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14-04-2011, 21:27
Okay so hereís the scenario:

Orcs vs. Skaven 2250, going into turn 6Ö

On my left flank he has a unit of savage orcs (15 of 30+ left) bearing down on my plague monks wide open in the middle. He fails his charge on their exposed flank. Of my 3 units of clanrats 2 are broken and inches from the edge of the table, while my third is fighting the black orcs (17 of 42 left) pinching in on my right.

In his magic he wipes out a unit of 5 jezzails with Foot of Gork, and hit s a second unit of 4 jezzails, killing one but I pass my panic.
His second big gobo unit charges in with the black orcs and wipes out my lone remaining unbroken clanrat unit.

On we go to bottom of 6th.

And then the magic happens.

My running clanrats rally. Thatís victory point denial, but no points for me. I have my Plagueclaw, WLC, 3 jezzails and a grey seer left to me to do damage and win the game.

I throw a scorch on the goblins, doing 10 wounds and panicking them. Victory points check. Still not enough to win though. I now have a choiceÖ I have to either kill the Black orcs or the savage orcs. Donít want to mess with the ward save on the Savage orcs though. My grey seer gets off a warp lightning on the black orcs, just for craps and giggles. I only rolled like a 12 on 3 dice, but he failed to dispel. I do 7 hits (5+2 with condenser). I kill 5 black orcs.. Magics over, though. There are now 12 Black orcs between me and victory!

So, risking a misfire (which Iíve avoided all game) I WLC them, killing 9!

All thatís left now is my Plague claw catapult and 3 jezzails. I lob a shot at them and hit directly on. Strength 2, 3 hits and I wound 2 times!! Only 1 orc left now, as my opponent is I think only now realizing what is about to happen. Turning my jezzails on the shell shocked, battered black orcs I hit once (4+ to hit) and cast the final diÖ. Wounding on a 2 and winning the game!

It was an improbable, impossible set of rolling that all started just as an attempt to so some damage before I lost and ended up winning me the game. Itíll stick with me for a long, long time. 

14-04-2011, 22:12
You only get victory points if the unit flees off the table. Just fleeing at the end of the game doesn't give VPs any more.

Great stuff with the black orcs though :)

15-04-2011, 00:08
Oh lol crap. In that case I really crushed him!