View Full Version : Returning to 40k on a tight time/money budget - Any tips?

Devonian Commando
16-04-2011, 12:47
I've just got back into 40k after nearly 10 years in the wilderness, I also now have a partner and kids to support and so this leaves me with two obvious problems, time and money. Sadly, my previous 40k habit used up considerable amounts of both of these lovely commodities and so I'm not going to be able to replicate those halcyon days again but I will give it a good go.

What I'm doing is this:

Using a free codex - I downloaded the Daemonhunters one from the GW website.

Not exclusively using GW products - Vallejo paints are great and Wargames Factory Greatcoats make excellent storm troopers, both have saved me a small fortune.

Ebay! - Fantastic for kitbashing bits'n'bobs and a cheap (new!) Rhino.

Converting - I don't care if my minis don't look like the ones in the book, the points are paid and the stats are the same and they do follow the WYSIWYG guidelines (just about)

My own fluff - "you can't do that!" Oh yes I can! It's my army and they'll have what ever look and backstory I choose for them.

Speed painting - god bless spray undercoat, badab black and Army painter Strong Tone dip.

So, does anyone else out there have any tips for conversions,painting or gaming that might help me along on my merry way??

Hopefully I'll get some pics up in the fullness of time and maybe an army list, too. I also have plans for a double sided gaming board and a Firestorm Armada fleet but these might have to be on the back burner right now.

16-04-2011, 12:54
You do know the Grey Knights codex has just been released and thus the Daemonhunters codex is now out of date? I'd recommend looking at the new book on Scribd (You don't have to download so it isn't illegal) as you can make a good henchmen list with it, lots of fun counts as options.

Devonian Commando
16-04-2011, 12:59
Yes I do know that, but it's ok because I'm not a tournament/gameclub player so I don't really need to comply with "legal" army lists. I wouldn't be allowed in my local GW store games anyway because I didn't buy about half my army from their product range.

I tend to be a more casual gamer, playing with my mates and that kind of thing. :)

Devonian Commando
16-04-2011, 13:12
Just checked out Scribd, thanks for the tip, a useful resource indeed.

16-04-2011, 13:34
Fair enough, you've already covered all the tips I'd give really, as you say eBay is your friend (Don't forget the trading forum on Warseer, I've had good success with it recently).

16-04-2011, 15:23


Both free and legal. Minus the minis you choose to use of course.

Edit: As you say you're an ebayer, why not grab a codex on the cheap?

Devonian Commando
16-04-2011, 17:37
oooh, cool list! thanks for the link :)

Now I must resist the urge to buy billions of guardsmen that I won't have time to paint......

Ambience 327
16-04-2011, 23:40
Time I can find since my wife will play with me. Our trouble is no space to play. I am solving this with a solution that could also work for you - Paperhammer 40K! I am finding/making images of models, shrinking them down to half size and then printing them out on cardstock, mounted on 1/2" metal washers.

Once I get enough models printed/cut/assembled, I can play games on a 2' x 4' board (smaller than our kitchen table) and have plenty of space. We just cut all ranges in half, and we are all set.

As an added bonus, we can print out lots of armies for more variety!