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17-04-2011, 14:02
Thanks almost solely to IJW, myself and quite a few others have been drawn into the realms of Infinity. I am probably the slowest to pick it up (from a models perspective) but wanted to share what I have painted so far. Painting these guys is a slow process, so is assembling them but the miniatures are so wonderfully detailed and delicate they do deserve the extra time and attention. Alas looking at the fantastic paint jobs done for the box art figures does make me a little sad.:cries:

With the preamble over here is what I have painted so far. (Each model will get it's own reply to stop me making massive single posts.)

The Karakuri was the first figure I picked up, love the model and it turned out to be a doddle to assemble and paint, (although to those who would use resin bases, glue the legs to the hips before detaching from the slot tab) this may have left me a little underprepared for how fiddly some of the figures can be but if you are looking for a good first model I cannot recommend this enough. It is also brilliant in game to boot. Especially good if your opponents like their special ammo.




17-04-2011, 14:12
Next is possibly my favourite model, both the figure and background...what's not to like about ninjas? The Oniwaban has a great pose and like the karakuri is not difficult to assemble or paint. However because his stance has his arms covering his front I glued the lower arm on after painting. The sword forearm is also a separate piece but I chose to glue that beforehand so as to ensure a better fit and would have been much fiddlier had I left it. The sheath was a pain to clean, lots of flash and it's so fine I feared breaking whilst trying to remove that flash.

He was pretty quick to paint, helped in no small part by my decision to abandon the luminous green the example figure has for the arms. Whislt I like this colour scheme a lot more it's proved a pain to photograph since I'm not very good with a camera and have lousy lighting.





17-04-2011, 14:27
The Su Jian is a gorgeous concept and whilst a very good piece on the table I'm very tempted to use it to proxy as remotes as well. It comprises of two completely different figures to represent it's high mobility and combat forms. The mobile form is not too disimilar to regular remotes whilst the combat form is more humanoid.

Despite being supposedly the same thing there are a few oddities when comparing the actual models but overall the thing is great. Like the karakuri it's quite evil on the table able to do just about whatever you could want from it.

First up the high mobility form. I decided to paint it up the same scheme as the karakuri. Perhaps a poor choice in hindsight, not so much from an aesthetic viewpoint as a practical one.




And the combat form.




The mobile form was quite easy to clean, assemble and paint. I kept the head section and gun separate from the legs for painting and glued it to the base after painting was complete. There's a fair bit of detail that's a pain to get to if you do glue it to a base first.

The combat form on the other hand was a bit of a pig, 15 pieces some of which were hard to tell from flash. Those little armour plates on the feet being the worst example. Trying to get my fingers to position them was frustratingly fiddly. Also it needed painting in mostly separate pieces. The arms were very tricky because they not only attach so close to the rest of the model but both arms and the gun ideally will want to be glued to each other and the main body at the same time. There's no guide points at all to help positioning beforehand to allow gluing in sections.

17-04-2011, 14:38
My last figure in this initial line up an aragoto with spitfire. Being a fan of Akira, when someone mentioned them sharing a certain element of styling I was a bit disappointed when I did see them as the whole bike seemed very small.

After getting a better look at them though I have grown to like them a lot more. Not so much for the assembly though. Just about managed to avoid brutalising the foot pedals or handlebars but they are really fiddly. Make sure you take plenty of time to check how the biker will sit on the bike before trying to glue or paint them. (My other aragoto is still waiting for me to correct some positioning issues.)

Definitely always paint the rider and bike separately. In fact it's also probably a good idea before you try and start painting any of it to work out how you want the bike and rider to sit on the base and then drill some pins to attach the bike to the base. That way you can glue the bike to the base after painting and have no fear of it detaching. I found it a lot easier to paint the bike without the base to make access to the undersides much easier.

Not entirely satisfied with the rider at the moment.





17-05-2011, 03:38
Took far too long but here's the other aragoto.




17-05-2011, 03:41
These are from the starter set.





Also a group shot of what I've painted so far.


18-05-2011, 19:51
The last of the figures from the starter set, the Domaru with boarding shotgun.



20-05-2011, 17:41
Really nice work! :cool:

Like the red on the Domaru, very cool. :D

22-05-2011, 21:47
Thanks for the reply, it'll be a while before I update again since I'm now out of infinity models to paint.

I'm thinking about Keisotsu and Haramaki.

24-05-2011, 05:02
Nice work mate, just got into infinity recently myself got the yu jing starter and a few of the ninja models so far.

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29-05-2011, 21:49
Very nice indeed. loving your attack bot.

Looking at the game myself but yet to invest.

Please keep them coming.

15-06-2011, 15:30
I've recently dived into the game and this is giving me lots of ideas, thanks for sharing

26-06-2011, 22:52
Thanks for the comments, sorry for the slow updates. Despite thinking about keisotsu and haramaki my next model is actually a Guilang. Nice little infiltrator and a lovely model to paint. The arms were a bit fiddly.




28-06-2011, 13:28
Lovely minis, but watch that paint consistency. Gets a little grainy here and there.


28-06-2011, 17:31
Good job! :cool:

Yeah, I had to green-stuff the right arm right under the shoulder pad.

Keep up the good work!