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14-04-2011, 22:35
Hey guys,

Today was one of those rare occassions where me and my brother played Fantasy and a couple of things came up.

We played Lizardmen vs Daemons (mostly Tzeentch).

We played the watch tower scenario

1) A great unclean one assaulted the tower where my saurus were. What to do with thunderstomp?

The rulebook says something about special attacks being against one MODEL (rather than a unit or the 10 chosen to be the 'defensive' force) which is confusing.

2) My terradon riding chief charged a unit of horrors and he directed his attacks against the herald in the unit. The chief killed it before the terradon got to strike (+ stomp). Can the terradon still hit and stomp the unit despite his rider having directed against the herald?

Thanks guys!!! Much appreciated!

15-04-2011, 01:22
1) Stomps work as normal.

2) If you had been in a challange your Terradon would not have gotten to attack all. It seems you were not in a challange though. So your Terradon in this situation would have been "free" attack.

15-04-2011, 05:51
Thanks a lot!!