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16-04-2011, 14:35
Hello everyone, as a long time 40k ork player I now decided to conquer fantasy tables also. I've only played fantasy a very few times, which was in the 7th edition. I would like to wield an army of only orks, I dont like goblins at all...too squishy :p Some of the units in the book can be of course easily converted to use orks instead of goblins.

Heres the list I came up with then, I wanted to keep it simple for starters, you can simply give me a hint on which item could work for my list.


Ork Big Boss (General) /w Great Weapon

Ork Big Boss (Battle Standard Bearer) /w Hand Weapon & Shield

Ork Shaman /w Lvl 2 Wizard


30 Ork Boyz /w Hand Weapon & Shield and Full Command

30 Ork Boyz /w Hand Weapon & Shield and Full Command

25 Ork Big Uns /w Additional Hand Weapons and Full Command


25 Black Orcs /w Full Command, Shields

2x Ork Boar Chariot /w Extra Crew Member

10 Ork Boar Boyz /w Full Command, Spears


"Ork" Rock Lobber /w Bully

"Ork" Doom Diver Catapult

16-04-2011, 16:34
Small point of fluff really, but im Warhamme Fantasy 'Ork' is spelt with a 'c' to give 'Orc'.
Just saying

16-04-2011, 20:35
Small point of fluff really, but im Warhamme Fantasy 'Ork' is spelt with a 'c' to give 'Orc'.
Just saying

Okay...so about the list?

and its Warhammer not Warhamme and its in not im :)

16-04-2011, 22:02
An army with a theme. A dying breed :p

Drop the warmachines. Orcs and gobbos, either bulk or nothing with artillery. Go prio and get anouther chariot.

Depending on what formation, orcs rule of thumb, 40 for horde, 30 for 5x6 steadfast.

Blorc (black orc) warbosses are P-R-O. Get one with some generic kit or a lovely boar. Suggest staying away from the Uber expensive AB (army book) kit, enchanted shield (+2 to save), Sword of ASF (always strikes first) and talismain of preservation (4+ ward save), iron curse icon (6+ wrad to whole unit to unit hes with). Failing that, Grimgor is nails!

Magic rule in 8th; Inverst in lv.4, or dont bother.

Savage orcs are the ****. They are the opposite role to black orcs. They tear as unit killers, lots of S4 attacks first round. In horde, they are great. They are also quite durable. Especially with a lv.4 Savage orc shaman with Fencers blades (WS10, so most people hit him on fives, +1 attack) and Lucky Shrunken head (everybody in the unit gets 5+ ward :o!!!)

From the sounds of it, your semi compomptative. so ill give you a run down. So this is what i would do;

*Black orc Warboss, pretty basic with an enchanted shield, heavy armour, ironcurse icon
*Savage orc great shaman, lv.4, Lucky shrunken head, Fencers blades.
*Savage BSB, Armorur of silverd steel (2+ armour save)
*Large Savage orc horde, (40?) with command and the mandatory 2 HW's (Shaman here)
*25 Big 'uns with HW, Shield Command (bsb here)
*30 Black orcs w. Command, Banner of eternal flame (Flaming attacks), (warboss here)
*10 Boar BOYZ!!!
*As many chariots as points permitting after that.


17-04-2011, 07:46
I like it!

I'd make some minor changes here and there - you don't have enough bosses to make the units win combats, so combine both 30 orc units into 1 60 strong unit - saves 30pts on command also.

Take 20 Savage orc bigs over 25 orc big uns - hits MUCH harder!

Level 4 shaman is almost a must - I'd go savage with the increase to units ward save item - something head?

Agree with war machines - even by putting in orc models they are still gobbos! Ditch them - you'll be fine if you want to keep the theme intact - take chariots or what not!

And don't waste boar boyz ability to take magic banner - give them the flaming banner, point them at units that have regen and go hack them down!

17-04-2011, 12:14
Thank you for the comments, those were really helpful. I forgot to mention that my opponents are mostly Skaven, Warriors of Chaos, Vampire Counts and Dark Elves. I've found that I struggle mostly against WoC and on paper I really dont see a quick way to deal with big blocks of elite infantry by using close combat.

By reading Orc book it just seems that goblins are much better which is also quite lame, but either way i'll stick to which I really like model wise and try to work that :)

18-04-2011, 17:21
Ok lets try this one, I'm really just thinking what could this list do to WoC? I feel like I'm trying to kill a lion with a gazelle here. My friend with WoC uses big block of chosen, big block of warriors, hell cannon, nasty lords as always and shrines.

I really like themed armies and I've always loved Grimgor so why not go for him and make my Black Orcs even nastier. I've decided to make the list 2500 points so I could play with the same points as my friends do. Heres the list then:


Grimgor Ironhide *goes with Black Orcs*

Savage Orc Great Shaman /w Shrunken Head *goes with Savage Orcs*


Black Orc Big Boss /w Armor of Destiny, Shield, BSB *goes with boyz*


50 Boyz /w Full Command, Shields

40 Savage Orc Big'Uns /w Additional Hand Weapon, Full Command


30 Black Orcs /w Full Command, Shields

10 Boar Boyz /w Spear, Shield, Full Command and Banner of Eternal Flame

Boar Boyz Chariot /w Extra Crew Member

Boar Boyz Chariot /w Extra Crew Member

18-04-2011, 19:53
That looks positivly awsome. One quirey, 3 chariots is better then two. Dropping some of the 50 orcs down to 35 will give you the points. 50 is a bit overkill, especiually as they dont hit particularly hard in comparrisson to the Sorcs or the Blorcs. And cheap-ish chariots are great to chuck around.

Fencers blades make aq Savage orc shammy great. Hes already T5, with 3 wounds and a 5++. But he will be targeted by almost every chartecter on the enemys side of the table in challenges or base-to-base contact. By making him WS10, some infantry will hit him on 5's, and no-one will hit him on a 4 pretty much. So, he will be more durable indirectky. for 10pts? Awsome.

I would also encourgae you to tool up a Blorc Warboss to the same points as grimgor to see what he comes out like. Differant variations are helpful. Even if teh hatred is awsome. Just something to think about.