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17-04-2011, 20:18
i cast it on skink chief with war speer on ancient stegadon, as there is no wording in that only model on foot i guess that the skink ant the stegadon flys quite well :)
i cast it on slann that is in TG unit, so now what happens? in fluff they suround slann and dont let him go any where without them, but now slann is flying! what happens?

Sorry if that was answared, didint found t.

17-04-2011, 20:41
1.) You are correct, the foot restriction no longer exists.

2.) The spell allows the Slann to make a fly move, not gain to special rule 'fly' so he has to move at least an inch, and thus he must at least leave the unit.

17-04-2011, 21:00
pretty sure the slann cannot leave his unit and NO, the slann does not fly with his unit if thats what you wanted to attempt~ (;

17-04-2011, 21:02
afcourse no i didnt want to fly with him, the Q is can he get out of the unit as he has to be in that unit :D

17-04-2011, 21:07
Army Book rules > Rule book spells. He has to stay put.