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16-04-2011, 13:29
Hey guys, need some advice on something that is bugging the hell outta me 'cause i just cant decide on what to do!!

Im fielding a Goblin army. Played with Orcs before, got bored so moved into Goblin territory.
On my BSB i want to add a magic banner, expecially the Spider Banner for my horde of Archers.
Is this a good idea considering how easily a Goblin Big Boss can be killed?
If i do equip with said Banner i cant use magic items, so i dont have access to a Ward Save for my BSB.

How do you field your Goblin BSB's?

16-04-2011, 13:32
Naked NG BSB in a 20 + bunker behind my lines. Magic banners are not his thing I would much rather have his re-rolls longer then puting him in the front of a formation in combat.

16-04-2011, 13:35
Thats a idea i was toying with before, keep him safe and in the centre and just behind of my line However im having massive trouble with someones Blood Knights and i thought the Spider Banner with some Archers would be a nasty but nice suprise in my next game.

16-04-2011, 20:37
Run a huge unit of 100 goblin archers, with the spider banner BSB, take 6 big bosses w/gw, plus 3 skulkers- if you are ever charged just pop the skulkers out and push the BSB back-

Or do something similar but go 5 wide, with 3 skulkers- it will work out the same- it isn't that hard to hide a BSB-

16-04-2011, 20:54
Or you could do a little trick that has been stated in other thread(s): start the game with full command in your horde, starting out 3 wide, this pushes the character into the second rank, then first turn reform in to your normal frontage (10), character stays in the second rank...
Cheeky but possible :D and you still get the bonuses from his bsb status :D

17-04-2011, 11:19
make sure you know your group well before trying that tactic, players at my LGS would hit you with their car in the parking lot for trying that.

i always tell goblin horde players to put some magic resistance on their bsb, as i am extremely fond of sniping them with death magic. stubborn goblins aren't scary without a re-roll.

17-04-2011, 11:28
Yeah, only way I would ever do it myself is against WAAC players (and players I REALLY don't like :shifty: )
It's a horrible thing to do in friendly games, but fair enough if you are at a tourney...

18-04-2011, 13:22
If you want him leading from the front, shoulder-to-shoulder with your General (where he should be IMO), NG Big Boss with Armour of Destiny and Great Weapon's decent.

18-04-2011, 14:25
If you are doing it because youa re bored and are looking for some fun then it probably doesn't matter anyway.

But your best bet is to have him in a unit of night goblin archers with nets to basically make him toughness 5, maybe give the unit a fanatic or 2 two keep fast cav assassins away, and put him in the corner of the unit to reduce the number of attacks that can be aimed at him.

Bloody Nunchucks
19-04-2011, 04:40
spend a 100 points or so on some archers and put him in the rear with the spider banner. or kit him out to fight, but i never do that so look to others for advise