work. You really need there speed to get after those mages early.

Multiple small savage boar units can work too. Da big spida is another option too.

You could also use feedback to weaken them send in the wolfs to finish him hopefully. If that fails you can try to get a snipe spell off. If you can get woulds off early they may not risk the miscast.

It doesn't seem your games where that bad considering the ogre game was close plus they don't have super spells, the orc game was pure fun, the chaos list was not legal and dark elves well there a bunch of pansies without thier magic. :D

Anyway i think you need some options in your list that are an early threat so the boyz can get ignored a little then come in and bash stuff. Maybe im wrong though just trying to throw some ideas out there.

23-07-2011, 04:12
The ogre game was fine as it was, but I simply could not dispel the number of spells he could cast. He had one of the very few armies where you can have multiples of a spell. So I could dispel trollguts from his butcher, but by the time his slaughtermaster cast it, I would be out of dispel dice.

The orc game was a lot of fun.

However, too many games just keep coming up to roll 6 dice, now you have -2T or have to take 50 Int tests with your Int2 units.

I have though thought about all the different scrolls, the main problem is they do no good against IF spells. The sniper spells either never work, aren't in range or the mage just has a high level ward save so it doesn't matter.

Like the chaos sorc had a 3+ armor and 3+ ward. How well can eadbutt or brain bursta ever do vs that?

I may have to throw the spider or smaller units of boars, or put in some chariots though, to try and make a better earlier threat.

And I love my wolfies, but I think they have to go.

11-09-2011, 19:23
Another tourney yesterday. I hadn't had the chance to play for the last 2 months, so this would be the first chance to try out my attempt at a 2 night gobbo horde.

I'll get the battle reports up in the next day or so, but first I'll post my army list, opponents armies and the scenarios for each battle.

My list:

1. savage warlord, 2nd choppa
potion of strength, 2+ armor

2. savage great shaman
shrunken head

3. orc bsb, lt armor/shield
5+ ward

4. night gobbo shaman, lvl 1 w/scroll
5. 2 x gobbo big boss w/gw's
6. 4 x night gobbo big boss w/gw's
7. 39 savage big'uns w/2 choppas, FC
8. 20 orcs w/shields, boss/standard
9. 2 x 97 night goblins w/spears, shields, nets + standard
10. 4 trolls
11. 1 troll
12. 2 x mangler squigs
1st opponent, High elves
2nd opponent, New Ogres
3rd opponent, Dark Elves
All scenario's are Ogre Themed:

1st Scenario
simple objective scenario. 6 objective markers are on the table, representing wild animals. Capture one and hold it to the end of the game to give as tribute to the ogre tribes around you for 25vps.

2nd Scenario:
There are 5 riderless mournfangs in the center of the table. You want to catch them to sell them to the ogres.

Basically it worked like this. If you shot at a mournfang, it would flee. If you charged it, it would auto-flee. If you killed one on the table you got 30vps. If a mournfang fled off your table side you got 60vps. So basically if you charged a mournfang, it would flee toward your opponents edge, risking giving them vps.

Scenario 3.

You are surrounded by ogres and have to fight your way out. This meant that you could always flee from a charge, even if you were ItP, if you fled from a charge, then you would auto-rally your next turn. You could always choose to not use your general's LD.

Finally the scenario stated that anything destroyed on the table was worth double VPs, while things that fled off the table were worth normal vps.

12-09-2011, 03:31
Here we go with game 1:

HE list:

1. General on eagle, w/gw and 4+ ward and 2+ re-rollable armor save.
2. Lvl 4. Mage using shadow
3. Lvl 2 mage using high magic
4. BSB riding barded elven steed, fire banner
5. 35 spearelves w/command
6. 14 archers, I think command?
7. 14 archers, same as the first
8. 20ish white lions w/command
9. 2 units of 6 dragon princes, not sure what sort of command they had.
10. 2 eagles

My spells were brain bursta, ere we go, hand of gork and foot of gork. Night gobbo had the signature spell.
I won roll to go first.

Orc turn 1:
1. Big horde of night goblins on the left and my orcs w/bsb both failed and squabbled. My savages failed, but I rolled a 6 so they moved up a few inches.
2. The woods were a venom thicket. My troll and mangler moved through it fine, but 1 night goblin died while they began to move through it.
3. I tried to foot of gork his white lions, but it was dispelled. I tried to hand of gork a mangler, but it was dispelled.
4. No shooting.
5. No combat.

HE turn 1:

1. As I knew it would happen, 1 eagle killed itself to remove a mangler.
2. In magic he tried to kill the other mangler but failed. He miscast rolling just 2 dice, which killed 2 or 3 archers and he lost some dice, but nothing more.
3. His archers did kill my other mangler, but falied to wound the single troll.
4. No combat.

Orc turn 2:

1. Animosity: savages fail again and this time are forced to charge the spearelves. This would be ok, if my orcs w/bsb hadn’t failed and squabbled again, meaning now there was nothing really left to protect my savages flanks or rear.
2. I tried my best to use my trolls as a sacrifice to hold off those 2 dragon prince units. I had also charged my single troll into the flank of the spear elves.
3. Magic: I try to hand of gork my right side night goblins to be ready to charge the white lions flank, or those tempting acher/mage units on the hill, but I fail.
4. No shooting.
5. His spears kill about 3-4 savages, but then I kill around 19 spear elves altogether. He breanks, but I don’t run him down. I do pursue into his white lions with my savages.

HE Turn 2:

1. He charges his lord on eagle into my savages. He charges his dragon princes into my trolls.
2. He rallies his spear elves.
3. Magic, he reduces my WS by 2 with IF. He does 1 wound to his mage lord and kills more archers, but passes his panic test.
4. Shooting, he shoots some night goblins.
5. Combat, his lord whiffs and only kills 1 savage. He tears into my savages killing several, but I kill around 7 white lions and do a wound to his lord in return. I win by 2, he passes both checks.

His dragon princes kill 2 trolls, I vomit and kill 2 dragon princes. I lose by a ton and break, I am just under 6 inches from my night goblins, who fail panic and flee as well.
Orc Turn 3:

1. Troll rolls and 11 for stupidity. Ugh.
2. I rally my night gobbos, my other troll unit keeps fleeing. It’s too late now for any of that flank to protect me from all those dragon princes and his bsb.
3. I can’t get hand of gork on my night goblins to try and protect my rear. I kept rolling like 3 for winds of magic and he had an item that would steal a dice from me, so I practically have no power dice in my phase for most of the game.
4. No shooting.
5. I get him down to about 6 white lions, but he has also really torn in my savages. I lose this time, but pass my break test, but I won’t be frenzied anymore.

HE turn 3:

1. He charges 1 dragon prince unit into my rear, the other fails its flank charge though.

I also forgot to drink my potion of strength, which I wanted to have to use vs those dragon princes(I know my back rank will likely be gone by the time I get to strike and I also figure I might as well challenge either way).

His spears also charge my lone troll.

2. Magic. I am down in my WS by 1 this time.
3. His archers kill some night goblins.
4. Since I forgot my potion of strength, I don’t challenge. He tears apart my savages. In retaliation my lord, great shaman and what’s left of my savages wipe out the remaining white lions.

I’ve lost by a ton though, so I break and am run down. My night goblins don’t care about this and stay put.

He also breaks and runs down my lone troll.

Orc turn 4:

1. My only hope now is to get that mage lord’s archer unit. He has put it in the 2nd group of archers, with the level 2 in the front group. I charge them, but they flee and I don’t have enough to re-direct.
2. No real magic or shooting or combat.
HE turn 4:

1. He flies his lord to be in front of my night goblins and rallies his archers.
2. I don’t remember him doing much with magic this turn.
Orc Turn 5:

1. I charge his lord, I need to break it and then pursue into the archer unit with mage lord(who came down the mountain a bit). This is my only hope, all that together is worth nearly 1k vps.
2. I try to give myself armor piercing, but he dispels.
3. I can’t wound his lord, he kills some night goblins and doesn’t budge.


HE Turn 5:

With his white lions coming into my flank, I know it no longer matters. I will just keep losing combats now, so won’t be able to break him and ever get to that mage lord to try and even things up. The rest of my army won’t be able to kill anything of importance as they spent most of the game squabbling and fleeing. So I have to concede.

This game was pretty fun, but it was just impossible to keep any semblance of a battle line with the savages running off while their whole left flank was left to squabble and squabble. I only had 4 animosity testing units and they were constantly failing.


Next game would be vs New Ogres.

El Antiguo GuardiŠn
12-09-2011, 07:32
When i see your opponents list, i think "O, orcs for the win", but then... :S
Well, youīre playing orcs, all is posible. xD

12-09-2011, 12:40
Oh yeah now I remember in turn 4 magic he cast one of the boosted INT super spells that killed 30+ of my night goblins.

I've got the pics wrong for the end of the game there, that's why I wasn't remembering. Let me see if I can fix that.

edit: ok now it's fixed and the turn 5 pic is correct and shows all my dead night gobbos.

12-09-2011, 19:15
Vs New Ogres
His list:
1. Slaughtermaster general. Don’t really know what he had.
2. Bsb, not sure what he had beyond a great weapon.
3. 9 bulls w/command and ironfists
4. 9 ironguts w/command
5. 4 mournfangs w/command and that new super banner of theirs.
6. 6 maneaters with at least a standard w/flaming banner. 3 had a brace of pistols, 3 had great weapons, they were scouts and I am not sure what else.
7. Sabertusk
8. Ironblaster
9. Mammox

My spells this time were hand of gork, foot of gork, ‘eadbutt and ere we go. My night gobbo had gork’ll fix it.

He won roll to go first.

Deployment pic:
Ogre turn 1:
1. He gave regen to his ironguts.
2. His maneaters did one wound to my single troll with their flaming shots.
His ironblaster killed 3 orcs.
His mammox killed 3 savages, but failed to hit a mangler with its harpoon.
3. No combat.

Orc Turn 1:
1. My orcs w/bsb failed(as they have been doing constantly) and were forced to charge the random mournfang, which had to auto-flee. This put them way out of position.
I did charge my single troll at his sabertusk which fled.
I also charged my left horde at his maneaters, to keep them from charging me next turn.

I had a mangler go through one of the random mournfangs, killing it.

2. I tried to hand of gork my mangler but he dispelled. I tried to eadbutt his SM, but he dispelled.
3. No shooting.
4. In combat I only managed to kill 1 maneater. He tore into my night gobbos, I failed my steadfast, but outran him.

Ogre Turn 2:
1. First his mournfangs charged a random mournfang, which had to flee, which let him redirect his charge to my orcs w/bsb. Then he charged his maneaters at my night goblins, when they had to flee, because he really wanted them to charge to my orc’s flank. My night goblins were less than 4 inches from the table edge. I rolled double 1’s so he would have wiped them out if he hadn’t redirected, but I am assuming he figured they would have just ran off the table.

His guts also charged a random mournfang, which got away.
And finally he charged the lone troll with his ironblaster.

His tusk kept running.

2. Magic: he made his guts have regen again.
3. Shooting: His mammox scattered and missed my savages, while his harpoon hit my mangler but only did 1 wound.
4. He tore apart my bsb’s unit killing everything but my bsb and boss. I managed to do 1 wound to a mournfang. Needless to say, I broke and was run down by his mournfangs, he didn’t pursue with his maneaters though, as I guess he wanted to keep them looking at my savage flank.

Orc turn 2:

1. Animosity. No fails. I declare my Waagh!
2. My savages charge his mournfangs.
I rally my night goblins.

The mangler I can control goes through his regen guts and his mournfangs. I only kill 2 guts, but I kill 2 mournfangs as well.

The one I can’t control goes spinning between his mammox and guts.

I try to get my trolls to where his guts can’t charge my savages without hitting them first.

3. Magic. I try to get a spinning mangler to move behind him, but he dispels.
4. No shooting.
5. My general kills a mournfang, before it can attack. The remaining one, I think attacks my great shaman wounding it. My remaining savages kill his last fang.
I am forced to overrun, which puts me in a dangerous position of hitting my own mangler. I luckily do not roll well and don’t hit him.

Ogre turn 3:
1. He could have ganged up on my savages now, but instead I think he decides not to, because of me having 2 large night goblin hordes there which would be getting flank and rear charges on him in the following turn. So instead he charges his guts and my 4 troll unit and then just marches up his maneaters between my savages and horde.
2. He tries to regen bloom, but I scroll it. He does get stubborn off on his big bull unit though.
3. His ironblaster grape shots my savages and his mammox shoots them as well, I lose around 5 savages. His harpoon fails to hit the mangler near it.
4. His guts w/bsb + SM has his SM first kill a troll. Then my 3 trolls fail to hurt him at all. He then kills 2 more trolls. My remaining troll breaks and runs, but gets away.



Orc Turn 3:

1. I pass my tests for a change. I then charge my right horde at his mammox and my left horde at his ironblaster. I am successful with both charges.
My troll amazingly rallies.
The mangler in front of my savages goes through them and the maneaters. I lose just 2 savages, but kill 3 maneaters. He passes his panic test.
My other mangler spins up toward the mamox.
2. I get foot of gork off with IF and kill the last 2 maneaters. Gork then wanders off.
3. No shooting.
4. My gobbos all fail to wound the blaster, he kills a few gobbos, but then my 3 big bosses kill the ironblaster outright.

In the other fight, again my huge amount of spear attacks manage maybe just 1 wound on the mamox. He kills a few night gobbos, but then again, the 3 big bosses kill the mammox outright. I had been really worried about those huge things, but they seemed to die pretty easily.

Ogre turn 4:

1. He charges his bulls into my savages and reforms his guts to face their rear.
2. He tries to regen bloom again, but I stop it. But again his bulls are stubborn, which I can’t stop.
3. No shooting.
4. I kill around 4 bulls and he kills a good number of savages(my general had killed 1, so after that everyone else was striking simultaneously). He sticks due to being stubborn.


Orc Turn 4:

1. I pass animosity.
2. I reform my night goblins to be ready to flank charge his guts which are about to rear charge me.
One mangler has gone spinning off to nowhere, while the other moved back to between his bulls and my gobbos.

3. I get hand of gork off with IF, to move that mangler to sit right behind my savages in the direct charge arc of his ironguts.

The miscast result is that I forget that spell and lose 1 lvl.

4. Again, I kill 3 more bulls, he kills a bunch of savages. He sticks due to stubborn.



Ogre turn 5:

1. He does charge through my mangler to the savage rear. I only kill 2 ironguts as my mangler dies.
2. He gets regen bloom off this time with IF. He just loses power dice and takes a wound from the S6 hit.
3. I try to desperately kill his bulls before I go away, but I can only do 4 wounds, so his last bull lives. Argh.
He retaliates by taking my savages all the way down to just my warlord, shaman and about 4 more savages. I have lost by a buttload, I break, run and am cut down. The night goblins in range, pass their panic test.

Orc Turn 5:

1. I pass both animosity tests.
2. I decide to charge both hordes at his guts. I don’t really consider charging the remaining bull. I figure he would run and get away and then rally easily. But I forgot that since that bull is under 25% he would need double 1’s for it. But I also don’t want to just use one horde against the guts and then he can just reform and tear them a new one in his turn 6.
So both go into each flank so that he can’t combat reform later.
3. I fail to get gork’ll fix it off.
4. With his regen, I really do almost no damage to his bulls(plus I failed 1 fear test and that same horde threw their nets on themselves to boot). I lose but pass both steadfast checks.



Turn 6:

We are unsure if we have played 5 or 6 turns. We try to figure it out and first think we played 6, but I go over my magic in my head and only remember 5 turns, so we play 1 more turn.

This 6 turn really doesn’t matter as I only manage to kill 1 gut and I pass all my steadfast checks. There’s really nothing else going on.

Once we figure things up, he’s at least 100pts ahead, but barely(I think I should have gotten 30 more vps from one of those random mournfangs, but I can’t remember what was what with those, other than we both claimed 2 of them).

He’s fine with just calling it a draw eventhough he is up by enough for a victory.

So this one is a draw.

The big monsters didn't seem that great at this first glance and I really think the mammox shooting attacks are a waste. I think it'll be magic again that will make this army tough to deal with. Regen bloom and stubborn will make their infantry blocks and mournfangs, tough to deal with. The rest of the list just looks like the greenskin support units. Cool but not over powering.

Game 3 Vs Dark Elves

This was the Greenskin player from the last tourney that I played against.

Now this is the tricky scenario. All units are allowed to flee from charges, even if they are ItP. If they flee like this, they can auto-rally their next turn. You don’t have to use your general’s LD is you do not wish to. Also any unit/model destroyed on the table from combat is worth double vp’s.

The dark elf list:
1. Sorc lord, ward(not sure if it was reverse ward or not) and the dagger
2. Hag bsb w/cauldron
3. Sorc level 2 w/scroll
4. 26 spearelves w/command
5. 24 crossbows w/command
6. 24 crossbows w/command
7. 3 x 5 harpies
8. 20 black guard w/command and fire banner
9. 20 black guard w/command
10. 20 witch elves w/command
11. Hydra

He was using Dark and Fire magic, so that will keep the magic as reasonable eventhough he’s going to have a ton of power dice.

I don’t get hand of gork this time. I get ere we go, eadbutt, foot of gork and brain bursta. My night gob got itchy nuisance, which was the best spell I think I could get vs dark elves.
I win roll to go first.
Orc Turn 1:
1. Animsosity. Sigh. Bsb orc’s unit fails, they have been doing nothing but failing all tourney long.
2. With all those crossbows and harpies, I know my manglers are not long for the world. I just rush everything forward.
3. I try to eadbutt his sorc lord, but roll double 1’s, so there goes my orc magic for this turn. I try to put itchy nuisance on a harpy unit near one of my manglers so they won’t be able to land on him this turn, but he dispels.
4. No shooting or combat.

DE Turn 1:

1. 2 harpy units sacrifice themselves to kill both manglers. His 3rd unit flies up in front of a night gobbo horde, so he can try to assassinate my gobbo big bosses.
2. He powers of darkness, which is just a wash, he sacrifices a black guard to cast black horror, but it’s barely in range of my savages, so only kills one. He sacrifices another for soul stealer, but I dispel. He gets another power of darkness, tries the boosted fireball on my trolls, I let it go and he rolls low and does no damage.
3. His left crossbows put 2 wounds on my lone troll, while his other crossbows kill 2 savages.
4. No combat.


Orc Turn 2:

1. BSB Orcs fail AGAIN! And my left side night gobbo horde also fails. Sigh.
2. I boost foot of gork and get IF. I kill 4 black guard, but then roll a 1, so he kills 4 of my savages. The miscast result is that I forget the spell and go down 1 wizard level.
3. I charge the harpies with my trolls and night gobbos.
4. I try to eadbutt/brainburst him, but he dispels.
5. He tries to assassinate a night gobbo and my gobbo big boss, but doesn’t hurt them, I destroy the harpies and over run, but my trolls only over run 2 inches.
DE Turn 2:
1. He kills more savages with magic and shooting. He kills like 5 spear elves with his dagger during magic. He can cast basically at will, but at least none of these spells are super destructive. He does a couple of wounds to my trolls with boosted up fireball, that’s about it.

Orc Turn 3:
1. Yes. The bsb orc’s fail again. I utter an obscenity.
2. Since I have no hope of supporting my savages in any meaningful way, I am forced to march up and force a charge from him and then be destroyed piecemeal by killing blow and poison.
3. I try to get ere we’ go off on my savages, but he dispels. I try to itchy nuisance his black guard, but he dispels.
4. No combat.

Dark Elf turn 3:

1. He charges his witches and black guard(with killing blow) at my savages.
2. He kills several more spear elves with his dagger, he keeps casting at will, but again his magic isn’t super powerful, so he kills things, but not a ton of things.
3. His black guard try to killing blow my general with 6 attacks. He gets one off, but I luckily make my ward. He puts 4 on my great shaman and gets one off as well plus a regular wound. I save the killing blow, then lose a wound to the regular attack. His witch elves tear into my savages, with a ton of poisons, I lose at least 8 savages. This worries me about combat res, so I use my warboss to attack witches instead of black guard. He kills 4 witches. My other savages who can attack them, do 16 more wounds to wipe the unit completely out. I kill around 6 black guard as well. He sticks around due to stubborn.

If I had known my savages would wipe them out like that, I would have let my general attack the black guard, since the likely fleeing witch elves with just 4 remaining would have needed double 1’s to rally.
Orc turn 4:
1. My night gobbo horde fails and has to charge, which I wanted them to do anyway. I am 7 inches from the other black guard unit. I roll double 1’s to charge. Ugh.
I want to charge his hydra with my other horde, but I can’t make it, without having to wheel 2 times because of the building. I drink my potion of strength for no real reason.

2. I want ere we go again but can’t get it cast. I do get itchy nuisance off on his black guard, but their Int only goes down by 1, so he’ll get to fight me first again anyway. My night gobbo miscast just kills 3 night gobbos.

3. He puts 8 attacks on my warboss this time, killing blowing him 3 times. I only pass one ward, so my warboss is dead. He then puts 4 more on my great shaman killing him. His remaining attacks kill 3 more savages. I kill 4 in return. I break and will be run down.

So he gets double points for my general, great shaman and savages and he can flee his black guard from any charges I could get, to avoid losing them. So instead of doing anything, I have to concede, there’s no way I can come back now.

His black guard in front of my night gobbos can move back to be sure to be able to flee from them and then auto-rally, the remnants of his other black guard will be able to reform in his turn and avoid the other horde, plus he can flank charge them with the hydra and get them locked up from being able to chase down his spear unit.

This was a weird one since it was killing blow and not magic that did me in.

It would have been a really great time to have the dragonbane gem too, since those black guard had the flaming banner.

All in all it was better than before, the night goblins continue to be the only things any good in the army. The savages can tear into things, but they are usually still dying in droves themselves, even with the 5+ ward.

I am disgusted though at my orcs w/bsb. I've been taking fewer and fewer orcs with each game and I've seen nothing yet to make me want to keep them.

I didn't get to use my bsb at ALL this tournament because of all the failed animosity checks.

16-09-2011, 03:42
Hmmm- maybe it is time for a black Orc bsb?

16-09-2011, 04:10
I've been thinking about going to a gobbo bsb and dropping all those common orcs altogether. I don't know what I'll do beyond the fact that I am digging into the bottom of my gobbo pile and have more ready to be painted up.

I think though that with a black orc bsb, not only is it 35pts more expensive, but it would have killed orcs on 6 out of 10 turns that the unit tested during this tourney. That's a lot of dead orcs.

My achilles heel though is really that the savages are an obvious target. If I make the unit smaller, it dies faster though.

16-09-2011, 05:44
Thanks for the reports sir. I have to admit that you make me really sad that I haven't gotten around to making Manglers yet.

A gobbo BSB would be fine, but I'm not sure that would solve your problem of the animosity. I suppose you could throw a naked Black Orc Big Boss in there to punch gobbo-heads and keep them in line if you felt like it. He'd also give the bunker a bit more punch in case you ever needed them in a combat (god forbid you are ever looking for goblins to save you in a combat!).

Why not add another hitty block? I think your savages got singled out as your only threat because they were in fact your only threat? Maybe drop a unit of the spear gobbos for a large unit of squigs (if you have the models that is). It's still night goblin-y and it is a lot scarier.

16-09-2011, 18:13
They actually weren't the only threat though, the night goblins are tough to break and tough to fight, I had problems with the new block and animosity too though, which kept me from utilizing them. But still they took out a mammox, ironblaster, got 2 flanks on a mid-sized gutstar in the one game where they both were able to move without animosity issues.

I do agree though that the gobbo bsb doesn't solve my animosity issues, but it does leave me many more spare points for more stuff. Swapping out the 20 orcs and orc bsb with items for a gobbo bsb with around 25 night gobbo stikkas saves me around 130pts.

It's tempting to do that, since 130pts gets you some good stuff and the fact that 20 orcs really don't die any more slowly than 25 night goblins against most things. Really you don't want either unit in combat alone against just about anything more than fast cav or skirmishers.

If only I could take more manglers!

19-09-2011, 10:13
Working my way through the reports thank you for posting them. I enjoyed the Ogre read:Mangler's w/hand of gork is awesome. Your goblin bosses rocked those OK monsters!

19-09-2011, 16:09
Yeah they died way easier than I expected.

And I love moving mangler's with hand of gork. It seems that it's easier and more tactical moving them, then it is to move entire units. Safer too, since you can fit them most often where you want them to go.

Another great way to move them is after they go wild and you can try to move them behind the enemy lines. This tactic would work well with fanatics or wagons and even giants too, since all have smaller footprints than infantry units.

El Antiguo GuardiŠn
24-09-2011, 09:32
When next battle?

25-09-2011, 05:02
Hopefully in a week or so.

15-11-2011, 04:36
I only had the chance to play a couple of storm of magic games the last couple of months, but was able to play in another tourney this past Saturday.

Here's the first battle report.

This tourney had a Dreadfleet theme. This scenario for game 1, was pretty basic. There was a treasure marker in the center of the table. If the game ended and you had a unit at least partially on the treasure you got 200vps.


Game 1: vs Beastmen

My army:

1. Savage Orc Great Shaman lvl 4 (General)
a. Dispel Scroll
b. Ruby Ring of Ruin
Total: 255pts
2. Night goblin BSB, lt armor/shield
a. Standard of Discipline
Total: 74pts.
3. Savage Orc Shaman lvl. 1
a. Shrunken Head
Total: 120pts
4. Savage Orc Big Boss w/great weapon: 79pts.
5. Goblin big boss w/great weapon: 39pts.
6. Goblin big boss w/great weapon: 39pts.
7. Goblin big boss w/great weapon: 39pts.
8. Goblin big boss w/great weapon: 39pts.
9. Night Goblin big boss w/great weapon: 34pts.
10. Night Goblin big boss w/great weapon: 34pts.

11. 40 Savage Orc Big’Uns w/2nd hand weapon + Full command
Total: 475pts.
12. 96 Night Goblins w/Spears and Shields + Nets, Standard Bearer
Total: 343pts
13. 96 Night Goblins w/Spears and Shields + Nets, Standard Bearer
Total: 343pts.
14. 24 Night Goblins stikkas(short bows): 72pts.

15. Wolf Chariot: 50pts.
16. Wolf Chariot: 50pts.
17. Troll: 35pts.

18. Mangler Squig: 65pts
19. Mangler Squig: 65pts
20. Rock Lobba: 85pts
21. Rock Lobba: 85pts
22. Doom Diver: 80pts.

Total: 2500pts.

Beastmen Army:

1. Great bray-shaman general
Not sure what items other than the crown of command.
2. Doombull
Asf weapon, 2+ re-rollable armor
3. Bray shaman lvl1
4. Wargor bsb w/gw
5. 40+ gors w/shields, fc
6. 25ish bestigors w/fc gw’s
7. 6 mino’s w/gw’s and rage banner
8. 10 gors w/banner
9. 10 gors w/banner
10. 10 ungors
11. 5 ungor raiders
12. 5 ungor raiders
13. 1 razagor
14. Gorgon

My spells were brain bursta for the lvl 1. Hand of gork, eadbutt, fists of gork and ere we go for the lvl 4.

He had shadow magic, miasma, -S spell, mindrazor and a couple of others that I can’t remember.

I won roll to go first.

Here's a pic after set up:


Greenskin turn 1:

1. Animosity: my bunker w/shaman general started off by failing animosity and squabbling. Ugh.
2. Movement: my manglers surged forward along with my main units.
3. Magic: with only a lvl 1, I tried to brain burst his bsb, but he dispelled.
4. Shooting: I concentrated on his mino’s but only managed to do 2 wounds to one mino.


Beasts Turn 1:

1. He lands one of his 10 gor units onto my mangler. The mangler kills them all, getting exactly 10 wounds.
He’s unable to reach my 2nd mangler with his ungor raiders.
His razagor moves up close to my wolf chariot and the lvl 1 shaman’s 10 gor unit into a building.
2. He has low magic, I don’t remember him casting anything.
3. His raiders manage 2 wounds to my chariot near the razagor, but the other raiders only do 1 wound to my mangler that they are in front of.

Greenskins turn 2:

1. I charge my chariot into his razagor. My mangler goes through his raiders but only kills 4, the last one passes his panic test. I land just short of his huge gor unit.
I put my troll up at an angle to try and delay his gorgon who is threating my bunker which had failed animosity the previous turn.
2. In magic I go all out with hand of gork to move my bunker away from his gorgon. I get it with IF. But the result is that I lost 1 wizard level(which means no more hand of gork).
3. I misfire with my doom diver which flies off the table and with one lobba which just couldn’t shoot this turn. My 2nd lobba also sails off to miss the gorgon.
4. My chariot does at least kill the razagor with impact hits.

Beasts turn 2:
1. His gorgon charges my troll.
He tries to triple charge my savages with his minos w/doombull, big gor unit and bestigor unit. But only his gor unit makes the charge. The charge from his gors makes them go through the mangler, killing it and several gor in the process.

2. He tries to reduce the Strength of my savages, but I dispel. He also tries to get mindrazor off, but I scroll it. I think he gets Miasma off on my savages though.
3. His raiders finish off my wolf chariot this time with shooting. His lone other raider actually kills a night goblin.
4. In combat, his gorgon does 2 wounds to my troll, I think I do one wound back maybe? I break, but get away.

In the bigger fight, I lose 1 savage and kill a few gor. My big boss does one wound to his bsb, but he kills my big boss.
He is stubborn, so holds.

Greenskin Turn 3:

1. My big horde of night goblins on the right fail animosity, right when I need them to be able to move up to block his besitgors next turn.
I charge my other horde into his lone raider to kill it and reform to try and protect my savages from his minos.
I move up my chariot to block his bestigors for at least 1 turn, but it can’t really get to a point to do it.
My troll failed to rally, but stayed on the table.
2. I try to brain burst his bestigor champ, but fail to wound.
I go all out again to get ere we go on my savages. I get IF again. This time, I roll double 1’s on the miscast table. I lose a wound on my general and 4 night goblins. I then roll a 4 to keep from dying outright.
3. The gorgon is too close range for my first lobba to shoot it, so I fire at his minos, misfire again and can’t shoot this or next turn.
I fire my 2nd lobba at his gorgon, but miss. Now since I have a low chance to really kill his gorgon this turn, I fire my doom diver at his mino’s where it finishes killing one and does a wound to another.
Amazingly my chariot archers finish things off by killing a bestigor.
4. My night gobbos kill his raider and reform, but can’t block his minos to my savages.
I keep killing gor, but he’s stubborn so continues to hold. Ere we go really helped a lot.

Didn't get a pic this turn.
Beasts turn 3:
1. He can only clip into my unit of savages with his minos, so he charges them to my night goblins. His gorgon charges my doom diver.
2. He gets off the strength spell on my savages, so they are now -2S. He also gets my savages to have -1WS.
3. I kill a lot fewer gor with just S2 and lose the combat, but I only lose by like 2 and hold thanks to my general and bsb behind the unit.
His doombull kills a ton of night gobbos, but my night gobbos then do 4 wounds to the minos. The remainder do more damage to me, but I stick due to steadfast.
His gorgon rips through my doom diver and combat reforms to face my lobba.

Greenskin turn 4:

1. I charge my chariot into the flank of the gor unit.
I don’t think his bestigors can get to my savages without running into the impassable rock there, so I reform my night goblins expecting him to charge them next turn.
My troll does rally.

2. I try to get ere we go off again, but he scrolls it.
3. His gorgon was within 12” of my lobba, so I couldn’t shoot at him, instead I targeted his raiders. I got a direct hit, but only managed to kill 1. Ugh.
My other lobba does shoot and hit his gorgon, but I only do 1 wound. Ugh again.
4. Since I had completely forgotten to dispel his hex’s on my savages, I am still -2S and now without frenzy. So I again do little damage to him, luckily he still doesn’t do much to me either. I lose again, but stick around again.
His doombull kills another 5-7 night gobbos and I lose around a dozen total again. I really flub my attacks and only do like 1 wound to his minos. I stick from steadfast again.

Beast turn 4:

1. He is able to wheel around the rock just barely, so can charge my savages. He gets the charge off.
His gorgon also charges my lobba.
2. He gets +1T and S to his bestigors. He tries to get the S spell back on my savages but fails. He gets the WS one back on them and they are down to WS1.
3. His gorgon easily takes out my lobba, but doesn’t overrun toward my bunker, like I was fearing.
He does decimate my savages. I in return take him down to just 1 gor, but I can’t dent those T5 bestigors. I need a 5, with a re-roll but fail and run. I get cut down and his bestigors pursue into the flank of my night gobbos.
His doom bull continues it’s slaughter, racking up blood greed attacks. However, I kill every mino other than him with my night goblins and do 2 wounds to the doom bull as well with my characters.

Greenskins turn 5:

1. Things are dire, so I have no choice but to go for it and charge my bunker into the remains of his gor unit, which is now just his shaman lord general, bsb and 1 gor.
2. I get fists of gork off on my shaman general.
3. My lobba misses his gorgon.
4. I make way with my gobbo characters and since both sides are using gw’s we attack at the same time(my few regular attacks are basically useless against T5). I kill a few bestigors, he kills several night goblins and does a wound to my night goblin big boss.

I manage to pass my steadfast check and pass my combat reform test to reform and face him next round.

I can’t dent his doom bull, who obliterates many, many more night goblins.
My big hope now is my fist of gork shaman. I am not in a challenge. We are just straight up fighting. He attacks first and does 2 wounds to me. Malorian told me to spend the extra 5pts to give my general the free ward that savages get.

Will it pay off?

I roll the dice and roll a 1 and a 6! He stays!

But when I strike back I can only do one wound as well(he has a 4+ ward).
I put most of my night gobbo attacks onto the last gor to wipe that unit out. I lose combat, but hold.

We think we are about to run out of time, so start rushing from here, so I don't have any more pics.

Beasts turn 5:

1. He tries to reduce the S of my bunker, but I dispel. Then we get right into the combat.
2. With his gor dead, he moves his bsb to btb with my shaman lord. The bsb had a great weapon, so I got to strike first. I manage to kill the bsb, before he can strike. But his 4 attack shaman lord is still there and strikes and kills my shaman lord. However, I win the combat and he rolls double 10’s for his crown of command and breaks. I pursue and run him down.

Now his doombull rips apart my night goblins again, this time when I test I am on 7 with a re-roll and fail both times. I break, but outrun him as he only pursues like 2 inches. This panics my bunker unit, which flees all the way to the other side of my horde fighting the bestigors. It does a wound to my bsb and kills a couple of archers as well.

All is not lost though as my other night goblin horde breaks his bestigors and runs them down.

Greenskin turn 6.

1. I really my horde, but not my bunker. However I roll low to flee and stay on the table. Just barely by around 3 inches.
2. My lobba lands dead on the doombull. I don’t quite manage to kill him though.

Beasts turn 6:

1. He charges his doombull at my night gobbo horde again, he’s far away, so I want to just flee and take my chances that they stay on the board, but hold instead after being talked into it.
He kills a lot of gobbos again, but I manage to hold from steadfast ending the game.

At the end I am up just barely getting a minor victory.

We sorta forgot about the objective, so no one was able to claim it. Once again though, my night goblins came through, between the 2 hordes and my bunker, I took out the remains of 1 raider unit, his minos, bestigors, finished off the gor unit and got his general and bsb, just losing 1 banner and my general in return(since my bunker w/bsb was still on the table he didn't get the vps for them).

Magic was not a big deal this time other than a few hexes and augments. But there was no super take out a whole unit in one blow type of spell. Fists of gork though did basically win it for me, by letting me kill is bsb, so that when he rolled that 10, he couldn't re-roll and save his general.

I did lose every orc though and it got really touch and go when I had to depend on my bunker to get me out of the hole I was in.

I'll get the next 2 reports up in the next day or 2. Next battle is vs WoC.

15-11-2011, 17:40
Looking good so far :)

15-11-2011, 17:57
It's amazing how 5 pts saved that game for me.

Along with fists of gork.

15-11-2011, 22:46
Not to say that you shouldn't have a savage general, but you had Fists of Gork on him the turn he needed that 6+ ward and Fists gives you a 6+ ward so it is kind of a moot point.

Sounds like a nail biter of a game - glad that you came out on top sir. I look forward to the next reports.

15-11-2011, 23:55
"the night goblin horde beat & ran down the Beatigor-" ?? What a low day for all besitor....
odd the beast man player Did not have a unit Ambushing to have a chance to hunt down bunkers.
Mr gorgan should have ignored the warmachines so as to get back into the fight-since the warmachines could not realy shoot at much else

16-11-2011, 01:17
I think he was thinking that turn 5 was the last turn, so didn't bother to do anything with it after he took out the lobba.

And really, my goblin heroes would have probably killed it pretty quickly if it got into combat.

The bestigors fluffed their rolls on my goblin heroes in the first turn that they were in the flank of my night goblins only doing the 1 wound to my night goblin big boss, so that left them in trouble in round 2 when they faced about 37 night goblins plus the 3 heroes.

A 5+ armor save really isn't that great against that many attacks. The only other time I faced bestigors was a horde of 40+ where I didn't have any big bosses in my horde and I still killed 9 of them.

I think he ambushed in the other games, but wanted to place all those little ambushing units on the table for the game against me to guard against the manglers.

16-11-2011, 03:41
Game 2 vs WoC.

This scenario had much more at stake in terms of victory points. You gained points for every one of your units that you got into the enemy deployment zone and lost vps for every one of your units still at least partially in your own deployment zone. It was half vps.

So a 300pt unit stuck in your deployment zone would give your opponent 150vps.

His army:

1. Chaos lord of tzeentch on disk. I think he had crown of command, 3+ ward
2. Level 4 sorc of tzeentch
3. Level 2 of nurgle
4. Bsb, I think it was khornish
5. 2 units of around 18 warriors of khorne, w/halberds, shields. I think they both had magic banners.
6. 2 units of 5 slaanesh horsemen.
7. 50ish marauders of tzeentch
8. 7 Khorne chaos knights
9. 2 units of 5 dogs

When I deployed, I had to make my bunker 7 wide, because there wasnít enough room for me to put them in good place otherwise.

I won roll to go first.
Greenskin Turn 1.

1. I of course tried to surge forward to get out of my zone as much as possible.
2. I shot a fireball at his horsemen, but did no damage.
I then got boosted foot of gork off on his chaos knights. He failed to dispel. It scattered and did no damage. I rolled for it to work again and placed it on the knights, it again scattered and did no damage. It worked a 3rd time, this time it scattered to also touch the nearby warriors and managed to at least kill 1 of them, but no knights.

The 4th time I rolled a 1 and he placed it on my savages, after scatter and ward saves, he killed 2 savages.

3. I continued to try and take out the knights with my first lobba, which scattered onto the warriors again, to kill 1.
My doom diver hit the knights dead on, but I AGAIN failed to kill any.
My 2nd lobba misfired and could not shoot this turn. Sigh.

Warriors turn 1:

1. First he killed a mangler with a dog unit. He charged his horsemen at my chariot, but I fled to keep him from getting an easy overrun into my lobba.
2. He had an item that would let him use my spells. But he didnít really have any use for them right now. I canít remember what spells he did use, just that they didnít do much.

Greenskins turn 2:

1. If you could guess what was going to happen now, when you read the scenario rules, then you win the prize for having played greenskins before.
My savages failed animosity, rolled a 2nd one and attacked the nearby horde, each killing just a couple. My 2nd horde also squabbled. Ugh.

To add insult to injury, my troll failed and stumbled toward the knights.

2. At least my remaining mangler went through his horsemen, marauders and warriors. I did wipe out the horsemen, but did very little damage to the other 2 units.
My chariot left the table and since everything else was squabbling, I reformed my bunker to be 5-wide again.

I couldnít claim the house now though, so I would never make it to his table with that unit.
3. He dispelled foot of gork and I wasnít in range to do anything else.
4. In shooting I tried to take out the horsemen threatening my left side machines, but did no damage.

WoC Turn 2:

1. He charges his knights at my troll and his lord on disc at my savages. He also charges warriors at my goblins near the building. And horsemen at my doom diver. He also puts his marauders into the building.
2. Flickering fire kills my remaining mangler.
3. His knights first make quick work of my troll so that they can overrun into my savages. This fight is a mess, I lose nearly 10 savages, even though I do kill 4 knights. I hold from steadfast and have lost frenzy and my choppa bonus, so heíll save on a straight up 2+ with his knights now.

His warriors kill a night goblin and a goblin big boss that I sent in hoping to do damage to him. I lose but hold.

His horsemen kill my doom diver and overrun to a lobba.

Greenskins turn 3:

1. I fail my charge at his warriors with my horde, so now Iím stuck still in my deployment zone with this unit.
I charge a chariot into the knights.
2. I have really nothing much to cast other than trying foot of gork at his one warrior unit that is in my arc and un-engaged. It does nothing. I fireball his wolves and kill a couple panicking them.
3. My remaining lobba fires at his warriors and scatters onto the building where it kills a couple of marauders.
4. He decimates my savages again and I only manage to kill 1 knight. I lose my savage big boss too.
He also wins against my night goblins, but neither of us have much that can fight here. I hold in both cases.
I lose my lobba to the horsemen.

WoC turn 3:
1 . He charges my other horde with his warriors. He rallies his wolves, so I canít even get that.
2 . I donít really remember any magic here.
3. Again my savages get hurt bad and I canít even kill a knight this time. All the battles are stalemates again.

Greenskins Turn 4:

As you can see it is an absolute stalemate, I canít break him , he canít break me, itís a grind. All that happens this turn is that he kills my lobba and takes his marauders out of the building.

As we go to turn 5, this is the last turn we would have time for. I am stuck, I should be able to finish off his last 2 knights(I hope, I hadnít killed one in the previous two turns of combat). But thatís about all I can do. My hordes are killing 1-2 warriors a turn and losing about 10 goblins themselves.

So since I canít break him, I know I will lose based on the scenario, because I have a horde, my bunker, my general and my bsb all stuck in my deployment zone and he also has his marauder horsemen there. Heíll also charge his marauder horde at me, where he will then outrank me and my horde will not be testing on steadfast. So I figure there is no reason to play it out. Even though on the field I am in good shape currently, the scenario just has me too far behind, with no real way to get out of it.

Loss to the greenskins.

Game 3 is vs Vampire Counts.

16-11-2011, 18:55
Wow-really looks like a couple black Orc bosses are in demand- those failed animosity rolls are adding up to ruin you.

16-11-2011, 20:05
It is hilarious that even with just 4 testing units I manage to have 3 of them squabbling, where 2 attacked each other.

I really wanted to sit back and fire artillery and foot of gork onto him, but that scenario made it impossible to do, because I knew I would be mired in long combats with all those chaos warriors and would wind up giving up way too many vps. But animosity hurt me anyway.

Also it's so irritating that the S3 part of the stonethrower damage allows armor saves now. It really makes them terrible vs high armor troops.

My VC report should go up tonight sometime.

16-11-2011, 21:43
Game 3 is vs Vampire Counts.

This scenario was straightforward. The tower in the center of the table had a vampire lord in it. Kill the lord and you claim his body like a banner. If you have it at the end of the battle you get 500vps.

His army:
1. Vamp lord
2. Vamp lvl 1
3. With bsb with regen banner
4. 30ish ghouls
5. 25 ghouls
6. 20 skellies
7. 20ish grave guard
8. 5 dire wolves
9. Vargulf
10. 2 terrorgeists

He won roll to go first.
Vamp turn 1.

1. He flies up his geistís and vargulf and has his infantry ready to storm the watchtower next turn.
His lvl 1 vamp had something that made him take a stupidity test, which he failed, so could only stumble forward a bit.
2. He tried to curse of years my large horde near the tower, but I dispelled. He does get some spell off on them that kills a few of them.
3. One geist screamed at my chariot and killed it outright. Another screamed at the big horde in front of the wolves and killed around 5.
Orc Turn 1:

1. I pass all my tests.
2. I charge my horde into his wolves.
3. I try to foot of gork a geist, I hit it and do 2 wounds. When I roll again, I get a 1 and he stomps my horde near the tower and kills a bunch of them.
4. I rip up the wolves and overrun into his geist.
Vamp turn 2:

1. He charges the tower. And his grave guard charge my savages.
2. He tries to curse of years my horde, but I dispel. He tries to doom and darkness my bunker, but I scroll it.
3. His geist in combat screams at my horde and kills a bunch. The other one screams at my lobba and kills it.
4. He kills the vamp lord in the tower with a bunch of poison attacks and then claims the body and occupies the tower. I know now that the chances of me taking out 25 ghouls from that tower are slim and none.
He wounds one of my goblin big bosses, but I outright kill his geist with my horde.

I do one wound to his bsb with my big boss, but he kills my savage big boss in that fight. He also kills a few savages, while I only kill around 4-5 grave guard. We have a straight up tie in CR.

Orc Turn 2:

1 . My bunker fails animosity. Ugh.
2. I charge my horde and troll at his ghouls. My other horde charges the tower.
3. No magic
4. I shoot at his remaining geist with my doom diver and lobba. Both hit and take out 3 wounds total.
5. I forget to target the bsb and target all grave guard. I do terribly and only kill maybe 2 guard. I lose combat this time, but hold.
6. I only kill around 4 ghouls in the tower. He doesnít target my heroes at all, so I only lose a bunch of night goblins.
7. My goblins against his other ghouls also do terribly and only kill 3 or so and my troll kills 1. I do win combat though as he only kills around 4 or 5 goblins as he tries to kill my big bosses.
That was it for the pics. Things were winding down around us at this point, so the game got a bit more rushed even though we still had a lot of time left.

Vamps turn 3:

1. He charges his vargulf at my horde, but fails his charge with his geist at my horde.
2. He gets doom and darkness off on my bunker this time, reducing my generalís ld to 5(+1 for the banner)
3. I put every attack that I can into his bsb and completely fail to wound him thanks to his regen. This time I manage to kill maybe 1 grave guard. I lose again, but hold.
Thanks to his vargulf he wins this combat, but I manage to hold.

Orcs turn 3:

1. Tower charged.
My mangler moves through his grave guard. However when it comes out the other side it is touching both my night goblin horde and his grave guard and the building, so via the errata it dies. We just figure it does 3D6 to both units. I roll really low for both, like 7 for the guard and 5 for the night goblins. I actually donít think I kill a single grave guard with this mangler.
2. I put a foot of gork on his remaining geist taking it down to 1 wound left.
3. My doom diver misfires and fires wildly off the table. My lobba misses entirely.
4. I had forgotten to charge my chariot into this fight. And again, I just canít kill that freaking bsb. I hold again, but at least wear his guard down a bit.
This time I lose and since my general is still ld5(I forgot to dispel), I want to use my big bosses ld. They say I canít that I must use my generalís. I find in the errata that it does say MAY use, so I use my big bosses. It doesnít matter as I break anyway. He runs down my troll, but my horde gets away, running through the giest to kill more of them.
I think I might have killed 2 ghouls in the tower.

VC turn 4:

1. He tries doom of darkness on my bunker again, but I am pretty sure I dispelled. He heals 2 wounds to his geist, bringing it back to 3.
2. I think his geist screams at my bunker killing a few.
3. I just canít kill his bsb. It is really driving me crazy now. While this is going on everyone else has finished. Since several people had to cancel at the last minute, we are told that even though we are playing for 3rd place, there is no prize for it this time.

Orc turn 4:

1. Since everyone is gone, we agree to just end it after this turn as a draw. I only want to kill his geist. I foot of gork it and take out a wound. I doom diver it and take out another wound. I fire my lobba on it and it scatters wildly to land on his vargulf. I wound it, he fails his regen, but I only take the vargulf down to its last wound.
2. I hadnít bothered to charge his tower this time, but I did charge my chariot in just to see what happens and I did rally my fleeing horde. I roll terrible for impact hits and only kill 1 guard with it.
I donít bother to fight out the rest of that fight, since we just agreed to have a draw being as everyone else had left and we both had about an hour drive back home. I figured eventually I would have killed the bsb and the grave guard, but I wasnít going to get his ghouls out of the tower. And I would either kill the geist or vargulf, but neither could really risk charging my horde now, so he would have to depend on healing one of them.

So this just ends as a draw. I would hate to face those geist shooting attacks with an elite army. Thatís all I can say. It is gigantic though, so an easy target for templates and it is weak in combat.

It turns out we were basically tied for 3rd because we drew, but even though there was no prize, after we packed up we looked at the painting and terrain aisle and what was there? 2 copies of Garden of Morr, which we snatched up. So technically we won the best prize.

This was also the best I've done at these tournies, which I think had a lot to do with using a bunker instead of an expensive warboss.

The savage big boss is more of a conceit to the fact that I really love that dragonrune model and want to use him. I do figure though that if my greenskin army was comped medium during a comped tourney, when I had no great shaman, no bunker, no big bosses in my night goblin horde and a big unit of regular orcs, then this would be considered hard, which is crazy, because this is not what I think of when I think of a hard list.

I still get ravaged by animosity, my guys still die in droves to shooting, magic and combat and I still have no real magic defense.

17-11-2011, 15:49
Dumb one of the 100 ngs for support and anti
Magic stuff-?

17-11-2011, 17:26
I have 2 lobbas, 2 manglers, 2 chariots, a troll and a doom diver. How much more support should I have?

Right now my ngs are the only things that live. When I took more orcs, the orcs still die, where my ngs are surviving. Same with trolls and boar boyz.

El Antiguo GuardiŠn
18-11-2011, 20:27
I need to used them... :O

18-11-2011, 21:23
In the last 2 months I painted up 20 of the stikkas, re-primed and repainted around 30 of the old 5th/6th plastics and re-based/highlighted every other goblin in the unit(there are squigs, hoppers and some hidden goblin models in the unit, along with the great cave squig and the teepee as rank fillers), around 30ish were already fully done with flock, the rest still had painted sand, which is what I was re-doing.

It drove me crazy, but I did it.

Now I need to rebase and touch up about half my savages and rebase my chariots and trolls.

After that I get to work on my arachnarok and finish my black orcs for the heck of it.

20-11-2011, 03:14
Does anyone think I should drop some stuff to make way for a fanatic or 2?

I've been avoiding them because of all the terrain. But maybe I need 1 or 2 to help fend off fast cav going for my manglers or to help crack armor?

Djine PhaÔ
21-11-2011, 09:03
Does anyone think I should drop some stuff to make way for a fanatic or 2?

I've been avoiding them because of all the terrain. But maybe I need 1 or 2 to help fend off fast cav going for my manglers or to help crack armor?

Yes, I think so.
With your classic deployement, the opponent will try to charge your savage big unz unit and hit them very hard (no one want to fight 100 NG !!!). But you can throw your fanatics in front of your savages when the opponent charges them. The ennemy unit have to complete his charge, so it will be very difficult (impossible in most cases) to avoid contact with the fanatics.

Opponent's fast cav already have to deal with your manglers and warmachines, so you have a chance to throw your fanatics at the right time.
It could help your savages to win in combat against deathstars.

I use it with a main line of 3 fighty hordes and 2 small units of 20 NG with 2 fanatics each, like this :

mangler - HORDE - 20 Ngs - HORDE - 20 Ngs - HORDE - mangler

and it works rather well, subject to multiple sources of distractions for the light cavalry. (and occasionnally NG can shoot them with short bows !)

So I think you could try the same with 2 fanatics in each big NG units (drop some gobbos).

Finally, I really like your battle reports, I expect the next !

21-11-2011, 20:14
Thanksgiving is this weekend, so it'll probably be a while before I have a chance to play again.

I do want to try and work 2 fanatics into the list. I think I can do that and keep both chariots, just by dropping an item and a handful of goblins, but if I work in more than I need to drop a lot that I don't want to drop.

El Antiguo GuardiŠn
26-11-2011, 16:30
When a new battle?

27-11-2011, 04:05
Not sure. It's the middle of the holidays, but hopefully soon.

El Antiguo GuardiŠn
27-11-2011, 10:31
Well. Iīm going to go to a tournament with orcos. 45 big uns with 2 hand weapons and +1L standar with orc warboss with 4+/4+ and stubborn, 60 NG with 2 fanatics and nets, with NG BsB with 2+, 30 black orcs with fire and big orc shamman lvl4 4+ special, 6 trolls, 2 manglers, 1 pumb wagon, 2x 5 wolves... I think itīs all.
Your opinion?

27-11-2011, 18:16
Let me know how it goes. I have had little success with regular orcs at all and not much better with savages.

It's always my night goblins which either survive or do the best. That's partly why I have avoided taking black orcs.

08-01-2012, 20:56
Played in another local tourney. This one had a vampire counts theme for the new book out soon.
My army was exactly the same as in my last tourney, no changes. Here is the list again:

1. savage great shaman, general
ruby ring and dispel scroll
2. savage shaman lvl 1 w/shrunken head
3. night gobbo bsb, standard of discipline, lt armor/shield
4. savage big boss w/gw
5. 4 goblin big bosses w/gw's
6. 2 night goblin big bosses, w/gw's
7. 40 Savage big'uns w/2 choppas, full command
8. 96 night goblins w/standard, nets, spears/shields
9. 96 night goblins w/standard, nets, spears/shields
10. 24 night goblin stikkas
11. wolf chariot
12. wolf chariot
13. troll
14. lobba
15. lobba
16. doom diver
17. mangler
18. mangler

total: 2500pts.

First opponent was Ogre Kingdoms.
His army:

1. Tyrant w/gw 4+ ward, crown of command
2. Bsb w/4+ ward
3. Butcher w/scroll, lvl 2
4. Firebelly lvl 2.
5. 6 bulls w/bellower
6. 6 bulls w/bellower
7. 9 ironguts, full command
8. 3 units of 4 leadbelchers w/bellowers
9. Ironblaster
10. Mammox
He had fireball and burning head for his firebelly and the +1 toughness spell and braingobbler for his butcher.

I had fists of gork for my lvl 1 and foot of gork, hand of gork, ere we go and brain bursta.

The scenario was that refugees were hiding at points in the middle of the table(for our table 1 was in each tower), if you are within 4Ē of the tower, you take the refugees(to rescue them, eat them later, etc). If you have them at the end of the game you get 200vps. If you lose them from fleeing or being destroyed, then they are dropped. If you break from combat, then the unit that broke you captures it like a standard.
I won roll to go first.

Pic at start of battle:


Orc turn 1
1. Passed animosity and moved forward, my troll claimed the first refugees.
2. I tried to foot of gork his ironguts, it scattered off and the spell ended.
I tried to hand of gork a mangler, but he dispelled
3. I fired everything at his ironguts, killing 2
4. No combat

Ogre turn 1:
1. He surges forward.
2. He put a fireball on my mangler near the cemetery and did 2 wounds.
He made his ironguts stubborn
3. He shot his ironblaster at a chariot, destroyed it and killed my savage big boss(failed look out sir) and 2 bigíuns. His 2 leadbelcher units there then killed 10 more bigíuns.
His 3rd belcher unit though fired at my mangler with 2 wounds, but failed to kill it.
4. No combat.


Orcs turn 2:

1. First ng horde fails animosity and has to charge, but then my 2nd horde fails animosity and rolls the 2nd 1. I was unsure if since my first horde already failed animosity and had to charge if this made them immune to being attacked by the other horde. In the end it was ruled that they were not, so the 2 units would attack each other. I lost 2 ngís from each unit and then both units squabbled.

I charged my remaining chariot at his mammox and passed my terror test.
2. He scrolled my hand of gork on my savages. I cast foot of gork onto his mammox, which hit but failed to wound, then gork wandered off.
3. I fired again at his ironguts with 1 lobba and my doom diver, killing around 1 this time.
My other lobba fired on the far corner of his middle belcher unit, but scattered wildly landing on my chariot in combat with his mammox. I wound up destroying my own chariot.


Ogre turn 2:

1. He charges his mammox and ironguts w/tyrant/bsb at my middle horde, I hold, passing my terror check.

His belchers took the 2nd refugees.

2. His firebelly which had left his unit tried to fireball my mangler, but I dispelled. He got IF on braingobbler toward my unengaged horde, I passed my test and he took 1 wound to his butcher and 1 wound to a bull.
3. His ironblaster misfired and could no longer fire for the game. His 2 bull units fired at my savages again, but this time only killed 5. The 3rd unit did finally kill my wounded mangler.
4. In combat, I netted his guts. I managed to do kill a couple more ironguts and take his mammox down to half wounds. He killed around a dozen night goblins, but I passed my steadfast check.

Orc turn 3:

1. My bunker w/general squabbled meaning I would have no major magic.
2. I failed a charge with my savages on his ironblaster. I got my troll who had the 200vp refugees as far away from everything that I could.
3. Only having fists of gork to cast, I thought at first to just skip magic and then I was like, well Iíll try. I of course rolled IF on 3 dice, did a wound to my shaman and killed 2 more of my savages. Sigh.
4. 1 lobba misfired and could not shoot this turn. The other missed his firebelly. My doom diver hit his bulls and did enough wounds to kill 1.
5. In the one combat, my night goblins wipe out his ironguts and my characters kill his mammox. He kills a few night goblins, including my night goblin big boss with his tyrant(they both had gwís so I still got my big boss attacks on the mammox). This time I won combat, but he had crown of command, so held.


Ogre turn 3:

1. He kills a mangler with fireball and gets braingobbler off on my unengaged horde. I pass my test.
2. A belcher unit kills my last mangler. The other shoots at my savages killing a couple. His 3rd unit fires at a lobba, but only kills 1 crew.
3. I do 2 wounds to his bsb and 1 to his tyrant, he wounds 1 goblin big boss and kills a few gobbos. He passed his stubborn check again.

Orc turn 4:

1. I charge my savages at his belchers, but canít make it without drawing both units into combat. So I will be fighting both belcher units at once.
My 2nd horde charges his bulls w/butcher.
2. I do one wound with brain bursta to his firebelly. I try to get ere we go off on my savages, but donít have enough power.
3. I finish his firebelly off with my lobba. My doom diver kills 1 bull from his 2nd bull unit.
My other lobba misses his ironblaster.
4. I do absolutely no damage to his tyrant/bsb. He kills both my goblin big bosses in return and some night goblins. I still hold from steadfast.
My other horde breaks his bulls, but they get away. His belchers in the tower with the refugees panic and flee, dropping the refugees. This gives them to my horde as I am within 4Ē of the tower.
My savages wipe out 1 belcher unit and kill 2 more from the 2nd. We were striking simultaneously though, so he kills a few savages in return. He breaks and gets away. I pursue just enough to get out of the charge arc of his ironblaster.


Ogre turn 4:

1. He rallies his bulls and a belcher unit, the other continues to flee.
He charged his other bulls at my doom diver.
He tries to charge the flank of my bunker with his ironblaster needing a long charge, but fails.
2. He tries to braingobbler my horde, but I dispel.
3. The result of the only combat is no change as I make my steadfast check.
We have to stop now as we are out of time. Iím up by 777pts, so victory to the greenskins.

I don't remember to get a pic at the end of game.

I keep seeing ogres going 3 wide, and I donít really like it. I think 4 wide is just better. The big ogre monsters seem like they arenít worth it either.
Game 2 was vs Vampire Counts(last time with 7th book)

08-01-2012, 21:15
Warning, the following Battle Report contains scenes and descriptions not intended for younger players. Viewer Discretion is advised.

His army:
1. Vamp lord, lvl 3 with lore of light mastery, helm of commandment
2. Vamp level 2 with lore of light mastery
3. Wight bsb w/regen banner
4. Wight King
5. 2 units of about 20 ghouls
6. 25 skellies w/command
7. 25-30 grave guard w/command
8. 2 units of 3 fell bats
9. 3 wraiths


The battle was suppose to be like a zombie graveyard or something. I think it was basically if you charged and had a total distance of like 12Ē or more you caused terror.

Start of battle pic:


This. This was terrible. Please do not try this at home.

VC turn 1:

1. Only things of note was that he got a spell off that made me have -1BS or need a 4+ to shoot within 12Ē of his vamp caster and then had a spell at my bunker that killed 5 night goblins.
Orc turn 1:

1. I simply tried to cast eadbutt at his lvl 2 vamp. I rolled 3 dice. IF. He charm shielded it away.
I then rolled double 1ís for the miscast. I first killed 6 night goblins from my bunker and 8 from the horde next to it.

I then rolled a wound on my general followed by a 3 sending him into the warp. !!!!!!!
The panic test on my bunker was failed, I rolled a 10 to flee, going through my lobba and off the table, taking my bsb in that bunker with them. !!!!!!!

My doom diver also misfired in shooting and destroyed itself. Sigh.

VC turn 2:

1. He charged his ghouls and wraiths at my ng horde, they failed terror and fled. Aaaargh. He redirected to my savage bigíun flank.
His vargulf charged my troll.

2. He fired his magic missle at a chariot destroying it.
3. His vargulf killed my troll, but my horde passed their panic check.
His wraiths managed a draw vs my bigíuns, but lost no extra because of his bsb.
Greenskin turn 2:

1. I sent my other mangler through his 2nd bat unit, destroying them.
My fleeing horde failed to rally and fled off the table. Sigh again.
2. AND his wraiths won 5-4 vs my savages, I rolled an 11 for my steadfast test, fled and was cut down by his 3 wraiths, where I conceded.

End of game pic:


All I had left was 1 horde of ngsí, 2 lobbas, 1 chariot and my manglers. All I had killed of his was 2 bat units and I canít even remember how I took out his other bats(with my lobba I think since I couldnít really shoot at his center because of his spell). This all took around 40 minutes, including set up. It was absolutely horrible and there was nothing I could have done differently. I couldnít control those dice rolls.

Now the long almost 2 hour wait for game 3.

08-01-2012, 21:26
Game 3 was again vs another Ogre Army:

His army:
1. Slaughtermaster, donít know what items other than a scroll.
2. Bsb, donít know what items.
3. Hunter riding stonehorn, the rider had 4+ ward/hvy armor item.
4. 10 ironguts w/command
5. 12 bulls w/command + ironfists
6. 4 mournfangs w/command and I think they had the runemaw banner.
7. Ironblaster
8. Sabertusk
9. Sabertusk
10. Sabertusk

Scenario was that there was a tower in the middle that contained a master necromancer who made the tower count as a sinister statue. So at the start of every turn, any unit within 6Ē of the statue would have take D6, S4 hits on a roll of 1-3. Also at the end of the game whoever had an unengaged unit within 6Ē of the tower or was closest would gain 500vps.

His spells were regen, +1toughness, stubborn and Iím not sure what else.
Mine were hand of gork for my lvl 1 and brainbursta, eadbutt, fists of gork and foot of gork for my general shaman.

He won roll to go first:

Start of game pics:


Ogre turn 1:
1. He moved up all 3 tusks.
2. In magic he put +1 toughness on his bulls, I dispelled regen on his guts.
3. He fired his ironblaster at a mangler, but it stuck in the ground in front of it doing nothing.


Orc turn 1:

1. The tower does nothing to the one tusk in range.
2. I charge my chariot and my left horde at 2 sabertusks. He flees with both. I roll super high, catching and killing them both. My chariot rolls so well that I redirect into his stone horn, only because I was going to be 1 inch from them if I finished my charge move without charging.
3. I try to hand of gork a mangler, but he dispels. I foot of gork his ironguts and do a little damage, afterwards gork wanders off.
4. I concentrate shooting on his guts and mournfangs. I scatter off the fangs and hit the guts anyway. When itís all done, Iíd killed 3 guts and wounded another.
5. My chariot does 1 wound from impact on the stonehorn and 1 on the rider. I pass my fear test, but do no more wounds. He destroys my chariot outright.


Ogre turn 2:

1. The tower kills a couple of night goblins, but doesnít affect the savages. I donít think it affected his bulls either.
2. He charges his stonehorn and big bull unit at my center horde, I pass my terror check and hold.
His ironblaster charges my troll.
He then puts his last tusk on my right side mangler killing it.
3. I stop regen on his bulls, I let the stubborn spell go through, since I figure thereís no way I win combat.
4. I throw nets on his bulls, to blunt their impact hits and to make them s3 when attacking. Between impact hits and other attacks, I still lose a ton of night goblins. At least 15, probably more. I do kill a bull in return and I think I did a wound to his stonehorn. I hold from steadfast.
His blaster kills my troll, he overruns but only goes about 2 inches forward, so doesnít hit my bunker.

Orc Turn 2:

1. I lose a couple more goblins and a savage to the tower. I think it does a wound to his bulls.
2. I flank charge his blaster with my left horde. I wheel up my savages to protect the tower and I move my chariot up to re-direct his movement for a least 1 more turn for his mournfangs.
I just keep my mangler moving toward the building, which it has to stay 1Ē from, cause at the moment there is nowhere for it to go.
3. Foot of gork does nothing to his guts.
4. Again, I continue my bombardment of his fangs and guts. Again I do nothing to his fangs, but do more wounds to his guts as I keep whittling them down.
5. My goblins take out his blaster, I overrun into the flank of his stonehorn in the battle with my other horde. In this battle I flub my rolls big time, just doing a wound to his horn. My other goblins/big bosses do some wounds to his bulls, he kills 11 goblins, making it a 13-13 tie. Pro-musician proponents will like that I lost this because I had no musicians.

And my luck from having to take so many fear/break tests run out as I roll 10 twice for my center horde and they flee. My flank horde had already passed their steadfast check and were holding, so only the bulls could pursue. I got away, but it wouldnít matter as it was his turn next.

He reforms his horn to make it face the flank horde.

Ogre Turn 3:

1. He charges my fleeing night goblins, who go off the table. And my chariot with his fangs, I hold.
2. I stop regen on his guts again.
3. He kills my chariot.
4. I roll 10 twice again failing my fear test, so I take his horn down 1 more wound to leave it with 2 wounds,. He kills a ton of my goblins, but I make my steadfast check after 4 rolls of 10 in a row from LD tests.

Orc Turn 3:
1. I have to go for broke and send my mangler through my horde and into his horn. I make the roll and kill about 6 goblins. I only roll 3 for hits to his horn though.
The random hit goes toward the horn. I need to wound it 2 times to kill it and I do. I donít hurt his hunter though, but I should be able to win that combat now.

2. I foot of gork his guts, I think I kill 1.
3. One lobba fires at the guts again, I get a direct hit, but canít do a single wound. However, I roll direct hits 2 times on his fangs with my diver and other lobba. I kill 3.

He actually concedes now. I was only up on points by around 100ish pts and that was mainly from controlling the tower. He felt that it was a foregone conclusion that he couldnít take on my bigíuns anymore with his guts and last fang being devastated by foot of gork and artillery, plus without his horn, his hunter should die to my ng horde in a combat turn or 2.

End of game pic:



I feel like I played it right vs his fangs/guts, since I donít think my bigíuns could have gone toe to toe against a full unit of 10 guts, 4 fangs + 2 characters, so I needed to whittle them down. The stonehorn made a really tempting target for magic and shooting, but luckily for me, I had faced new ogres multiple times now, so I know my hordes can eventually take them down or tie them up for long periods. But the gut hordes are something that I need to deal with way before worrying about horns, mammoxís or other ogre monsters.

I could see why he conceded, because there wasn't much had left to hurt me with, but it looks bad since I was barely ahead at the time.

In the end I went 2-1, which is the best I have done in a long, long time at a tourney. It was a pretty big turnout too, with about 16 people there.

Only one other greenskin. He had 3 arachnarokís and a unit of 9 trolls, plus a unit of around 30 bigíun savages. I know he was 1-1 going into game 3, like me, but I donít know how he did in his 3rd game. I was hoping to play him in game 3 to see how the 3 arachnarokís play, but I was also glad that I didnít have to play one of the many warrior armies at the tourney, since they seem to be the bane of my existence.

08-01-2012, 23:07
Man that bunker of yours loves to squabble. Taking 15 ngs from each block of 96ngs to create a black Orc bigboss for the bunker. Buy a shield if you can spare the points. The lack 15/30 night goblins will not really hurt the effectiveness of the Brick Night goblin units that much & you will save your magic phase when you need important combat.

09-01-2012, 19:08
I don't like paying 90pts to kill my own guys for a rule that I should be getting a discount for in unit price. Plus adding that black orc in, would make the unit even more unwieldy in placement.

And really so far my offensive magic is not that great unless I get to fight monster infantry. Hand of gork is great, but no one is letting me cast it anymore, unless I get IF on it.

I think my more pressing concerns for the future are getting a magic weapon or 2 into my army because of all the ethereal vamp stuff about to come my way and getting a 2nd level on my lvl 1, to try and work things in favor of him having 'ere we go', since that spell is mostly useless in the hands of my lvl 4 as that max 12" range of the spell means that it's not really going to be there to help my savages most of the time when they need it.

Dropping a chariot and the great weapon on my savage big boss, gives me 54pts to take a cheap magic weapon on my savage big boss and raise my lvl 1 to lvl 2.

Then I roll for spells with my lvl 4 first, trade in ere we go if I roll for it and that should vastly increase the chances for my lvl 2 to have ere we go.

10-01-2012, 03:30
Hmm Kay-at least the lvl2 will be able to cast As long ad both units do not pick fights--

Black orc big bosses everywhere just seem to be bench warming these days- even though animosity screws O&G players everywhere... Shame they so not give the bubble anymore

10-01-2012, 04:44
I understand what you mean about not wanting to kill your bunker goblins, but I look at it that sometimes that missed turn of magic can mean the game. So it's a few more dead night goblins vs. possibly the game. I take the dead night goblins, but I understand your decision if you don't routinely get things done with magic. Speaking of, you don't seem to have a lot of luck with your Foot stomping on anything, but really that is the spell that often wins games of the Big Waaagh! spells.

I like the idea for a magic weapon - totally going to have to go there if our meta ever includes vamps again. On that note - why not drop the points from your bricks of 100 instead of the chariot? Go 90 instead of 100 and you get 64 (with the great weapon) and you don't lose a unit. You might be able to get a better magic weapon too - not that it is a big issue.

10-01-2012, 17:37
Foot of gork is a hot and cold spell. Sometimes it works wonders, but often it does nothing.

I really think I need a magic weapon or 2, but I also want that GW on my savage big boss because of all the warrior armies.

I guess sword of strength is the next best thing to a gw, but it costs so much.

12-03-2012, 04:40
Iíve played in 3 tourneyís the last 4 weekends, 1 2500pt and 2 3k(no grand armies).

Iím not going to write up reports for every game, since that would take forever. Iíll just write up a few from some of the crazier games or against some of the tougher lists. I played 4 games against new VC from 4 different people, with 4 pretty different lists. Iíll start with one of those and skip a game against ogres where I lost 60ngs in one round of combat.

Vs Vampires:

His army:
1. Vamp lord with nightshroud, beguile, great weapon and 4+ ward
2. Vamp lvl 1, scroll donít know what else
3. Wight bsb
4. 40 skellies w/fc, screaming banner
5. 20ish zombies w/banner
6. 25+ zombies w/banner
7. 25 ghouls
8. 5 wolves
9. 25+ grave guard w/fc, great weapons
10. 5 hex wraiths
11. 5 blood knights
12. Terrorgeist
13. Spirit host

My army:
1. Savage Orc great shaman, general, lvl 4
Fire ring, scroll
2. Ng BSB, standard of discipline, shield
3. Savage shaman lvl 2, shrunken head
4. Savage big boss w/gw
5. 4 goblin big bosses w/gw
6. 2 night goblin big bosses w/gw
7. 2 x 95 night goblins w/spears, shields, standard, nets
8. 40 bigíun savages w/fc, 2 choppas
9. Troll
10. 20 night goblins w/standard, shortbows
11. 20 goblins w/standard, 1 skulker
12. 2 manglers
13. 2 lobbas
14. Doom diver

Scenario was meeting engagement, but you didnít have to roll for reinforcements. It was also blood and glory, but you didnít lose if you reached your breaking point, your opponent gained 650vp instead. Also it was a Lethal Weapon themed tournament, so the objectives were to rescue hostages in 2 towers for 100vp. I misread it and thought you could rescue and then leave the tower, but you had to be in the tower at the end of the game to get the vps. So I mis-deployed my savages to be behind a tower.
Also you got 2 cards and were able to play one during the game. If you yelled out DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY! In a foreign accent, you got to make 1 unit immune to shooting for a turn and gained 50vp. If you yelled out, ITíS JUST BEEN REVOKED! You nullified the first card. The other player still got the vps though.
Here is a pic of deployment.


I set up a mangler down at the bottom first, assuming his hexwraiths would go there. I wanted them to have a difficult time doing anything else other than killing that mangler, since I had ngís in the tower there, he would have a difficult time moving them up the flank.

I won first turn:

Orc 1:
1. I move up, take the building and realize that I didnít read the scenario right. Also, from the angle that I was sitting, I completely missed his spirit host behind his tower, that was about to take out a mangler.
2. I have a lobba misfire and blow up. That same lobba misfired 4 straight times in my previous game. Sigh.


VC 1:

1. He takes out both manglers w/ethereal and screams his geist at my ngís in the tower, killing 4. Nothing much else happens.


Orc 2:

1. My night goblins near the scenario tower(the paper one) make a mess of things, by failing animosity and being forced to charge the wolf flank. This means that when my savages come out of the building from the front, they would have to swing all the way around that horde, instead of making a quick wheel down the center of the table to munch on unit after unit. So that causes me to decide to also charge my other ngís at the same wolf unit. So then as you will see in the pic, I can make my savages come out the side of the building.
2. I easily take the wolves out, then reform one horde to face the center of the table. I decide to overrun with the center horde, thinking that with all my attacks I can make short work of the ghouls and then reform to face the skellies. I had thought the vamp in the skellie unit was just a lvl 1 mage and I figured he had the lvl 3 bunkered in with the zombies. Instead it was the other way aroundÖ

At the end of this turn both battle lines are a mess. Me at the top with my hordes and him at the bottom, with his grave guard, blood knights and hexís and terrorgeist all bunched together.


VC turn 2:

1. He charges the skellies w/lord into my ng horde flank. He screams again at my ngís in the building. I can only assume he was doing this to try and help break my fortitude, which was 8 to start.
2. My horde is barely in gen/bsb range with just the back rank, I feel I will be ok though, but then find out I am facing the combat lord, so even killing around 8 ghouls, his vamp lord kills my ng big boss in a challenge and gets max CR. So instead of crumbling him, I lose combat and now I likely wonít be in bsb/gen range during the next combat, I also find out that he has screaming banner and nightshroud, so just passing any ld checks are going to be a pain.


Orc 3:
1. I get hand of gork off to lift my bunker and carry them across the table to the scenario tower. Next turn they can enter it and I am also back in good position to support the horde in combat with my gen/bsbís LD and re-rolls.

Also my savages are now in great position to fight his tougher units toward the bottom of the table.

2. In the combat, I lose a goblin big boss to the challenge, but I am still steadfast and manage to hold even with -1LD and having to take off the lowest of 3 dice for my break test.

VC 3:

1. I yell, DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY! To get my 50vp. and protect my savages from a terrorgeist scream, However he yells, ITíS JUST BEEN REVOKED!
2. He charges his grave guard into the troll/host combat which was in perpetual draw mode.
3. I decline his challenge this time, which I should have done last time. The first time it was to ensure I stayed in bsb/general range, but I didnít need to worry about that now, so I have no idea why I sacrificed a goblin big boss last combat round.

He munches on goblins, I threw nets on myself, did basically no wounds to him, but managed to make my modified steadfast check.

My troll breaks and is run down, his host though is in good charge range for my savages.

He also charged his terrorgeist at my ngís in the building, they failed terror and came out the other side.
Orc 4:

1. My general/bsb bunker fails animosity at the worst time. So now I canít move up to stay in range of that ng horde. Ugh.
My short bow ngís flee off the table.
My savages charge his spirit host. I pop it, but on overrun, the building keeps me from overrunning into his grave guard like I had hoped.

Whatís worse is that after his vamp lord is through with me, I am out of range of my general/bsb, so that horde does break. It outruns pursuit however and gets away.

VC 4:

1. He makes a very long charge with his skellies and vamp lord into my bunker. Argh.
But he also bails out my savages by charging his grave guard and hex wraiths into them.
2. Ok, now the unthinkable happens.

I reveal my skulker. He gives me ASL, but he has a great weapon, so we strike simultaneously. I need 5ís to hit and roll 3 5ís. I figure it up that I need 6ís to wound anyway, so only killing blows will be wounds, nothing else.

I roll 1 6. He then mentions he has beguile and that I should have re-rolled my made hits if I failed test, but says to ignore it, since he told me too late.

He then fails his ward save and his vamp lord dies. To my lone skulker. His terrorgeist then crumbles to dust after rolling I think an 10 or 11.

This skulker just saved the day for me, doing the impossible. The skulker dies, but I do manage to win combat.
My savages tear into the grave guard killing like 15 of them. I win by so much that the rest of the unit crumbles along with the hexwraiths.

We have about 15-20 minutes, so we could have played another turn maybe, but he didnít have much left to do anything with other than his blood knights and I was going to play it completely safe on my turn to make sure I didnít pull out a loss from a win other than continuing to fire at his blood knights if they weren't in combat, so we end the game here.

Victory for the greenskins.

12-03-2012, 12:34
Nice report I enjoyed reading it.
One quick note
"He also charged his terrorgeist at my ng’s in the building, they failed terror and came out the other side."

You don't flee from terror if you are garrisoning a building. Pg.128 Charge Reactions.

12-03-2012, 17:10
Nice report I enjoyed reading it.
One quick note
"He also charged his terrorgeist at my ngís in the building, they failed terror and came out the other side."

You don't flee from terror if you are garrisoning a building. Pg.128 Charge Reactions.

I'll have to remember that. Those ng's were toast anyway.

Another game vs new vc.

This time 3000pts. No grand armies.

This tourney had lots of composition, chiefly no unit over 450pts and you can never gain more than 2 power dice outside of through winds of magic or channeling.

This game is a straight up pitched battle.

My army:

1. Savage great shaman lvl 4, general
Fire ring, scroll
2. Black orc bsb, standard of discipline, shield
3. Savage lvl 2, shrunken head
4. Savage big boss, sword of anti-heroes
5. Goblin big boss w/lt armor, charmed shield, biting blade.
Riding gigantic spider.
6. 4 goblin big bosses w/gwís
7. 2 night goblin big bosses w/gwís.
8. 37 savage bigíuns w/2 choppas, fc
9. 2 x 93(or 95, I canít remember now) ngís w/spears, shields, standard, nets
10. 25 goblins w/shields, 2 skulkers, standard
11. 2 units of 1 Troll
12. 2 manglers
13. 2 lobbas
14. Doom diver
15. Arachnarok

His army:

1. Vc lord on coven throne
I know he had night shroud, donít remember what else.
2. 2 lvl 2 necros
3. 2 Wraith characters
4. Banshee
5. Around 30 ghouls
6. 50 skellies
7. 20 zombies
8. 10 wolves
9. 3 vageists
10. Vargulf
11. Black coach
12. 3 hosts
13. 5 blood knights
14. 5 hex wraiths

The green horde comes for you:

Bigger pic after deployment.
VC 1:

1. Nothing of note really happens beyond him killing a troll.

Orc turn 1:

1. A ng horde fails animosity and is forced to charge his vargulf that is way to their right. I roll something stupid like an 11 and make the charge. I needed to roll at least a 10. Ugh. This is a mess.
2. In combat my ngís do 1 wound to the gulf, he kills a few but crumbles down to his last wound.
VC 2:

1. He charges his coven throne at my ng horde and his hexís at my gigantic spider.
2. He adds some zombies and skellies and heals a wound on his vargulf.
3. In combat, my gobin can only kill 1 hex wraith, so itís a 1-1 tie. He doesnít tell me that apparently hex wraith weapons do not allow armor saves. I find this out in a later gameÖ
With the coven thrones 8 pages of special rules it is needless to say that it kills a ton of ngís. Enough to put me out of bsb range. With the ld modifiers from all the vcís dirty magic items, I break and am run down.

His vargeists also kill a lobba and overrun off the table.
Orc 2:

1. I charge my savages at his zombies.
My remaining mangler rolls very high and goes through both his vargulf and coven throne.

I kill the vargulf, then roll an 11 for hits on his throne. Something like 8 of them randomize to the vampire lord, killing him outright, I only do 1 wound to the throne though.

This crumbles his hex wraiths and dire wolves.

In combat, I wipe out his zombies and overrun into his skellies. We have played slide for years, but he doesnít let me slide this time and I forget about the rule that would let me maximize combat in later turns. So I am stuck with only 3 wide of my savages getting into combat with his skellies.
VC 3

1. He raises more skellies.

I challenge with my big boss and he answers with a skellie champ, I get max combat res from the challenge. In the end, I win by 12 and 12 more skellies crumble.
Orc turn 3

1. My mangler zips back through his coven throne, but canít get a single wound this time. Whatís worse is that of course my ng horde rolls double 1ís for animosity and picks a fight with my goblin bunker, rendering that black orc bsb that I paid so much for, useless.

This leaves that bunker and more importantly my gen/bsb open to a charge by his vargeists and coven throne on his next turn, instead of me being able to evacuate them out of harmís way.
2. My doom diver misfires and blows itself up. I do kill a vargeist with my lobba.
3. I kill his wraith in the fight with the skellies, but thereís so many of them that it barely makes a dent when they crumble.

VC 4
1. He doesnít charge my bunker as he needs a good roll, so he just moves up.
He does charge his coach to my gigantic spider and I hold.
And he charges his blood knights and spirit hosts to my remaining ng horde. He wants to charge my savage flank with his ghouls but canít wheel past his spirit hosts.
2. My ngís manage to kill 1 blood knight, but he kills a ton of them. I hold from steadfast.

I donít know why I challenge his necro instead of just killing it since I am in btb with it, but I do and I do for the rest of the game. He declines every time and I kill a few skellies.

He kills my gigantic spider guy.
Orc 4:

1. I donít reform my bunker, or move the characters out. Basically since he was using a movement tray as his coven throne, I just forget it is there and assume that his vargeists would not be in my rear, but the flank and would be easily dealt with by my arachnarok on my next turn.

And I honestly donít have any remembrance of why or how my lvl 2 savage shaman died. He was safely on a corner forever.

VC 5.
1. His vargeists are in my rear and he gets them and his throne to charge my bunker.
2. He concentrates attacks on my bsb till it is dead, then he kills a bunch of regular goblins. My skulkers manage to take out 1 vargeist before dying themselves.
3. Heís able to break my remaining ng horde as I fail my steadfast check and no longer have a re-roll.

Orc Turn 5.

1. I charge my arachnarok at the flank of his coven throne. My venom surge alone does 5 wounds to it and I do more wounds on top of that. I destroy it outright. I still lose combat though, but hold.

In the end I lose by about 400. My ng horde running off on itís own to start the game and get rundown, just cost me all game. That entire flank was wide open and even after my mangler tried to single handedly win the game for me, I wasnít able to pull it out.

Victory for new VC.

13-03-2012, 19:20
The Cavalcade of VC armies continues.
This time it’s 3k, with no grand armies, but no other comp.
Scenario 1 was pitched battle, but you gained 300vp for any table quarter you controlled which you had fortitude in. 100vp if you both had fortitude in the quarter.

Also we had 5 objective cards to choose from that would gain you extra points, which you could only use once. I chose a card that gave me 500pts for successfully fleeing a charge.

He chose a card that made me miscast on any double 1’s for turn 1. He also got 500vps if he kept all his power/dispel dice generators alive at the end of the game. All 3 of my opponents used this card against me. I cannot understand why, since I am using orc magic and there was a multitude of powerful magic armies at this tourney. It really made no sense.

My army:
1. Orc great shaman, general, lvl 4
Scroll, 4+ ward, Ironcurse Icon.
2. Savage shaman, lvl 1, shrunken head
3. Savage big boss, sword of anti-heroes
4. Orc BSB, 5+ ward, shield/lt armor
5. Goblin big boss, charmed shield, warrior bane, lt armor
Riding gigantic spider
6. 2 x goblin big bosses w/gw’s
7. 4 x night goblin big bosses w/gw’s
8. 38 big’un savages w/2 choppas, fc
9. 2 x 90 ng’s w/spears, nets, shields, standard
10. 5 wolf riders
11. Troll
12. 33 black orcs w/shields, fc
Standard of discipline
13. Arachnarok
14. 2 manglers

His army:

1. Ghoul king riding terrorgeist, the king also had that scream attack, great weapon and some other stuff, lvl 1
2. 2 lvl 2 necro’s in corpse carts
3. 20 zombies w/standard
4. 20 zombies w/standard
5. 30 ghouls
6. 30 ghouls
7. 5 hex wraiths
8. 6 vargeists
9. Vargulf
10. Terrorgeist
11. Terrorgeist

So yikes. 4 screams a turn, heavy monster list.

Orc turn 1:

1. When he vanguard his hex’s, he was in charge range, so I charged my gigantic spider guy at them.
2. I barely do magic beyond trying to eadbutt, but it’s dispelled. I want to avoid his objective miscast card.
3. In combat, I kill 2 hex’s. He does 2 wound to me and this is when I find out that hex’s don’t’ allow armor saves. I still win by 1, so 1 more wraith crumbles. So my plan to wipe them out before his terrorgeist can support is over.

VC turn 1:

1. He charges his ghouls at my wolf riders and I flee to collect my 500 bonus points.
2. He charges a terrorgeist at my spider in combat.
He kills it with the scream before combat though. He also kills a mangler with a scream. And then he uses both ghoul king screams on an ng horde killing around a dozen of them.
Orc Turn 2:

1. My left ng horde fails animosity and squabbles.
2. I charge my savages at a ghoul horde and my right ng horde at a terrorgeist, which draws the remaining hex wraiths into combat.
3. I don’t think he can get both his remaining geists into the flank of my black orcs. I feel that the back rank of my ng horde fills the gap so that I am safe, so I don’t reform them.
I think that since only one geist comes in, the worst case scenario is for me to combat reform even if I lose and then tear him a new one during my turn, then combat reform again before his ghouls would be able to get to me.
I rally my wolf riders.
4. In combat my savages completely wipe out the ghouls.
5. My ng’s can only do one wound to the terrorgeist, I hold from steadfast.
6. Also during this turn my remaining mangler goes through his vargulf, but only does 1 wound, he makes like 6 regen saves. Argh.
VC 2:

1. Ok, so now he wants to charge both terrorgeists into my black orc flank. I feel the ng horde back rank prevents that as I think it counts as filling the gap. The tourney organizer says that he can, so he gets both into my flank.

He also charges his vargeists at my arachnarok.

2. He heals up a wound on his terrorgeist and brings back one hex wraith.
3. I lose a bunch more ng’s but hold in the fight vs a terrorgeist and hex wraiths.
4. My arachnarok does 4 wounds and my goblins do 1 wound to his vargeists. He does 3 wounds to my arach. I win by one which causes a 2nd vargeist to crumble.

In the main fight, after his 3 screams, challenge that killed my champion and 1 thunderstomp(his lord was no longer in btb so could not stomp), I lose 15 black orcs including my champ. I do 2 wounds back.

So since I am at -1LD, I need an 8 with a reroll.

I roll 9 twice.


He only pursues with his non-lord terrorgeist and I get away. I lose my standard and bsb though.
Orc turn 3:

1. My freaking savages roll double 1’s for animosity. There is no one near them that they can fight though, so they just squabble.
2. I charge my remaining horde at his wounded terrorgeist.
My wolf riders fail animosity and are forced to charge his ghoul king. Ugh.

I rally my black orcs w/general.

3. For most of the game I have been shooting eadbutt’s at his corpse carts, but he dispels all of them. I can’t get foot of gork’s to do anything either.
4. In combat my arachnarok and goblins kill 3 more vargeists including crumbling. He does 2 wounds to my arachnarok. He only has one vargeist left alive.

Both my ng hordes each kill a terrorgeist. For the one that has been in combat though, things are grim as I am well out of general range, have -1 to my ld and still lost the combat. I need a 6 and roll it exactly.

Night goblins of steel.

In the other combat, my arachnarok kills the last vargeist, which cannot wound my arachnarok further.

I wish I had pictures of that fight, but it was happening way away from the main action and I didn’t get pics of it.
VC turn 3:

This game was taking forever and we were out of time, so had to end it with this turn.

He does nothing but fly his ghoul king behind my black orcs. I got a pic of that here, before he screams, but it is kind of blurry.

After he screams he kills several more black orcs, but does not wipe them out.

My night gobbo horde, no longer fighting a terrorgeist, but only 3 hex wraiths, manages to win combat, but not crumble them out as since you can see in that pic, I was down to just 1 rank in the unit. So I think only one hex wraith crumbles and that ends the game.


I am up by about 500+ before bonus points. We each got 400 for table quarters. And we each got 500 bonus points for meeting our objectives.

Victory to the greenskins.

I would not want to face 4 screams like that with an army like chaos warriors, brets or even ogres, who can’t afford to soak up the mass casualties that I was taking.

This will be the last of my new vc reports for this collection of reports.

I’ll do at least 2 more non-VC reports, both from the tourney that this current game was in.

14-03-2012, 19:43
Game 2 at this tourney was vs Dark Elves.

The scenario was a Dawn Attack variant. Basically you just had to put at least 2 units in each quadrant. There was some penalty if you didn’t have at least 6 placements, but I can’t remember what it was. There was no bonus scenario points.

The objective card I used was the double 1’s are miscasts for turn 1. He used the same against me. I just don’t understand why this kept coming up against me with all the power magic armies floating around. There was a 2 slann list out there for crying out loud. Why waste the card on greenskins?

My army was the same as in the previous report.

His army:
1. Unkillable dreadlord, but on a cold one.
2. Master riding a Pegasus w/ring of hotek
3. Sorc lord w/dagger
4. Sorc w/scroll
5. Hag BSB w/cauldron
6. 40ish spear elves w/fc
7. 20-30 corsairs, frenzy banner
8. 24 repeater crossbows w/shields and fc
9. 2 units of 10 shades
10. 2 units of 7 witch elves
11. Hydra
12. 20 black guard w/fc
13. 15 spear elves w/banner to be killed by the dagger.
14. 5 harpies

DE 1:
1. He shoots and magics and moves his chaff forward. Amazingly both my manglers and troll survive the onslaught. He has my black orcs at -1M though.

Orc turn 1:

1. I manage to roll double 6’s for winds of magic, of course when I can’t risk throwing a lot of dice because of the double 1’s.

I try to eadbutt his lord and foot of gork his spearelves, but neither gets through.
DE 2:

1. He kills a bunch of goblins and savages with shooting. But he miscasts trying to do a simple fire spell at my troll. He takes a wound on both his sorc’s and doesn’t even manage to hurt my troll.
2. He had charged his unkillable dreadlord at my arachnarok. And despite me doing 7 wounds, he saves all 7. He does 2 wounds to me, I break and run off the table. Ugh.
3. He also charged a witch elf unit at my savages to try and character assassinate. Which he does, as he kills my shaman. I wipe out the elves though.
Orc 2:

1. My left ng horde and black orc charge his harpies, who flee. My savages charge his hydra.
My other ng’s fail animosity and are forced to charge his shades, he stands and shoots and I fail my charge anyway.
2. I try to foot of gork again and find out about his ring of hotek. So I miscast, lose 3 black orcs and take a wound to my general, plus I didn’t’ even have enough power.
3. In combat between attacks, thunderstomps and breath weapon, I lose like 12 savages. I then only do 4 wounds to the hydra so it lives. I need a 9 for steadfast and what do you know? I roll a 11. And re-roll an 11.

I break and am run down by the hydra.
DE 3:
1. He charges his unkillable lord at my ng’s. And witch elves to try and character assassinate my black orcs.
2. Magic/Shooting takes out 2 wounds on my troll and gigantic spider and a bunch more ng’s from my remaining horde and my wolf riders.
3. His witch elves kill 5 black orcs, but not my bsb. I only kill 3 in return. I win 8-7, but he passes his BT.
4. He challenges with his lord, I decline and pour attacks into his lord and manage to do 1 wound! Hurray! He kills an ng big boss. He passes his stubborn ld 10 test.
Orc turn 3:

1. I fail yet another charge with my ng’s at his shades.
2. With the ring of hotek guy always hovering around me and with me not having any shooting or adequate non-LOS magic that can deal with it, there is not much I can do against it. I try to foot of gork again, I miscast and he dispels it. I kill another 3 black orcs, but don’t wound myself.
3. He does kill my bsb this time with his witch elves. I break him and run them down, pursuing into his rallied harpies.
4. I decline a challenge again, he kills my other ng big boss. I fail to wound him at all and he passes his stubborn check.

DE turn 4:

1. He charges his hyrdra at my horde, I fail terror and of course flee off the table.
2. He gets withering on my black orcs to make them -3T. Ugh. It’s IF so there’s nothing I can do about it and it just kills a couple of spearelves from the miscast.
3. He kills my gigantic spider guy.
4. I still can’t kill his lord, he still passes his stubborn test.
5. I pop his harpies and overrun into his corsairs.
Orc Turn 4:

1. I dispel withering on my black orcs. I get ere we go on my black orcs.
2. I rip apart his corsairs and run them down.
3. I still can’t hurt his unkillable lord.
DE turn 5:

1. We have time for one more turn. I can’t win and he can’t lose unless he does something like miscast, kill himself, panic his spears and run them off the board, so he does nothing but fight the unkillable lord combat.
I get a crazy amount like 8 hits with 12 attacks needing 5’s to hit and then like 5 wounds. 1 does get through his saves and now he is down to 1 wound.
Orc turn 5:
1. I reform my black orcs, but I also skip magic, because I don’t want to give up more points with a miscast, with his hotek guy still hovering near me.
2. So this is it, trying to kill his unkillable lord.

I throw my nets and net myself. Now see this is good. It’s better for me to be S2 with the pendant

But it is for nothing as this time I only get 4 hits and 2 wounds, both which he saves easily.

Game over.

Major loss to the Greenskins.


Game 3 for this tourney was a Blood and Glory Variant. Breaking your opponent does not auto-end the game, it just gives you 1000 bonus VP’s.
He played that same magic objective card on me. Sigh.
I played a vanguard objective. Basically I get 500vps if I control more table quarters than he does. To control a quarter, I must have more fortitude in the quarter than he does.

Also I am allowed to vanguard move 1 core unit or solo character.

Why do I play this card? Well you are about to find out when you see what I am facing.

My army is the same as the previous two reports.

His army:
1. Arch lector, general
Folding fortress
2. Lvl 4 light wizard, don’t know what he had
3. 5, yes 5 lvl 1 light wizards
4. BSB, don’t know what he had, I think the flaming banner.
5. 3 master engineers
6. Arch lector on the war altar. He had a 1+ armor save and I don’t know what else.
7. 15 handgunners with standard
This unit and all his characters other than the warmobile guy were all in the folding fortress.
8. 6 more units of 10 handgunners w/marksmen w/repeating handguns
9. 3 cannons
10. 2 mortars
11. 2 hellblasters
12. 2 rocket batteries

He created a ring around the fortress with war machines and some hand gunners, but was deployed at his back table edge as much as possible.

His fortitude was only 4. So if I could get some spells at his fortress to kill the bsb or wipe out the handgunners, I would break him. However, between 2 archlectors and 6 channel attempts, this was unlikely.
So before the battle, I vanguard my savage big’uns. This coupled with getting to start 15” deployed let’s them be 27” into the board, before the game starts, which is vital with all that shooting.
Orc 1:
1. Well my savages repay me getting them 27” onto the board by failing animosity. And since the errata says you can’t charge when you vanguard I have to squabble.
Everything else moves up.

2. I try to brain burst his bsb, but he dispels. I try to hand of gork my black orcs, but he destroys the spell.
Empire 1:

1. He tries banishment on my black orcs 2 times, I dispel once and have to scroll the other. He would be S9 and I didn’t want to lose a bunch of black orcs even before shooting began.
2. His gunline starts off by shooting 3 cannonballs at my arachnarok. 1 sails over, but the other 2 hit and kill it. My wolf riders and ng horde both pass panic tests.

He wipes out my wolf riders.
He kills my troll.
He kills 1 mangler.
He kills 6 savages, 7 black orcs and nearly 30 night goblins from the big horde near the tower.

He had multiple misfires, but he was able to re-roll 3 from the engineers and a couple just meant no firing this turn.
Orc turn 2:

1. I charge my black orcs and ng horde at his war altar. The black orcs fail the charge though.
2. I charge my savages at a unit of handgunners.
3. My mangler goes through another unit of handgunners, killing 7, then a second unit killing 7. They both panic and flee. One of the fleeing units flees directly onto the mangler. So we rule this kills the mangler and the handgunners are wiped out, since the main rules say if you move onto one the mangler dies. And their flee distance put them right onto it.
4. I try to brain burst again but he dispels. I rolled all my dice, cause I just need to wound that bsb 2 times to break him and get a bonus 1000vp. But I don’t get IF and he has so many dispel dice that he dispels it.
5. I rip apart his handgunners, but my overrun leaves me short of his other fleeing gunner unit.

My night gobbos manage 1 wound on the arch lector.

Empire turn 2:

1. He concentrates all his magic and firepower that can at my black orcs. He kills bunches of them. I am down to just 12 black orcs, bsb and general. Other than that he picks off a few night goblins from my other horde that are making their way to his last handgunner unit on that side of the table.
2. In combat my regular spears kill his archector. So then my 2 characters(as I had refused a challenge with the 3rd) do 2 wounds to the altar.

Orc 3:

1. To start with I want to just charge my savage big boss at his 3 handgunners(who rallied last turn), so that I can reform my savages to take out those war machines. However, I fail my frenzy check and have to charge them. Argh.

I charge my black orcs at his altar and my gigantic spider is all the way in his rear and charges a rocket battery.
2. I cast ere we go, cause I want to make sure I kill that altar. I can’t brain burst, since I am in combat.
3. I destroy the altar and overrun into a cannon. I wipe out the handgunners and overrun off the table.
However, my spider guy cannot kill the death rocket, I only kill 2 of them, so I have to wait till next turn and now I can’t overrun into the building and start taking down the garrison.

It doesn’t occur to me to reform my ng horde from victory to face the handgunners there.
Empire turn 3:

1. He pours into the ng horde in front of the fortress, killing at least 20.
2. My black orcs pop the cannon and overrun into a hellblaster.
My gigantic spider finishes off the rocket battery it was facing.
Orc 4:

1. My left side ng horde charges his last handgunner unit over there.
I charge my gigantic spider at his remaining rocket battery and I charge a goblin big boss and night goblin big boss out of the unit and to the battery.

I do this to make sure the battery dies, but to also give me a chance to overrun with those characters into his garrison. And if they don’t, then he has more targets than just my ng horde, which is getting down to around 30 left and I need to keep my fortitude from being less than his to win my objective. Right now I am up 6-4 in this table quarter. 1-0 in another.
2. I can’t do my direct damage spells while In combat, so no magic.
3. I pop his hellblaster and overrun into a 2nd cannon.
I destroy his 2nd rocket battery, but my big bosses only roll a 3 for the overrun, so don’t make it to the fortress.
I break and run down his handgunners with my ng horde.

My savages also came onto the table to face the handgunner unit that remains guarding the left side of the fortress.
Empire 4:

1. He starts concentrating heavy fire on my savages. Killing nearly half of them. What can’t shoot at them keeps pouring into the ng horde near the fortress.

He also kills my gigantic spider boss and both big bosses on foot.

2. I pop his 2nd cannon and finally have a clear overrun into the fortress. I need to kill 15 handgunners now to break him.
Orc turn 5:

1. My savages charge his handgunners, who stand and shoot, taking a couple more down.
2. My black orcs use 2 choppas to kill 12 handgunners. Argh. So close. He makes his steadfast check.
My savages break the handgunners who outrun pursuit, I pursue into his 2nd hellblaster.
Empire turn 5:

1. Now I his last shot at breaking me. My black orcs are out in the open and if he can wipe them out and kill my general, I break and he gets the win and 1000 bonus vps.
He fires 2 units of handgunners(the garrison depleted to just 3 left). Grapeshot from his remaining cannon, 2 motars and 2 castings of banishment at my black orcs. He kills all 8 that were still alive, plus 1 wound to my bsb and 1 wound to my general.

So I don’t break. And I win fortitude there 5-4 to ensure I make my objective.
Other than that my savages destroy his last hellblaster to end the game.


I’m up around 200 before my 500vp bonus, so victory to the greenskins.

The synergy of the scenario deployment rules and my objective card bonus, really helped me. In a normal pitched battle it might have taken me another turn to reach combat. I really hate gunlines though, so I am happy that objective card existed.

After the tourney, I asked the organizer if the objective card points are added before you see who wins and he's said yes, so even if I had only been up by less than 100, I would have gotten the 500vp for my objective, then gotten the win, then gotten the extra 2000vp for winning, so that makes the objective cards pretty important. Same with the scenarios.

2 of the scenerios gave bonus vps. as well.

20-03-2012, 12:08
Thanks for the battle reports! I'm glad to see a plethora of different VC lists floating around. And man, that Empire list was very odd. I wonder how it did for him the rest of the day?

Most importantly, the Lethal Weapon theme sounds really pretty hilarious. I hope there were many mentions of "I'm too old for this s***" to be heard throughout the day.

21-03-2012, 15:05
Not sure how it did in other games. I would have been scared to play it with a smaller more elite army and I still almost lost if it wasn't for the scenario and objective card that gave me a leg up on getting to him faster than normal.

As for the lethal weapon theme, it was great.

Rd 1 there was an NPC Gary Busey character who my night goblins killed.
Rd 2 had the diplomatic immunity
Rd 3 there was a building rigged to blow up riggs and murtaugh. You could rescue them one at a time or blow the building up if you started your turn within 3" of the building. When they building blew up it did 2D6 S6 magical attacks to every unit within I think 3D6 of the building. You could choose to do a free reform and march directly away from the building if you wished. I blew the building up with my troll. He LIVED, then went on to kill a pump wagon and boar chariot and survive the battle.

22-03-2012, 16:19
I'm a big fan of your battle reports, Shimmergloom, and finally finished reading the whole thread and catching up. Awesome, awesome stuff. I'm starting my own greenskins army and there has been no end to the help provided to me through your reports here. Even though I'm new, I'm not such a big fan of simply going to the Army Lists section here, seeing what the general consensus is on a particular army list or finding out "what's good", and copying that. Personally, I find that insanely boring. Instead, I want to do my own thing, so to speak, build my stuff the way I want it, and figure it out for myself through experience. That said, seeing your army lists here, and then having their abilities and actions during your games described has been madly helpful in, at the very least, letting me know what to expect...sometimes. If there's one thing I've learned from all of this, it's that Orcs and Goblins armies are simply unpredictable. Some days, Unit A is going to perform incredibly, while Unit B fails its' Animosity test and does something annoying. Apparently, it's just the nature of the best, regardless of what unit it may be.

Anyway, thanks for posting your battle reports, and I definitely look forward to reading more. Not only are they quite entertaining, but they're pretty helpful for a budding greenskin warlord like myself...


22-03-2012, 17:45

Yeah, you never know what these guys are going to do. I've gotten some advice recently about going to a more ng/goblin warboss vs big boss strategy and saw it work against me in universal battle and it was pretty tough.

I tried it out last night vs brets and it worked wonders.

Basically, I broke one horde into two smaller units for banners and then put 2 warbosses, 3 big bosses into my remaining horde. After grail knights tore my black orcs apart(killing like 18, breaking and running them down), my ngs swept in, killed 5 grail knights, and broke them w/bsb and lvl4 damsel in return.

Hopefully I can get some real life games in with this setup before our indy gt and see how it works on the tabletop. For now though it looks like it might be something new that works well.

23-03-2012, 11:27
Can I ask for a clarification on the tactic that you are talking about 'gloom? I'm a little confused on which characters are going where in this new list.

23-03-2012, 12:54
The list I played against had 2 units with 3 ng warbosses in them. One was with 50ng and the other was around 30 or 40 regular goblins and also had the bsb and 3 skulkers in it.

For the goblins the entire frontage was skulkers or war bosses, so you could not attack rank and file until you started killing those first.

For me, I take way too many casaulties to use front line goblin units that small with characters, so I think I might instead drop from 2 hordes to 1, to concentrate characters in one unit. Also whereas right now I use 6 big bosses, I plan to upgrade a couple of those to warbosses. At WS5 and with 3W, the warboss is more irritating to take down than a big boss, even if it costs nearly as much as two big bosses.

25-04-2012, 22:52
We had our 5th annual Indy GT. Brawler Bash V. This past weekend.

It was 3k, but no Grand Armies. We had scenarios based on the book, with changes for each game. In addition we had 5 objective cards. You had to use 1 card each game and could not use the same card twice. We also had a lucky day card that you could use 1 time during the tournament. This would change any 2D6 roll into a 7. You had to use it before rolling and could not use it for a re-roll(so no using it after you failed a ld check and were entitled to a bsb re-roll for example).

Game 1 vs Dwarfs

My army:
1. Goblin Warboss: General, shield
a. Armor of Fortune Ė 35pts
Total: 103pts
2. Savage Orc Great Shaman lvl 4
a. Shrunken Head Ė 50pts
Total: 255pts
3. Goblin Warboss, Great Weapon: 71pts
4. Night Goblin BSB, lt. armor/shield
a. Standard of Discipline Ė 15pts
Total: 74 pts
5. Orc Shaman lvl. 1
a. Dispel Scroll Ė 25pts
b. Ironcurse Icon Ė 5pts
Total: 95pts
6. Night Goblin big boss w/great weapon: 34pts
7. Night Goblin big boss w/great weapon: 34pts
8. Night Goblin Big Boss, shield
a. Shrieking Blade Ė 10pts
Total: 42pts
9. 39 Savage Orc BigíUns w/2nd hand weapon + Full command
Total: 464pts.
10. 96 Night Goblins w/Spears and Shields + Nets, Standard Bearer/Musician
Total: 353pts
11. 25 Night Goblins w/HW and Shields, Standard Bearer
Total: 85pts.
12. 20 Night Goblins w/short bows, Standard Bearer + 1 Fanatic: 95pts
13. 5 Wolf Riders: 50pts

14. 38 Black Orcs w/shields and Full Command
a. Banner of the Eternal Flame
Total: 539pts
15. Troll: 35pts.

16. Arachnarok Spider: 290pts
17. Mangler Squig: 65pts
18. Mangler Squig: 65pts
19. Rock Lobba: 85pts
20. Rock Lobba: 85pts
21. Doom Diver: 80pts

Total: 2999pts.

Pics of my army:


Here's the dwarf steam tower I made to attack my orc fort.


His army:

1. Dwarf lord on shield bearers, w/gw, other stuff
2. Bsb w/+1CR rune
3. Runelord with item that steals a power dice and spellbreaking rune
4. 28 hammerers w/command
5. 25 crossbows w/command
6. 25 longbeards w/command
7. 10 thunderers w/standard
8. 2 cannons, engineers
9. 2 organ guns
10. Grudgethrower w/all the trimmings
11. 2 gyrocopters

Scenario: Meeting Engagement, but no rolls for reinforcements

My spells were: lvl 1: ere we go, lvl 4: brain bursta, hand of gork, fists of gork, foot of gork

The objective card that I played was: Take the Field!
I got +500vp for controlling more table quarters with fortitude than my opponent. You needed more fortitude to control a quarter. Also one of my core units was allowed to make a vanguard move at the start of the game. This would be great for my savage bigíuns.

The objective card that he played was: Operation Anaconda!
He got +500vp(in addition to the normal +100) for killing the enemy general. He also could at the start of one of his turns give his general +1LD that would last until the start of his next turn. Max LD10, so it wouldnít help his dwarf lord at all.

So I started with Vanguarding my wolf riders and Savages. I also won roll to go first.

Pic at start. I took this as I was doing my movement phase.
Orc turn 1:

1. He easily dispelled my magic. I was trying to hand of gork my savages into easy charge range next turn, as I knew they would suffer immense shooting in his turn.
2. I concentrated fire on an organ gun close to his Hammerers. One lobba scattered onto his thunderers, killing 3. My doom diver landed on a gyrocopter, destroying it.
Dwarf Turn 1:

1. His thunderers killed 3 wolves, but I passed panic.
2. He fired one cannon at my arachnarok, but only did 1 wound.
3. All the rest of his shooting, fired at my savages, killing 16 of them.
Orc turn 2:

1. My ng horde failed animosity and was forced to charge, but failed to reach his thunderers.
2. My savages tried to charge an organ gun but failed. My wolves charged the other organ gun, My troll failed to charge that same organ gun.
3. Magic again had no effect.
4. My doom diver landed on his other gyro, but only did 2 wounds.
Both my lobbas went for his hammerers and I killed 3.
5. My wolves managed to kill 2 organ gun crew and lost one in return, he passed his stubborn check.

Dwarf turn 2:

1. He decided to land his longbeards on one mangler. I had explained to him what they did if he landed on them, as he hadnít faced them before. He chose to do so anyway. I rolled for 14 hits and killed 10 longbeards.
2. His gyro then killed 9 of my generalís unit ngís. I lost 6 black orcs and 8 more savages to shooting and he did another couple wounds to my arach.
3. In combat, I managed to destroy his organ gun.
Orc turn 3:
1. Ng horde failed animosity again and failed another charge on his thunderers.
2. Troll failed a charge at his cannon. My remaining wolf charged the cannon as well.
My savages made the charge on his remaining organ gun.
3. My remaining mangler went through his longbeards, killing about 5 or 6 more.
4. My arach short bows killed a longbeard. I fired everything else at his gyro, trying to save my generalís unit and either misfired, missed or rolled 1ís to wound with all 3 shots.
5. My wolf was killed by his cannon crew.
My savages tore the organ gun apart, but their overrun, put them into his 2nd cannon and not his crossbows.
Dwarf Turn 3:

1. His longbeards w/runelord charged my arach, his crossbows charged my savages flank.
2. My fanatic missed his gyro as he made another pass at my generalís unit, killing 7 more. I made another panic check, but I was running out of unit.
3. His remaining shooting only managed to kill 1 black orc and my troll.
4. The savages killed all 4 cannon crew and 2 crossbows, but he only managed to kill 2 savages in return, making it an 8-8 tie. So I combat reformed to face his crossbows head on.
My arach kills all his unit other than his runelord, who panics and breaks, fleeing directly onto my mangler, who does not kill him, but my arach does kill him in pursuit. We had to ask to see what the mangler did, as the 7 he rolled landed him square on the mangler. But I was unsure if the mangler would hurt me as well. It was decided that since flees happen first the mangler hurt the runelord, then died, before my arach got there.
Orc turn 4:

1. At the worst possible time, my generalís unit fails animosity and has to squabble. I had planned on him and my bsb escaping into my ng horde.
2. Instead, I try to charge the horde at his grudgethrower, but fail and charge my black orcs at his remaining cannon. My arach also charges the rear of his crossbows.
3. I still have no luck with magic, even with his runelord dead, as my great shaman canít see much to use foot of gork and is out of range to hand of gork anything that I want moved.
4. I concentrate shooting again at his gyro. One lobba could not fire this turn, from last turns misfire. The other missed entirely and my doom diver misfired and skittered along the ground and into the river.
5. My savages and arach, tore his crossbows apart and broke them, running them down. My black orcs did the same to his cannon crew, overrunning into his thunderers.
Dwarf turn 4:

1. He counter charges my black orcs with his lordís hammerer unit.
2. His grudgethrower kills all but 1 of my generalís unit, so all that remains is him, my bsb and standard bearer.
His gyro kills 11 from my archer unit, but they pass panic.
3. In combat, I kill 3 hammerers and 6 out of 7 thunderers, but I take mass casualties and lose combat. My black orcs break and are run down. My ng horde passes panic.
Orc turn 5:

1. Argh. Now my savages fail animosity and are forced to squabble.
2. I charge my ng horde at his last thunderer, who flees. I pass my re-direct test to charge his grudgethower, but despite only needing a average roll, I fail that charge. Ugh.
I had figured I could destroy that crew, then overrun off the table, saving me from his hammerers. My genís unit could always flee from a charge from the hammerers and still be on the table at the end of the game as it was already turn 5.
3. No magic as my savages are squabbling.
4. I finally take out his gyro with my shooting.
Dwarf Turn 5:
1. His generalís unit charges my ng horde who holds.
2. He rallies his last thunderer(we forgot he needed double 1ís).
3. His grudgethrower lands square on my bsb killing him, my standard bearer and doing a wound to my general. My general passes panic.
4. In combat he kills my shrieking blade big boss in a challenge doing 1 overkill. He kills a around 7 or 8 ngís, but thanks to my large number of ng attacks, my 3 remaining gw characters and re-rolls for hatred, I kill 7 hammerers. I pass my steadfast check.
Orc turn 6:

1. My little archer unit squabbles, keeping me from getting my general safely into them. Sigh.
2. My arach charges his lone thunderer. He flees. I redirect into his grudgethrower and make the charge, killing his fleeing thunderer in the process.
3. I have nothing to shoot at or use magic for.
4. He issues another challenge. Now something weird happens. A rule I was not aware of. Where since his shieldbearers attack first, they manage to kill my ng big boss, before his lord can strike, so now his lord cannot fight and gain overkill to my big boss. Otherwise, I actually manage to win combat this time, but he passes his stubborn check. My arach wipes out his g

Dwarf turn 6:
1. He kills another ng big boss, I lose this combat, but pass my last steadfast check. I wasnít able to wipe out his hammerers, but it was close.

Victory for Greenskins. The scenario and my objective card helped me out a lot, but letting me start a lot closer to him and keeping me from having to cross that river with most of my army to reach him.

Game 2 will be vs High Elves. I will try to have the rest of the reports up in the next few days. Maybe 1 per day.

26-04-2012, 13:01
Odd your Dwarf player did not use his choppers to land on the manglers....

26-04-2012, 13:02
Sweet paint job as always!!

Is that a dwarf in the cage??

26-04-2012, 14:20
Yeah. I have a dwarf in a cage attached to my black orc standard bearer. Another dwarf about to be roasted in my savage orcs. A mantic dwarf fighting in my night goblin unit on a scenic base. Another mantic dwarf and a dead casualty mantic dwarf fighting 2 mantic great axe orcs in my black orc unit. And a lone mantic dwarf fighting my arachnarok.

That went along with my dwarf steam siege tower that was attacking my orc fort, to keep my theme of I hate dwarfs. So I felt it was fitting that I fought dwarfs in game 1.

26-04-2012, 19:06
Game 2 will be vs High Elves.

This scenario was land grab. It is basically pitched battle, with each controlled table quarter being worth 400vp and each contested quarter being worth 100vp. To control or contest you must have fortitude in the table quarter.
My objective card was to successfully flee a charge for 500vp. I forget what he played.
His army:
1. High elf lord, 4+ ward, riding dragon
2. High elf bsb w/dispel dice banner
3. Lvl 2 mage w/beasts
4. Lvl 2 mage w/life, scroll
5. Lvl 1 dragon mage, riding dragon
6. 25 spearelves w/command
7. 15 sea guard w/command
8. 3 units of 10 archers, I think 1 had a banner.
9. 30 swordmasters w/command
10. 30 white lions w/command

I won roll to go first.
Orc 1:
1. Savages start by failing animosity and being forced to squabble. There goes most of my magic phase.
2. I make up for this in shooting, where I get a direct hit with a lobba on his lord. I randomize so it hits his lord. I wound. Then he fails his ward. I roll for 4 wounds, killing his general outright. To make things even worse for him, his dragonís reaction is to stay right where it is and not move.

Now since right now Iíve only earned the 100pts for killing his general, I put the rest of my shooting on his dragon. I get 2 more direct hits and do 4 wounds.
High Elf turn 1:

1. He casts his spell to get +2T. I donít remember this lets him heal a wound, so I donít dispel. Now his dragon has 3 wounds left. Next he gets dwellers off with IF on my black orcs, he heals another wound to his dragon and then kills 18 of my black orcs. Ugh.

His miscast puts 1 wound on all his casters.
Orc 2:

1. I charge my arach at an archer unit.
And charge my wolves at his archers on the hill.
2. I swift reform my black orcs to get them out of there. I could pretty much lose the entire unit before it can strike to those white lions now. Not to mention the other dragon lurking over there.
3. I try to hand of gork my mangler, but he dispels.
I try to foot of gork his dragon, I get a direct hit, but fail to wound.
4. I put all shooting at his dragon again. I get 2 more direct hits from my lobbas and veer my doom diver back onto it as well, but all that only does 3 wounds. Leaving him with 1. Iíve gotten 7 direct hits on this thing between war machines and foot of gork and itís still alive, argh.
5. My arach wipes the archers away and combat reforms to face his spearelves. My wolves lose combat and flee and are cut down by the archers.
HE turn 2:

1. He puts his archers who beat the wolves, onto a mangler killing it and them.
2. He then does the flesh and stone again for his lions, with IF. He uses his lore attribute to heal that mage first. Then the miscast is again putting a S6 hit on all mages. This kills his dwellers mage, his fire mage and puts his life mage back to 1 wound. This dragon gets frenzy/hatred for the rest of the game.

Orc turn 3:

1. My arach charges his spearelves.
2. He dispels my foot of gork on his dragon.
3. One lobba misfires and canít shoot this turn, the other scatters off the table, but my doom diver does manage to take the final wound off his dragon, killing it.
4. My arach does massive damage to his elves, but he passes his steadfast check.
HE turn 3:

1. His firedragon has to charge my troll.
2. With not much magic left he puts another flesh and stone on his lions with IF. So again he heals himself and again he puts another wound on himself.
3. He easily kills my troll and overruns so I can hit it with either my savages or ngís and have good position for my mangler vs it.
Orc turn 4:

1. I charge my ng at his fire dragon, but not my savages as I worry about their flank vs the white lions on an overrun.
I then send my mangler through my ng horde and his dragon. I kill maybe 5 or 6 ng, but do 3 wounds to his dragon.
2. I try to foot of gork his lions, but scatter so that I only kill maybe 1 or 2.
3. I shoot my doom diver at his archers in a building, but only kill 2 or 3.
I misfire with one lobba and it destroys itself(it was going to be charged by his sea guard next turn anyway).

My other lobba scatters off the swords and hit nothing.

4. His dragon kills a bunch of ng(he had used his breath weapon vs the troll already) and does 1 wound to my warboss, but the combination of my 4 characters and other ng, kill his dragon. I donít overrun, because it would take me through my own mangler and likely out of gen/bsb range.
HE turn 4:

1. His swords charge my ng horde. This makes him go through my mangler, which he does anyway as he is way behind and needs the points. My mangler kills a few swords.
2. I roll a 1 for nets. Sigh. He kills all 3 of my ng big bosses and over a dozen more ng with his swords, but I pass my steadfast check.

Orc Turn 5:

1. Things can still go wrong, so since my savages pass frenzy, I donít charge them at his swords(which just gives him a free charge on them with his lions) and with his sea guard lurking behind my general/bsbís unit, I stay put with them, just reforming the latter to face the sea guard.

I do charge my arach at his swordís flank and it makes it.
2. I shoot my lobba and doom diver at his seaguard, I kill 9 of them, causing them to panic and flee.
3. My arach/ng horde now are able to beat his swords, he flees and I cut them down in pursuit.

HE turn 5:

1. He just reforms his lions to face my ng horde/arach and rallies his sea guard.
Orc turn 6:
1. Since he made no move toward engaging my savages, I just stay back and we agree to end the game.
I know that on average his 30 lion attacks + bsb could kill 16-20 savages and on average, I would lose by at least 1. I could gain a ton of points if he rolls below average and I roll above, but otherwise all I have to gain is losing 300vp for controlling a table quarter and instead having it contested by his lions, if I broke and ran.

So victory to the greenskins. I was at around 4500 vps, so near the max of 5k anyway. The one thing I hated was that I forgot to flee from a charge to pick up those easy 500vp.
Game 3 will be vs Ogres.

26-04-2012, 19:23
Damn regenerating dragons!

26-04-2012, 20:19
Man-"mage bunker squabbles-there goes the magic phase."

Black Orc boss where are you?? Or a bunker of black orcs (idea accredited to Djekar)?

26-04-2012, 21:46
Actually, I think his bsb was in the swordmasters, not the white lions.

Looking at the pics and such, it seems that is correct. So my odds at the lions were better. I was basing my instinct to not go after them and risk losing points based on the bsb being in the lions as well as 30 lion attacks(including champ). I'm not sure though. I think it would have been close either way.

Odd your Dwarf player did not use his choppers to land on the manglers....

And to reply to this too, he won roll for table sides and had to deploy his entire army first, so I got to put my manglers as far from his gyros as I could. He also had never faced them before. So I could tell him what they did and how you could not charge them only land on them like fanatics, but until you have real experience vs them, you don't know what they really do to you. He also had a super threat in my savages getting to be right upon him thanks to their vanguard that he had to deal with his other shooting first.

My 2 first games my manglers did a great job, nearly wiping out his longbeards, killing a rune lord, killing half a dragon and wiping out a unit of archers.

28-04-2012, 03:05
Game 3 is vs Ogres.

This scenario was Dawn attack, but no reinforcements. You just had to place a minimum of 2 units in each zone. If you had less than 6, there was something you were suppose to do, but I forget what it was.

My objective was kill his general and I can get +1LD from my general for one turn.

His objective was keep his most valuable unit above half for 500vp.

His army:
1. Slaughtermaster general, fencers, glittering scales, scroll, rune maw lore.
2. Slaughtermaster, hellheart, greedy fist, death magic
3. BSB, not sure what he had.
4. Firebelly lvl 1.
5. 9 bulls w/command, fists
6. 8 guts w/command
7. 6 guts w/command
8. 3 fangs w/command, I assume the re-roll banner
9. 2 fangs w/standard
10. Tusk
11. Tusk
12. Tusk
13. Ironblaster
14. 4 maneaters w/command and braces of pistols, scouts

Ogres first turn.
1. His Ironblaster does 6 wounds to my arach, right off the bat.

Orc turn 1:

1. The disaster continues. My ng horde rolls double 1 for animosity, squabbling my savages in the process and taking out another magic phase for the most part(and no, see a black orc big boss is useless in this situation, the savages would be squabbling anyway and you can’t afford to put a blk orc big boss in every single unit). Then my general’s unit rolls double 1’s as well, putting my ng horde in another fight.

My arach fails a charge at his tusk that is on the hill a bit, I am forced to try it to desperately get into combat.
2. And…my brilliant plan to deal with his maneaters falls apart now. I roll triples for the mangler I had over there, killing it. Which panics my ng archers w/fanatic, who were also there to help and they flee. And my doom diver and rock lobba in range panic and can’t shoot this turn either.

Ogre 2:
1. He charges my wolves with his small fang unit, I hold so I can countercharge with my savages.
He also charges his maneaters at my doom diver.
2. He finishes off my arach with his ironblaster. And destroy my doom diver with his maneaters. And destroys my wolves, who only manage 1 wound. He does not overrun.

Orc 2:

1. My savages fail animnosity again and are forced to charge. It’s a longer charge than I hoped for, but I have to charge anyway and fail. And in the isn’t this neat file, my ng horde fails animosity, is forced into a long charge and fails.

My troll rolls 10 and 11 for stupidity and is stupid. Ugh.

2. I charge my black orcs at a tusk that flees and gets away.
3. And of course, my 2nd mangler who has perfect shot on his guts and bulls, rolls triples and dies.
4. My one good part of the game, my lobbas and foot of gork boosted manages to kill 4 from his 8 strong gut unit, keeping him from achieving his objective. Which in effect keeps him from getting 500vp toward winning the game if the game were even close.
Ogre 3:

1. He charges left lobba and destroys it and charges my troll which his small gut unit, he breaks it and kills it, pursuing into my bunker.
Orc turn 3:

1. I decide to not try to charge his fangs with my savages as he had moved them back a bit and instead reform to face his maneaters at my savages rear. I figure I would rather be rear charged by 2 fangs and have 6 savages fighting them, then be rear charged by 4 maneaters.

I charge my blk orcs at his small gut unit fighting my bunker.

And charge my ng horde at his firebelly, who flees.

2. I beat his small gut unit, but he gets away, I combat reform my blk orcs.
Ogre 4:

1. He gets both his maneaters and small fang units against my savages.
2. He rallies his guts and firebelly.
3. His Ironblaster destroys my remaining lobba.
4. I fluff big time in my rolls and lose 14-12. I only do 2 wounds to his fangs, with 18 attacks and 7 to his maneaters with 35 attacks. I’m still steadfast, but of course I roll a 10. My savages are crushed in pursuit.

Orc 4:

1. This game is lost, but I still need points. He has a tusk trying to redirect my ng horde which has barely been able to move all game due to animosity and failed charges. I don’t want to risk giving my flank to his giant bull unit, so I charge a big boss out at the tusk which causes him to hold instead of flee.
I also charge my bunker at his rallied gut unit.
2. I kill his tusk and beat his guts, but the guts hold.
Ogre 5:

1. His small fang and maneater units which were off the table, come back on.
2. I beat his guts this time and they run, I cut them down in pursuit.
Orc 5:

1. He had moved most of his army back out of charge range of me and has a giant purple sun sitting there as well. I charge his firebelly with my big boss and his giant bull unit w/3 char with my ng horde.
2. I do a wound to his firebelly, but he kills me in return.
3. I lose the horde fight, since I am only fighting 3 characters in the front rank, but I hold from steadfast.
Ogre 6:

1. He moves his army back even more, except his small fangs that charge my former bunker.
2. He gets a super fireball off on my gen/bsb, killing my bsb and wounding my general. His firebelly though dies in the miscast.
3. I get my objective by killing his slaughtermaster general. I still lose combat, but pass my break test.
He destroys my former bunker with his small fang unit.
Orc 6:

1. Everything is too far for my black orcs to reach, so it is just the combat to deal with.

I can’t kill his bsb or other slaughtermaster and lose combat. I need an 8. I have completely forgotten my special objective card rule that gives me +1LD for one turn. I completely forget that I have a one use lucky 7 card that will auto pass my test.

I of course roll a 9 for my test to flee and get cut down.

Major loss for the Greenskins.

The only positives I can take from that game was that I gained my objective and kept him from getting his.

28-04-2012, 04:04
Holy...might I suggest you buy a new set of dice?

That's a very unfortunate game but sometimes the dice gods aren't willing. Are there more games in this series yet?

28-04-2012, 04:11
2 more games.

Game 4 is vs Lizzies.

28-04-2012, 04:14
Holy...might I suggest you buy a new set of dice?

That's a very unfortunate game but sometimes the dice gods aren't willing. Are there more games in this series yet?

2nd that- those dice gotta go

28-04-2012, 04:17
I cannot believe I rolled triples 2 out of 3 rolls for manglers.

28-04-2012, 05:17
Get all your bad luck out at one time.

28-04-2012, 20:55
So should manglers die on all triples, or only triples after you have 'gone crazy'?

28-04-2012, 21:22
I always thought it was only after they've gone crazy.

28-04-2012, 23:54
I played it like that, then I heard it was suppose to be on all triples several months ago. So switched it to always on triples. It happens so rarely, I hadn't bothered to question it.

That could have changed a lot if those manglers hadn't died right away, at least on the maneater flank.

29-04-2012, 20:11
Game 4 vs Lizzies.

The Scenario is a Blood and Glory Variant. Instead of the game ending when one army breaks, you instead get 1000vp for breaking your opponent first.

My objective was to keep my casters alive for 500vp. Also for his first turn any double 1ís he rolled would be miscasts, but not IFís.

He played the same card on me.
His army:

1. Slann, General and bsb. Becalming, power dice battery, 4+ ward(2+ vs shooting), miscasts rebound.
2. Slann, ethereal, this one probably had his scroll.
3. Scar vet on cold one, with charmed shield and other stuff.
4. Scar Vet on cold one, with enchanted shield and other stuff.
5. 24 saurus w/command
6. 26 temple guard w/command + shields
7. 24 skinks, 3 krox, command
8. 10 skinks
9. 10 skinks
10. 10 skinks
11. 10 skinks
12. 3 terradons
13. 3 terradons
14. 8 or 9 chameleons
15. 8 or 9 chamelesons
16. 2 sallies
17. 2 sallies

I win first turn.

Orc 1:

1. I charge my ng horde at his terradons that had vanguarded up. They flee.
2. First I put my savages in the middle, because I saw him putting down skink after skink unit and didnít want them to be forced to run off chasing them. But then it turns out that this lets his sallies get on the flank vs my black orcs. Also he had his army under the table so I had no idea what he had or that he had 2 chameleon units. I was assuming 1 unit and protected the left side with a mangler, since that had my doom diver, which I deemed more valuable.
Once he was set up, I saw that his fortitude was 6, so I just needed to take out the temple guard, slann unit to gain 1000vp.
3. I put a boosted eadbutt on his general slann, but fail to wound.
So I of course ignore my plan to take out the temple guard and put an IF boosted foot on his ethereal slann. I do hit him, but then fail to wound, rolling a 2. I put it on him again and this time it scatters to a skink unit, killing 4, but they pass panic.
I get it again and this time finally realize I need to stop worrying with the slann and go for the temple guard. It scatters a bit, but I still kill 4. Then the spell ends. My miscasts wounds me and kills 3 blk orcs.
4. I land a doom diver right on his scar vet with enchanted shield. It takes out one hit, but I still do 2 wounds and kill him outright. Iím having a pretty good start.
I put both lobbas on his temple guard, but both scatter and I only wind up killing 1 skink.
Lizzie 1:

1. He lands a skink unit on a mangler. I roll three 1ís and only kill 3 skinks. Ugh. He passes panic. His terradons draw out my fanatic, which doesnít hit them since they are behind a wall. Thereís so much terrain itís going to be useless anyway.
2. He miscasts purple sun, rolling 3 1ís. He just uses his lucky 7 to make the miscast a 7, doing no damage at all.
3. He shoots and destroys my lobba on the right. He shoots a skink unit, 4 sallies, drops rocks at my black orcs killing 11. He misfired once killing 3 skinks.
4. More skinks shoot at my arach doing a wound to it. Other skinks shoot at my savages doing nothing.
Orc 2:

1. I charge my small archer unit at his terradons, my horde and arach at a skink unit, my black orcs at another skink unit, they flee, so I try to redirect to his ethereal slann but fail my roll to redirect.
2. He is still calming my lvl 4, so my lvl 1 with foot of gork, boosts it up again at his temple guard. I hit partly after a scatter, but only kill around 3 and then the spell ends.
3. My doom diver gets a direct hit on his other scar vet, but I only do 1 wound.
4. My arach/ng horde wip out his skinks. I make a big mistake here, I test to not pursue with my ng horde, worrying about their flank.

This is stupid because itís all about me being steadfast long enough for support to come in. So I should not care if I get charged by temple guard and his krox/skink unit, because I just need to hold and counter charge with the arach and/or savages or black orcs the next turn.

So I only pursue with my arach(which is what I should have tested to not pursue with) which catches them and he has the angle to hit the krox/skink unit dead on.

My archer unit loses big time and flees.
Lizzie 2:

1. He cuts down my fleeing ng archers and charges my remaining lobba with his other terradons.

2. He continues to cut down my black orcs with salamander fire. Those long templates and -3 to armor just make me defenseless.
3. My arach kills a bunch of skinks, but I am not allowed to thunderstomp, which is a stupid rule. His krox only does 1 wound to me though. He holds.
Orc 3:

1. I use my lucky 7 to ensure that my ng horde charges his temple guard. To make this a good decision, my black orcs need to charge his saurus now. I fail this charge. Itís not the flank that is going to matter here from his saurus, itís that it will keep his slann from breaking and after another shooting round my blk orcs will not be in shape to do much of anything.
2. I lament not having hand of gork, which would bail me out big time by letting me try and lift my savages in front of my black orcs.
3. My arach continues killing his skinks, but takes 2 more wounds.
My ng horde throws their nets on themselves. However despite this, I actually win combat, because he puts almost all his attacks on my characters, killing none of them. I kill around 7 TG.

He loses combat.

He rolls a 10.

Can I win it right here?????

No. He makes the re-roll.
Lizzie 3:

1. He starts surrounding me with his chaff units and just decimates my black orcs with shooting and magic.
2. He gets off the +1A spell and has charged his saurus into my ng horde flank.
1. My arach wipes out his skinks, but not his krox, I am down to my last wound on my arach, who canít even kill a krox.
3. I am able to kill more temple guard, but lose a big boss. I lose this time thanks to his saurus warriors, but I hold from steadfast.
Orc 4:

2. My generalís unit fails animosity and squabbles. Just when I needed to get them out of that unit and into my savage unit.
3. I need to get my troll into the arach combat to save its life, but forget to declare the charge from it and my black orcs(who really shouldnít charge, I just need something to try and win that combat. I know I can wipe the temple guard out, but I need to take 1 more fortitude point off to get 1000vp) instead rolling for my mangler after I do animosity. He wonít let me charge my troll, but lets me charge my black orcs.
4. His krox finishes off my arach.

I still lose combat from my ng, heís down to 1 temple guard. My black orcs break and run, my horde holds.

I forget to take pics after this as we were hurrying. He thought we had to be finished by noon and lunch was over at 1pm. But we had a new schedule, where round 4 started at 9:15(we really started at 9:20) so we had till 12:15 to finish and we had 1hr 15min for lunch instead of 1hr, so we could play a bit into lunch without really missing lunch time. He doesn't realize this till late in the game when one of his friends tells him there's a new schedule and we don't really start round 2 till 1:45 and are just suppose to be back from lunch by 1:30.
Lizzie 4.

1. He charges my fleeing black orcs cutting them down.
He charges my bunker with terradons and his scar vet and 2 krox.
2. He decimates my savages with shooting and magic.
3. I challenge his scar vet with my general and kill it before it can strike. I still lose the combat, but hold.
I finally wipe out his temple guard. He is down to fortitude 4, I am at 6. But with the saurus in my flank I have no hopes of taking them out or the slann now, unless I get really lucky with my rolls. I donít have to worry about that, as my horde breaks anyway and is cut down by his saurus warriors. He had doom and darkness on me, making me ld 5 with a reroll. He just had too much magic this turn, I could barely dispel any of it.

Orc 5.

1. This is going to be our last turn. My last chance to pull this out. I Have to charge some terradons that are blocking me from his saurus warriors, which if I can break, I will win the blood and glory chase part of the battle.
2. Magic is still a no go, since my lvl 1 is dead and heís becalming my lvl 4, which just has spells that are no use to try. I canít brain burst, eadbutt, fists of gork or ere we go my way out of this.
3. Shooting is all dead, so to combat. I wipe out his terradons and overrun into his saurus.
His krox wounds my general and kills my bsb. Now I am at 4 to his 4. My general and his unit holds.

Lizzie 5.

1. Well this is it. I need to break him before he breaks me. I will probably still lose but it will be very close.
2. I dispel a soul leech on my general. But he has another sniper spell on my general doing 3 wounds. I need to roll 2 fiveís out of 3 to make one ward and live.
I only save one and now I have broken. At this point I thought I could still get 1000vp for breaking him too, but then I read that it does say first person to break.
My savages easily break and chase down his saurus to end the game. Without my general to keep them in the fight, my bunker unit breaks as well.

When we figure it up, I am down by 2200, so if my general had been able to live, then I could have won, assuming my bunker doesnít break. The 1000vp is a 2k swing, putting me down by 200. My general is worth 103 + 100 bonus, + 85 for bunker + 25 for banner. So I would have been up 113 with a couple of rolls going my way.

It was a tough game. So much shooting and magic is always my Achilles heel. Orcs are really just sitting ducks to magic and low armor makes even low strength shooting decimate them.

But now I am 2-2 and have lost 2 straight games to people in a club who are my clubís main competiton for the Top Club prize.

Last game will be another game vs Ogres.

29-04-2012, 21:37
What if you would have stomped his legions of skinks?

29-04-2012, 22:08
I didn't even think about that, I was so focused on his fortitude being 6, that I didn't think of much else.

29-04-2012, 23:56
Well it was his Skinks who did the all the nickel & diming right? Your elite blocks outnumber his blocks enough to win prolonged combat-in theory not calculating magic

30-04-2012, 02:12
Not really, it was his salamanders that decimated me the most. The skinks mainly got in the way, the chameleons and terradons took out all my war machines.

30-04-2012, 16:46
Last game, Game 5.
Vs Ogres.

This is a straight up pitched battle.
My objective is to just keep my black orcs above half for 500vp.
He is using the magic one against me, so my double 1ís are miscasts on turn 1. And he needs to keep his casters alive for 500vp.

His army:
1. Slaughtermaster general, maw lore, 4+ ward, gw
2 . Slaughter master, I think it was life magic? Gw, hellheart.
3. Bsb bruiser, not sure what he had.
4. I think he had a butcher or firebelly, I canít remember.
5. 10-12 guts w/command
6. 10-12 guts w/command
7. 9 bulls w/fists, command
8. 2 units of 3 leadbelchers
9. 2 units of 1 sabertusk
10. 4 mournfangs w/command and the re-roll banner
11. Somewhere in there is the banner of discipline.

This was basically the softest Ogre list I could imagine.

The only thing about in this game is that it is yet another river table. Making 3 out of 5. The positive is that he needs to come across this river, I donít.

He wins roll to go first.

Ogre 1:

1. He gets the regen bubble off with IF, using his general. Then he miscasts and gets sucked into the void, right off the bat. He also kills 2 guts from the miscast. This is a huge blow to him, his LD is now just 7 for most of his army.
2. In shooting he kills a mangler with 1 belcher unit, but the other fails to wound my other mangler.
Orc 1:

1. I move my hordes toward the rivers edge, but not into it. I know that I donít need to cross the river and doing so hurts me worse than him.
2. Iím super cautious in magic since double 1ís are miscasts. I donít really accomplish anything.
3. In shooting it all scatters off the fangs, my doom diver hits his belchers and I kill 1. This panics them and they flee.
Ogre 2:
1. He decides to go all out charge, since he canít take a shooting onslaught at ld7.
He charges his bulls and guts at my savages and his fangs at my black orcs, the fangs fail their charge.

His movement draws out my fanatic, which skitters across the bridge, killing 1 bulls(4wounds and 1 irongut(4 wounds again, they land on the fanatic in their charge).

But thatís not the bad part for him. He rolls 5 1ís for DT on his bulls, killing 2 more and 2 1ís for his guts killing another.

So heís lost 3 from each unit with the charge.

He uses a tusk to kill my remaining mangler.

In combat, he kills around 13 savages, but I decimate him in return, reducing him to insane courage. He fails both, I pursue the guts and cut them down. I lose 2 or 3 savages in my pursuit.
Orc 2:

1. My savages fail animosity and are forced to charge his belchers, which I wanted to charge anyway.
My archers squabble.
MY arach charges his fangs, but fails.

I get my gen/bsb out of the bunker and into the horde.
2. My lvl 4 Is not in good range or LOS for anything really.
3. I continue shooting at his fangs, but do nothing much.
4. My savages destroy his belchers and the fleeing bulls.
Ogre 3:

1. His fangs charge my blk orcs. He has a tusk charge my doom diver in a building.
2. He uses his hellheart and just needs a 3 to reach my shamans. He rolls a 2. Nothing is going his way.
3. His fangs decimate my blk orcs killing 15. I realize I have my bsb way away now, so need to make the 8 roll on one try, so that my arach can get the flank of the fangs next turn.

I make it and hold.

His tusk destroys my doom diver.
Orc 3:

1. I charge my arach into the fangís flank and I swift reform my savages.
2. I get hand of gork off and move my savages to his guts rear.
3. My arach and blk orcs decimate his fangs now and he flees. But gets away.
Ogre 4.

1. He doesnít rally his fang and reforms his guts to face my savages.
Orc 4:

1. I charge my arach at his fleeing fang, chasing it off the table. My savages charge his guts as does my lone troll.

2. Things are going my way so much that I get a direct hit on his lone tusk with a lobba and kill it.

3. In the final combat, he kills my troll, but I have decimated his guts w/slaughtermaster and bsb. He breaks and runs and is cut down ending the game.

Victory for the greenskins.

This game was a reverse of my last game vs ogres. All the rolls went my way, all the rolls went against him. The river hurt him and had no real effect on me. But thatís why I hate having so many rivers on tables, because it almost always greatly favors one player over the other one. This player was from my club, I assume the painted requirement to be eligible to win prizes was why he didn't have his ironblasters or thundertusk.

I even wind up getting my objective by having 21 black orcs out of 38 still alive. This is also why I did not pursue them vs the fangs. I only needed to roll two 1ís for DT tests to lose 500vps. So I tested to restrain them. Worst case scenario otherwise was that he rallied his 1 fang and then my arach charges it and likely kills it.

So I finish the tourney, 3-2.

Iíll post up a summary of everything in my next post.

30-04-2012, 17:09
Ya rivers should only take up parts of the battle field not the entire horizontal of the board.

30-04-2012, 17:52
I was happy to go 3-2. This is the best I have done with Greenskins in 4 tries at Brawler Bash. First 2 times in 7th, I was 2-8. Now in 8th the last 2 times I am 5-4-1.

As for the tournament, the only thing I continue to dislike is all the rivers. They let us bring a bridge this time, which you saw from my pic, but that isn't really the point. It just makes the game unfair for one opponent more often than not.

The No Comp situation to me turned out to be a non-issue. I don't know about anyone else, but for my personal experience, I faced far tougher and unbalanced lists the 3 years we had a lot of comp. Including the 3rd year when we had the WPS system. I used dark elves that year, which were considered medium hard, but that year I faced much tougher lists than anything I faced the last 2 years which had little to no comp.

For this year I think that part of it was the no grand armies aspect, but moreso, I think that the game does indeed appear to be balanced for 3k. It makes the superspells less effective and forces you to take more units, since you can't just load up on more of the things that are scary at 2500 and less, because of the no grand armies aspect.

So I really like this format.

As for prizes, I came in 10th out of 32 not counting the ringer(the ringer played 2 or 3 games, so I am not sure what happened, since that makes it appear that there was an uneven amount). Also hilariously the ringer was undefeated.

This is also the best I have ever done. I am using placing in the 20's, so a top 10 is a big accomplishment, I think. The best greenskin player was an all savage/forest goblin list which came in 2nd and won player's choice for best painted.

Here is his army:



Our club won Best Club, Best Overall and Best General(Both of those were our Beastmen player, who was the only Beast player there). We also had someone go 5-0, but unfortunately his army was not fully painted. He misunderstood the rules thinking it said you didn't have to be painted to win. I actually didn't even notice that you had to be fully painted to win, this must have been something that changed. Although someone said it was the same as last year, but I didn't notice that either. Best Club was determined by top 3 placements, add the places and lowest score wins. We had 1, 2 and 10, the next closest was 4, 5 and 7. I lost to 4th and 5th, so I almost blew it for us, lol.

So with all that said, this was a great tourney overall.

30-04-2012, 18:32
The giant spider rider is pretty epic-!

Looks like a very Mobile force.

30-04-2012, 18:47
That is he big boss riding gigantic spider model that is direct order only. I have the model and was trying it out in several games, but in the end dropped it from my list.

His army is tough with over 50 savage big'uns, plus 2 units of 18 savage orcs and 16 boar boyz + arach, so he has a lot of hard hitting stuff.

I'm not sure who he faced, I didn't really get to see any of his games, eventhough he did play one game next to me when I was playing lizzies. I think I remember asking him to let me take a unit of his savages for reinforcements at one point.

Other than our one 5-0 WoC player, everyone else lost at least 1 game. I assume he was 4-1, since 80% of out overall score was battlepoints, so he would have needed to win 4 times to place that high, even with a near perfect painting score.

Also, I want to note that every year that we have had a players choice voted award, the person I have voted for has won. This year we also had a judges award, that went to the High Elf player that I played against with the 2 dragons with flames coming out of their mouths. There was 4 or 5 that I was mulling over who to vote for and I finally settled on that savage list. So I think all these players need to court my vote next year!

22-05-2012, 15:15
I was in a local 2500pt tourney this past weekend.

My list:

1. Orc Great Shaman lvl 4, general
4+ ward and dispel scroll
2. Ng bsb, lt armor/shield, short bow
Standard of discipline
3. Savage Shaman, lvl 1, shrunken head
4. Goblin warboss w/gw
5. 3 x ng big bosses w/gw
6. 38 Savage bigíuns w/fc and 2 choppas
7. 89 ng w/spears, shields, nets, standard/mus.
8. 5 wolf riders
9. 20 ng archers
10. 37 black orcs w/shields, flaming banner, standard/mus
11. Troll
12. Arachnarok
13. Mangler squig
14. Mangler squig

For Game 1, my opponent was dark elves. His list from what I can remember:

1. Sorc lord, dagger, 4+ ward
2. Sorc lvl 1, scroll
3. Bsb ridding Pegasus, crown of command, pendant, 1+ armor save
4. 30ish spear elves w/command, standard of discipline
5. 20 black guard w/fc
6. 5 dark riders w/rxb
7. 5 harpies
8. 5 harpies
9. 10 crossbows
10. 10 crossbows
11. 5 cold one knights w/fc
12. Hydra
13. 24 cosairs w/fc, frenzy banner
14. 5 shades w/2nd hw

For this tourney our scenarios were a building in the center of each table that would count as a piece or randomly generated mystical monument type terrain from the 3 types of variants on pg 142 of the rulebook. A different type each round. We were suppose to write down from 1-6 which one we wanted it to be each and then compare notes to decide if we agreed. But since that seemed too time consuming in each game we generated it a different way. In round 1 we rolled off and he won the roll. He chose to make it a building that made bretonnians stubborn, which didnít help either of us, to keep it fair. I did tell him my black orcs came from bretonnia, but he didnít buy it.

I won roll for turn 1.
Orc 1:

1. My bunker and my savages both start by failing animosity, so I would have no magic this turn.
2. I move up what I can.
DE Turn 1:

1. He charges his cold ones at my arach and his harpies at my wolves.
2. He makes my black orcs -3M. I have to hold my dice to dispel whithering on my arach. Then I have to use my scroll on mindrazor on his cold ones.
3. He concentrates shooting on my 2 manglers, but only does 2 wounds to the left one and 1 wound to the right one.
4. His cold ones still do 5 wounds to my arach, even without withering or mindrazor, so I think I would have been dead if I hadnít gotten rid of both spells. In return my arach only manages to kill 1 knight. I pass my stubborn check though, even on a 6.

His harpies beat my wolves, who break and run, but get away.
Orc 2:

1. My horde fails animosity so canít charge the freaking shades in the building.
2. My troll charges his dark riders, who flee, since my mangler is right there to kill them anyway. However, they flee right in front of my other mangler.
I charge my black orcs who are only M1 at his other harpies, who flee, but this is fine, because my 4Ē failed charge is better than the 2Ē march move that I would have been able to make.
I fail to rally my wolves.
Now my left mangler makes a play for the corsairs but doesnít make it.
However that mangler in front of the dark riders is able to go through them and continue on skirting both his black guard and spear elves. I wipe out the dark riders, kill 9 black guard and about 6 spear elves. This is my one shining moment of the game.
3. I use all my dice(I roll low like 3 for WOM) on trying to hand of gork my mangler in the woods, but he dispels.
4. I only kill 1 more cold one and he does 1 wound to my arach, I pass another stubborn check.
DE 2:

1. He charges his corsairs and hydra at my black orcs.
He lands his bsb on my mangler in the woods and I only manage to do 1 wound to it with his armor and reverse ward saving the rest.

His harpies fail to rally.
2. He rolls double 1ís for magic and still manages to whither my black orcs, because of his dagger. So they are only T3.

3. He turned both his crossbow units at my other mangler and kills it. His shades do 2 wounds to my troll.

4. Since I am only t3, I decide to go choppa/shield with my blk orcs, but It is to no avail as I only save like 2-3 wounds and lose maybe 14 black orcs. I do 3 wounds to the hydra and about 5 to the corsairs. I break and run and get cut down.

My arach takes his cold ones down to 2 knights for a 1-1 tie.
Orc 3:

1. My bunker fails animosity again. I am forced to charge if possible. I figure this means that if I charge my horde at the shades, then I have to charge my bunker at his corsairs, because otherwise my bunker canít charge. So I donít charge my horde, since I do not want my bunker fighting corsairs, even though this means his bsb can charge me next turn. But I figure that is at least better than fighting corsairs and I might get lucky and beat his bsb and break it.

Since my savages had been held up by failed animosity and fleeing wolves being in the way, I charge them at his harpies just to get them moving. My troll tries to charge the shades, but is killed.

I forget to reform my horde to be able to help out my bunker, ugh.
2. I have no magic again because of animosity and my lvl 1 only has fists of gork, which doesnít help me at this point really.
3. My savages destroy the harpies and my arach kills 1 more knight. I just canít get them out of the way.

DE 3:

1. He charges his black guard at my savages and his bsb at my bunker.
2. Between killing 5 or so spear elves and power of darkness, he has so many power dice that I canít stop anything. He makes my bunker -3T, my savages -1WS and kills 24 ngís from my horde with pit of shades. I donít bother to remove those casualties, because depending on the coming combat phase, the game may soon be over.
3. He takes my arach down to 1 wound with shooting.
4. I manage to win the bunker fight, but he doesnít flee, so that was my one shot at salvaging my bunker before his next turn.
I lose in the savage fight, but hold from steadfast and pass my test to reform to face him.
Orc 4:

1. Ugh, of course my horde fails animosity, so again I will be unable to reform them to help out.
2. I donít get a lot of dice for magic again, so I decide to not try to dispel things and use them all to boost foot of gork. I get it off on his corsairs, roll a hit and kill like a dozen of them. Unfortunately I fail to re-stomp so am unable to really salvage this situation.
3. My savages wipe out his black guard, my bunker loses this time, but I pass my test.

DE 4:

1. He charges his hydra at my ng horde and his corsairs at my bunker.
2. With a low amount of dispel dice(I have 3) and 3 mega spells that I have to stop, he is able to dagger and power of darkness his way into making my savages Int1 and then pit of shades them. I really have no hope to stop either of those and it is iffy just to dispel whitering on my bunker. So I lose a ton of savages, but manage to dispel whithering to keep my general from being T2 and my goblins at t1.
3. Shooting kills my arach and more savages.
4. The corsairs/bsb kill enough goblins to take away my steadfast and I lose by enough to be double 1ís and fail and get cut down. I even manage to break from the hydra, but get away from that pursuit.

Orc 5:

1. So now it is over for real and my only hope is to keep it from being a massacre.
2. I charge my savages at his shades and rally my ng horde.
3. My savages destroy his shades.

DE 5:

1. So now all I can do is egg him on to charge me with stuff and hope that I can kill/break something to not be massarcred. He does charge me with his bsb, hydra and corsairs at my ng horde and his spear elves at my savage flank, because he also needs to kill more stuff to ensure a massacre.
2. He mindrazors his spear elves and whithers my ng horde by -1T
3. In combat he kills all 4 of my big bosses before I can strike with them. I do one wound to his hydra needing to do 2 to kill it. I still donít break though.
My savages however do break, but get away to end the game.

If I had killed his hydra then it would have just been a regular victory for him. Likewise if he hadnít charged me, it would have just been a regular victory for him, so it worked out for him as killing those big bosses was enough to put him over the top to get the massare.

The final score for this one was:
DE: 1990
Orcs: 945

I really hate shadow magic and hate it with the dagger even more.

Game 2 will be vs VC.

22-05-2012, 16:14
Game 2 is vs Vampire Counts.

This time we just rolled to see what the building would be and it came up to be the one where everyone who is forces of destruction has to re-roll ward saves within 6Ē. So immediately for me this means I need to keep my savages away from the building. I also form up my black orcs to not be in horde formation, so that I can get them by it.

His army:

1. Vamp lord lvl 4, general w/asf and more attacks(not sure what these items were).
2. BSB, I think it was a wight, but might have been a Vamp as well.
3. Vamp lvl 1
4. Banshee character
5. Wraith Character
6. 30ish Skellies w/fc. I think they had a magic banner.
7. 30ish ghouls w/champ
8. 30ish grave guard w/fc/shields, not GWís.
9. 2 x 5 wolves
10. Black Coach
11. Vargulf
12. 5 Hex Wraiths

Here is a pic after set up. I won roll to vanguard first, but we both forgot that you canít vanguard that close to each other, so my wolves and his wind up really close to each other.


He won roll to go first.

VC 1:
1. His lvl 1 vamp gets wind of death off and it hits my savages and black orcs, killing 4 savages and 6 black orcs

Orc 1:

1. I charge my arach and troll at his wolves on the right and my wolves at his other wolves on the left. I charged my arach, because he had placed his hexís opposite my left mangler, so since I planned to move that mangler backwards to keep his hexís from getting an easy kill, I knew that would open up my arach to getting charged by his hexís and locked up in combat with them forever, so wanted my arach away from the hexís as well.
2. I get a boosted foot off with IF and get a hit on his banshee and black coach. I roll a 1 to wound the banshee, so itís ok, but I do 3 wounds to his black coach after he fails his ward. The spell then lets him put the foot on me, he puts it on my ng horde, killing 15 of them, I suffer no damage from the miscast though.
3. I easily beat the right wolves and overrun up. My wolves win by 1, to crumble 1 more of his left side wolves.

VC 2:

1. He gets off a long charge with his grave guard + vamp lord + bsb on my savages. He also charges his ghouls at my troll.
2. Then he lands his vargulf on my left side mangler to kill it. I roll the full 18! For hits. I then do 11 wounds. He regens 7 of them, but I still barely manage to kill the vargulf.
3. I dispel his attempt to re-roll hits and scroll his attempt to re-roll wounds.
4. Next he screams at my arach and does 3 wounds to it.
5. In combat, he beats my troll, but I outrun pursuit. He pursues into the flank of my arach.

In the main combat, he challenges with is lord, I answer with my savage champ. He has 7 asf attacks, but fails to do a single wound to my champ. I donít wound him either, but this is a big blow.

His grave guard kill 5 savages. With 44 attacks back and my shaman(who I donít even roll for) I kill 17 grave guard. His bsb whiffs and kills nothing. So his whole unit winds up crumbling from combat res, general, bsb and all. This creates a chain affect where he loses his black coach, remaining wolf unit and his solo wraith character. Along with some ghouls and skellies.

Orc 2:

1. Heís in bad shape and basically now we are just finishing out this turn to see if anything changes for him.
2. I charge my horde at his ghouls. 1 ghoul is sticking out from the arach, so I can get my warboss into combat and help out some.
3. I rally my troll.
4. I hand of gork my bunker away from his hexís so thereís no chance he can charge them.
5. He does about 3 wounds to my arach, but I crush about a dozen ghouls and the rest crumble from combat res. I overrun my horde into his banshee and he concedes.


I donít think he expected his grave guard to crumble like that to my savages. I had faced the 8th version of grave guard without the regen banner before and knew I could do a lot of damage turn 1 needing 3's and 3's, while he needed 4's and 4's with far fewer attacks, providing his vamp lord and bsb didnít go crazy. His lord failing to wound at all and his bsb as well though, really hurt him. In 7th my savages could barely dent re-gen grave guard, so itís quite a turn around to see them go down so fast now. I think now you need a mortis engine to make grave guard viable. There was a VC player there who was running double mortis engines, but I didnít play him and I'm not sure if he had grave guard.

Instead in Game 3, I played another VC player.

22-05-2012, 16:48
Aw man....
Looks like you need to jus drop to 2 lvl2s & get a fighty lord OR black Orc boss-or maybe even-
blAck Orc bunker -->(original idea Djekar )

22-05-2012, 17:04
A fighty lord wouldn't have helped against the dark elves. I am discouraged from black orcs because the last time I took a black orc bsb, in multiple games I had other units fail animosity roll the double 1's and wind up fighting my bunker anyway. And the FAQ says the black orc can't do anything to stop that, so even with that massive points investment, my great shaman still can't cast magic when that happens.

22-05-2012, 17:36
I actually have been debating (only played 1 game with da ladz in a few months, so no experience) with using a black orc bunker. They never have to test for animosity and they can carry the standard of discipline without a bsb so you can either put him in a different bunker or spend points to protect him. Also, they *can* fight their way out of many of the things normally sent after bunkers and in a pinch you can even use them to shore up a hole in your lines - provided they aren't supposed to fight too much.

I've been looking at ~18, though 15 would probably work. This idea was born from 2 things - the first is that I have been increasingly dissatisfied with the performance of my Black Orcs as a combat block. The second is just the thing that you experience - magic fail thanks to animosity.

22-05-2012, 17:43
Wow-poor Vamps.
Dude should have challenged with his BSB and let his vamp kill R&F

22-05-2012, 18:26
I actually have been debating (only played 1 game with da ladz in a few months, so no experience) with using a black orc bunker. They never have to test for animosity and they can carry the standard of discipline without a bsb so you can either put him in a different bunker or spend points to protect him. Also, they *can* fight their way out of many of the things normally sent after bunkers and in a pinch you can even use them to shore up a hole in your lines - provided they aren't supposed to fight too much.

I've been looking at ~18, though 15 would probably work. This idea was born from 2 things - the first is that I have been increasingly dissatisfied with the performance of my Black Orcs as a combat block. The second is just the thing that you experience - magic fail thanks to animosity.

Yes, I have been thinking about this alot too. 10-15 black orcs w/standard of disc, to replace my huge black orc unit, then spend the points savings on squigs. I ordered some war haggises from black hat which are a fraction of the cost of regular squigs(even ebay squigs wind up going for near gw prices), but it'll still be 2 months before the back order shows up. Hopefully in time for the next tourney, since I only have 12 squigs right now.

23-05-2012, 12:26
So far my biggest concern with it is that it isn't core. Sometimes I need that 70 point core bunker to fill out my core tax.

I actually used some horror models without arms and green-stuff over the arm joins to be squigs. They seem to be pretty close to me, and hey - plastic! With them mixed in I have 30 squigs which is generally sufficient for butt-kickery.

23-05-2012, 13:46
For this final game vs VC, we rolled for the building to be a Wyrding Well. It was an ability that he already had anyway in healing troops, but something good for me.
His list:

1. Vamp lord, lvl 4 riding flying hellsteed, donít know what else.
2. Vamp bsb, lvl 1 riding flying hellsteed, donít know what else.
3. Lvl 2 Necro
4. 35 skellies w/command
5. 20 zombies
6. 25 ghouls w/champ
7. 2 x 5 wolves
8. 3 x 2 vampire bats
9. 12 Black Knights w/command
10. 5 Blood Dragons w/command
11. Vargulf

I won roll to go first.
Orc 1.

1. The game of course starts with my ng horde and bunker both failing animosity and squabbling. Ugh.
2. I charged my troll at a unit of wolves.
He had stacked up a lot of his stronger stuff on the side vs my savages and arach, so since half my army was squabbling, I decided to hold back with that flank and only moved them up a bit, but marched up my black orcs since they had to swing around the left flank.

3. My troll kills nothing, but wins 1-0 due to charging, to crumble 1 wolf.


VC 2:

1. His vargulf charged my troll.
2. 2 bat units land on my manglers killing them both.
3. He gets a spell off on my savages that does d6 s4 hits, but also does an s4 hit to each model in the unit if I move. I let it go, cause right now I donít plan on moving as I want him to come to me, since he has so many knights all stacked together there and I donít want to be combo charged, plus I want to dispel his other things.
4. My troll loses combat, but gets away as he flees.
Orc 2:

1. I charge my black orcs and wolves at his left side wolf unit.
2. I rally my troll.
3. I try to boost foot onto his blood knights, but roll a bunch of 1ís and 2ís for not enough power.
4. However, my pitiful amount of short bow shooting is able to take out the remains of his right side wolf unit.
5. And my blk orcs/wolves wipe out the other wolf unit.

VC 2:

1. He flies his vargulf up to land in front of my arach.
2. He gets the movement damage spell off on my savages again, killing just 3, but with the vargulf there, I tried and failed to dispel it. I didnít want to fail a frenzy check and do damage while charging that vargulf, so thatís why I tried to dispel. He also did a wound to my troll with something, I think the fire ring.

Orc 3:

1. I charged my arach at the vargulf and my black orcs at his last vampire bat unit.
2. I thought the well was a building and tried to enter it. He thought it was impassable terrain. In the book it says that type of terrain is either a hill or obstacle, so we asked the tourney organizer and he said to treat it like an obstacle. This was better for me than just a building as now I could dominate the center with my ng horde and threaten all this infantry.
3. I try to eadbutt his general, but he scrolls it. I get off eadbutt, but roll for only a 3Ē range, so it doesnít reach my savages who are only like 5Ē away.
4. I destroy his vargulf and vampire bats. I decide to overrun with my arach since I am only 12Ē from his blood knights, so he has easy charge range on me, so I might as well try to at least get the charge off on him, but I fail to make it.

VC turn 3:

1. He charges his blood knights w/bsb at my arach.
2. He raises a unit of zombies in front of my black orcs. I let this go, because I know that the re-roll hit and wounds spells are coming vs my arach and I want him to at least live through one combat phase so that I can strike back. So I do manage to dispel those spells.
3. His blood knights do 6 wounds to my arach. I pour all my arach attacks into his bsb and kill it. It was overkill, but I wanted it dead, since I was sure my arach would die next phase. I figured that killing a vargulf and vamp bsb was a good deal for an arach.

Orc 4:

1. My savages fail animosity and have to charge, which I wanted them to do anyway. I charge my black orcs at his raised zombies, my wolves into the flank of his regular zombies and my ng horde at his ghouls.
2. I get the max of 12 power dice this time. I use 3 to get ere we go off on and it reaches my savages this time. I boost foot on his black knights and get IF. I place it to touch his general.

I roll a hit.
He fails his LOS. I wound and then he fails his ward. I just do 2 wounds to him though. But I kill 5 knights as well.

Then I roll so that I can place it again. So I do the same thing.
I roll a hit againÖ
He fails his LOS AGAIN! Unbelievable.
I kill his General this time as he fails another ward. And 5 more knights.

The spell dissipates now that it has done its job. And to add insult to injury, my miscast just does the S6 hits, which I save both with my wards.

During his crumble he loses his last 2 remaining black knights and a few zombies, ghouls and skellies.

That basically won the game, but he still has a chance since his blood knights can still tear me up.
3. He starts this by killing my arach and reforming to face my savages flank.

I tear into his ghouls and skellies leaving just 3-4 of each left after crumbles. I destroy the raised zombies and manage to win the other zombie fight(I Had hoped I would destroy the ghouls, overrun and get to fight an extra combat there).

VC 4:

1. His last chance is to charge my savages in the flank, break them and threaten my horde.
So he charges.
2. He boosts his units by raising more zombies, skellies and ghouls. I dispel his re-roll spell.
3. By casting to boost his ghouls, it also boosted his skellies, which gave me a lot of free combat res for my savages. So while he kills a 3-4 savages and my shaman, I manage to also kill 1 knight and coupled with combat res, this causes his knights to crumble where we call the game.

Victory to the Greenskins.

Foot of Gork was awesome this game. I think even if I hadnít killed his general, it still would have been great as I would have killed so many knights that it would have damaged his chances anyway. I also think it was a smart decision for me to hang back, since he had all his power in trying to combo charge me.
The wyrding well turned out to take no part in the battle, other than allowing my ng horde to come through it. I wish I had known it was just an obstacle at the beginning as then I wouldnít have needed to swing my black orcs around it and have them not really take part in the game.

23-05-2012, 18:13
Crazy people do not bring MR to tournys. The new 8th books have shown that no one is getting Łber-heap spells of the BRB, ergo MR is needed against these new damage based spells/magic wagons.

23-05-2012, 19:33
Crazy people do not bring MR to tournys. The new 8th books have shown that no one is getting Łber-heap spells of the BRB, ergo MR is needed against these new damage based spells/magic wagons.

I wouldn't say it's crazy not to bring MR. Even with it working on some of the new spells, the vast majority of game winning spells (which are character tests, augments, or hex) aren't effected my MR at all.

Adding it also takes up space and points on a character slot that could be used for something else that's more effective.

In open list tournaments it's even more useless as people will then direct these spells at other units.

I actually wouldn't suggest competitive tournament lists to include MR at all unless it is free (hurray for brets!).

23-05-2012, 20:03
Yeah, his general failed a 4+ ward, to get MR, he would have basically had to not take the 4+ ward, making his save even worse, or take like the MR shield or something. Really though the 2+ LOS and 4+ ward should be enough for spells that allow saves. So I don't think it was stupid or crazy for him to not spend even more points for it.

The best he would have gotten was a 6+ magic ward for his black knights, so he might have saved 2 of them.

But really it was just bad rolling and not a bad list that did him in.

23-05-2012, 23:35
I wouldn't say it's crazy not to bring MR. Even with it working on some of the new spells, the vast majority of game winning spells (which are character tests, augments, or hex) aren't effected my MR at all.

Adding it also takes up space and points on a character slot that could be used for something else that's more effective.

In open list tournaments it's even more useless as people will then direct these spells at other units.

I actually wouldn't suggest competitive tournament lists to include MR at all unless it is free (hurray for brets!).

Dude you slaughter folk by the gaggle with foot.

Look at the call to war (uk tourny) Lizardman(10+lizard players??$ list. Deathtoads are beast!!
Heavens is making a comeback.
Sure shadow and life are Łber stable use but against those who do not have access to it I would rather be ready than not.

23-05-2012, 23:44
Yeah, but I think a 2+ LOS and 4+ ward are plenty enough being ready.

23-05-2012, 23:50
Dude you slaughter folk by the gaggle with foot.

Look at the call to war (uk tourny) Lizardman(10+lizard players??$ list. Deathtoads are beast!!
Heavens is making a comeback.
Sure shadow and life are Łber stable use but against those who do not have access to it I would rather be ready than not.

You bet I slaughter people with the foot, but the odds of going against an orc opponent with big waaagh isn't high enough to justify trying to deal with it. And I do say try as like I said with open lists an opponent will just target another unit and the item is useless. ("Oh you have a 4+ ward on that character in the graveguard? Alright I'll target the ghouls/black knights/whatever.")

Overall it's just a more stable answer to go with a scroll and get into combat as soon as you can to kill off the enemy caster. Unless of course they have shadow and hex the hell out of you, but hey you don't get MR against that anyway ;)

Maybe the next few books will change things, but for now I just don't see the worth. 45 points for MR3 or 45 points for a 4+ ward: which do you think will be used more often?

24-05-2012, 01:01
You give the MR to a hero character ?

24-05-2012, 01:29
To what end?

I stay light on characters to get more troops so MR on a hero would mean on the bsb, and although I've had some spells thrown at my bunker over 100 games I would win more games if I took a wolf chariot rather than making my bunker MR3.

In all seriousness TsukeFox, in all the games you have taken MR how often would you say you actually used it? How many points did it save? And what could you have used the points on instead that would have helped more?

24-05-2012, 02:22
I roll with MR2 on my Skaven BSB. It has saved some rats and almost saved my Seer. Worth the points. Could have a doom rocket I guess but some protection on my low leadership troops is worth it.

2nd army is slowly growing TK.
Keep thinking of MR on the Hierophant but it is a big eh even though I know it needs it. Damn vamps and passing on leadership.

24-05-2012, 12:21
I think an MR hero is a great idea when your meta includes lots of spells that allow it - Big Waaagh! and Death are the worst offenders here. No one wants foot trashing their bunker until it runs off the board, and no one wants Death sniping their characters off from across the board either (note that Big Waaagh! can do this to a degree too). I'm probably forgetting some lores here too but those are the ones I can think of right off the bat.

If the meta is heavy that way, I'd say put it on a cheap character. The other issue is - if you are playing vamps, I don't know how cheap your cheapest character is. For skaven, it's 15 points for that engineer. For Orcs it's 30 for the Night Goblin Big Boss. But for Chaos, it's 110 for that exalted champion - probably not worth it there. Even with elven heroes coming in at 70ish points - that's still pretty hefty for a 4/5 up ward against a very limited spell selection.

24-05-2012, 14:00
I roll with MR2 on my Skaven BSB. It has saved some rats and almost saved my Seer.

So all it has done is saved some rats. How many points of rats has it saved and what is the cost of the MR item multiplied by the number of games? I'm sure in the end you would have been better off just taking more rats.

No one wants foot trashing their bunker until it runs off the board.

The best you can hope for is for the stomp on the bunker to do half damage (MR3) meaning it will still kill 8 models, and repeat stomps will still get the job done. If not the following stomps will just fall on your elite units that's don't have MR.

If MR items could be applied army wide I would be more for it but, with the limited number of spells that can be used on and the fact it only protects one unit, I just can't back it.

However if the meta is heavy with those spells and they are always targetting the same critical unit like Djekar says then you could justify it, but just be ready for the meta to shift again to lores that ignore MR.

(I realize I'm probably coming across as a stuborn old man by now, and I'm sure everyone knows my view, so I'll leave this and wait for the next battle report :))

25-05-2012, 00:35
Maybe against death sniping then yeah an MR item for a cheap hero to boost your main general or caster's ward vs those spells is a good idea.

But against this foot, I think you guys are still forgetting that he failed 2 LOS rolls. Really, what is the chances of that and is it worth him spending more points in just the off chance that he fails 2 2+ LOS and 2 4+ wards?

25-05-2012, 03:22
Maybe against death sniping then yeah an MR item for a cheap hero to boost your main general or caster's ward vs those spells is a good idea.

But against this foot, I think you guys are still forgetting that he failed 2 LOS rolls. Really, what is the chances of that and is it worth him spending more points in just the off chance that he fails 2 2+ LOS and 2 4+ wards?

Okay-how often does the shrunken head pay off?

Dunno as a vamp player or TK player is not best to protect your head "caster" from-everything ? 4+ is easy to fail. Well I guess the vamps can carry on magical leadership. Bah

25-05-2012, 04:42
A 2+ LOS is not easy to fail and you cannot compare your 2+ LOS to the shrunken head. Your shrunken head shaman still gets a 2+ LOS and his ward vs a template. This is what I am talking about.

You can't protect your caster/characters from everything. It starts to get cost prohibitive. He could have taken yet another chararacter, mounted it and gave it MR. Then moved that character into the unit with him(cause his general moved there after the game started, so the backup character with MR would have had to move as well).

But, 2+ LOS and 4+ ward should be plenty 99% of the time. The chances of me casting foot, it not being dispelled, me rolling a hit. Him failing a 2+ LOS followed by me rolling to wound, then him failing a 4+ ward, me doing 2 wounds, rolling the 4+ to place the foot again, then rolling another hit, him failing another 2+ LOS, me wounding again, and then him failing another 4+ ward is too astronomical to try and prepare for.

It's a dice game in the end and the end result for him was not that he was stupid to not take MR. Just that you can't control the dice.

25-05-2012, 05:21
I was comparing MR2 to the shrunken head actually.

Anywho when is the next trourrnu and what are you like it

25-05-2012, 12:27
Okay-how often does the shrunken head pay off?

Pretty much every game.

Savages are typically tossed into the thick of the fighting and it doesn't take much to save 3 models (18 saves). It becomes critical when taking on the elite of other armies.

The games it doesn't come into play is when your opponent isnt playing to an 8th mindset and isn't taking offensive units, but in those you could pretty much take whatever you want and win :)

25-05-2012, 15:47
I was comparing MR2 to the shrunken head actually.

Anywho when is the next trourrnu and what are you like it

Like Malorian said the Shrunken head really always pays off. And it pays off vs shooting and combat and miscasts and on and on. While MR2 would only pay off if you get targeted by a magic spell that allows saves and nothing else.

25-05-2012, 17:23
Oh and I am not sure when I'll get to play again. We should have another tournament in July, we are debating right not whether we should allow SC's in our regular tournaments again and whether to go to 3k for more tournaments.

20-11-2012, 21:17
I hadn't felt like writing reports for a while, but I played a tourney this weekend and figured I'd write up a couple of reports vs 2 wood elf armies. My first game was vs a double hellcannon, ld bomb list, where I was told that my ng horde would be testing at -5ld because doom and darkness was on my general's unit(also -1 from hellcannon and -1 from a doom totem which was in rank 2 of a unit, so I am unsure if that counts as being viewable since I could not see the model, only the banner, which the main brb tlos rules say do not count toward tlos), when I should have just been -1 or -2 ld, so all that plus my bunker/savage big'uns spending 2 turns fighting each other, means that was just a boring game not worth writing about.

My army:
1. Orc great shaman, lvl 4, general
4+ ward and dispel scroll
2. NG bsb, shield, lt armor
Standard of discipline
3. Savage orc shaman lvl 1
Shrunken head
4. Ng shaman lvl 1
Frog scroll
5. Goblin warboss, gw
6. 3 ng big bosses, gwís
7. 39 bigíun savages, 2 choppas, FC
8. 86 ng w/spears, shields, nets, Standard and Musician
9. 21 ng w/shields
10. 5 wolf riders
11. 5 wolf riders
12. 19 squigs, 9 handlers
13. 19 squigs, 9 handlers
14. Troll
15. Arachnarok
16. Mangler
17. Mangler

His army:

1. Elf lord on elven steed, he had a 4+ ward and some sort of magical sword that I canít remember
2. Lvl 2 mage on elven steed, w/dispel scroll.
3. 8-9 glade riders, no command
4. 4 units of 10 glade guard
5. 3 units of 13 dryads
6. 3 treekin
7. 3 treekin
8. Treeman
9. Treeman

Very light on magic, characters and no eagles. The scenario for this was just that you got vps for any units that you got in the enemy deployment zone.
Pic at start up:


He won roll to go first.
WE turn 1:

1. His turn was pretty quick, I let his spell that lets his glade riders ignore terrain go and dispel another spell that gives something regen? and then he wiped out a wolf unit and killed 2-3 bigíuns with shooting.

Orc turn 1:

1. Another quick turn. One squig unit fails animosity and squabbles.
2. In magic I only get fists of gork off on my savage orc shaman.

WE turn 2:

1. He moves his glade riders to my savages flank, but that gives his rear to my squig herd who are only 9 inches away, so that should be an easy charge.
2. I then turn his mage into a frog after he casts the ignore terrain spell again. It was kind of unfair since this was all the magic he had. He said he wasnít expecting people to be taking so many level 4ís to this tourney. I mentioned how with 2 double slann lists around here, you need all the magic defense you can muster.
3. He kills about 6 bigíuns with his 40 bow shots, I made a ton of 5+ wards.

Orc turn 2:

1. Now animosity tries to lose it for me. One squig herd fails and if forced to charge his dryads, then my ng horde fails and is forced to charge his treeman, which is 14Ē away, which I think, oh, thatís fine, I will fail the charge and then be ok. But no, I roll and 11 and make the charge, which is a frontal charge and now Iíll be stuck fighting a treeman and surrounded by dryads and bow units and way, way out of gen/bsb range.
2. To make things worse, my other squig herd fails their charge on the dryads. I had also been forced to charge with my savages at his other treeman, they fail their charge. So it was up to my 2nd squig herd to make their charge on the glade riders w/general and mage, to save my savages from being triple charged next turn.

They do make their charge and hit the rear of the glade riders.

A very eventful turn already.

I finish it off by putting a mangler through is 3rd dryad unit killing like 8 of them.

3. In magic I try to boost foot of gork onto a glade guard unit. I roll a 20, he rolls a 19 but we are unsure if he can get his +2 from his mage who is currently a frog or not. We ask the organizer and he says from what he can tell he still does, since it says you donít lose special abilities, which he assumes being a level 2 mage is. So in that case he does dispel foot of gork.

During this he asks if he can dispel the frog scroll and I mention how he needs to roll a 4+ in his magic phase, this will become important soon.

I finish by getting hand of gork off on my arach shooting it across the table to face the flank of the treeman fighting my ng horde.

4. Combat is huge. My squigs kill all 8 of the glade riders(he had killed 4 or so squigs with his general who had made way and his other riders). I break them, but his gen/mage gets away.
Even crazier, his treeman kills one ng big boss and then 4ng with thunderstomps. My warboss and other ng big boss in combat + the few ng manage to do just 1 wound to the treeman. Itís a 6-6 tie, but I win via musician. His treeman then fails his stubborn roll and my ng run him down. This completely changes the game on that part of the map as I had expected to lose that horde after dryads started pouring into it next turn.

During this he wonders if I do kill the treeman, because I canít move up since my arach was blocking my ng from moving. This is when I realize heís a new player. I had assumed that since his army was so well painted and put together that he had to have been playing for a good while. He had been playing another game(D&D) and became interested in warhammer seeing others playing it. Which explained how he was already able to paint so well.

WE Turn 3:

1. He charges a treeman and treekin at my savages. He charges dryads at my ng horde and more dryads at a squig herd unit.
2. He rallies his general/mage and then manages to un-frog himself.
3. His shooting decimates the squig herd unit that had wiped out his glade riders, leaving them with around 5 squigs and 5 handlers.
4. My ng horde beats his dryads and run them down.
However the herd/dryad fight is just a 6-6 tie with about 3 dryads killed, vs 4 squigs.

With Fists of gork still in play, I manage 2 wounds to the treeman with that and another wound with my regular savages against the treeman.
My other savages kill 1 treekin. I lost a bunch of savages, but still win the combat by 1. He passes his tests. This fight will be a barn burner.

Orc turn 3:

1. I charge my arach at a glade guard unit, who flees. I reform my horde and my decimated squig herd.
2. My foot of gork scatters off his glade guard and then goes away. He scrolls my hand of gork on my arach.
3. Since he didnít dispel fists of gork again, I manage to kill his treeman with my shaman. My other savages kill another treekin. He loses combat again, but doesnít flee, which I really needed him to do, so I could get my choppa bonus back, plus to get his general/bsb engaged and hopefully killed.
The other dryad vs squig fight, I lose this time, but with steadfast + gen/bsb, I hold.

WE Turn 4:

1. He charges his 2nd treekin unit into my savage fight and declares a long charge with his 3rd unit of dryads(just 4 remaining after mangler hits) at my bunker. I decide to hold with my bunker, figuring that even if he makes the charge in my flank, Iíll hold with steadfast and be ok vs just 4 dryads. He does make the charge.
2. His shooting wipes out all the handlers from my badly mauled squig herd unit. When the remaining squigs explode, they kill 3-4 glade guard from each of 3 units, do 1 wound to a treekin and kill a couple of savages. He passes all his panic checks from the glade guard units.
3. He dedicates two dryads to my general, but only wounds 1 time, which I save with my ward. I crazily kill 2 dryads with 4 ng attacks. He breaks and runs, but gets away from my pursuit.
My squig herd though breaks his other dryad unit and runs them down.

The main fight though is with the savages. I still have fists of gork, which he never decides to try and dispel. I kill 1 treekin there and do a wound to the treekin remaining from the other unit. However, I lose combat this time. I am steadfast still, so I make that test, just barely. However, now I have lost my frenzy.
Orc turn 4:

1. I charge my generals unit at his fleeing dryads, I catch and destroy them. My arach tries charging a glade guard unit again, but he flees, I fail to re-direct, so itís another failed charge for the arach.
I reform my remaining units. My manglers who are both still alive, really do nothing.
2. My shaman is out of position for any of his magic and only got a low roll for magic. I say I will skip magic unless he wants to try to dispel fists of gork, which I will then just recast and he wonít be able to stop anyway, so the end result is no magic.
3. The one combat is dicey. I fail my fear check now that I donít have frenzy anymore. So that means even with fists and other savage attacks I only do 1 wound to each of his treekin units. I lose combat again, but I still have steadfast with 1 rank vs 0 ranks and pass my check with a 4. Whew.

We are running out of time so we speed through turn 5.
WE Turn 5:

1. He rallies his fleeing glade guard, skips magic and takes pot shots at my other herd unit.
In combat I fail fear AGAIN. I lose again but still hold from steadfast as he only had 3 treekin fighting and doesnít do much damage to me.

Orc turn 5:
1. I have the game won now even if my bigíuns are wiped out, so I skip everything after movement(to get units in his deployment zone to ensure the win). During this my random mangler goes through my bunker, but I only kills 4 ng.
2. I wipe out the one treekin unit, after I finally pass my fear check and wound the other treekin down to 1 wound. I win this combat, but he doesnít break to end the game.

Victory to the Orcs. It was touch and go with that savage combat, but fists of gork really was a big boost(especially since it is deemed as magical attacks in the errata so no 5+ ward for his treeman or treekin from the fists attacks). However treekin are a chore to fight with regular bigíun attacks in a grindfest. As S4 vs 5+ armor, 5+ ward and T5 doesnít afford for a lot of wounds getting through. It was his first tournament though. So I don't expect him to take such a soft list with no banners, bsb and just a lvl 2 mage again. There was a lot of power at this tourney with 2 double slann lists and a tough Ogre list, and lost of WoC crap, but we also had 2-3 new players. I hope they weren't discouraged from the game. I sort of am though, cause while I didn't have to face lizzies, I really don't see much point in having to dodge 2 double slann lists each time with orcs and goblins, where they are just going to crush me with magic.

A final aside, I really wish the guys setting up our tables would stop with the giant shrines, terrain in the center of the table that we always have to ignore, forget about or outright move because itís impossible to actually place units onto them without them falling all over the place.

My next game is again vs another wood elf army from a different opponent. I'll try to get this one written and put up in the next day or 2.

21-11-2012, 04:16
Hey SG,

Would you mind posting up a picture of just your Arachnarok or let me know where I can see one if you have a close up posted somewhere? It looks amazing from the batrep shots and I would love to see it up close.

21-11-2012, 05:19
Sure. Thanks for your compliments. Here's a few pics of it.





And here's the base before I glued the arach on:


21-11-2012, 13:05

That's Arach looks great! I have been trying to come out there to one of AE's tournaments, but just can't get away lately. Keep up the reports!

21-11-2012, 19:55
Yeah the new store is pretty awesome. We had music playing at this last tournament the whole time, plus they serve beer now.

22-11-2012, 01:59
This wood elf player is the same player that Once Bitten played in his last youtube report. If you remember dwellerís from that gameÖ

His army:

1. Mage lvl 4, general
2. Bsb
3. Lvl 1 mage
4. Branchwraith
Those characters were loaded up with anti-magic items(Iím assuming cause we all knew 2 double slann lists would be there). Someone had hail of doom arrow.
5. 3 units of 10 glade guard
6. 20 glade guard w/command
7. 3 units of 8 dryads
8. 2 units of 6 treekin
9. Treeman
10. Eagle

The scenario was that there was a Chaos Tofurky in the center of the table. It had stats of all 0, except for 6 wounds, and WS1, unbreakable and 5+ ward. If you killed it you could claim itís body but if you did you had to stay right there and defend the body. If you controlled the body at the end of the game you gained 500VP.

This was my only road to victory because there was a river in the middle of the table and I didnít have the shooting to force him to actually move.

He won roll to go first.

WE Turn 1:

1. He doesnít move.
2. He tries to cast some low level spell that I let go, so that I can try and frog scroll him, but he passed his check. Then he casts dwellers and I donít have enough dispel dice to reliably dispel it, on my ng horde, so I am forced to scroll it.
3. In shooting he kills a mangler and some wolf riders.
Orc Turn 1:

1. My savageís squabbled, my bunker rolls double 1ís to fight my ng horde.
So all 3 of my caster units cannot use magic.

WE Turn 2:

1. He shoots at my right side squig herd. The randomizing hits mean 9 hits were on my handlers, 9 on the squigs. He then rolls 9 wounds on my handlers, so they blow up. The only good news is that enough squigs were dead that it was only d6 + 1 hits to the units in range.

The explosion kills his eagle, does 1w to my arach and kills my mangler.
Orc turn 2:

1. My savage unit rolls the double 1 this time to fight with my bunker. So thatís great. The game is really over. It was over anyway after turn 1, because losing any movement phase when needing to cross a river was enough to decide the game, but this was just the icing on the cake.

I charged my ng horde at the tofurky. It turns out that the river was a boiling fire damage river(he wanted to play magical terrain) that did s4 hits to anyone in the river at the end of the turn. This did a wound to my troll and wound to a big boss, plus killed 2 goblins(only the front rank was in the river).

2. I roll all my dice at night shade, which he scrolls.
3. I take the tofurky down to 1 wound.
WE turn 3:

1. He fails to cast dwellerís, but gives his dryads the +4T.
2. He pours shots into my arach doing 1w. He also kills my troll.
3. I kill he tofurky in combat, so claim the body.
Orc turn 3:

1. I charge my arach at his treeman.
2. I get foot off with IF on his treekin, it scatters to hit nothing, then goes away, then my miscast kills 5 ng, but doesnít hurt my general.
3. My arach then does 0 wounds to his treemen, despite rolling the poison on my surge attack(he warded it). He wounds me 3 times in return, I break and am run down.
WE turn 4:

1. He gets dwellers off on my ng horde with IF(he ignores the miscast with the spell that lets him do that cast first, I needed to save dice hoping to dispel dwellers).
This kills my warboss, shaman and 46 more night goblins. His shooting kills 19 more. Then his treemen branch attack kills 6 more. By the end of the turn I have just 11 night goblins and 2 big bosses left.

Orc turn 4:

1. I drop the tofurky, cause I know his treeman can just charge me now and take it anyway, so I just ask him if he plans to take the tofurky now. He doesnít, so thereís no point, since itís going to take my savages 2 turns just to either get the tofurky or cross the river. So I concede. There was no point in being mean and forcing him to roll the dice to kill off the ng and savages which he would do the next two turns while I tried to get across the river.

Victory to wood elves.

Iím really tired of animosity. Especially the double 1. 2 out of 3 games I had my main blocks fighting each other from double 1 rolls. The odds are just way to high. Either make animosity a roll on a 2d6, where double 1's are the fight other friendly units, 2-4 are squabbles or forced charges and double 6's are free moves + forced charge. That's still a 17% chance of squabbling or fighting each other, but only a 3% chance of actually getting the worst result. Instead of now where you fail 17% of the time, then when you fail you have a 17% chance of the worst result. Or at least make it like in 6th edition where you can't fight each other if you don't have LOS.

Vetock managed to make animosity even worse and more crippling than Matt Ward did.

Good Job.

22-11-2012, 16:45
Wow, what a brutal game. Everything was against you.

Don't get down on it though. The odds are on your side.

22-11-2012, 23:24
I'm not sure the odds are. With 7 units testing for animosity the way my army was, you on average will fail 6 animosity tests a game and 1 of those 6 fails will be the double 1. That's way too often for the odds to be in my favor.

If I could get that down to 4 units testing, that would help, but I feel like I need to keep 3 units that can carry banners in my army since all the big tournies will use blood and glory in some form.

And since black orcs can't stop a double 1 from screwing you over and you can't honestly put a black orc into every testing unit(I had 3 different units roll double 1 in this tourney and squig herds can't have characters at all) then that wouldn't solve the worst of what animosity will do to you. And odds are it will happen 1 time per game(3 times in 3 games this tourney, so average).

23-11-2012, 01:35
I'm not sure the odds are. With 7 units testing for animosity the way my army was, you on average will fail 6 animosity tests a game and 1 of those 6 fails will be the double 1. That's way too often for the odds to be in my favor.

If I could get that down to 4 units testing, that would help, but I feel like I need to keep 3 units that can carry banners in my army since all the big tournies will use blood and glory in some form.

And since black orcs can't stop a double 1 from screwing you over and you can't honestly put a black orc into every testing unit(I had 3 different units roll double 1 in this tourney and squig herds can't have characters at all) then that wouldn't solve the worst of what animosity will do to you. And odds are it will happen 1 time per game(3 times in 3 games this tourney, so average).

It is the price green skins pay for having the such strong troops.

Why not troll block instead of squigs?

23-11-2012, 01:58
I only have like 9 trolls + 1 broken chaos troll(lost his arm somewhere) until the mantic trolls show up from their kickstarter.

But plenty of armies have strong troops for about the cost of orcs and goblins without animosity. And much better magic to buff them up to superhero status as well. Tell beastmen players that they can pay 1pt less for their troops, lose their fury hatred and then test for animosity and see how they react to that. Also tell them, no more shadow or death magic.

23-11-2012, 02:30
I’m really tired of animosity. Especially the double 1. 2 out of 3 games I had my main blocks fighting each other from double 1 rolls. The odds are just way to high. Either make animosity a roll on a 2d6, where double 1's are the fight other friendly units, 2-4 are squabbles or forced charges and double 6's are free moves + forced charge. That's still a 17% chance of squabbling or fighting each other, but only a 3% chance of actually getting the worst result. Instead of now where you fail 17% of the time, then when you fail you have a 17% chance of the worst result. Or at least make it like in 6th edition where you can't fight each other if you don't have LOS.

Vetock managed to make animosity even worse and more crippling than Matt Ward did.

Good Job.

Hmmm, that's not normal. It is possible your dice aren't properly balanced, especially with the pips (the dots). Try a die with the numerical value (cardinal) on it instead of the pips. See how it helps with the animosity.

23-11-2012, 03:06
I only have like 9 trolls + 1 broken chaos troll(lost his arm somewhere) until the mantic trolls show up from their kickstarter.

But plenty of armies have strong troops for about the cost of orcs and goblins without animosity. And much better magic to buff them up to superhero status as well. Tell beastmen players that they can pay 1pt less for their troops, lose their fury hatred and then test for animosity and see how they react to that. Also tell them, no more shadow or death magic.

Hey man I will be the first to say it is not right. I believe that other armies should have a down side too.
I think each 8th edition army has a solid weakness.
(Maybe not ogres....)

7th edition books like warriors, daemons & chaos dwarves really lack a solid weakness.

Beastman at least one can say is not stronger than mean Green. Even with the BRB Lores the Power of the Waaagh should pummel beastman.

23-11-2012, 04:19
Beastmen though have the one super build which makes them better. When they use the herdstone + multiple shamans to dominate the magic phase, that's more powerful than anything that greenskins can do.

If you play beastmen without the herdstone, than sure they are weaker, but that's like saying, well if you play lizzies without a slann they are weak.

Also, chaos dwarves didn't have a 7th book, they only have an 8th forgeworld book, which should be outright banned.

23-11-2012, 12:09
Ya but when one looks At the Chaos Dwarf book it has the feel if a 7th edition book. By that I mean the book rewards you for taking over powered stuff like the Warrior & Daemon book.

I will play against it as it is wrong to tell people who are old school players that they cannot use their models that GW suspended for near a decade. But I am not a happy camper.

And as far as the shamans dancing around the herb stone artillery & foot should be able to glass those shamans

23-11-2012, 12:30
I'm not sure the odds are. With 7 units testing for animosity the way my army was, you on average will fail 6 animosity tests a game and 1 of those 6 fails will be the double 1. That's way too often for the odds to be in my favor.

If I could get that down to 4 units testing, that would help, but I feel like I need to keep 3 units that can carry banners in my army since all the big tournies will use blood and glory in some form.

And since black orcs can't stop a double 1 from screwing you over and you can't honestly put a black orc into every testing unit(I had 3 different units roll double 1 in this tourney and squig herds can't have characters at all) then that wouldn't solve the worst of what animosity will do to you. And odds are it will happen 1 time per game(3 times in 3 games this tourney, so average).

The odds are better than you think.

Remember that after the first round that for the vast majority a result of 2-6 doesn't really matter at all as you are probably charging anyway, and then once in combat you won't even be taking tests.

So really odds are you won't see double 1s each game.

There are things you can do to control this (take units that don't roll for animosity, add black orc characters, Gorbad, unit seperation) but in the end this is what greenskins are. Greenskins are a powerful army that are balanced by being a little wild.

As a person with several armies trust me when I say that when I go to one of the other more dependable armies I REALLY miss having two kinds of models with 3 str 5 attacks and several others with two str 4 or 5 attacks.

23-11-2012, 18:06
Well, I'm thinking up some lists with some black orc characters or a black orc unit in it for our 3k tourney next spring and ways to limit the number of units testing. I have been resistant to putting black orcs in at 2500 because a decent sized unit(30+) runs up and over 500pts and they really don't fare well to all the new MI units(better toward MC, but those just avoid the black orcs) that are starting to show up.

Trolls are the next logical choice, but outside of these small store tournies, I don't think I could get away with proxying half a unit of trolls to get a horde of them. Plus magic just always decimates me. I shudder to think what is going to happen to trolls when I face a double slann list that just INT spells them to death.

They are my largest and best painted army, so I don't want to give them up. Plus my other 2 painted armies are Ogres and Dark Elves, which I've been avoiding cause they have too many no-brainer choices, vs greenskins which just have one(svg big'uns).

23-11-2012, 18:25
Something to note though, init 1 trolls only die a bit faster than init 2 orcs. Basically that match up is just bad for us no matter what.

23-11-2012, 22:39
oh yeah I know, it's just that orcs, svg, blk orcs are 6-13pts each and trolls are 35pts each.

Either way gw needs to desperately do something about magic, because having no real magic defense is horrid in this edition. Even something simple like enforcing the 12 power dice max to mean 12 power dice max, including any extras you can generate later like through the slann battery or power of darkness would dramatically help things.

But much better would be a way to let you get more dispel dice, cause nothing is worse than having 2 dispel dice vs 4 power dice, but the DE/Lizzie player can just generate so many more dice that the game ends because of that.

The random winds of magic is just another disaster of a rule.

24-11-2012, 00:14
I can't believe that I'm saying this, but I think GW is at least taking a step in the right direction with the 8th ed books in terms of magic.

The really ridiculous magic phases are largely the result of culprit armies with easy assess to large numbers of PD which makes the magic phase not only powerful but reliable. Armies like DE with dagger, slaan with rumination, HE with jewel and banner of sorcery, skaven with cheap as chips casters and tokens, beastmen with herdstone. And they are ALL from 7th ed books.

But looking at the 8th ed books, you have very little options to boost PD. Night goblins have their magic mushrooms, but its limited by what is really a crappy lore. VC has the overcosted MotBA and black periapt, that's it. Empire, nothing that I can recall offhand. OK, forget it.. Among the 8th ed books, probably TK has the best ability to boost their magic phase with the casket and hierotitan, but its again limited by uninspiring units from the rest of the book.

I think that once GW phases out the old 7th ed books with new ones that are more in line with this new design philosophy, things will get better..

24-11-2012, 00:28
Yes, I agree that they are doing a much better job with 8th books, however it's been 2+ years and none of those top magic books are being dealt with. They even had a prime opportunity to deal with WoC right now, but opted to force WoC players into paying $10 for a WD update, so that when they put out a WoC book in a few months for $50, those players will have paid $60 for WoC rules vs the $45.50 that fantasy books are currently going for.

Either way, I don't think it's ok to just say, 'well eventually GW will get around to dealing with lizzie, doc and DE magic', because that will be years from now. In the present day, there is no solution. And to be honest in all likelihood we will be in 9th edition before something can be done to stop double slann.

24-11-2012, 00:50
Yes, I agree that they are doing a much better job with 8th books, however it's been 2+ years and none of those top magic books are being dealt with. They even had a prime opportunity to deal with WoC right now, but opted to force WoC players into paying $10 for a WD update, so that when they put out a WoC book in a few months for $50, those players will have paid $60 for WoC rules vs the $45.50 that fantasy books are currently going for.

Either way, I don't think it's ok to just say, 'well eventually GW will get around to dealing with lizzie, doc and DE magic', because that will be years from now. In the present day, there is no solution. And to be honest in all likelihood we will be in 9th edition before something can be done to stop double slann.

Agreed sir-
I blame the stupid Hobbit movie coming out for signaling GW to make more Lord of the Ring crap to get easy sales ( honestly who plays that game ?)

While I am bashing the Hobbit-how does a less than 400 page book get stretched to be 3 movies?? Those movies are going to delay Fantasy releases ten fold.

It is a bad sign.
I feel bad for the 6th edition books.

24-11-2012, 01:36
I've still never seen a game of lotr ever played.

24-11-2012, 02:35
I've still never seen a game of lotr ever played.

I have- on a video game console.
But the board game has to be a failed project, just like Dread fleet or whatever.

24-11-2012, 03:06
Yes, I agree that they are doing a much better job with 8th books, however it's been 2+ years and none of those top magic books are being dealt with. They even had a prime opportunity to deal with WoC right now, but opted to force WoC players into paying $10 for a WD update, so that when they put out a WoC book in a few months for $50, those players will have paid $60 for WoC rules vs the $45.50 that fantasy books are currently going for.

Either way, I don't think it's ok to just say, 'well eventually GW will get around to dealing with lizzie, doc and DE magic', because that will be years from now. In the present day, there is no solution. And to be honest in all likelihood we will be in 9th edition before something can be done to stop double slann.
I'm not saying that it's ok that GW is taking so long to sort out the mess and level the playing field across all books. I probably hate what GW is doing / has done as much as any other guy, but if I really had to pick a single aspect of their direction of the game that I at least kinda agree with, it would be what I mentioned earlier. I mean, would you rather that all the 8th ed books continued the trend of magic power creep? When will it end then?

And with respect to your comment of double slaan, rumours are the book will be out next year, so its not as bad as you thought.. ;)

24-11-2012, 03:18
So I should start gearing up for triple slann next year?

25-11-2012, 15:54
nah next year, due to new lizard fluff, you can take slann units (or so the voices tell me....)

Nice reps, and against wood elves? twice? I haven't seen a wood elf on a tourney table in years ;) That scenario though, and with a river bisecting the table (and mystical terrain?) that was an impossible matchup for you (barring insanely lucky feet of Gork)

25-11-2012, 21:37
A lot of our guys have 2-4 armies so you never know what you are going to face. Other than on universal battle though, I haven't faced wood elves since April 2011 on an actual table top.

13-12-2012, 05:23
Goblins are good. Orcs are not.


Me vs Once Bitten

13-12-2012, 15:00
So for the points of grimgor what could you have taken instead in retrospect ?

13-12-2012, 15:01
How do you like the 3k with no grand army? I think that I agree with OB - it is one of my favorites.

13-12-2012, 15:18
That doombull is murder to the savages. You're only hope was to not issue/accept a challenge and basically sacrifice your lvl 4 in order to do the wounds you need to the doombull.

13-12-2012, 17:37
yeah, I didn't realize he had the shard, or I would not have challenged. Because with the shard, the shaman living another round didn't matter that much. If I had it to do over and knowing about the shard, I would have not challenged and hoped the shaman survived(he did 2 wounds to it the next round, so assuming the same, the shaman lives at least at first) and then poured all those attacks into the bull. Then on round 2, since there was no challenge, I could challenge/accept a challenge with my boss.

I also had no idea he would charge it out alone, or I would have put my troll in front of him at an angle instead.

So for the points of grimgor what could you have taken instead in retrospect ?

I thought about that alot before and after testing him out. If I didn't have him, the next step down is a basic orc warboss in the black orc unit coming in at around 200pts that saves 155. Then I can afford to remove a black orc or 2 since that unit is less of a threat without grimgor, saving me another 26pts. That's 181pts saved. Then drop the giant for 200pts. 381pts saved. Drop 2 ng and the lt armor from my goblin big boss and have 389pts saved.

Then I can add 9 trolls and a goblin big boss on wolf and upgrade one of the solo trolls to a pump wagon.

So yeah, no Grimgor and a couple other models here and there can get you a lot!

How do you like the 3k with no grand army? I think that I agree with OB - it is one of my favorites.

Mine too. I wish all our tournaments were 3k no grand army tournies. But so far we just have the one.

My biggest pet peeve this edition is magic. And in this game I had to dodge a lot of magic, with just 1 scroll as defense. At 2500pts almost any of these spells would have been devastating. But at 3k, the only one that mattered was the spell that gave his bsb +6A and +4S, which he cast at IF anyway.

I think also my decision to drop the level 1 orc to a lvl 1 night gobbo hurt a lot, since I didn't roll for foot of gork, which I could have REALLY used. And finally, the chukkas should not have been in this list. They were in my 2500pt list and I added them by mistake. Luckily they shot at the gorgon who wasn't suppose to be there either and they died on turn 1, so it all worked out and they didn't do any damage they weren't suppose to, beyond me killing I think 1 harpy in combat.

14-12-2012, 00:14
What about !

3 gigantic spider riders ???!!

In unit
Man if a BSB could join it as well how crazy would that be ???

14-12-2012, 00:17
But in serious light

More chaff to block scary doom bulls
Would be a great investment.

14-12-2012, 04:38
I think chaff just makes them angrier.

14-12-2012, 08:54
LOL that doombull mangled my beasts as well. so don't feel bad. Shame the Giant failed against the ghorgon.

14-12-2012, 14:14
Rock lobbas might have saved you some trouble, protecting them against the harpies might be the problem (though a barebones squigrider or pump wagon lurking behind the lines should sort them out easily)

14-12-2012, 14:28
Nice reports as always. :)

Animosity is tough to deal with. In a tourney list I put together a while ago I went something like this:

Savage great shaman w head and fencers lvl 4
black orc bsb
black orc
2x night goblin shamans lvl 2
37x savage big uns w ahw (shaman and bsb goes here)
60x night goblins w nets and short bows (black orc big boss goes here)
35 black orcs
9 river trolls
3x 5 wolf riders

Did quite decently with it since it doesn't have much animosity to worry about.

15-12-2012, 20:30
I've been thinking about dropping grimgor and going for more magic defense. I love the idea of having an orc type warboss as my general, but more often than not it's not hitting power that I lack, but magic defense.

That's partly why I've started playtesting so early for a tournament in April(mostly on Universal Battle as I can't travel the hour to the store to play as often as I would like), so that I can see what works better.

I've pretty much given up on greenskins being competitive at 2500pts, but I feel that at 3k, no grand armies, they have more options open to them to not be destroyed by one thing going wrong. People are going to take their double slanns and hellcannons at 2500 and at 3k. 3k gives me 500pts more of options to make those things less overpowering.

Unfortunately there is not much hope of going to 3k as the norm.

15-12-2012, 21:47
Maybe your group should take up a comp system ? Swedish is not so bad.

15-12-2012, 21:49
Maybe your group should take up a comp system ? Swedish is not so bad.

As long as you make everyone play above a 7 or so.

At such comp lvls the scope of abuse is limited and tactics comes back into the game.

16-12-2012, 00:17
Actually Swedish Comp fails in the same way that the ETC comp fails (at least the last time I looked at it) - combat characters are virtually free in that system. So it is relatively easy to play the points right to get in at a certain comp number by upping unit hitting power with characters instead of more numbers. I mean, who really uses all of their hero allotment in a regular game anyways?

It is a good system overall though, so I do recommend trying it out at least for a few games to see if it is your cup of tea.

16-12-2012, 01:56
Actually Swedish Comp fails in the same way that the ETC comp fails (at least the last time I looked at it) - combat characters are virtually free in that system. So it is relatively easy to play the points right to get in at a certain comp number by upping unit hitting power with characters instead of more numbers. I mean, who really uses all of their hero allotment in a regular game anyways?

It is a good system overall though, so I do recommend trying it out at least for a few games to see if it is your cup of tea.

I try real hard to with team Skaven.

I shudder with anticipation at what can be done with 25% characters in 8000 points.

But back to the Swiss Comp-
So combat lords aside from "chuck" are not comped as hard. It is a reward I think to play away from the insta-pic that is the "lvl4 Mage" & sometimes another "lvl4 Mage" because one lvl4 Mage just does not delete models fast enough.

I am curious to see what will change with the next composition update for the Swiss and ETC. the growing auto include That is monstrous cavalry has reached its zenith with the new Skull Crushers that is 1st of its kind to allow characters to join.

Let monstrous cavalry be beaten by the nurf bat.

As for winning with mean green under 2500- it is just Time to switch up a lot of tactics.
RedStone Rumble in Huntsville Alabama 2nd place was an Orc & Goblin player with no savage orcs.

He lost to a cheesy Ogre (1st place ) list because I believe due a major O&G unit failing a steadfast 9 check to allow game swinging counter charges.

16-12-2012, 04:43
Thing is, I believe 3k, no grand armies balances the game much better to the point where not much comp if any is needed. I think it is simpler to move the points value up, rather than tell an entire group of people that they are not allowed to use the models that they spent a lot of money on and a lot of time painting.

I wouldn't want people to tell me, well you can't use units of 100ng's cause of swedish comp, anymore than I can imagine they would want me telling them, you can't use your two hellcannons.

But if going up in points allows us both to use our units and the game to be more balanced, then that's better for all, I think.

18-12-2012, 21:11
I completely agree with you SG! IMHO the game is balanced at 3K points (no grand armies). Your opponent might have a lot of nasty options, but so do you. I also find that magic becomes weaker the larger the game since you still only roll 2d6 for the Winds of Magic.

At the end of the day I'll play whatever a TO wants to run. I look forward to seeing you at BBVI!!!

18-12-2012, 23:00
Should be fun.

I also like the VP system we will be using. I have been really reluctant to run small chaff units cause they die so easily, while deathstars don't give points unless you wipe them out or they are off the table.

But with the system of giving 1/2vp is they are fleeing, or 1/2 vp is they are at 25% or less, then I feel less concerned about giving up points for wolf riders and manglers. Also the objective cards are great, with the one giving you points for controlling table quarters and the one making a magic phase where double 1's are miscasts as well. They help slow down the two things people worry about the most, magic and deathstars.

Your deathstar can only contest one table quarter, so if that's the only one you have and your opponent can nab 2, then that's 500vp you give up. So the bigger deathstar users and magic users can expect to see those cards played against them multiple times in the tourney.

It was funny last year though that the double 1 card was played against me 3 times. I was like, guys there's multiple double slann's, double SM's and double Sorc's out here and you are wasting this card on me?

Oh and the card that let's me vanguard my savages when I see a gunline? I think that's my fav card ever.

08-01-2013, 19:52
Alright, played in a tourney this past weekend. I am hoping to begin to make youtube reports, but for now I will put these up in text form as usual. I have a deep southern accent, so I am unsure if that is compatible with spoken youtube reports, lol.

If I do decide to make the switch, I will post up the links in this thread.

For now here's my list. I should get these 3 reports up today and tomorrow. Just need to upload the pics and make sure there are no errors in my reports.

1. Svg orc great shaman, lvl 4, general
a. staff of stability
b. 4+ ward

2. blk orc bsb, shield
a. standard of discipline

3. svg orc lvl 1
a. shrunken head

4. ng lvl 2
a. channel staff.

5. ng lvl 1
a. dispel scroll

6. 39 big'un svgs, w/fc 2 choppas
7. 15 savage orcs w/2 choppas, standard/musician
8. 2 x 20 ng w/2 fanatics each
9. 2 x 5 wolves w/shields
10. 5 spider riders
11. 19 squigs, 12 handlers
12. 8 trolls
13. troll
14. 2 doom divers
15. 2 manglers

08-01-2013, 20:45
Game 1 vs Ogres
His army:
1. SM general, gut sickle, 4+ ward
2. BSB
3. Lvl 1, scroll
4. Lvl 1, hellheart
Someone had item that forces you to reveal hidden items.
5. 7 ironguts, fc
6. 8 bulls, fc
7. 4 mournfangs, fc, re-roll hits banner
8. 6 leadbelchers
9. Sabertusk
10. Sabertusk
11. Ironblaster
12. Ironblaster

Scenario 1
There is a nerco lake in the center of the table. It is dangerous terrain, but gives poison attacks to those who enter it.

My spells: lvl 4 had eadbutt, fists of gork, hand of gork, ere we go.
Lvl 1 svg had foot of gork
Lvl 2 ng had sneaky stabbin and gorkíll fix it.
Lvl 1 ng had itchy nuisance

He had braingobbler, trollguts, toothcracker and bonecrusher.

One level one had harmonic convergence while the other had ice shard blizzard.

I won roll to go first.

I remember to take a pic after I rolled for stupidity, so here is technically the pic at start up:



So I had already made up a plan for dealing with mournfangs which was squigs + doom divers and you can see this didn't even make it into deployment as for some reason I placed my squigs opposite his bulls(between the two buildings) and not opposite his fangs.


Orc 1:

1. To start off, my single troll failed stupidity. He was in general range, but just out of bsb range. Also my left wolves and my spiders both failed animosity and squabbled.
2. I tried to march up my last wolf unit to redirect his guts, but I failed 2 dt tests, panicked and fled. So to start off all 4 of my main chaff re-directors were out of commission for turn 1. Meaning he would get to dictate my movement in his turn 1 with his tusks.

So because of this I didnít march my svgs, because I didnít want them to get possibly double charged by fangs/blaster combo without me having fanatic support. Not to mention that since my wolves had fled right in front of my trolls, If I marched my svgs they would put the trolls close to being out of gen/bsb range. And I didnít want to march up my ng units cause his tusk could easily draw them out if they had marched up along with my svgs.

3. For magic, I did get off a eadbutt at his lvl 1 in the gut unit and did 3 wounds.
4. In shooting, 1 diver misfired and couldnít shoot this or next turn, while the other scattered off his fangs and did nothing.

So far my plan was already falling apart.

Ogre turn 1:
1. He only moves up his tusks and moves back everything else a little.
2. I dispel guts, braingobbler.
3. His belchers shoot and kill my left side mangler. Both his ironblasters angle to try and hit my general and bounce toward my ng shamans. Both overshoot a little over my general and only one makes the bounce to a ng shaman. I make my los roll for him and when all is said and done after ward saves, I only lose 1 svg bigíun and 1ng.

Orc 2:
1. Single troll fails stupidity again which ruins my shot at him charging the tusk. I donít charge the tusk with my svgs because I donít want to present my flanks to his guts. But afterwards I realize that with an 18Ē move my wolves should have been able to get behind or next to the the tusk and block me from having to overrun to present the flank. Or at the very least move all the way to almost in front of the blaster and fangs, so that when they charge, they hopefully donít roll enough for overruns in his turn. But if he does, he would then face 4 fanatics that he has to run over.

So I just charge my spiders at his other tusk.

3. I choose to not use my generalís ld for rallying my wolves sitting in front of the trolls, cause I need them to get out of the way. So I just need to not roll a 6 with reroll, which I donít and the wolves keep fleeing.
4. He scrolls my foot and I fail with a eadbutt to finish off his lvl 1.
5. Diver again scatters wildy off the fangs to where I canít hit anything.
6. My spiders break the tusk, but he gets away.

Ogre 2:
1. He charges my wolves with his blaster and my squigs with his bulls. He decides to just clip the wolves in the flank, which I don't like but is not against the rules.
2. I thought I had my ng units beyond the 8Ē marker so that his tusk couldnít draw them out, but I was off and he was able to draw all 4 out. I was able to kill the tusk, but now I had fanatics in front of my savages.
3. He braingobblered my spiders off the board.
4. In shooting, he killed my 2nd mangler with his belchers. But his other blaster misfired and destroyed itself.
5. He wipes out my wolves with his blaster and despite me killing 3 bulls, I lose 10 squigs and a handler, so lose combat. I fail steadfast and blow up. I only manage to do 2 or 3 wounds to his bulls from the blow up.

Orc 3:

1. Troll fails stupidity again. The fleeing wolves only run a short distance, staying on the table.
2. My fanatics all either kill each other or run into terrain and die.
3. In magic, I get hand of gork off with IF and move my bigíuns up in front of his fangs.
4. In shooting one diver kills a fang, but the other misfires and now it canít shoot this or next turn.

Ogre 3:

1. He charges his bulls at my doom diver in the building. He charges his blaster at an ng unit, I flee, he says he wants to redirect to my other ng, but I fail a panic test from the first ng unit fleeing through them, so he says he wants to redirect to my troll. I tell him you can only redirect once, but he thinks that since my 2nd ng unit is fleeing, it means it is not a valid target now, which I am not sure is correct. I am unsure if this was ok or not, I think it should just be a failed charge, because he had already declared it before I fled. In the end, he charges the troll and clips it, corner to corner.

2. He then does what looks like a really wrong move with his fangs. From the pics at the end of the previous turn you could see that the corner of his fangs on the left is inside the arc of the corner of my bigíuns. So when he reforms from his center as I understand it, the center model of those fangs, will now have itís front in that exact position. Instead when he reforms, the front is up already at the edge of my arc and when I mention itís not positioned right, he says, yeah it should be up further. So now when he moves up, the rear model of his is outside the arc of my bigíuns. But from the pics, from how I understand how his reform should work after he moves his 8" up the rear of his back model should be in the exact position of where his left fang is before he reforms. Which should stay clearly in my charge arc, from my understanding of the rules.

I donít bother arguing. He has already moved his guts + chars into a building, so I donít have a real shot at winning anymore whether I kill his fangs or not.

3. He kills my troll and doom diver.

Orc 4:

1. I reform my bigíuns to see his fangs and march up my other svg unit.
2. Both my ng units continue to flee, but I rally my wolves.
3. I try to give ere we go and fists to my svgs and fail. But I think I should have instead tried to hand of gork my trolls so they could see the blaster.

Ogre 4:

1. And I actually get irritated here. I didnít like the clipping, but I guess thatís in the rules. I was unsure about the double redirecting and whether that swift reform was really able to get him out of my bigíun charge arc. But now after he passes a march test, he tries to march his fangs and at the same time, shift over the rear fang so that it is on the opposite side and again out of my bigíun charge arc.

And I mean really I have lost this game, he is trying to just keep it a massacre to get an extra battle point. I donít allow this, because I don't think you can reform while marching. And I think shifting the rear rank model over is a reform.
2. In shooting his blaster kills my remaining doom diver. And his fangs shoot an ASL flame at my regular savages.

Orc turn 5:

1. I charge my bigíuns and svgs at his fangs.
2. I donít rally either of my ng units one unit and the wolves run off the table(the wolves panic when the ng flee through them), the other is still on the table.
3. I donít get ere we go, but do get fists on my shaman. He kills a few savages, but I kill 2 out of 3 fangs and win combat and run him down.


Ogre turn 5:

1. He charges his blaster at my fleeing ng to run them off the table.

Final tally 1078 to 535, so he gets the massacre.

08-01-2013, 21:00
You can't 'decide' to clip, it only happens if it's the only possible way to get into combat. You must maximize the number of models in combat if possible, so a clip only happens in times where distance or terrain don't make that possible.

I actually think the redirect was done right though. The flee happens right away, which would panic the other unit, and it's at this point the unit can pass a test to redirect. I think the mistake here was that he picked to redirect before the panic was taken.

08-01-2013, 21:04
Well the clipping was one model to one model where he was technically maximizing in combat, since only one model from each side could get into combat. Was that correct?

08-01-2013, 21:47
2nd game is vs WoC.

WoC army:
1. Chaos Lord, donít know what it had.
2. Bsb, donít know equipment, I think it had the banner that gave 4+ ward vs shooting.
3. Lvl 4, 4+ ward
4. Lvl 2, scroll
5. Throgg
6. 3 x 15 warriors, fc, one had frenzy banner, halberds, shields. All had MoT.
7. 2 x 5 dogs
8. 7 chaos trolls

For this scenario, you rolled d6 and placed that many sinister statues on the table. They were necromantic statues that did D6 S4 hits to anything in 6Ē. So of course I rolled a 5 so 5 of these shrines were on the table. However you only got 25vp for being in 6Ē of one with a banner, so it wasnít worth worrying with. So we put 4 of these on the corners and since I had won the roll to place one first, I placed his 5th in his deployment just to try and break up his line of warriors a bit.

I won roll to go first.

Orc 1:

1. Well of course, because I can, I managed to have all 3 of my fast cav units squabbling. The middle wolves even rolled double 1ís to fight the spider riders. Hilariously neither unit could wound the other, so it wasnít worse than it already was.

But again, I had all my prime redirectors unable to do squat turn 1.

2. So since my redirectors were out of commission and I didnít want his dogs coming up fast to draw out my fanatics, I mainly stayed back and decided to shoot/magic down those warriors a bit.
3. In magic I got boosted foot off. First time it scattered to land on his dogs and only killed 2. 2nd stomp hit right between his two warrior blocks, killing 3 of the light blue and around 3 of the dark blue.
4. In shooting a diver hit his darker blue warriors and killed a couple.

WoC 1:
1. The shrine kills 1 warrior.
2. He moves up a bit, otherwise the only thing that happens is he kills a mangler with flickering fire.

Orc 2:

1. My black orc bsb has to kill 2 svg bigíuns to keep them from squabbling.
2. I charge my left wolves at his dogs, who flee and get away.
3. My remaining mangler shoots up 18Ē to be just outside his dark blue warriors.
4. While marching up my ng units both get within 8Ē of his main warrior unit, so I shoot out the 4 fanatics and 3 make it into his unit.
5. Foot and doom divers then combine to take his warrior unit down to just 4 warriors + 4 chars.

I even rolled a 1 for the foot at the end and after he scattered it on my svg bigíuns I sat there and saved every freaking wound with my 5+ ward. I just had insane rolling outside of animosity. Everything was going my way.

WoC 2:

1. He charges his dark blue warriors at my redirecting wolves and his purple warriors at my other wolf unit. This one flees and amazingly gets away.
He charges his trolls at a ng unit, who flees, so he redirects into the flank of my 2nd ng, which I hold with.
2. He gets pandemonium off with IF, so long trolls and trying to rally my units. He puppets his miscast to a 7 and kills one of his warriors.
3. In combat he blasts my wolves, but has to overrun from frenzy banner right onto my mangler, which kills 7 of them and cuts the unit down to just 6 warriors.
His trolls kill so many ng that I am not steadfast, I break run and get cut down, but now I have double charges on his trolls with my bigíuns and regular svgs.

Orc 3:

1. I charge my biguns and svgs at his trolls.
2. Since I canít use my characters ld, my ng and wolves keep fleeing and trolls all fail stupidity.
One fanatic rolls doubles and dies and I have no idea what happened to the other one.
3. In magic I get another solid foot on his warriors, killing all 3 of the remaining warriors, his lvl 4 and putting a wound on his bsb.
4. Then in shooting, while one doom diver misfires and canít shoot this or next turn, the other gets a solid hit doing 6 hits. With just 3 chars in the unit, 2 hits go to each from what we could tell. I kill his lvl 2 and bsb and do 1 wound to his lord, who is all that is left of the unit.
5. In combat, I kill about 3 trolls from all my attacks but he only kills a few svgs. I am even rolling 6ís for my regular savages ward saves, thatís how good things are going for me.

I break them and run them down.

WoC turn 3:

1. Since his purple warriors are out of LOS of my regular savages he concedes. I think even if he could see the savages, since pandemonium would be gone, I would have a troll charge at his warriors flank in my turn, if they were to break my regular savages and make it to the flank of my bigíuns.


Victory to the Greenskins. I think having a plan a, b and c(foot, doom divers and fanatics) for dealing with things like chaos warriors worked out. Usually I only have 1 or 2 options. And in this case my squabbling fast cav hurt less because it was more beneficial for me to not move quickly toward him, since I had ways to wear him down.

08-01-2013, 21:57
Well the clipping was one model to one model where he was technically maximizing in combat, since only one model from each side could get into combat. Was that correct?

That is allowed. It looks silly, but it's right.

08-01-2013, 22:39
WoC 1:
1. The shrine kills 1 warrior.

I was confused about this for like 5 minutes. Looking over his list "He didn't have a warshrine! What the heck is this! Oh...he must have meant statue..."

Solid game though dice gods were with you this one.

08-01-2013, 23:57
yeah statue, lol.

I think that was the only thing those 5 statues did all game.

09-01-2013, 00:30
Game 3 vs Empire.

His list:
1. General of empire on griffon.
2. Mounted bsb with griffon standard
3. Mounted warrior priest
4. Lvl 1 fire mage
5. 35 swordsmen w/fc
a. 2 detachments of 20 halberds
6. 10 handgunners w/marksmen
7. 3 demigyrphs w/command
8. Cannon
9. 40 greatswords w/command
10. Steam tank

There was a wild gyrocopter in the center. Start of each turn it would scatter 2d6”. If it would land inside a unit, it instead stops 1” outside the unit. It also stops 1” from any building or impassable terrain. After moving it, roll a D6+the turn number. If the score is 7 or higher, put the 5” template over the gyro. The gyro will then release Snakes onto any units the template is touching. The snakes do 5d6 ws3, s2 attack onto each of those units.

The gyro didn’t have any stats so we assumed you couldn’t attack it and that it was always hovering so it didn’t impede movement.
My spells were:
Hand, brain bursta, ere we go, fists for my lvl 4.
Foot for my lvl 1.
Poison for my lvl 1 ng
Itchy nuisance and sneaky stabbin for my lvl 2 ng.

He had fireball for his mage.



I won roll to go first.
Orc 1:

1. The gyro does nothing.
2. My bsb has to kill 1 big’un to keep the unit in line.
3. My mangler in the woods fails his dt and takes a wound. The other one again zooms up to be right at his lines in turn 1.
4. In magic he scrolls my foot on his greatswords, while I get poison attacks off on my trolls. I try to brainbursta his bsb but he makes his save.
5. In shooting both divers aim at his tank and I manage 1 wound to it.


Empire turn 1:

1. The gyro does nothing.
2. His gryphs charge my wolves. He also moves his greatswords onto my mangler and I kill 9 of them. They pass panic.
3. In magic, I dispel his fireball.
4. His cannon overshoots or sticks in the ground, I don’t remember it doing any damage. I think it was trying to snipe a character.
His gunners kill 2 spiders, they pass panic, meanwhile his marksman picks out and wounds my lvl 2 ng.
His steam tank destroys one of my doom divers.
5. In combat his gryphs wipe out my wolves.


Orc 2:
1. This time the gyro rolls the 7+ and hits both my ng w/lvl2 and squigs. It kills a couple of squigs and I think 1 ng.
2. I charge my spiders at his cannon.
3. I charge my trolls and my solo troll at his greatswords.
4. I charge my big’uns at his swordsmen w/bsb, wp.
5. He countercharges them with one halberd unit.
6. I move up one ng unit and send my fanatics through my trolls and into the greatswords. I only wound my troll once(I make a ton of regens) but only kill around 4 greatswords with the two fanatics.
7. My other ng I send through my big’uns to his swords. However only one makes it. Incredibly I roll double 1’s for the 2nd and he’s stuck in no man’s land between the two units(I forgot to bring a 4th fanatic, so I had to proxy a squig for that fanatic, which you see in the pic).
8. I get fists of gork off on my great shaman, but fail ere we go and he dispels me giving them poison attacks.
9. My diver hits and does another wound to his tank.
10. In combat, first my spiders kill 2 crew before he strikes. His remaining crew kills 1 spider, but then my 2 gobbos kill the last crew. Since I wiped them out from combat and not from breaking, I overrun my spiders.

Next all my troll attacks/stomps wind up killing 13 greatswords. He kills 2 trolls and puts a wound on the solo troll. He sticks from being stubborn.

In the savage fight he only manages to kill 4 big’uns. Meanwhile my bsb kills his unit champ in a challenge. I put 12 attacks into his bsb but they either bounce or he makes his rerollable armor save, so no damage is done.

I meant to put my general’s fists of gork attacks into his warrior priest, but forget and attack the unit instead. Altogether I kill 3 halberds, 11 swordsmen and the champ. He is still steadfast and passes his break test.

Empire 2:

1. The gyro would have landed on the fanatic with its move, so basically it had to stay still. So again it kills some squigs and ng with snakes.
2. He charges his other halberd detachment through my mangler and into the savage combat. The mangler kills 6. They pass their panic check. As does my ng.
3. He rolls a double 1 for magic. So with 2 dice he does his prayer so he can reroll wound rolls. I only need a 3 with one dice to dispel. I think, should I burn my scroll?(I had already used my staff to dispel his fireball turn 1). For some reason I decide to risk it and hilariously roll a 1. So dumb.
4. In shooting his handgunners kill my spiders and his tank, which misfired it’s steam point check and took 2 more wounds, kills my remaining doom diver.
5. In this huge giant fight, the re-roll to wounds really bites me in the butt as he now manages to kill 8 big’uns + wound I think my bsb or general? I see a wound marker in the pic, but can't remember who got wounded.

I kill his lvl 1 mage, his warrior priest and several halberds and swordsmen, I think I wound his bsb, but am not sure. However I still lose by 2 or 3. I roll a 10, then a 6 with the re-roll. At first I thought I rolled a 9 and was like, 'crap'. Then I realized it was a 4 and 2.

So, Whew. I was almost toast because of a stupid decision to not just use my scroll when my plan was to just kill his casters in combat anyway. So why not burn the scroll? It was just so tempting to roll the one dice and see what happened.

Meanwhile my trolls take his greatswords down to just 2 or 3 models remaining. They stick again.

Orc 3:

1. We forget the gyro at first, but when we remember it, it doesn’t do any damage, but I forget to move it, I think it should have landed in front of my original squig position.
2. My solo troll is out of combat and fails stupidity.
3. I charge one small ng unit at the flank of his halberds. I try to charge my small savage unit at the other halberd flank(those halberds are over farther than the pics indicate, they were placed on the hill so they would not fall over). But the savages fail their charge.
4. In magic I roll massive like a 10 or 11. First I put poison attacks on my savages, which he lets go, because he worries I will foot of gork his general. Then I steal a dice.

Then I put itchy nuisance on his swords, which he again lets go cause now he realizes I want to do ere we go and not foot. His unit loses -2Int. And again I steal a dice.

Then I do a non-boosted hand of gork on my squigs, trying to get him to use some of those 4 dispel dice he has remaining. He lets it go again, and I roll enough to get the squigs up there so they are charged by his demi’s and not my normal savages or my big’un flank.

Finally I roll for ere we go. He rolls all 4 dice, but fails to dispel.
So while he still has his reroll wounds buff on, I now have 3 buffs on my big’uns with one debuff on his swords/bsb.

5. First my trolls wipe out his remaining greatswords and reform to face his tank.

The main fight is another massive battle. With all my buffs/debuffs and flank charge, I kill a massive amount of models. He still manages to kill my unit champ in the challenge along with 6 or so more big’uns. However, I have a massive win and he’s no longer steadfast. He needs double 1’s with a re-roll on 3 units.

Halberds 1, fail, fail flee. My ng run them down.
Halberds 2, fail, fail flee.
Swords/bsb. Fail. Re-roll double 1’s. Wow.

This fight has been crazy.

Empire turn 3:

1. He charges his lord on griffon into my big’un flank.
He charges his demi’s at my squigs.
He charges his tank into my trolls.
2. He dispels my fists of gork.
3. His tank kills a couple of trolls, while my troll vomit does one more wound to his tank. I am in gen/bsb range and stick.
His demi’s fluff their rolls and only kill maybe 3 squigs. I think I kill 2 demi’s. The demi’s lose, break and I run them down.

Now the last fight, while he fails to kill my lvl 1 shaman with his lord, I wipe out all but 2 swords + his bsb. I fail to wound his general, but again he’s lost by so much that he’s on double 1’s.


He rolls that double 1 right off with his general who sticks. But this time the swords break, so his bsb is dead as is his standard, so he just has the one swordsmen running as you see in the pic.

We’re out of time and have to end the game here.



I win 1448 to 520(needed to add this up to make sure it was double the score for the extra bp), so victory to the greenskins.


This game was slow going. Partly because of the mass combat, but also because my opponent this game, was much like my 1st wood elf opponent from last tournament. A former casual player who was new to playing in the store and at tournies. Which explains why he only had the lvl 1 mage and a warrior priest(much like my 1st wood elf player last time only had a lvl 2 mage).

I think these former casual players(3 since there was yet another new casual player who also plays wood elves who was at this tourney) at least the 2 that I have faced the past 2 tourneys were unprepared for the level of magic you normally see in 8th. I took a ton of anti-magic because magic has been dominating me the past few months to the point where a level 4 and scroll is just not enough. When he asked, my advice to him was that he pretty much needs a level 4. And while the griffon was cool, having a archlector as his general would free up a lot of points for things that sync well with new empire. Like one of the new magic carts.

I think he has a solid core already in place and just needs practice and a few tweaks to improve things. Even the swordsmen. I know most thing halberds are the way to go, and they are good. However having ws4 and parry aren't too shabby to ignore. Not to the point where I would say he needs to go out buying a bunch of new models to replace his swords with models(assuming he doesn't just buy perry bros minis, which are super cheap and great looking).


Tourney recap:

I rolled really great all day. After my game with Once Bitten, I immediately bought new green dice to replace my red ones. I think my guys approved.

I even won roll to go first all 3 times, despite having 14 drops w/chars.

I am really loving having a magic defense. And I love the 0-4 goblin spells used by a low level ng with mushroom. They are 6-8 to cast, so I can throw just one power dice out there most of the time and see if I can get my opponent to waste dispels on them. And if he doesn't, they are all nice little buffs or debuffs. I actually don't like the 5-6 goblin spells at all. And I don't think they are necessary to have.

From here on out though I think I'm doing just 3k, no grand armies play for the next few months in casual games and on Universal Battle. And there's a 3k practice tourney about 2 hours from me in Feb, that I hope I can make. Then our local store is suppose to have another 3k practice tourney in march. Then the big one, Brawler Bash VI in april.

So that's 3, 3000pt no grand army tournies in the upcoming months.

If anyone wants details for our Indy GT here's a link to the player's pack.


Also, check out the BCW podcast at the same link. Those guys are a riot.

09-01-2013, 12:00
Glad your new dice are agreeing with you sir. I share your sentiments about the smaller goblins spells - I generally try to squeeze a pair of level 2's in along with my level 4 at 3k just for the options. And I hope to meet you in glorious combat at the Bash in April!

09-01-2013, 12:43
Hey, cool. Were you there last year?

I was wondering if you were the guy who won best painted with his O&G army last year?

09-01-2013, 14:19

Ahem - no sir, our group just started traveling for competitions this past fall, and in no way would I ever win best painted anything; I paint for tabletop quality/slightly above. However, I've met a guy not too far from here (also in northeast GA) that *does* paint like a champ, so maybe you're thinking of him.

We heard about the Bash and decided to crash it - and of course by "crash it", I really mean "push everyone else's results up via placing so poorly". :shifty:

09-01-2013, 17:20
ah cool. Have you guys signed up yet? There's a 40k tournament the same weekend in the same store, so if you have any 40k only players who want to attend, let them know about it.

The 40k info can be found here: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Scifi_Genre_Forums/index.php?showtopic=8457

I think you guys will like the store. It's huge with plenty of room for both tourneys.

10-01-2013, 03:05
"I roll a one. "


Ya 50 points for those other scrolls really eats up points.

Triskter Shard? Hmmm

But then you fight Dwarves or Khorne.
What are the odds ??

10-01-2013, 14:13
So far the 15pt staff has helped me out a lot more than the 50pt scrolls have.

10-01-2013, 14:52
Have you then thought about dropping back down to two shaman? (d scroll and staff)

10-01-2013, 18:58
I thought about it, but then I don't have the shrunken head or the near guarantee of getting both hand and foot of gork.

I could see dropping the lvl 1 and dropping the channel staff, but I'm not sure if I want to give up the shrunken head and risk not having one of those 2 spells or even both.

Also, I've found that I can get a good chance of my level 1 having either foot or hand(because I roll for lvl 4 first) which lets me 6 dice those with a bit less fear.

18-01-2013, 01:39
New black orc bsb + rebased pump wagons and big boss on wolf.


18-01-2013, 02:07
New black orc bsb + rebased pump wagons and big boss on wolf.


Pretty cool man

18-01-2013, 02:35

I also understand why snots are unstable now. When I took the brown wagon off it's old base and was about to put a wash on it, the whole thing crumbled apart into about 5 pieces.

18-01-2013, 03:11

I also understand why snots are unstable now. When I took the brown wagon off it's old base and was about to put a wash on it, the whole thing crumbled apart into about 5 pieces.

Lol hilarious. I like the BSB what did you use to make the banner? Is that Ogre?

18-01-2013, 03:18
Yeah. The original model is an ork warboss, with standard orc boss/champion choppa arm + inquisitor trident arm(bought way back when you could buy bits). I made him a few years ago. Painted and repainted him.

Then the back banner is an ogre banner. There's a piece of orc boyz armor bitz on his back that is holding the banner up.

I'm sort of tempted to take the gnoblar out of the crow's nest and put in one of those snotling 'wizard' models who are giving the finger.

30-01-2013, 01:52
Grimgor and Skarsnik done. I painted Skarsnik for the heck of it. Doubtful I'd ever use him for anything other than squig unit rank filler. Grimgor I might use though. At the very least I think this model will be my new black orc boss, if I don't take Grimgor himself.


30-01-2013, 13:42
I know my first round Brawler Bash opponent. I am in a challenge vs the 3 arach greenskin player in our area. Add in my arach and that'll be 4 of these guys on the table. Should be awesome.

I found out also that there's no bonus points for winning the game, so it's just straight up vp = what you kill + objectives + scenario. So instead of worrying about losing 1500vp if you are in a close game where you are ahead and then lose, you can throw caution toward the wind late in the game and throw units into other units hoping to pick up more vp.

So I can see late game tactics be very different than what we are use to. Except in maybe game 5 of the top tables, as they won't want to give up more points than they gain late game as they are playing to win the tourney.

30-01-2013, 13:51
I know my first round Brawler Bash opponent. I am in a challenge vs the 3 arach greenskin player in our area. Add in my arach and that'll be 4 of these guys on the table. Should be awesome.

I found out also that there's no bonus points for winning the game, so it's just straight up vp = what you kill + objectives + scenario. So instead of worrying about losing 1500vp if you are in a close game where you are ahead and then lose, you can throw caution toward the wind late in the game and throw units into other units hoping to pick up more vp.

So I can see late game tactics be very different than what we are use to. Except in maybe game 5 of the top tables, as they won't want to give up more points than they gain late game as they are playing to win the tourney.

Ah man that sounds freaking awesome! Get some good pictures of the arachnatable! I'm pretty curious how a 3 arach list would work too...

31-01-2013, 11:32
If I remember right, he had the 3 arachs, one with the shaman of course. Savage horde, 8 or 9 trolls, support stuff and sometimes he uses the spider rider guy special character. I know that I need to not get triple charged by 3 arachs. I've also been making my list with the thought that I'd see a lot of woc, ogres and lizzies, but not OnG.

I'm also in a challenge vs a double slann lizzie at a practice tourney next month(assuming I am able to go to it). He'd been running fire and I think metal? magic at local tournies to tone it down, but I don't expect that toned down magic anymore. So I expect to see light or life and death.

04-04-2013, 19:23
Brawler Bash Prep Tourney:

Game 1 vs WoC: Chaos Ogre themed.

Keep your smallest 3 in point value units alive and gain 150vp each. For each core unit above half strength at the end of the game gain 150vp. Max 3 of these can be claimed.

My objective: Successfully flee from a charge and gain 500vp
His Objective: keep his highest point value unit above half strength, gain 500vp

My army:

1. orc warboss, general, shield
+2A sword, 4+ ward hvy armor

2. lvl 4 savage
shrunken, fencer's, MR1

3. blk orc bsb
enchanted shield, 4+ ward

4. lvl 1 orc, scroll, ironcurse
5. lvl 1 ng, channel staff

6. 39 svg big'uns, FC, 2 choppa
7. 25 ng, banner, 2 fanatics
8. 20 ng, banner, 1 fanatic
9. 2 x 5 wolves, w/shields

10. 39 blk orcs, fc, shields, flaming banner
11. troll
12. wolf chariot
13. 4 chukkas

14. 2 doom divers
15. 2 manglers
16. arachnarok

Total: 2999pts.
His army:
1. Nurgle Chaos Lord on disc, stubborn crown, all the ward save tricks.
2. He has a bsb, canít remember though what it had. Iím sure it was nurgle marked.
3. Chaos Sorc Lord lvl 4, scroll, using shadow(I think this was nurgle?)
4. Nurgle Lvl 2 sorc, has skull of katam
5. 2 units of 20 Nurgle Chaos Warriors. I think they just had hw/shield and not halberds. Command
6. 3 units of 8 Nurgle Chaos Ogres, command.
7. 5 hounds.
So a very small army. Heís usually an Ogre player, so making this army was pretty easy for him to start fielding right away. And he can add to it and change things up as he buys more warrior stuff.

I donít think this is typical of a WoC army that most of us are going to face, but it does show that WoC can field a lot of variant lists now.

Unfortunately GW wanted to sell a lot of Chims, so they made them such no brainers, that I think in the long run all the flexibility of this book is going to be lost and itíll just be clone list after clone list of DP, double chims, crushers.

For you guys that play with a lot of comp though, I think once you guys either start banning double chim or giving it a big comp hit, you might start seeing more fun WoC lists like this showing up.

His objective card gave him turn 1.

Pics at start up and after vanguarding:
WoC Turn 1:

1. He moved us very cautiously other than his disc lord. This draws out one fanatic, which misses him.
2. He is also giving his hound flank to my wolves, but I guess this is just to prevent me from holding up his ogres with my wolves. But since I donít want his wolves drawing out more fanatics, Iíll sacrifice my wolves to take the hounds out.
3. In magic his skull of katam does -2LD to his lvl 2. He tries to pit of shades my black orc but miscasts. The template scatters a lot and I donít think it kills more than 1 or 2. His miscast then does a wound to his lord and kills 10 warriors and does a wound to an ogre in each unit near him.

So that warrior unit is much less of a threat now.

Orc Turn 1:

1. My left ng fail animosity and squabble.
2. I charge my other ng unit and wolves at his dogs. He flees, but my wolves catch him.
I donít charge my black orcs at his lord on disc, cause I know itís stubborn with a super ward save that makes dark elves blush. So I donít want to be stuck in combat with it near the middle of the table and then start to have chaos ogres piling into me.
3. In magic, he dispels my foot on his warriors.
4. In shooting, both my doom divers shoot at his decimated warriors, but I only kill 1 as the other scatters to an ogre unit and does only 1 wound.

My hill chukkas shoot at the closet ogre unit and kill 1 and do a wound to a 2nd ogre.
The chukka on the far left hits the big warrior unit and kills 3.
The last chukka just takes a shot at the nurgle lord in front of it and misses.

Warrior 2:

1. He charges his lord the chukka in front of him(this was one of my 3 declared smallest unit, at the time we both misread the scenario and thought that you gained 150vp for killing the opponents smallest units, but it was the other way around where you just gained the points for keeping them alive).
He charges both my wolf rider units, one with warriors, the other with ogres. I flee from both. The ogres catch those wolves, but the other wolves get away from the warriors, netting me 500vp.

The wolves that were caught though were near my wolf chariot, which panicked and fled, failing even with my genís LD.

2. In magic he does a big miasma to my arach lowering itís WS, M and I by 3. But he loses another point of LD with his skull of katam.
3. His lord kills my chukka and overruns off the table to keep from being charged by my savages.

Orc 2:

1. My savages fail animosity and my bsb kills 3 to keep them in line. I fail my frenzy check and am forced to charge his ogres, but fail the charge.
2. I charge my troll to the front of his middle ogres, he holds. I charge my ng into their flank. He flees. Now this makes sense because I have an arach that is in its flank and even with M4, I should make it. So by fleeing from the ng, he assures that my arach canít declare a charge at him. I probably should have declared the arach first, where he would have been fleeing from that.
I charge my blk orcs at his other ogre unit as well.

The ng block that charge with their failed charge though.

Now since my arach is only M4, I can no longer get onto the flank of those warriors and circle around back toward his lines like I wanted, so I decide to charge into his warriors and try to kill his bsb or lvl 2.

3. I rally my wolves and chariot.
4. I move up my ng and release the fanatics at the warriors fighting the arach, but only one goes through and it only manages to kill 1 warrior.

5. I cast boosted foot with IF onto his decimated warriors. It scatters and only kills 2 warriors and then an ogre. But then I roll a 1 and he places it on my black orcs and kills 9 of them. My miscast then kills 2 more black orcs.

In shooting I land a diver on his warriors again but only kill 1. I kill another ogre with chukkas.

6. In combat, he does 4 wounds to my arach and then all my arach attacks can only do one wound to his bsb. I break and get run down. This panics those ng, who flee.

Warrior 3:

1. His big warrior unit charges my wolves who flee. He redirects into a chukka. His middle ogre unit charges my little ng unit, who flee and he redirects into my black orcs. He rolls an 11 so gets D3 impact hits. Ugh.
2. He rallies his fleeing ogres.
3. In magic he reduces my black orcs strength by 3 and ws by 2. Ugh again. They are in trouble.
4. He pops my chukka.
He decimates my black orcs. Even with my warboss I only kill 1 ogre(-1 to hi5 and -2ws/-3S is brutal).

Iím steadfast, so I do hold.

Orc 3:

1. I charge my savages into the flank of the ogres. I have to do this, because with the spells in play my warboss and black orcs are in serious jeopardy.

This means I have to land on my own mangler, but luckily it only kills around 3-4 savages.

I rally both my ng units, but my wolves flee off the table.

2. In magic I get ere we go off which affects the savages and black orcs.
3. In shooting I keep trying to whittle down the decimated warriors. I have them down to 5 out of the original 20, so I will get 50% vps for them now at least. I need to kill 1 more ogre from the unit behind the obstacle to get them to half strength and deny him 500vp from his objective.
4. My savages tear into the ogres, they break and run and my savages run them down.

Warrior 4:

1. His lord charges the rear of my savages. His ogres try to charge the flank with a long charge, but fails.

His big warrior unit charges another chukka.

2. He is down to LD 2 and I urge him on to take a chance and roll for the wand, cause he needs big magic to pull this out.
He wonders what the chances of rolling 2 1ís are. I am sure it is 0% or less. He rolls 2 1ís and dies.

I do feel bad about goading him on though. He did need big magic to pull this out.
Of course then he rolls 6 dice for pit in my black orcs and with 6 dice he rolls like all 1ís and 2ís and doesnít have enough power for the spell and his magic phase ends.

3. I challenge his lord with my boss, he kills it. At first we think I win the combat by 1 as he only does 2 wounds to my boss, does 0 wounds with thunderstomp. So we think itís 4-4, I win by musician. He rolls a 10 for his BT. We add it again to make sure and realize we forgot to add charge bonus. So I lost by 1 and heís safe. I pass my check and then pass my reform check to turn to face him.

He also destroys the chukka.

Orc 4:

1. I charge my single troll at his bsbís unit just hoping to vomit on the bsb and kill it.
2. I try to cast ere we go, but he dispels.
3. In shooting I am able to get his warriors below 5, but canít wound his sorc lord to get half vps for it. I do get his ogres to half that were his 500vp objective, so I deny him those points. I think I get them down to 25% and get half points, but canít remember and I donít have a pic of the end of the game to be sure.

One of my doom divers misfires and is destroyed though.

4. I answer his challenge with my shaman lord cause I donít want him sending my bsb to the back of the unit and denying me the re-roll.
5. He isnít able to wound my shaman, I win combat this time, but he holds from stubborn.

He also kills my troll before it can vomit, this panics my chariot off the table, but my ng pass their panic test.

We only have 9 minutes left, so canít go onto turn 5. This tourney was only 2.5hr rounds, while Brawler will be 3hr rounds.

In another turn, my savages would be hit by his other ogre unit. I should still pass my BTís with steadfast, but it would have been scary.

As we add up the scores I am up 2149 to 1309. Itís a win, but this isnít win/loss. 2149 isnít really that good of a win in this situation. We both realize we played too methodically and cautiously. I was not wanting to get into a situation though of having myself locked into combat with an unkillable lord and then getting piled on by ogres. He though kept a lot of his army back instead of coming at me head on.

05-04-2013, 17:08
Game 2 Vs empire

His army:
1. Arch lector on warshrine
2. Bsb on warhorse
3. Mage lord riding a Pegasus, scroll, 4+ ward
4. 2 mounted warrior priests
5. 2 master engineers
6. 2 units of 14-15 knights, w/command
7. 1 unit of 13 inner circle knights, white wolf type
8. 2 cannons
9. 2 hellblasters
10. 2 steam tanks


If you get a unit with fortitude in the enemy deployment zone you gain 400vp. If you keep the enemy out of you deployment zone you gain 400vp. If you kill more characters than your enemy you gain 300vp.

My objective: kill enemy general for 500vp.

His objective: successfully flee from a charge for 500vp.

I won roll to go first. Pics at start:


Orc 1:

1. While I try to move my chariot through the giant difficult terrain temple I fail my dt test and wind up destroying the chariot.
2. I move one of my manglers up toward his inner circle knights.
3. In magic I hand of gork my other mangler to be in of his right side knights.
He dispels my attempt to foot of gork him.
4. In shooting a chukka kills 3 inner circle knights, my doom divers kill 4 more knights and another diver does 1 wound to a steam tank(it scattered onto the tank and I left it there).

Empire 1:

1. I canít remember how, but I think with magic he killed one of my manglers.

He also kills a troll during magic and this panics the ng unit with my shaman even with the genís leadership.

2. But that was his only good news for this turn. Because in shooting, every single one of his machines and both tanks all misfired. His engineers let him reroll the misfires on the hellblasters, but the one was only able to kill 4 wolf riders and the the last one passed his panic check. The other one also whiffed and could only do 2 wounds to my remaining mangler.

For his tanks, the unwounded one took a wound, while the other one just lost its steam points.

His cannons though, both destroyed themselves.

Orc turn 2: Revenge of the Mangler

1. This turn starts with me being cautious because just like last game, I donít want to be double or triple charged by knights and tanks. I do charge my intact wolves at a hellblaster.

However, if you look in the lower left hand side of the next picture you will see my remaining mangler squig.

This squig is to the right of his inner circle knights. But about 12-13 inches from them. So I need a 13 to get to them. I angle the mangler so that it will go through the knights, then the obstacle to the hellblaster, on to the warshrine and finally out the back of his mage lord on Pegasus.

I roll a massive 14 or 15 for his move. I am luckily able to avoid the DT test for going over the obstacle and then this mangler just goes insane.

I kill 6 inner circle knights, they panic and flee, but stay on the table. I do two wounds to his hellblaster. I KILL his arch lector AND the war shrine. I KILL his mage lord.

One mangler just decimated his army.

His luck has just been terrible with the misfires and now a mangler killing both lords despite both having 4+ wards and a 4+ ward shrine.

I also rally my fleeing NG w/shaman.

2. Some bad news for me as my shaman miscasts and forgets foot of gork.

3. In shooting a doom diver misfires and destroys itself and I kills some knights from his center unit that was still pretty much intact.
4. My wolves then kill his hellblaster crew.
That was just an incredible turn for me.


Empire 2:

1. While things have been going great for me, he still has a lot of scary stuff on the board with 2 tanks, 1 blasters and 2 good sized units of knights, with some decimated inner circle knights on top. So he can still wreck some havoc on me.
2. He charges a knight unit at a redirecting wolf. I decide to flee, since I have 2 ng units with fanatics waiting if he redirects. He does redirect into my ng on the hill. The fanatic in the unit only manages to kill 1 knight and he isnít close enough to the 2nd unit for their fanatics to come out.
3. He does rally his inner circle knights.
4. His remaining blaster, misfires, but gets to reroll with his engineer and shoots at my arach doing 4 wounds.
One tank misfire again(this is 8 straight misfires) and canít shoot itís main gun. The other slams into my wolf riders and wipes them out.

Also in combat he breaks my little ng unit and runs them down. My fanatics come out, but I can only kill a couple of knights with them.

Orc 3:

1. I charge my arach at his hellblaster. Itís 50/50 front or flank, but we are unsure if war machines even have a flank. This is important cause an overrun in the front will get me to charge into the engineer behind it. We roll off and I hit the front.

I charge my ng w/shaman into his knights that are on the hill. I figure I might as well charge them before they charge me. He decides to flee to get his 500vp for fleeing. He doesnít get away, so his knights get cut down by night goblins. Nothing is going right for him.

2. In magic, I do a brain bursta to his other master engineer taking a wound off it.
I also get ere we go off that affects my savages and black orcs and I expect to get hit by tanks next turn.
3. In combat my arach makes short work of the blaster and overruns to his engineer.


Empire 3:

1. One of his tanks slams into my black orcs.
It kills a bunch of black orcs, but with ere we go, my warboss and great weapons, I take about 5-6 wounds off it.

Orc 4:

1. My savages fail animosity and are forced to charge his other tank.
2. My mangler then zips through my arach and his engineer and kills them both. So this one mangler has killed 2 lords and engineer, an arach and several knights and is still zipping around with 1 wound left.
3. I brain burst the last wound off his other engineer and get ere we go off for my savages again. My night goblin shaman rolls a 1 for his mushroom and loses a wound.
4. Shooting takes out another knight or so.
5. My black orcs destroy the one tank, while my savages tear into the other tank taking out around 4 wounds off of it.

Empire 4:
1. He doesnít charge his knights in the flank of my savages. They canít cancel ranks anymore, so I guess he worried I would likely stick and then he could get black orcs in his flank next turn. He charges his inner circle knights at my night goblins on the hill.
2. My savages take another wound or 2 off his tank.


Orc 5:

1. We have a quick turn 5, mainly just so we can try and pick up a few points. I try to charge his center knights, but fail.
2. I do some shooting to make sure his inner circle knights are down to 25% strength.

Empire 5:
1. Canít remember too much about this. He charges his inner circle knights at my night goblins on the hill.

His inner circle knights only manage to kill like 2-3 night goblins, while I kill a knight. I hold from steadfast

I think the game ends with my savages having his last tank down to 2 wounds, but I canít manage to kill it.

This was a huge win for the orcs. My mangler went really crazy. I think manglers, fanatics and war machines did pretty well in holding up and keeping those knights at bay.

His only real other greenskin opponent is the 3 spider guy, but he told me that he doesnít use manglers. So I think this was his first experience vs them. Unfortunately he didnít really have the sacrificial troops to land on them. I think in hindsight he would have just landed the inner circle knights on them, but he had thought that the mangler would act like a vortex and not do damage to thinks it passed through beyond itís initial dice roll distance. But since itís not a vortex, it did much more damage to him than he thought was possible.

Unfortunately for me though, after the first time anyone faces manglers, they usually know to take them out as quickly as possible.

But during these moments when manglers work, it makes it all worth it.

06-04-2013, 12:53
I am really impressed that the chuckas killed so much the first turn

06-04-2013, 15:49
I rolled a lot of 5's and 6's to hit with them during this tournament. It was crazy.

Then they would miss pretty much every 4+ short range shot they had, lol.

07-04-2013, 00:29
Game 3 vs Woc:

His army:

1. Prince with all the tricks. Lvl 4 nurgle
2. Disc bsb with all the tricks like the 3+ ward, re-roll 1’s.
3. 18 nurgle warriors
4. 4 units of 5 dogs
5. 2 chariots
6. 2 units of 4 skullcrushers
7. 2 chimera’s with all the tricks(he had them with 6 attacks +d3 attacks, regen, breath weapon)
8. 6 chaos ogres
Blood and glory, break opponent first get 1000vp. Break 2nd get 500vp.

My objective was enemy magic miscasts on double 1’s first turn(no IF).
His objective was control table quarters for 500vp. He also gets to vanguard 1 core unit or single character.

Now this card and the current DP meta means for you guys at Brawler, I would expect to see A LOT of vanguarding DP’s.

Pic at setup(really early turn 1)

WoC turn 1:

1. He vanguarded his DP and then was able to fly it another 20” to be right on the flank of my black orcs to start the game.
2. In magic he tries to lower the T of my blk orcs, but I dispel. He then gets the toughness template on my blk orcs with IF. This kills about 4 of them. He rolls a 4 for miscast, but doesn’t get sucked into the warp. He then makes his save from the s10 hit. It also does 1w to my chukka.

Orc turn 1:

1. The night goblins near the svg big’uns roll double 1’s for animosity, which ruins my magic phase and makes me a sitting duck for the chims.
2. My arach and chariot charge some dogs.
One wolf unit charges his left most chariot.
3. I didn’t roll for foot of gork, so I don’t have much offensive magic, even if I wasn’t squabbling. I try to give ap attacks to my savages, but roll a 1 for the mushroom, but I am unwounded.
4. I concentrate most shooting on the crushers to the right of his chims. I manage to kill 2. The chukka near the dp try shooting at it but both miss.
5. In combat, I kill the wolves, but don’t roll high enough to overrun into his ogres.
My wolves do 2 wounds to the chariot, but he holds.

WoC 2:

1. His dp charges the chukka, while both chims and his disc bsb triple charge the squabbling svg big’uns.
I have 3 fanatics come out to try and hit the chims, but all miss and he just flies over them so they do no damage. I tried making them come out at all sorts of angles just to try and ensure that he might have to land on one with the back of his base, but none of it worked.

His ogres also charge my arach.
One crusher unit charges my remaining wolf riders, they flee and he redirects to the flank of my troll.

2. The other chariot lands on my mangler and is destroyed.

3. My arach beats his chaos ogres and runs them down, but he has done 4 wounds to me.

His dp destroys my chukka and overruns into my black orcs.

The crushers destroy the ng and pursue into my troll.

His BSB challenges and I answer with my great shaman. He actually does not wound my great shaman and I do 1w to him.

I made a big mistake as I don’t realize that chims can have that many attacks, so I make way with my bsb to be in contact with a chim. He roll to get 9 attacks and puts them all on the bsb.

He kills my bsb with the chim. Then between 9 more attacks from the other chim, 2 breath weapons, two more thunderstomps he kills around 10 more savages.

I am still steadfast on a 9, but I of course roll a 10 and don’t have my bsb to bail me out. I was also stupid as we have a card called lucky 7, which one time during the tournament lets your turn a 2d6 roll into a 7, before you roll. I hadn’t used mine yet and could have used it here, but forgot.

I do have 1 chim down to 1 wound and the other chim down to 2 wounds, but they are just so tough to finish off.

So my savages run off the board, there goes my savages, bsb and great shaman.

His chariot then kills off my wolfriders, but I have it down to 1 wound remaining.

Orc 2:

1. I charge my one ng unit at the flank of his skullcrushers.
2. I still don’t’ really have any magic worth remembering.
3. I concentrate shooting at his larger skullcrushers with my doom divers, I do 5 wounds.

I pour my 3 chukkas into the chims, but can’t hurt them.
4. Hilariously my ng and single troll beat the crushers and run them down.

But then I lose the blk orc combat by 1, so again I am steadfast on 9. Again I roll a 10. Again I forgot about my lucky 7.


They are run down by the dp.

WoC 3:

1. Each chim charges a spearchukka.
2. His chariot charges my troll, while his other crushers charge the ng unit near my troll.
3. He also lands some dogs on my remaining mangler.
4. I lose both chukkas, my troll and ng from combat.

Orc 3:

1. I charge my wolf chariot at some dogs.
I charge my arach at his remaining crusher unit.
2. The little shooting I have remaining aims at his chims, 1 doom diver destroys itself, the rest does nothing.
3. My chariot destroys some dogs.
My arach kills a crusher, but he holds.

Woc 4:
1. His chariot and dp charge my arach.
His remaining dogs charge my last chukka.
One chim charges my remaining doom diver.
And the other chim charges my last ng unit. They pass terror.
2. My arach is destroyed before it can strike.
As are my war machines.

However, my freaking night goblins are able to do the last wound to the chim attacking them. Good grief.

Orc 4:

1. I only have a chariot and ng unit left. I don’t really do anything.

WoC 5:

He charges his warriors at my ng and dp at my chariot. I just take them both up without worrying about rolling.

Huge massacre for the WoC.


All my good luck was used up last game with the 7 misfires in a row and the super mangler. Nothing went right this game, plus the dumb bsb mistake made for a short complete tabling.

I was worried about what the flying woc list would do to me and it was not pretty. Hopefully not every woc will be able to vanguard a dp at me in every game. I have a feeling if that happens a lot then next year that card will not let you vanguard single characters anymore.

08-04-2013, 02:13
The horror-the horror

Yeah that is kinda dumb thing to allow....dang anyone with flying monsters can abuse that rule. Almost worth it to bring a warboss on a wyvern.

08-04-2013, 02:41
Well it says solo character, which I assume means that characters riding monsters can't do it. But maybe they can, I hadn't thought of that.

08-04-2013, 03:03
Well it says solo character, which I assume means that characters riding monsters can't do it. But maybe they can, I hadn't thought of that.

Yeah it does not say infantry only- that would really limit the cheeze. But any mounted BA character could do a word of Hurt on an opponent.

08-04-2013, 14:11
I didn't notice that a character could vanguard...

Well at least they have that card you can use to cancel the effects of another.

My list is built to take on WoC lists like that and I'm still not to sure about my chances.