View Full Version : Minotaurs with shields- doomed to failure?

15-04-2011, 15:39

I'm currently planning my first proper Beast army, and would like to include a bit of everything, including the apparently maligned Minotaurs. As I understand it, the biggest issue is the lack of survivability compared to Bestigor.

Is it ever worth equipping them with shields over the other options? It would seem that Bloodgreed can quickly replace the advantage of 2 weapons, while Great Weapons are useless if they are killed before they swing.
The shields benefit a bit more from the Light Armour, for a 5+/6++. While I know that the armour will be ignored by the people you actually want to kill, it could give quite a boost against the regular grunts and could actually pull you through a fight that would kill other setups.

As I said, this is my first Beast army and so I have no first-hand experience at all. Is this doomed to failure, or does it actually carry some potential?

Thanks (And yes, I know about the Herdstone :))

Chaos Undecided
15-04-2011, 15:58
Well its trying to use a hammer unit as an anvil main problem with Minotaurs is as soon as they win a turn of combat they'll lose that parry save due to becoming frenzied.

Not that its completely without merit it would make them more survivable than normal at least would probably require using a fairly hefty herd size though, key to keeping them going is that toughness buff from magic still.

15-04-2011, 17:40
Minotaurs are frenzied so they can't parry making the shields pretty much useless. The only effective way to protect minos is forcing the enemy to allocate attacks by loading the front rank up with characters+champion making the unit VERY expensive... slowly building my own minobus atm (missing part of my 2250pt armylist :p)

15-04-2011, 19:35
i would go add hand weapons 90% the time th other 10% GW. but with little armour i usually try and get as many attacks back as i can and S5 is usually fine for this. shields are useles on them expect the first round of combat when their not joined by a character

15-04-2011, 20:25
Agree with the rest. I would never use shields. The choice between GW and AHW is more situational, with more often than not AHW being favorable. If you want to go Stank (not recommended due to reflected impact hits btw) / Chaos Knight / monster hunting, GW are good, but my 5 Minos + DB always see flank action that guarantees minimal attacks returned with a ton going out first / at the same time in most cases.

15-04-2011, 21:41
Never take shields. a 5+ Armour will do next to nothing and the 6++ is gone once you lose frenzy, not that it'd do much anyway.

Great Weapons are a waste of points as you will almost never need Strength 7 unless you frequently play Bretonnians. Considering that you will be casting Wyssans Wildform on these guys (mostly for the T5), Great Weapons are just overkill and a waste of points.

And extra hand weapon is ok for a unit of 3, but as soon as you start to add ranks, take away the AHW - becomes a pointless waste of points.

best way to run Minotaurs IMO - naked.

16-04-2011, 00:13
Mino characters can use shields. They can get decent armour saves out of it. But rank and file minos should never use them. In fact, there's a pretty good case for not giving them any equipment at all except the rusty blades they start with (mainly due to the high points cost of upgrading the unit).