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16-04-2011, 22:19
My friend and I are going to play the Invasion scenario (BIG BRB pg. 410) next time we meet. I will be defender and we will be tailoring lists.

The game will be 2500 points. I will be playing Lizardmen, and he will be playing Skaven.

Below is my list and I welcome any Advice.

Slann Mage Priest, General, BSB
Lore of Life, Mystery, Rumination, Presence, Cogitation
Divine Plaque of Protection
Standard of Discipline

Skink Chief
Cloak of Feathers
Sword of Might
Potion of Foolhardiness
Light Armor, Shield

Skin Priest (level 2)
Ruby Ring of Ruin
Dispell Scroll

25 Saurus Spearmen w/ Spears and FC
25 Saurus Spearmen w/ Spears and FC

22 Temple Guard w/ Halberds and FC
Banner of Eternal Flame
Ironcurse Icon

9 Chameleon Skinks

12 Skink Skrimishers
12 Skink Skirmishers

Salamander Hunting Pack w/ Extra Handler
Salamander Hunting Pack w/ Extra Handler

20 Skink Cohorts w/ FC
20 Skink Cohorts w/ FC

2500 Points
Since I get to setup the buildings and basically have the whole table to deploy I figured I would setup the buildings in a triangular fashion with one building as the point in the attackers half of the table and the other two forming the base in the back. All within 18" of each other.

My Temple Guard and Slann would enter the point building, flanked by the Saurus. The two units of Cohorts would occupy the other two.

The idea would be to meet the enemy at the point building and should any units move around the point, the other two will be bolstered with life magic from the Slann and the skirmishers.

The sallys would stay out of LOS behind the point building until the enemy is close and will then shoot out to flame as they near.

The Skink priest would supply ancillary magic and channeling and the chief and Chamos would hunt warmachines.

Please let me know what you think. These are the models I have, I may get some more before the showdown so feel free to recommend units I don't currently have.

17-04-2011, 17:03
Will he be fielding Queek Headtaker/HPA/Stormvermin are plain nasty - 1S, 1WS for 4pts is plain nasty.... good list though!!! Good luck.. :p
Sqallum :skull: