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15-04-2011, 20:30
Had a friend just tell me that the Razordon has a special rule in the LM book where it MUST stand and shoot as a charge reaction. He also said that since it MUST stand and shoot, it is unable to take a Hold or Flee reaction and will stand and shoot even when such an action is denied by normal rules in the BRB.

If I understood him, basically he said that since Razordon's can't hold or flee, Razordons may shoot when an enemy with random movement connects with them during the compulsory movement phase. In essence, this special Razordon rule takes precedent over the Random Movement SR that says a unit who is "charged" during a random movement may only take the HOLD reaction.

Never heard this before and I don't own the lizardman book. Plus, my search-fu didn't yield much on the subject. Can a lizardman player confirm or deny that the above statement regarding Razordons and charger reactions holds water?


(CORRECTION - Just read on another post that Random Movement disallows ALL charge reactions, even a Hold... If this is true then that would answer my question for me quite nicely!)

15-04-2011, 20:33
Random movement doesn't allow a charge reaction(pg 74). So your friends point is moot.

15-04-2011, 20:35
Yup Yup. Thanks for that. Well, that was easily solved.

16-04-2011, 00:21
Technically.. Army book > Rule book shenanigans, right? o;

So maybe the Razordons should get S&S against Random Movement

16-04-2011, 00:31
Assuming the posts about the Razordons is accurate, as I don't have an LM book, they *must* take S&S as a reaction, and Random move doesn't allow S&S. Thus...

1) Random Move determined to charge.
2) Charge reactions should go here, where it would be S&S.
3) No reactions are allowed per BRB.
4) Razordons cannot S&S.

At least that's how I'd rule it.

16-04-2011, 01:49
The lizardman book states that Razordons must S&S if able. So if they are not allowed than they must choose among those reactions they are allowed. This also means that if they can choose S&S but can't actually S&S then they must still choose it. Being charged in the flank or rear for instance.

16-04-2011, 09:09
when flanked theyre not able to stand and shoot because they dont see the enemy, so they can flee or hold