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15-04-2011, 14:26
Battle date: 14th April 2011
Location: GW Bury Store vets' night
Opponent: Skaven
Scenario: Dawn attack
Army: 2000 points (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=301017)

Playing on a 4x4 realm of battle board, with hills in each corner, a building in the SW with accompanying fence spreading towards the centre, Temple of skulls slightly to the SE of center and a wood in the NE (impassable side facing E).

After setting up the scenery I won the deployment roll, so I got to pick my side, so I chose the S side (with the building and Temple). My random deployment rolls were good, with my Gors (inc BSB and beastlord), Ungors (inc 4 L1 shaman) and Bestigors (inc the L4) all deploying in the middle, my raiders on the left flank (W) and Chariot on the right (E). The harpies got to choose, so I put them on the right (E).

He then set up, again most of his units in the centre (clanrats with a L2 wizard, stormvermin with a lord on some sort of palanquin, slaves, rat-ogres and plague monks with another L2 wizard), just a unit of clan rats on his left (E) and warpire cannon and rat swarms on the right (W).

Things were generally quite congested. My Gors had to go behind the Bestigors to fit in, and his 5 narrow units managed to just about squeeze in, but the Rat Ogres had to deploy right on the E side of the centre (which will prove important...later)

He failed to win the initiative so I got first turn.

Turn 1 Beastmen
The Ungor stayed right by the herdstone while I pushed everyone else forward, putting the harpies into the forest in front of the rat-ogres and clan rats. The raiders moved towards the cannon and swarms. The bestigor moved E to make room for the Gor. The Chariot moved NW, climbing the temple of skulls in support of the Gor unit.

I rolled a 5 and a 2 for magic and failed to channel, so I had 11 dice to his 5. With the herdstone army build I get to dominate the magic phase, but none of my spells (especially against Skaven) is killer on its own, so I need to be careful how I cast. I started by trying to tempt out some of his dispel dice with a Spirit Leech on his wizard with Wither (which I figure will really hash up the way my army works). He lets it through and I roll a 1 and he rolls a 5 so it does no damage (curses). I then try a Miasma to lower the stormvermin's Init to ready them for a purple sun. He lets that through, but it only does 1 damage, so at I3 I figure I'm better not risking a 5 dice purple sun, against 5 dice to dispel, that will only get half of them. Instead I choose to beef up my units against ranged attacks, so I wild form the bestigor and fail to wild form the gors. Not sure this was the best idea with hindsight - I probably should have risked the 5 dice sun.

At this point I completely forgot about my raiders until mideway through the next turn.

Turn 1 Skaven
He declared a charge with his rat ogres against the harpies, so I fled, luring his rat ogers off down the flank protected by the impassible temple of skulls. The clan rats on the flank march to 1" off the harpies' final position, though, so they're probably dead next turn. His other units generally push forward, and he has to move a couple of weapon crews that had to deploy on the flank into a better position so that they actually had some targets to shoot at.

In his magic phase I made sure I dispelled Wither, but had to let through a crack spell that killed 3 gor.

He shot the warpfore cannon, hitting 5 gors at S8, and killing another 4. One of his weapon teams misfired, but the scatter that I got to control failed to reach his lines.

Turn 2 Beastmen
I started by declaring charges with my Bestigor at his plague monks and my gor at his stormvermin. The bestigor had an easy distance but managed it, whilst the gor had a risky one and failed, fortunately the failed so badly they only shuffled forward a bit, so a counter charge would be less likely. I move my chariot up to threaten the flank of his infantry line and rally the harpies (although I wonder if it might have been better if they'd not - can you choose not to rally?). However, I'd still forgotten that I had some raiders on the other flank and forgot to move them.

Again I have a poor dice roll (6 and a 1 this time!) and only manage to get off two spells. Fortunately one of them is a purple sun on the plague monks, although it only kills 6. The other is a Wild Form on the Bestigors

I noticed the raiders and shot them at the swarms, doing a wound.

In the combat my bestigors slaughter and break the plague monks, but they get away, leading me into the swarms. Between my attacks and the combat res I take out 6 of his 12 bases, so still a full front rank to face next turn, and out of range of the beast shamans for next turn. Perhaps that was an ill-advised charge? That said, its meant their flank is safe from a counter charge by the stormvermin.

Turn 2: Skaven
His clanrats and stormvermin both attempt to charge my gors, but only the clanrats make it. He charges the harpies with his other clanrats, and tries and fails to hold back the rat ogres, who also come tearing after the harpies. The harpies flee and are caught and die, but the rat ogres and clanrats are now well out of position, and with an impassable hill that needs traversing before they can get back into the fight. In hindsight I probably would have been better to hold the harpies than flee, that way I probably would have got to do a wound or two and let the overrun pull them even further out of position. The plague monks rallied and the slaves moved into a position blocking the chariot from flank charging the clanrats in combat with the gors
He got a double 5 for magic, so he had a nice turn against me, managing to run a crack through both my gors and my ungors, killing 4 more gor and 3 ungor, and giving his clanrats the death frenzy. Once again, I saved my dice to counter Wither.
In his shooting phase his cannon exploded.
In combat my Gors minced his clanrats, breaking them, catching them and overrunning into the slaves, killing them and breaking them too, at which point the exploded but only managed to do one extra wound to the gors. The Bestigor did okay against the swarms, getting them down to one remaining base with only 2 wounds left.

Turn 3: Beastmen
My Gors charged the storm vermin, with support from the chariot in the flank, and again I forgot about the raiders (I wonder if Iíd be better off with those points spent elsewhere).

In my magic phase I managed to wild form the gors and miasma the storm verminís WS, and had a purple sun dispelled.

Hi challenged with his lord, which I accepted with my foe render, who quickly died, but the rest of the unit more than made up for his loss by cutting the stormvermin down in droves and breaking them, too.

Game over
At that point the shop had to close so we called it game with a resounding victory to me. Only the clanrats and rat ogres survived, and were still a good way off getting into combat, for the cost of 55 points of harpies.

cheerio for now,


15-04-2011, 14:43
Grats on the Beastman win! Just have a couple questions though...
When the Bestigors charged and then overran into the swarms and Gors overran into the slaves did you immediately fight it out?
Supposed to waitfor next combat phase lol.
And why was one side of the Temple impassable? Sounds a whee bit unfair to the Skaven...

15-04-2011, 16:34
Nice job. Hate to see Skaven lose but Beasts are my newest and favortist army, so it's all good. :)
I need to use Bestigors more.

15-04-2011, 19:34
Grats on the Beastman win! Just have a couple questions though...
When the Bestigors charged and then overran into the swarms and Gors overran into the slaves did you immediately fight it out?
Supposed to waitfor next combat phase lol.
And why was one side of the Temple impassable? Sounds a whee bit unfair to the Skaven...

Damn. Just goes to show you shouldn't just believe it when people say "thats how it works now". That said whilst it might have slowed me down slightly I doubt it would have had any effect on the end result. I probably would have overrun into the stormvermin instead.

As to the temple, we decided one side of it was impassable before we rolled for its position before we'd even decided on who got which side of the table, and randomized its facing. The deployment roll was a good one to win despite having to set up first.

15-04-2011, 22:36
nice one.
Wether your raiders are worth it is one thing, I was more concerned with your 5 shamans. do you get enough dice to make it worth it?

Volker the Mad Fiddler
16-04-2011, 05:27
I agree with the shaman question. In fact, I had to read 4 L1 shamans a couple of times to make sure I was reading it correctly. I am no expert of Beastmen, so what is the purpose of so many shamans?

16-04-2011, 06:35
I agree with the shaman question. In fact, I had to read 4 L1 shamans a couple of times to make sure I was reading it correctly. I am no expert of Beastmen, so what is the purpose of so many shamans?

The short answer is "shard of the herdstone". All 4 hang out with the invitation within 6" of the herdstone, and each one therefore adds a power dice. So I have 4 extra power dice every turn and 5 channels, and regularly get 12 dice a turn.

It's the beastmen's one bit of filth :)


16-04-2011, 07:51
Nice reports - its funny that people say beastmen are rubbish, but they are able to hold their own against any army - its just peoples play style and list. :D

16-04-2011, 08:01
Great report, congratulations on the victory!

16-04-2011, 10:48
Congrats on the win. Was it any time you would have got more than 12 PD thanks to the herdstone, if that was allowed by the rules?

16-04-2011, 21:39
Congrats on the win. Was it any time you would have got more than 12 PD thanks to the herdstone, if that was allowed by the rules?

Not in this game, but I have had that before. I don't think you can go above 12 though. Double 4 or 3 are the best rolls, so that you get 12 (or close with 5 channels) and they have minimal dispel dice.


16-04-2011, 23:06
I was thinking that if you do get above, then that's a sign that you have too many shamans and are wasting points/dice. :)

17-04-2011, 15:41
Have you tried using a doombull/gorebull with minos? It equals lots of hacking stuff apaprt. However, minos are massive glass canons.

18-04-2011, 13:23
I was thinking that if you do get above, then that's a sign that you have too many shamans and are wasting points/dice. :)

Now you've got me thinking! and that means spreadsheet into gear...

This 5 shamans list will roll more than 12 power dice 39.9% or the time, whereas 4 shamans (probably dropping one of the L1 shadow guys) will only waste dice 25% of the time.

However, the 5 shamans list will get an average of 10.9 dice, compared to 10.1 for 4 shamans - almost a full dice better on average. The advantage over the opponent is similar, with an average advantage of 5.8 dice for 4 shamans compared to 6.5 dice for 5 shamans.

There's definitely a noticeable advantage to having 5 shamans over 4, but is it worth 75 points? And given that this means I'm right up to the limit for heroes I wonder if I might be better getting some other items for my heroes like gnarled hide for my slightly fragile looking BSB. I think I'll try dropoing a shaman for the next game and se if that works out better.



18-04-2011, 15:19
Nice batrep!

I believe rat swarms are 2-10 bases max, so the 12 base swarms would be illegal.

18-04-2011, 19:15
Nice batrep!

I believe rat swarms are 2-10 bases max, so the 12 base swarms would be illegal.

It might have been 10. Perhaps I'm just bigging up the job my bestigors did :)

19-04-2011, 17:53
More reports... :angel: gotta love those beasties.. should I collect TK or BM? I love both.... :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: :cries:

21-04-2011, 20:19
Battle date: 21st April 2011
Location: GW Bury Store
Opponent: Warriors of Chaos
Scenario: Battle for the pass
Army: 2000 points (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5480118&postcount=7)

Opponent Army: The Warriors army was made up of a big Warriors horde with a couple of heroes, a level 4 sorcerer lord (tzeentch), a war shrine and a couple of units of 5 knights. Perhaps a bit too "all eggs in one basket" and lacking a BSB, which I would never do at 2000 points.

Scenery: Using 4 realm of battle tiles, we had a hil in the NE, SE and SW corners, two forests about 2" apart, just E and W of centre, and about halfway toards the north. The E side of the board was dominated by a nehekaran sphinx (Store manager wanted his TK preview model to get some use) and a mystic portal (or whatever it is that casta a random spell every turn), the portal about 4" from the table edge, just S of centre and the sphinx similar but just N of the mid line.

Set up
The Warriors won set up and chose to set up first so that they could choose the side of the board, choosing the N side, and avoid me being able to use the woods to my advantage. I place my herdstone in the centre of the S table edge

He started by setting up his warriors horde on his right fank (W). I responded by placing my ungors in the centre, just in front of the herdstone. He then placed a unit of knights in the centre, between the forests. I placed my harpies on my right flank (E). He placed his other knights on the same flank. I placed my razorgor in front of the ungor. He placed his warshrine behind the knights on the E flank, I placed my chaos spawn next to the harpies. He only had his characters left, so the two heroes went in the warriors unit and the sorcerer went on his own in the wood E of centre. I then placed my bestigors just to the right (E) of centre (between the Razorgor and chaos spawn) and my Gors to meet the warriors on the W flank, backed up by my chariot to the right, next to the bestigors. I put my beastlord and GBS with the bestigors, my BSB with the Gors and the other shamans with the ungor next to the herdstone.

He won first turn.

Turn 1: Warriors
Playing random terrain, his sorcerer discovered his wood was poisonous and took the chance to get out. His warriors and knights marched through the other wood (knights losing 1 to dangerous terrain tests) and discovering it was a wild wood (but as they didn't end their move in it, it did nothing.

In his magic phase the full-strength knights unit on the E flank got zapped with a soul blight by the portal. I can't fully recall the full details of the spells used, but he cast one big spell (probably Gateway), which I successfully dispelled (3 sixes!), and then flickering fire, which I had no dispel dice left for, but as it did flaming attacks, my bestlord's blackened plate with its 4+ ward vs flaming attacks did just 1 wound.

Turn 1: Beastmen
I moved my harpies and razorgor forward to try and tempt the knights and warriors into a charge that would leave me open to charge a flank, and the chaos spawn lolloped forward towards its intended target, the warshrine, but everyone else held position for the turn.

In my magic phase the harpies gained the benefit of a Wyssan's Wild Form, I tried a miasma/purple sun combo on one of his knights units, which drew out the dispel scroll, and a Wyssan's on the gor, but it failed to cast.

Turn 2: Warriors
His warriors and flanking knights successfully restrained from a frenzied charge into my harpies and razorgor respectively, but his central knights decided a flank charge into the razorgor was too to tempting and he didn't bother trying to hold back. Instead he just moved everything forward, but for some strange reason (possibly he was trying to keep his sorcerer covered) he moved his knights from the flank into the centre, leaving their flank exposed to a charge from the bestigor.

In his magic phase the harpies suffered from the rust curse from the portal, whilst he only rolled 3 dice, and with my 2 channels I was able to dispel whatever he cast with ease (I can't even remember what it was).

The war shrine gave his knights on the flank a +0 armour save.

In the combat phase he slaughtered the razorgor and overran to about 3" in front of the gor unit.

Turn 2: Beastmen
I charged his knights infront of my Gors with them and the chariot in the flank, and charged my bestigors into the flank of the other knights, whilst Harpies charged the warshrine. The chaos spawn fell just short of combat with the warshrine.

My magic phase was mixed. Whilst I got my Miasma/purple sun combo off (killing 4 knights) I failed to get a wyssans off on the Gors. The harpies maintained their rust curse from the portal for the round.

My Gors failed their primal fury, even with the BSB's reroll. The knights took a rank and the Foe Render off them, but managed to kill 3 of them and, with the ranks, banners charge and flank combat was tied, but as he'd lost his musician I won by 1 and, without a BSB reroll to call upon, he fled, chased ineffectively by the chariot. The Gors reformed to face the warriors. Meanwhile the Beastlord killed the remaining knight in a challenge and they overran into the sorcerer. The warshrine finished off the harpies with ease.

Turn 3: Warriors
I braced for a charge fron the warriors, but a roll of 3 meant he failed to make it. His 2 remaining knights rallied and I think he must have forgotten about his warshrine - I certainly can't remember what happened to it this turn.

IN his magic phase he dominated, getting off both a Gateway and a Traitors, but with a passed Leadership roll and 3 S8 hits, it didn't amount to much.

The Warshrine tried to give the sorcerer some favour to keep him in the game, but he rolled a 7.

HIs sorcere challenged, but I declined, sending my unit champion to the back and hit on him with 5 bestigor and the beastlord, finishing him off.

Turn 3: Beastmen
My Gors charged the warriors and Bestigors hit them in the flank. Meanwhile my charriot moved to protect the bestigor's flank from a charge by the rallied knights. The spawn ran into the warshrine.

I rolled 9 for magic, giving me 12 to his 5 with the herdstone, so time to get some stuff off. I tried to big-miasma and soul blight the warriors whilst wyssan's-ing my gors. He managed to block the miasma, but the rest got through. The portal threw a fireball at the warshrine, but failed to wound.

The warshrine and spawn flailed largely ineffectively against each other, teh shrine doing a wound to the spawn

So here it was, the big decider battle. I had everything in place to take down his deathstar! My GBS declined the challenge and moved to teh back. Then his heroes went on the rampage, but fortunately there was one of them rolled 6 or 7 dice and they all came up 1s or 2s - a lucky escape!. That left my Beastlord free to lash out at a hero on the corner of the unit, taking him down a wound. Then came the warriors... Despite rolling 45 attacks (Crikey!) against the Gors, as Strength 3 against Toughness 5 they did very little. The gors and BSB hit back, with teh benefit of Primal Fury, Beast banner and Wyssan's, killing 15 of those pitifully weak T3 chaos warriors with their S5 enhancemnts! Then came the bestigors turn, adding more carnage and finishing off the corner hero they could reach. He fled, the Gors pursued whilst the Bestigors reformed.

Turn 4: Warriors
He charged his knights at the chariot, which fled, but didn't get far enough and was cut down. Unfortunately his warriors failed to rally and ran 11" off the board.

The spawn and warshrine flailed once more ineffectively against each other, despite the Spaen gaining Speed of Light from the portal.

Turn 4 Beastmen
I charged the Ungor into the flank of the remaining knights and the Bestigors into the warshrine.

My magic phase was a little subdued due to the ungor's wreckless charge having pulled the shamans away from their herdstone. However, they did manage to wysans themselves up to S4 T4.

The bestigor and spawn did some damage to the warshrine and managed to make it flee, at which point it promptly ran into the portal and was presumably zapped off to some strange and distant place (fleeing into impassable terrain). The ungor also managed to kill the knights standard bearer and win combat by 2 with their +6 static combat res bonus and break the knights, catch them and round of a comprehensive victory.


22-04-2011, 10:05
Congrats on the win!

Shouldn't the warshrine have popped out the other side of the portal when it fled? You don't get insta-killed by fleeing through impassable terrain anymore...

22-04-2011, 11:14
Congrats on the win!

Shouldn't the warshrine have popped out the other side of the portal when it fled? You don't get insta-killed by fleeing through impassable terrain anymore...

Ah. there was a questionover whether it was caught or not and whether it would die from the impassable terrain, but at the stage in the game we were at we just decided it might as well be dead, to save looking it up in the book.


03-05-2011, 16:03
Battle date: 28th April 2011
Location: GW Bury Store
Opponent: High Elves
Scenario: pitched Battle
Army: 2000 points (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5480118&postcount=7)

I almost didn't bother posting this battle report. It was rushed and cut short due to a late start, and there were a couple of critical, stupid, stupid mistakes on my part, but I think it would feel like an embarassing gap in my log if I failed to post it, so here goes...

High Elf army: 40 Sea Guard, 20 archers, 5 reavers, 5 dragon princes, white lion chariot, 20 swordsmasters, lord on griffon, L2 mage of Life, L2 mage of High magic, white lions special character (I think).

Scenery: Using 4 realm of battle tiles there were hills in the NE and SE corners, the Temple of Skulls in the centre of the SE tile, forests in the centre of the S (splitting the two S tiles) and centre of the NW tile, and a pair of buildings either side of the E/W board split, about 10" from the N edge.

Magic: Dire! I failed to roll either the -1 S&T spell or Purple Sun with my GBS, whilst he got throne of vines, regrowth, Flames of the pheonix and curse of arrow attraction. my L1 shamans just too the signature spells.

Set Up: I won the roll off for set up, but elected to let my opponent go first, so he chose the S side of the board. I can't remember the blow-by-blow set up order, so I'll just tell you the finished result:

He had his Swordsmasters (with WL character) wide on the W flank, with his griffon lord just inside, I had (from the outside-in) my tuskgor chariot, Gors (with beastlord and BSB) and Razorgor to meet them. In the centre I placed my ungor (inc all 3 L1 shaman) in one of the buildings, next to the herdstone. He used the centre for his archers (W of the board split) and seaguard (E), with the reavers guarding the seaguard's E flank from the top of the throne of skulls. On the E flank he had his dragon princes and chariot coming round the side of the throne of skulls, whilst I had my harpies and chaos spawn screening the bestigor, housing my GBS.

Beastmen Turn 1: I won the roll off for first turn, despite his +1 bonus to the roll, so I started marching everything forward (except the ungor, who stayed nice and close to the herdstone). The harpies flew into a nice position to tempt out the dragon princes and chariot, positioned so that an overrun would take them off the board.

I can't remember much of what went on, with much of his troops out of range of the limited damaging spells I had available, but I'm fairly sure the Gors ended up S5 T5 from a wild form. I tried one of my damaging spells on the chariot, but only managed 2 wounds.

High Elves Turn 1: He started moving his flank units forward, charging the harpies, whilst keeping his missile units stationary. He charged his girffon lord and swordsmen towards my gors. Both failed.

In his magic phase he managed to get off a flames of the pheonix on my Gor who laughed it off due to their lord's blackened plate and T5 (no wounds! Woot!). 2 1s in a row for the BSB meant that he took a wound, but that wouldn't be a problem, would it? (read on...)

He shot everything at the razorgor, which unsurprisingly skilled it.

The harpies were unsurprisingly slaughtered and the chariot overran off the board, just the desired result. The dragon princes overran into the spawn, leaving a nice narrow gap for my bestigor to exploit. Everything was going according to plan, what could go wrong?

Famous last words!

Beastmen Turn 2: I declined to charge his swordsmen with my Gor (it would need a 10, so I didn't risk it) and walked them forward an inch so that the swordsmen would need a 9. I put the chariot into position on their flank for a countercharge inf they made it. Meanwhile the bestigors charged into the dragonprinces.

I had a quite successful magic phase too - although he dispelled my big miasma I had enough dice to get off a leadership -3 on the dragon princes and make the bestigor cause fear (so I had a good chance of them being WS1 anyway) although i didn't get the gor boosted with a wild form.

In combat the dragon princes focused on the spawn and unsurprisingly finished it off, and killed a couple of bestigor (even with WS1), however, I killed 4 (which included his std bearer) in return and without a banner and my +3 rank bonus he was at -3 to his roll, on top of his -3 Ld penalty he was running. Unfortunately it was at this point that my luck deserted me, only rolling 3 in pursuit.

High Elf Turn 2: He charged with both units on the W flank, with the griffon making it but the swordsmen failing. again my strategy had worked - its a shame that my decision making had already started to fail me. His DPs, still at -3 Ld failed to rally and ran even further off the field.

He managed to cast throne of vines and tried a regrowth on his chariot, which we discussed was not how the spell worked, and but he realised he could give it a wound back from successfuly casting ToV anyway, so cast Drain Magic instead, and failed. However, at this point I realised to my horror that I had not remembered to dispel Flames of the pheonix in the previous turn so took the S4 hits against my T4 gors, bad rolls meaning I lost 5, even with the 4+ ward.

With no other viable targets left, they archers and sea guard concentrated on the ungor in the building, but only managed to kill a couple.

In combat he challenged and I sacrificed my Foe Render, which he killed without any overkill, giving me a 2 point victory, but unfortunately he held.

Beastmen turn 3: I tried to charge his reavers with my Bestigor, but rolled a 3 again! That left them open to a flank charge from his chariot.

My magic went badly for the way this army works, with a 6 and 1 rolled and no channels to his 1, I had 10 dice to his 7 (missing my fourth L1 shaman!). However, I remembered to dispel the Flames, and managed to get a Wild form off on the Gor, but nothing else.

He challenged again with his griffon lord, and after much thinking I decided (and this is the first of the really stupid things that I did) to accept with my BSB (I know, but I figured at T6 against S3, and with a 2+ armour save, what could go wrong? Yes I had forgotten that he was only on 1 wound). At that point he pulled out a potion of strength and managed to get that 1 wound through, and I realised the mistake I had made and almost cried there and then. Bye-bye BSB, bye-bye Beast Banner. I still won by a small margin, but he still held his ground.

High Elf Turn 3:
Time dictated that this would be the last turn. His swordsmen made it into combat with my gor and his chariot hit the bestigor in the flank. The DPs again failed to rally, and this time ran off the board.

I can't remember his magic phase, we may have even skipped over it due to time constraints, knowing this would be the last round and nothing he could cast would directly affect the result.

In combat, he killed a few bestigor with the chariot (do the crew really get 2 attacks each?) and won by a small margin, but the Bestigor managed to hold thanks to their banner of discipline. The Battle with the Gors disn't go quite so well. First problem: failed primal fury, and no BSB left to reroll! The White Lion character challenged and my beastlord accepted, He survived the onslaught with his T6, and hit back with 4 attacks at S6 to finish off the whilte lion guy. However, the Gors lost over 20 men, losing all ranks, and even though they managed to kill a good few swordsmasters, I still lost by 1. Lucky my beastlord with teh stubborn crown had survived - the gors held!

How it came out in the wash
Thanks to my Beastlord's efforts at killing the white lion hero and stopping the gor from fleeing when by all rights they should have done, I actually ended up in points, just. My three 55 point losses and the 200 point BSB (even with the 100 bonus points) was still 20 less than his DPs and WL hero that I took out. So overall a draw, although I have to say I think if it had gone on it would have gone much worse for me than for him.

It was a good game, I learnt a lot from it. Here's the lessons I think I have learnt:
1. Pay attention to remains in play spells, especially damaging ones.
2. don't ever accept a challenge with the BSB
3. I think I need to keep the Gor and bestigor units closer together to support each other better
4. Magic: If my GBS doesn't get soul blight and purple sun I struggle. I don't think I need to go back to 4 L1 shaman, but with only one bite at miasma and lacking any other debuffs I think I struggle. I think I might switch my GBS to Shadow, as it has 2 spells that can kill, one of which is good for killing units, another for warmachines, and I think I can live without character sniping. It's got better range too, so I can not only go back to having 2 miasmas, but make sure I can always kick out some damage.

Cheerio for now,


03-05-2011, 17:47
Nice report, too bad it caught short, but it did indeed sound like things were going downhill for you.

Do you run all shamans in the ungor unit? GBS too?

04-05-2011, 05:24
Nice report, too bad it caught short, but it did indeed sound like things were going downhill for you.

Do you run all shamans in the ungor unit? GBS too?

No, he goes in one of the other two main units. Death magic tends to be shorter range so he needs to press forward.