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15-04-2011, 21:16
*** we open to a scene of a chaos spaceships " rec room " if it can be called that.... usually these places are filled with awful spiky death... victims to indulge in and whatever awful thing people desire to.

This one however has a Grynx that sleeps in a warmed basket, a rabbit named Harold and a Mrs Doyle-esque lady who insists on giving people hot beverages all the time***

the door opens "Were here" says the very spikey chaos marine he turns to look at me "I have a name you know"

(you do but its not important for the story)

"Hay you guyz" says Honsu, holding a hot steaming mug 'o' tea in one hand and feeding the rabbit lettuce with the other " This is much nicer than my ship all i've got is ** insert the worst bedroom you can tailored by vlad the impaler with a skull fetish **

"Yeah yeah get of my ship" Gammadin barks

(see i gave you a name and everything you should be happy) *he gives me the finger*

"charmed... anyway" *he looks back at Honsu *"your the worst guest ever, first you killed all my crew, then you come here and steal all the marshmallows.... okay where's the fridge"

a cloaked chaos marine with green fetish points at Honsu

"we don't have marshmallows" he says sighing

"Nor do I"

"look we all have to go to this "grand meeting" or we loose the annual pointy star membership badges, plus they say theres specil guests ( hes jumping with excitement spilling the tea everywhere ).... and im sorry about the crew deely you didnt label the air lock.... can i keep the bunny please please"

" it had warning yellow and bla.....oh ****"

" I thought it was a club house for Iron Warriors"

(note:- please be gentle this is my first go at this)

17-04-2011, 18:16
IS this satire?

I dunno, 40k satire is alot more funnier if it's in comic form. There isn't much descriptions in this so I can't get the punchline if there is one